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Trump Is Attacking the Pedophile Empire

Saturday, February 25, 2017 10:00
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Steve Quayle calls him, “God’s Prosecutor”. Steve is referring to the fact that President Trump is doing God’s work and is courageously moving forward to confront hardened criminals who occupy positions of leadership in our society. What an incredibly accurate term used to describe the efforts of Donald Trump. This is particularly true with regard to Trump’s intentions to pursue the previously forbidden topic of child-sex-trafficking, particularly as it exists as both a form of business and an avenue of entertainment for the elite including some very prominent members of our present and past political establishment.

When Donald Trump called America a “hell-hole”, this was not an exaggeration. Any country that refuses to protect its most vulnerable members and the abuse is being perpetrated by what should be its most trusted members, that government, in its present composition, no longer deserves to exist. And this is exactly what this last election was all about. Donald J. Trump represents a changing of the guard. America is in the process of being freed from the rule of a criminal mafia and transformed into a nation that governed by the rule of law as represented by the Trump administration and its courageous and transformative policies.

A Bold Proclamation

President Trump has boldly announced a course of action against human trafficking. Let’s be clear, this is a declaration of war against the forces of pedophilia that helped to take down General Flynn and may be involved in the mysterious death of Ambassador Churkin.

Here is the declaration of war issued by President Trump as it relates to this topic:

Tacit Support for the President

Sometimes we can paint a group with a broad brush and not be accurate in our assessment. I have extreme disdain, and for good reason, for Congress, as a whole. Both houses of Congress act like a prostitute that is for sale to the highest bidder…..until a special person comes along. That special person is former Congresswoman Dr. Cynthia McKinney. She has broken ranks with the massive cover-up of silence, with regard to the elite child-sex-trafficking scandal most call Pizzagate. (Personally, I don’t like the term Pizzagate as the term cheapens the seriousness of these crimes against children. Unfortunately, we are almost forced to use the term in covering this heinous abuse of trust because this is the term that the casual consumers of the truth are calling it,).

Dr McKinney put out a very concise, yet telling tweet on the topic of President Trump’s announcement of his intention to pursue child-sex-trafficking all the way to the top.


Forewarning: this brings down Dems and Repubs! He needs to go straight all the way because this goes to the top!… 

This is not the first time that Dr. McKinney has spoken out on the topic. Many feel that her unwavering position on this subject cost Dr. McKinney her political career. She clearly knows the scope of this problem and how high that it goes.

Americans who lack knowledge with regard to this scandal, should sit up and pay attention. This is a former member of Congress calling out her own. McKinney is not the only former member of Congress that lost their seat because of their personal, unwavering view on the topic.

Frank Wolf, former Congressman of the 10th District in Virginia, was on the warpath against human trafficking until the forces of pedophilia conspired to force this multi-term Congressman from office. In my estimation, Frank Wolf is lucky to be alive. Wolf’s chief child-sex-trafficking investigator is not alive and he died under very mysterious circumstances. The following is a quote from Wolf’s former Congressional website which has now been scrubbed.

“Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. Not only is it an affront to human dignity, but it is an insidious criminal enterprise. Approximately 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year, according to the U.S. State Department. This figure does not include the thousands who are trafficked annually within countries, including the United States. While the hidden nature of trafficking makes reliable numbers difficult to come by, we do know traffickers prey on the most vulnerable. Traffickers can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year selling women and children, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Polaris Project, one of the leading anti-trafficking organizations in the country…”

There are some additional items of note:

