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US Kids Have the Lowest IQs Among Modern Nations-Why?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 14:43
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Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind and Common Core are just 3 programs which are promoting abject stupidity among our kids. 

How could we have one failed program after another? Falling test scores, kids that cannot and will not pay attention. Where did it all go wrong? Is this being done on purpose? What is the number one reason why our kids are so much more stupid than kids from other countries? The real reason for kid’s stupidity has a lot more to do with failed federal programs. Can you guess what is behind the dramatic drop off in IQ scores?  Here is a summary of the major reasons. 


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  • Eight glasses a day of fluoride.

    • Anonymous…Well said…A day without fluoride is like a day without poison.

    • Don’t forget video games that train neural pathways in a negative direction.

    • Certainly FLUORIDE – being both a carcinogen and neurotoxin is a big part of it, the scientists have also determined that the tainted vaccines in combination with GMO foods also lowers IQ and creates disease….the Zionist agenda is to destroy the goyim and bring them down to the equivalent of a donkey mentality…this has been well established….zionists control Big Pharma, Big Food, Monsanto Death by Diet and let us not forget Zionist Bill Gates has spent billions on secret sterilization of large portions of the population……….add to that the open borders and you can see the zionist liberals plan to flood the country with third world mexicans and south americans….and even though it is not polite to say it…those are the people who score very low in the IQ department….they also have a 70% dropout rate from our school system….the dual Israeli citizenship in our government is huge….you have the zionist Soros supporting liberals..Soros a front man for the greatest haters of humanity the zionist Rothschild family who have stolen some $500 trillion dollars through their central banks – so unlimited money to spend on their demonic plans……..genocide is their specialty..served up with a dumb replacement society…there you have it…America today………..

  • Boo

    I’ll take a stab at answering this. Because Devos wasn’t head of the education department yet?

    • Devo was an interesting band, but what the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China, or reefer in Colorado, or whatever the current euphemism is?

  • Mercury in their teeth and as already been pointed out, flu0ride and chl0rine in the water, vaccinations, GM0, pesticides herbicides, food additives like msg, making them hyperactive and giving them ADD, so now johnny has to be put on prescripti0n drugs to calm him down, fast foods, etc. both parents working and too busy and or tired to teach them anything, lack of any need to problem solve or have an imagination because suburbia provides everything that they need in a nice neat package complete with boredom, bullying and cookie cutter houses where there only escape is video games.

  • Diversity.
    You cannot flood a society with genetically intellectual inferiors and expect the average IQ to be stable.
    This was not a problem in the 60s and 70s.

    Compare the demographics of that time period and now, and consider the difference.

  • Infiltration of the nazis into the media, the media delivers swamp garbage to the kids minds and wa la idiots!

  • Well, looking around here in Canada, I think we should have the number one spot! This country is full of idiots!

  • No, John Wayne is wrong, life is NOT harder when you’re stupid…We live in a society that coddles and protects stupid people from their own dumb selves, the rest of us must bear the burden/compensate. Thus setting the bar lower and lower, before we know it, we are all forced to play the saddest, most un-fun game of limbo ever. What makes it worse is that this brand of stupidity is less of a mental handicap and more of a chosen way of thinking, like those douchebags at the store whom you KNOW are mobile, but decide to use those old people putter carts because, you know, IT’S THERE, so why bother walking…it’s like, sooo hard 🙄

    Natural selection is gone, it seems the rewards go to those who simply reproduce the most, now live in an intellectual socialist society. Crowley was wrong, too, when saying “stupidity should hurt”…that is the problem, it does hurt, just everybody else BUT the actual offender! For those who disagree, or believe in that bullcrap notion “there isn’t no such thing as a stupid question” has clearly never had to serve a customer a day in their life. I swear customer service should be a judiciary punishment, it would make those sentenced BEG and PLEAD for the days when they could just pick up roadside trash! :twisted:

  • Another reason NOT mentioned is we are a mixed-race country. Lot of dumb people dumped on US courtesy of the Democrap who wishes only ill on your country.

    I have long called the Democrap party be BANNED and made illegal as they are FOOL of communist.

