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Adams and Jones Taken Down by Google/CIA Prior to Big Event – Trump Needs to Beware

Thursday, February 23, 2017 9:46
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Mike Adams

The censorship of the Independent Media has begun in earnest by Jeff Bezos and Google.

On my last radio show (2/19), Mike Adams revealed that he was contacted and was told “We will pay you $50,000 to provide us with damaging information against Alex Jones. If you do not help us, we will destroy you”.

In the PM on February 22, 2017, Mike Adams reached out to me and informed me that Google’s search engines have removed all 140,000 pages of content from Natural News ( If the reader puts Natural News in the Google search engine, it comes back as  This is Mike’s back up site which is a shell of his original site.

Given the time proximity between the attempt to blackmail Mike Adams and Google’s takedown of one of one of the biggest websites in the Independent Media, it is too suspicious to be considered to be a mere coincidence. It is clear from just the circumstantial evidence, that entities representing Google tried to blackmail Mike Adams into providing damning information about Alex Jones and then when Mike did not respond, they took him down.

In the same time frame, Alex Jones lost $3 million in Google advertising revenue which serves to validate the Mike Adams’ claim that he was indeed blackmailed in an attempt to destroy Alex Jones.

Please notice that I have chosen my words very carefully! I am not saying that Google, itself, or Bezos, himself, are DIRECTLY responsible for these actions against Jones and Adams, beyond the censorship. I said entities representing Google interests are responsible for what will follow this round of censorship. Now, this does not take Bezos off the hook as the buck stops with him. I know, you are saying Dave, get to the point.

I recently published information that showed that Google’s owner and now the owner of the Washington (com) Post had entered into a $600 million dollar deal with the CIA and indirectly with 16 other intelligence agencies. In my opinion, and in the opinion of my sources who have done business at this level, Mike Adams and Alex Jones are both victims of a CIA hit orchestrated in conjunction with Deep State and in this instance, that would be the Washington (com) Post.

Why Would the CIA and the Washington Post Target Adams and Jones?

Many will think, for example, that Adams was targeted because of his fine work in exposing the dangers associated with vaccines which is big business for many of the elite (eg Bill Gates). However, Mike has been exposing this information for years without suffering these kinds of illegal intimidation and anti-trust actions by Google. What do Alex and Mike have in common that would cause these people to act with such reckless abandon? The answer can be summed up in one word, PizzaGate.

One must consider the fact that both Alex Jones and Mike Adams have been among the leaders in exposing PizzaGate and linking this heinous criminal enterprise with very prominent people. Names are beginning to be named and no doubt, Mike Adams and Alex Jones would be among the first to strike blows in this arena by naming prominent politicians. We fully know that we are days and weeks away from these revelations. The Common Sense Show is beginning to receive names of the participants.

What has happened to Mike and Alex is damage control, a killing of the messenger. The criminal left is desperate. There is no false flag that these animals will not engage in.

Another Related Motive

In my recent interview with Mike (2/23), he suggested that this is also a silencing of the Independent Media prior to a very big event. This will likely be an event that the Deep State cannot allow any opposition to if they are to hoodwink the public.

Please keep in mind that the Trump/Session forces are closing in on PizzaGate organizers and participants. The left is desperate. Trump cannot be allowed to continue with this investigation. The only way to stop this bulldog of justice is to do to him what was done to JFK. Mike Adams, myself and my best source believe that an assassination attempt is coming. The Independent Media cannot be allowed to be questioning the “official narratives”. In 1963, when JFK was murdered, there was no Independent Media around to question the official lies coming out of the Warren Commission. In 2017, the Deep State cannot allow any form of Independent Media to ask any questions and cast doubt upon the lies that will be fed to the American people because, as we can anticipate, Trump’s assassin will be the old familiar theme of a lone nut who has a diary stating what he was going to do and of course, just like Lee Harvey Oswald, he will be murdered, himself, to obscure the true nature of the false flag event.


The recent actions by the CIA and Google serve to inhibit any Pizzagate prosecution at the highest levels of corporate and political power. To ensure the investigations stop, the Trump administration must be neutered and the best way to do that would be to cut the head off of the snake and that means to assassinate Donald Trump.  This is their only play. Protests, riots and incessant media lies have not derailed the Trump machine. We are witnessing the absolute desperation of the Deep State and Mike Adams and Alex Jones are caught up in the continued concealment of heinous crimes of prominent people protected by the Deep State.

No doubt that more Google takedowns are coming. The answer for this is for the general public to all open a website. It can be done for free. You do not have to write anything or possess any technical skills. Simply republish and credit the Independent Media Sources on your site. In this manner, Google’s censorship of the truth will not be effective.

America, the time to act is NOW!

Please make this interview with Mike Adams go viral.


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  • Since comments are enabled on this post, I’ll take advantage…

    Remember people, google is NOT the only internet search engine out there! I tend to never see any call for boycott of google. Options: startpage, duckduckgo (my fav). There are others, but I’ve not had experience with them. If you would like to add to this list with Freedom Friendly search engines – please do.

    Oh, and please STOP using google – they are EVIL.

