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MCain Named as White House Leak – Will Also Be Named in PizzaGate

Thursday, February 23, 2017 19:53
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The consensus across America is that Senator John McCain is the White House leak with regard to the General Flynn fiasco. McCain, the Chairman of the White House Armed Services Committee, had the resources, in conjunction with the CIA, to spy on Trump and his cabinet.

I have also learned that McCain will eventually be named as a co-conspirator in the PizzaGate scandal according to William Mount and two unnamed sources. 

Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show


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  • Boo

    Dave, Dave, Dave … William Mount is one of your sources??? Sorry fella but you lost me there. You were just moved over to my Fiction Shelf.

    • Boob…McCain reeks of treason, doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

    • I agree with you , if he is using william mount as a reference then he is not to be believed.

      • Just because someone you don’t like said it, doesn’t make it false does it?
        Even a broke clock is right twice a day.. John McCain is a piece of crap,
        and I will agree with anyone from anywhere who says it. He is the worst
        of the worse.

    • Holy Crap! That explains all the Bullshit. Dave, are you listening to NesaraNews and Butterball Kenan as well?

  • jdp…McCain needs to be recalled.

  • he wouldnt have a reason to get involved, more likely was someone that had been involved either as abused or abuser and needed to make it public news, most dc oldtimers know about underground prostitution and drug trafficing

  • McCain aka Cain is a traitor.
    Needs to be removed from the face of the earth! Cursed be you!

  • Mclame is going down like his plane SHOT down over Vietnam. Bye-bye Mclame…… Too old, too broken, to be of any use to anyone anymore.

    This country did him no favors. That is why he HATES America. From the Forrester disaster, to his plane shot down, to his rejection as a candidate for the presidency.

    Go to the fireplace and curdle up with your wife Mclame. The Vietcong broke you…. :twisted:

    • Actually this country has done him LOTS of favors , To MANY favors in fact but he’s done absolutely NOTHING for this country or any of us except jawbone and jerk off as a Lame ass politician and made himself and his rich ass friends even richer at OUR expense !!!

  • Trump would do good to check to see how many negative reptilian blood types are surrounding him . Mc Cain has o negative . Others having negative blood types are Obama , Clinton , Bush Sr. And Jr. , Richard Nixxon , Esinhower , the queen , prince Charles and William , the popes , OJ Simpson , Ron Goldman , Ramses 2 , Marilyn Monroe , just to name a few . Science says they are alien or reptilian . The devil is referred to as the sepent , the dragon , the snake . Many believe this is where the sons of GOD saw the daughters of men and that they were fair and took them as wives , creating men of renown ( hybrids ) . GOD condemned the angels or watchers in the book of Enoch . After the flood they began doing it again . GOD told Israel to destroy the towns that contained the off spring of the watchers . The Jesus goes on to say that towards the end the watchers will be doing it again . These beings will be trying to take over the earth as gods . The NWO , UN agenda contains many negative blood type people . Some even claiming to be Jews , but are not . Why ? Because true Jews of the tribe of Judea are White type A positive blood as are the Hebrews and tribes of Israel located in the USA , Europe and Australia . Abraham was called a Hebrew in Genesis . These trace their roots back to Adam whom GOD formed about 5900 years ago . Science says type A positive blood comes upon the earth about 5900 years ago and the Bible starts recording history at this time . The Bibke was a map for the children of Adam . Genesis chapter 1 using the Hebrew says that the feminium Spirit of GOD create the first man and woman saying lets us create man after our image and after our likeness . Science says that type O positive blood type came upon the earth about 150,000 years ago . Chapter 2 of Genesis says after the creation GOD rests and then begins to make a garden . He ( the Male Spirit of GOD ) looks to see if there is any capable of tilling and working HIS garden . He finds none ! So HE forms Adam and sets him in the garden . Then afterwards Eve is created from Adams rib . They disobey GODs command and are removed from the garden . Adam and Eve have Cain and Able . Cain kills Able . Cain begs GOD to protect him from those that would seek his life ( who Adam and Eve ) ? GOD tells the inhabitants of the earth not to bother Cain or they would die a greater death . GOD marks him ( enter blood type B positive ) . He leaves and goes to tge land of Nod and marries a wife . Where did she one from ? Adam is 130 when he has Seth . Seth grows up and at 105 he marries a wife , Adam is now 235 . Where did Seth get his wife ? Adam does not have anymore children until after he is 800 years old . Seth marries a O blood type woman from the tribes of the earth which GOD in other writtings had commanded them not to marry of . So now we have A , B and O blood types . A and B will mix to make AB . But O will not mix making AO or OA and BO or OB . The father will determine the blood type . Only A and B will mix . Why because they are of the same blood . Now Noah was written as being a white blue eye man . His son Shem was also white type A . Ham was white type O and Jappeth was Asian B . Either Mrs Noah was freaky while Noah was building the ark for 120 years or she was raped and didn’t tell Noah . But all the blood types get on the boat except AB . But A and B will mix again later creating the AB mixture . Tracing the sons movements after leaving the Ark puts them in regions of their blood type origins . Jappeth type B is Asian , Ham type O is Egyptian , and his son Cannan being given the curse from Noah for his dad’s sins moves to Cannan , Ethiopia and Africa . Now we have all the blood types on earth again . After the flood we are told that the lands divide . Genesis chapter 1 tells us that the lands were all in on place and the seas were in one place . Taking the continents and placing them back together they fit almost perfectly . Erosion has eaten up some of the shores but the out lines can still be seen . The Book of Enoch brings in the negative blood types with the watchers , some say the angels . This happened before the flood and after the flood and Jesus says will be happening again near the end of time . The Vatican worships lucifer , they are the leaders of the NWO . They are the false prophet that has lead kings and nations astray . They will also show the world the beast . Will this being be like the draws on the Egyptian walls of half man and half creature . The angels not only screwed the women they went into animals , fish and birds the Bible says . Here is the reason why GOD told Israel kill everything in certain towns , including animals . It’s strange that the top bankers of the world are also negative blood types as well as the elites . Trump you better be checking blood types !

    • Cain married his sister….

    • How do you know all these peoples blood types? I mean is that like recorded at a public record service website or whatever?

      • You actually read that big monolithic block of text?

        You must have good eyes, governor.

  • McCain is the biggest fraud in Congress. How the people in Arizona keep voting that stiff in is beyond my way of thinking. For anyone to even think that jerk was a war hero is absurd. He was captured in North Vietnam and sang like a canary, which is not unlike what he does now. He is the recipient of his drunken wife’s multi-million dollar fortune and for years he’s he’s been doing nothing but hiding in politics. What a freakin’ jerk!

    • John McCain AKA SONGBIRD

    • Arizona keeps voting John Insane McCain-us back to the Senate because they’re all old retired stiffs in Arizona.

  • MC Ain performing tonight ft. DJ Drump and Lil Pence!

  • Hmmmm.

  • Well we all know that the topping that McCain MOST prefers on HIS Pizza is TREASON with a generous helping of Sedition !!!

  • How can McCain be the White House leak when he doesn’t work in the White House? McCain’s a lot of things but Trump’s leaks are imbeds in the White House.

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