    America is the only hope of the whole world. Why they wish to DESTROY us mystifies me. Perhaps they want to bring about the Dicktator and the Mark of his BEAST!! :twisted:

    • “Another reason…not mentioned is we are a mixed-race country.”
      Ya lost me, Slime – what does this have to do with low IQ?
      Don’t forget, there is only one race: HUMAN!

      • If you don’t know the answer to this, you too are part of the problem.

        Common sense would tell you that the offspring of those who come from developed societies that have had generations of mental exercise and development are likely to have far higher IQs than demographics who lived in mud huts and hunted insects for food until 75 years ago.
        Even such simple social trends as good diet no doubt effect genetic development.
        Good diet typically comes along with advanced civilizations.
        I contend that it is not so much about race as it is demographics. Asian cultures have flourished by building advanced societies for thousands of years.

        I don’t believe in evolution but there is no doubt in my mind that God programmed us to adapt to our environments gradually.
        And that some demographics have advanced genetically much faster and to a greater degree than others.

        • you don’t believe in evolution :) ))))

          i suppose ”god” filled the thousands of museums around the world with fossils displaying clear evolutionary development just to fool us huh?
          he’s a cunning chap.

          do you not feel there is a correlation between indoctrinating children with deity fairy stories and lack of intelligence and analytical skills?
          oh don’t bother with learning that, ‘god did it’

          • “…museums around the world with fossils displaying clear evolutionary development…”

            There aren’t any.

            There are plenty of fossils — that is (largely) the remains of creatures who perished in the Flood of Noah.

            But there isn’t even ONE example of a fossil showing clear signs of something that doesn’t exist, i.e., the evolution of the species.

            Am I wrong about that godless one? Then you know what to do. Citation needed. Right here.

            Happy hunting.

          • i can feel my IQ rising just reading your post…

          • Inverted reality, as usual with you.

            It’s nothing rising. It’s your vainglory diminishing. At being called out on a lie.

            Nice attempt at deflection, though.

            One of your better efforts really.

          • Get some education. Most of those “fossils” are invented by men in a weak attempt to “fill in” all the missing data.

            The one key evidence of evolution does not exist. That evidence being “transitional species”.
            All of the fossils found that are true fossils and not man made plaster casts are fully developed species, not transitional species.

            Evolutionists are among the most close minded deceived people on the planet.
            Most of the “fossil record” is fraudulent.

          • i see you are back with another alias beef supreme, but your creationist drivel is still highly entertaining,so thanks for that.

            as for you rockledge, i will bet my mortgage and all on the fact i am better educated than you. as for a religious fruitcake telling ANYONE else
            they are ”close minded deceived people” is pure comic gold,so thanks to you also.

          • And, as usual, godless one enters empty handed…

            …and leaves in the same fashion.

            Seems to me if you were as educated as you claim, you’d be able to score the occasional point against the various creationists at this website, amongst whom I am numbered.

            But for some reason, that never seems to happen.

            And if you were half as clever as you think you are, then you would be able to at least detect the problem (for you) in that fact.

          • plsnogod
            aside from entertainment value, there is no point in bothering with these fairy-tale believers

            no evidence of god at all yet they believe

            a plethora of evidence demonstrating evolution which they deny

          • Andy. Yet another smug evolution (i.e., faith-based religion) believer who has YET to score even a single point in argumentation against any of the creationists frequenting this website.

            But for all that smug self-satisfaction, there is nothing upon which it rests. Just the fatuous belief that yours is the superior religion; never once considering that everything you believe is based on the claims of a modern day scientific priest class. Not that hypocrisy is anything to be ashamed of, right?

            For all your posturing and harassing of Bible believers, I have yet to see you earn even an inch of progress with respect to a meaningful or effective argument. You hold the high ground Andy, but only in your vain imagination.

            Bad form, old man.

          • oh dear beef supreme. i remember we had the longest thread in the history of BIN.

            however, your method of argument consists simply of copying and pasting anything i have written and saying ”oh no it isn’t”!

            this is not surprising, considering the lack of any evidence at all for your ‘god’ or any other.
            hence we go around in ever increasing circles….
            a pointless and meaningless task.

            look, i can tell you’re quite a young person, full of wide-eyed evangelical zeal.
            possibly a few years,and a touch of spiritual reflection, might bring some clarity and objectivity.
            good luck.