    • No need to pay adams for dirt on AJ david duke exposed him for free and other vids

    • From jimstonefreelance… the israelis took down Alex Jones:

      Dane sent the following, which mirrors what I know about what happened to Alex perfectly. Alex needs to get control of his own comment section, because trolls are running it now, and obviously censoring it also – which is what happens when you use any opposition platform to host anything for you. Alex has a LOT to learn, and his comment section proves it. Anyway,
      Dane sent:

      Alex Jones did not get divorced because of infidelity.

      2015.03.19: Alex Jones Jewish wife has filed for divorce, and is gunning for a huge divorce settlement. Alex is forced to pay Kelly over $43k a month totalling over half a million USD for the year. He is also being forced to part with his Austin Tx property to Kelly, who seems to have promptly put it on the market and is selling for just under $900, 000. Did it ever occur to men like Alex that it would not be the Rothschild, Rockefellers, the Marxists, or the feminists who personally would kick the chair from under him, but instead his own wife?

      Alex was set up by the Jewish tribe because they knew he was a threat to Zionism due to his popularity among an awakening audience, and as a result he was sent a Jewish wife as handler. This is a common tactic of the Jews. When Alex went off his reservation, as far as her instructors saw it, she was ordered to divorce him. Alex went of his track, time and again, by showing up at Bilderberg meetings, thus exposing the Zionist Jewish Financial Elite. But the last straw was when Alex invited David Duke on to his Program, at Infowars.

      Before the show Alex regarded David Duke as a KKK member, out hunting Black people. But the Zionist Jews trying to control Alex already knew that David Duke was on to the Zionist Jews as the prime threat to world peace and prosperity. The divorce courts will be only one of the set backs used to annihilate Alex Jones. 2017.02.21: Infowars banned by GOOGLE. Infowars will lose approximately 4 million Dollar a year in revenue. Dane”

      My comment: His ex took him back to court, and got a payout of seven million dollars, paid over 6 years. There is absolutely no question whatsoever that Alex was sent a honey pot wife, who was triggered to destroy him. Now the trolls are bashing the hell out of him in his own comment section, which he probably does not control, and probably gets his own custom version of so he can’t see what is really being said there.

      Maybe Alex will now finger Israel for 911, since they have screwed him into oblivion. He probably knows, but was kept under pressure to be quiet about it.

    • This is a shill reporting about other shills to foment a false narrative of paranoia in the public. All three of these sites censor comments and outright ignore certain news of the Israeli persuasion. These guys are as useful as camel tampons. There are better sources without the B.S. If this is a true story then Google is doing you a favor !

  • Update: Alex says Pizza-Gate is fake news as in bogus. – 1.23.17

  • mitch51

    If Pizzagate were true, NYPD would have taken them down the second they had Weiner’s laptop. I mean, this is what they live for. And no one could have stopped NYPD from doing this, either.

    • THIS is how officials and others are prevented from doing their duty:

      Just a couple of the many kill-the-family items, which we see periodically. To cover up various illegal activities.

      You heard about the illegal, off-the-record disposal of nuclear waste in the Tampa Bay area, right? Oh, you didn’t. Because the Tampa Tribune is the only news organization that touched the story. And they put the names of 5 reporters and an editor in the byline, because of the death threats they got before publication. So corporate thugs couldn’t focus on just one person.

      Good luck finding it with google. I put names and everything in, and the story doesn’t come up.

      Why do you think the CIA has domestic operations, anyhow? Infiltration of police departments and the news media. To protect (1) drug smuggling and distribution (2) psychological warfare operations (3) political murder (4) child trafficking, for blackmail purposes

      Why do you THINK Roman Polanski was allowed to just go home to Europe? And why EVERY damn “news” item about him for decades played down his crime. For which he stood convicted. “Polanski is living in exile, because he was accused of having sex with an underage girl.” Those exact words, always.

      He was protected by the most powerful people on Earth. Because he did work for them. In one of their psychological warfare operations, and probably their blackmail operations.

      Bill Clinton is safe, because the families of “journalists” and officials are hostages.

    • Pizzagat/Pedogate is true.
      The NYPD fail to stand up for the truth. They failed to protect these children. They failed you, they failed me!
      This however will be exposed from the top down, SUPERNATURALLY!!!

    • Forget about the NYPD & MSM doing anything,they are ALL compromised…
      The ONLY way to do anything about this is for lone operatives acting on their own behalf worldwide with no organization because the moment ANY organization is attempted the NSA CIA etc. will know immediately through phone & computer taps etc. is to assassinate all the filthy pedos & elite involved country by country :wink:

  • kom

    Its gunna get worse than just hecklers so why bother disabling comments? when they can be used to identify potential enemies

  • jdp…You all need to coke Google off,no searching or sat, land mapping.

  • It is something like this: (a far better explanation than yours)
    It is easy to see you do not address the real culprits, then they can carry on with their agenda. It is the the black nobility ,Jesuit council. The Je-suit (I-suit, in corporatism, obey like a corpse) and the Zionists.