  1. The deceased child-sex-trafficking investigator, working for Wolf, lived in the same apartment complex as State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski. The investigator’s daughter used to play with Monika’s son, Dylan. In my estimation, this linked Monika with an interest in child-sex-trafficking because of this relationship. This relationship put her on the list.  I can say, without hesitation, this relationship had nothing to do with trafficking. However, that is apparently what “others” think and this has, in my estimation, provided the impetus to go after Monika. Virginia CPS stole her child on unproven charges of abuse. After The Common Sense Show raised over $40,000 she was able to defeat Virginia’s Department of Family Services and Dylan was returned to his mother. This action was motivated by her relationship with Wolf’s chief investigator.
  3. Monika recently contacted me because she was experiencing extreme workplace harassment and was in fear of losing her job and possibly her life because she supported Donald Trump. The Deep State is alive and well in her corner of the State Department. She was merely seeking advice from me on how to proceed. She said the magic words during the course of our investigation. A woman from Saudi Arabia is in charge of what content goes into current State Department brochures regarding child-sex-trafficking. Foreign examples of this heinous activity is prominently displayed in these brochures. However, nothing is mentioned about domestic child-sex-trafficking in the current literature according to Wesolowski. This got my immediate attention. The employee in question, according to Monika, frequently travels to Saudi Arabia. Her actions constitute obfuscation of the truth of what really happens with sex-trafficking inside the United States. Given what has surfaced in Wikileaks, this should raise red flags if this is all true and I have come to believe that it is.

The Mystery On Why Comey Was Retained As FBI Director

I have also come to believe that Comey was retained as FBI director because he knows where are the “Pizzgate” bodies are buried, so to speak.

Comey is now under the control of Jeff Sessions, instead of the corrupt former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch(mob). Comey is now free to pursue the perpetrators of these heinous crimes without political consequence.


This is going to be a wild ride. The revelations, to date, have been narrow. This is about to change.

In a recent conversation with Doug Hagmann, we both agreed that the Independent Media and our followers must keep the pressure on with regard to child-sex-trafficking, regardless of how many prominent members of Congress fall out of the trees.



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  • Senator Nancy Schaefer was killed fighting them. She uncovered the CPS ring that led to the senate.
    Thanks for the update. Great article.

    • Schaefer was about to bust the whole sordid story open when the killed her, I am sure man others have been killed or threatened into shutting up…there is a lot more information here…explaining how they are busting it from the bottom up right now…getting people to turn state’s evidence for lesser sentences so the the state will have all the testimony and proof to bring down the ones at the top…like Podesta and Hillary:

      • God bless you President Trump… Won’t hear about this ground breaking humanitarianism to stop human trafficking at the Oscar awards. Liberals are communists funded by George Soros.

  • Dear Donald,
    Please learn from the experience of Alex Jones. You may have a son in law, that is a Trojan Horse inside The White House.

  • sex is big business, adult sex between consenting adults is one slice of pizza, if they have connections with wealthy hosts they can vacation on lush islands that look like they are sponsored by the playboy mansion, other tropical islands could have more of an all male environment or all female, this isnt illegal, sometimes famous people visit and can be blackmailed if pictures were taken, other types of swinging include underage prostitutes and that is illegal and a crime in almost all civilized countries, its a really big problem because there are adults that are pedofiles and spend their off time lusting after underage children/porn

  • Trump is a piece of shit pedophile. His rape allegations magically disappeared. People have pictures of Trump that would put him in the dog house and so he gets a job that can hide the truth about him and you have another good little puppet
    Trump is a dumb ass

    • The rape allegations disappeared because Hillary was paying those females to invent those allegations. Since Trump won Hillary stopped the con game. Let’s see the pictures….PROVE it. NO, Trump is not a dumb ass, he just retaliates too quickly at times instead of befriending his foes and keeping a distance.

    • No LIBERAL SHILL ASS Troll YOU’RE the damn Dumb Ass !!! Go sing your sad ass song to all of the other LGBT Loser Liberal Snowflakes out there !!! The REST of us on here DON’T want to here your liberal loser comments !!! :twisted:

      • “The REST of us on here DON’T want to here your liberal loser comments !!!”

        Yes we do. Because then we get to watch you pound his ass into sand. It’s all very entertaining and gives you the opportunity to crush lefties.

        Fun for everybody.

    • Well, Trump didn’t deny saying he wanted to grab some woman’s snapper. Crude and indelicate but at least the guy owned it.

    • And how much you want to bet he would’ve been applauded by “them” if he said he wanted to grab some guys tree trunk….

  • jdp…Well its week after week something more abort PZ GATE but never any real big names taken down, Why the procrastination if ya already have knowledge, is it the kid glove routine? Those mentioned before, J. McCain, N. Pelosi, Obama, Clinton’s, L Graham, C Schumer , T. KAINE to name a few, all previously mentioned

    • These coverups take time. Look how long the 911 charade dragged on before they came out with an insult to anybodies intelligence. They know most people forget very quickly, at about the time some celebrity has a “wardrobe Malfunction”.