          • But there’s a “plethora” of evidence, Cintus, and we know this because Andy said so.

            End of the argument right there innit?

          • rockledge, i will just briefly deal with your offering.

            having done my masters in early african human paleontology, and done my share of prodding about olduvai gorge and various caves on the continent, i feel i have a spot of knowledge on the subject of evolution.

            i simply responded to you on the question of education,of which you clearly felt you had more of!
            if your response is to pull me about punctuation,then i feel for the paucity of your argument.

            with the plethora of paleontological material available,could not make the evolutionary story any clearer. there are millions of years of multiple strings of outstanding transitional sequences. hop in a cab, and see your nearest natural history museum!

            i assume you believe in creation, hence,at a swipe,consigning over 30 highly researched methods of dating. most ‘christians’ simply manage to grunt ‘ah,but carbon-dating is not proven accurate’ (which it patently is).

            it is almost impossible to have a debate with you people, because your very premise is based upon something quite untestable nor factual. if you start from that premise, your ability to argue the case goes out of the window at the start.

            as for science and evolution and education, this is not a ‘religion’ thank god (irony, rockledge). it is all about testing data, eliminating wrong data, and advancing knowledge.

            i can see why this would upset your precariously balanced applecart,
            however,that is your problem not mine.

          • godless one,

            You can pretend all you like — but you always flee the field of debate when you run out of excuses.

            And when you embarrass yourself by pretending to know anything about the Bible you hate so much.

            I know, having ignorance exposed for all to see isn’t much fun, but it’s your fault. You always stir up the pot, only to have your pride thwarted and your ignorance exhibited again and again.

          • Stupid things masters degree recipients say…

            “look, i can tell you’re quite a young person, full of wide-eyed evangelical zeal.”

            … given assumption is the mother of all stuff ups.

      • Perhaps pisgods education should have lasted long enough to learn how to use punctuation, particularly capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

        My education and intelligence levels are quite obvious.

        So are his.

        I presented evidence for my stance, the very well known fact of “transitional species”, or more accurately, LACK of.

        The fool responds with a weak attempt at insult, a very poorly written attempt.
        Because quite simply, that is the only direction to go when fuel for debate runs low.

    • You cannot spell simple words like “democrat” and “dictator” properly, but expect to be taken seriously when discussing education?

      You are evidence of the problem, not a holder of the solution.

  • Predominantly Caucasian countries are right behind Predominantly Asian countries. The u.s. is almost a half race country, we don’t stand a chance when you mix in the ones that are neither of the first type mentioned.

  • the greatest cause is one that you indoctrinate your children into believing ‘god’ created the world in six days,6,000 years ago,and forcing them to believe that a nine hundred year old noah marched all the animals two by two onto a big boat.

    how you then expect them to develope any analytical skills is a mystery.

    ‘don’t bother to learn that, god did it’.

    the result, a nation of dummies.

    • And since you don’t have God to blame, on what do you blame YOUR failings, godless one?

      Certainly not on yourself. That would require too much personal accountability. Responsibility isn’t something atheists are any good at.

      Is it your parents you blame?

      • typical religious adherent,, can’t counter his point, so you resort to character assassination

        you speak as if you’re an authority (on what? no idea), when all your are is deluded

        • Did he make a point I should have countered? What was it?

          God has spoken. So has the godless one. Guess which one I believe.

          And do I owe you an explanation for believing God over the godless one? If I do, perhaps you’ll explain to me why that is.

          (And in typical Andy hypocritical fashion, he begins by whingeing about the ad hominem and then himself resorts to the ad hominem. Textbook atheistic goobersmoochery. How long until you run away this time Andy? Is it a camping trip? A fish fry? A flat tire? Why do you even bother engaging folks you have no answer for, only to flee the dialogue after you’ve run out of one-liners?)

    • I suspect a lot of things are a mystery to you, and that it will remain that way.
      In order to understand the solution to mysteries, you must have the comprehension skills to conceive them.

      • And in case you missed what Rockledge just said to you godless one, allow me to repeat it:

        “In order to understand the solution to mysteries, you must have the comprehension skills to conceive them.”