    They fund the dark side the hidden side the deep state by all this and the dark criminal economy is at least 10 times (an example is CIA drug trafficking) the white economy. (human trafficking) into the Us then the real Americans have to pay for it all, pay the Babylonian banking system by more loans, and the UN is their dark flower.

  • Zionist and Vatican connection (openly) 1950:s, Jesuit controls Theosophical Society today. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky warned about the Jesuits, Madame Blavatsky Russian occultist, spirit medium, and author who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875.
    Ep. 327 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Leo Zagami, the Vatican Illuminati, LIVE from Rome Italy

    Rosicrucianism (Nazi? or both Nazi and Commie? And the people in-between those jaws)
    Ep. 327 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Leo Zagami, the Vatican Illuminati, LIVE from Rome Italy

    (the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians (EU- 12 fallen stars))
    The Committee of 300 aka The Olympians is a group founded by the British aristocracy in 1727
    Dr. John Coleman, Committee of 300

    Children of the Roundtable elite are members of a Dionysian cult known as Children of the Sun. Initiates include Aldous Huxley, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence and H. G. Wells. Wells headed British intelligence during WWI. His books speak of a “one-world brain” and “a police of the mind”. William Butler Yeats, another Sun member, was a pal of Aleister Crowley. The two formed an Isis Cult based on a Madam Blavatsky manuscript, which called on the British aristocracy to organize itself into an Isis Aryan priesthood. Most prominent writers of English literature came from the ranks of the Roundtable. All promoted Empire expansion, however subtly. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society and Bulwer-Lytton’s Rosicrucians joined forces to form the Thule Society out of which the Nazis emerged.

    I do not trust veteranstoday but it was the best I found in my “memory bank”

  • They 12 (The zodiac in as above so below) fallen stars, they lost their power in this world (this age) and they want to retain it, like in ancient Egyptian times.
    They are wacko for real, psychopaths. /Anyway I am against most of it, and I even used that song to explain what I see, one really has to ask Lindsey Buckingham himself.
    Crowley-ism, OTO?

    “Go Insane”
    Single by Lindsey Buckingham
    from the album Go Insane
    Released July 3, 1984
    Genre Rock, New wave
    Length 3:08
    Label Reprise/ Warner Music Group
    Writer(s) Lindsey Buckingham
    Producer(s) Lindsey Buckingham, Gordon Fordyce

  • When Pizzagate hits the msm you can expect major happenings and false flags to try and distract the public and drown out the news of Pizzagate indictments. I would also expect false allegations against trump and or Sessions, along with calls for impeachment. Even the most spurious claims will serve as a distraction and cast doubt on everything Trump. The msm will question the legitimacy of all Pizzagate evidence. Pizzagate will unquestionably be the biggest showdown. I would keep my eyes open for signs of replacements being groomed to take over the positions of those official who will be taken down by Pizzagate.

    • We need to kill them, they sneaked around for too long. Go Vikings.

  • One should shield every position needed to be shielded from psychopaths.

  • The high priests live in Switzerland, look at their seminaries full of obelisks, they lie they are of the priesthood of Amun- rey.

  • Boo

    I get the feeling the administration is using the term Human Trafficking (sale of children and adults) in lieu of Pizzagate. In lieu of this, it makes one think how close Sessions is to arrests and just how many of the political elite are on that arrest list.

    • Human Trafficking also smuggling of the so called refugees.

  • I didn’t want to do it but I tested it out and found NO PROBLEM with Google or Yahoo and finding your site. What I did find out was you changed into a new format and I think you were just advertising this. :cool:

  • I know this and I know I am true about this, we always had cultural exchange, but not mass immigration, cause we never wanted it, we were a genetic homogeneous country with one King as a ruler.

    • Why we moved away from Egypt, we had enough, we moved north Scandinavia, they lost their power, they followed us and settled in Switzerland, those they call Jews today is a fraud.

    • Balder is Jesus, Oden is Osiris, Thor will strike you for what you have done. (From Antarctica)

  • I just went to google and typed in and it took me right there.
    Your claim google has removed it is false sorry to say

  • 45% of CIA operations are inside the USA. People do not know this because its all kept hidden and quiet.

  • Please be sure to go to Natural News and make a purchase from Mike Adams site.


    Do not use google analytics anymore. Google will lie about your stats anyway, and Google is using the scripts to hang your web site. This is why my web site does not use Google analytics. Keep all code and resources INTERNAL, never set up any script that calls an outside source for content because when you do that, all anyone has to do to kill your web site is hang the script. Google destroyed Uncensored publications in America with this, and I could not convince them that Google would be so evil. So they are destroyed, with zero sales and zero traffic. Do not let the same happen to you, GOOGLE IS TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH THIS RIGHT NOW.
    If google won’t give you ads they have already proven malicious intent, do not be silly and allow Google – a known enemy – any chance to destroy you via a hung, delayed, or improperly executed script!

    You are going to be relying on donations from an established reader base now, so MAKE YOUR SITE RUN SMOOTH AS GLASS by ditching as many scripts as possible.

  • The funny thing is that Dave Hodges cries against Google for censorship and Big Brother and on and on…and yet he posts everything on Youtube. This dude is a dipshit who cant be taken seriously.

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