        Do yourself a solid and go chew on that for a while.

      • i bow to your superior ‘intellect’.

        i have just got up off my knees,having talked to gawd, and i am just about to sing songs to him
        from one of your science books.

        happy now?

        • Whatever education you have had fails you miserably.
          I find it hard to believe you have a degree in anything.
          Even getting an associates degree for social work requires communication classes.

          And of course there is the simple fact that anyone with a lower average IQ and a good memory can jump through professors hoops enough to get papered.
          The reality is that we live in a world where a lot of people are educated far beyond their intelligence.

          How much education you have is not what matters. What matters is having the intelligence to put the education to practical use.

          Education in the united states tends to be more about indoctrination than it is about providing real useful information. Those intellectually strong enough to realize that much of education is brainwashing and who know how to glean the useful info while rejecting the bullshit are who education benefits.

          I suspect if you do have any formal education, that it is quite useless to you.

    • agree entirely, foistering man-made fairy-tales onto innocent children is the greatest disservice we can do them

      don’t bother to investigate anything, god did everything (except the bad things)

      • “…god did everything (except the bad things)…”

        Have you been arguing with Catholics again? I thought I told you never to do that. There is no caveat with respect to what Good has done. He has done EVERYTHING. He says so Himself:

        Isaiah 45:7

        I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these.

        You might actually try reading the Bible before spending your time rebelling against it. It is a hallmark of brazen stupidity to oppose an adversary you know nothing about.

        • “…with respect to what God has done…”

          Please forgive my errant ‘o’.

          See how even by accident I say ‘good’ things about Him?

        • “It is a hallmark of brazen stupidity to oppose an adversary you know nothing about.”

          Shucks even “The Art of War” would teach the fool that one.

      • Foisting the evolution fairy tale, which is at most a theory that is weakly supported by vague evidence, is the most damaging made made farce to push on kids.

        I am all for teaching children the theories of origin, which includes the theory of evolution and an equal overview of the various religious points of view.

        That is how I was taught going on 50 years ago in school, and it was fact.
        It was a fact that there are those who believe in evolution, and a fact that there are those who believe in creation, as well as various points of view in between.

        To teach anything in public schools as fact that is not is absurd, and evolution is no more provable as a fact ( or less provable) than creation.

        It would seem that the atheist religion as well as the evolution sect is the most aggressive religious point of view in the world, and the most closed minded, that does not accept any other point of view. Atheists are more dogmatic and imposing than any other religion I have encountered.

        • so rockledge old buddy, atheism and evolution are the most aggressive ‘religions’.

          what a breathtakingly stupid comment!

          i’ve never heard of an evolutionist ride into battle yelling ”come on lads, lets do it for evolution”.

          yet religion has destroyed,tortured and slaughtered humans for millenia,and continues to do so.

          as for evolution and atheism being religions, i must say i’ve never seen them singing songs and looking heavenwards asking for evolution’s forgiveness of their sins.

          that would be just silly would it not?

          • Although I am quite old, I am not your “buddy”.

            A breathtakingly stupid comment is to to attempt to lump all religiouns together as tools for political causes.
            Indeed, Islam is a political tool just as well as the religious right is a political propaganda tool in the united states.
            But that hardly creates a stereotype for all religions, including atheism.

            Religion has destroyed nothing, those who abuse religion have.

            That hardly translates into some absurd notion that those who are open minded and intelligent enough to consider what lies beyond our very limited senses and knowledge as somehow enjoying the quest for aggressive political purposes.

            Atheism is very much a religion, with evolution being one of the dogmas.

            All religion is is the quest to discover who is at the top of the intellectual chain. Buddhists believe it is Buddha. Christians and Jews believe it is “I Am” or “Yahweh” or whichever name for Him you recognize.
            Many of those who look at the sky for little green men think it is the little green men.

            Atheists think it is themselves. They think they are at the top of the intellectual totem simply because their perception skills are limited and their minds are closed.
            Which is really quite silly when you think about it.

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  • Mongrels? Mixed into that on purpose.

  • Hey lets face it you everybody’s bitch now not only the European Peoples “melting-pot” anymore.

  • That’s bull, now pass me the bong and my pills!


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