  • Sadly, the same wealthy people who have been getting away with pedophilia for years will probably never be prosecuted for it in the future. Some people really are above the law, unfortunately.

    • That might be true only if death were the end for all of us.

      But unfortunately for the perpetrators of that heinous crime, it isn’t.

  • Interesting interview. I hope the Federal Government actually does something about it. Who knows they certainly are not discussing the targeted individuals in our country.

    A great article on RH Negative Blood, particularly type o negative, on Before Its News. This group of people are being targeted. Read the article. Of course there are other reasons this is being done.

    I hope something is done about both problems.

    • Every week we keep hearing something is about to happen and it never does. I am trying to be optimistic but . . .

  • IF Democrap officials are involved this does not BODE well for your country. The ENTIRE party must be investigated then BANNED as they are COMMUNIST officials in your government.

    They put in the sodomite foreigner and corrupt negro in and then offered you the hag Hillary corrupt communist mole and she almost got in. :twisted:

  • Great article!!! :lol:


    Trump is a Nazi dog and Pizzagate is a psyop on the populace.

    DHS Pizzagate ad, turn it on the populace. DHS flopped campaign was terror related. See some suspected terrorist activity, report it to DHS or your local authorities. Now it is see suspected pedophilia, report it. Raids overseas on pedophilia stuff. No one in Pizzagate will go down, if any crime occurred. Not saying crimes did or did not occur. Pedophilia is practiced by all strata of societies, from the poorest of the poor to the mega rich. CIA Wikileaks Pizzagate is a pysop on the people to have people suspicious of each other, not the populace taking down ruling elite who practice such crimes.

    Alternative media is promulgated Trump-philia in the face of all the evidence that Trump is a freaking Nazi dog, he is a pathological liar. He is war monger. The jokes fly back in forth, Pope calling Trump Hitler, Trump saying is US Nazi Germany, Nazi Arnold Swazneggar put in to Celebrity Apprentice, yeah they got their Nazi not in Arnie but in Donald Trump. Arnie says to Donald I want to smash your face in because Trump ridiculed Arnies’ tv ratings.

    It’s all part of the roughening up the populace. Dogs Trump and Clinton do not shake hands before debating, just part of the psyop. After election Trump slobbers over Clinton saying he has all respect for her.

    Russia and China have already determined they are witnessing a Nazi Fourth Reich in the Trump administration.

    Dog Christians, your dead in Hell master Paul says every good and evil person in government is of God and must be obeyed by the church people (Romans CH. 13, Titus 3:1-3). The evil ones are the disillusioned who think any one in government is of God.

    Once God ceased bringing wrath upon evildoers, saying let both evil people and good people exist until the harvest, only evil people rise to power in this world, never a David on a throne until the kingdoms of the world become the kingdoms of God (Matthew 13:30, 12:20, Rev. 11:15):

    Matthew 10:18 You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them.

    This spoke to John and Matthew that is the gospel that has yet to be witnessed to all nations. STOP DOING EVIL IN YOUR DEEDS or you will die. Everyone is judged by their deeds.

    The lying gospel of Pharisee Paul is God saves you while you are doing evil, and then you never cease doing evil but are saved by grace. Romans 7:19 … I am a practitioner of evil.
    Romans 6:14 You are not under the law you are under grace.
    LIES OF CHRISTENDOM, the truth will go out just before the end (Matthew 24:14, Daniel 11:33):


    Everyone is judged according to their deeds (Rev. 20:12-13). Mercy at judgment to those who would have ceased doing evil if they had received God’s message (Matthew 11:20-24).

    The Lord did NOT die for everyone, he did not die for the sons and daughters of Satan, he died for the sons and daughters of God:


    Evil liar anti-Christ false apostle Pharisee Pauls says Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 5:6). He is a LIAR. Paul admits his own gospel is a lie (Romans 3:7). Dave Hodges is among the dogs (Rev. 22:15).

    • “Pizzagate is a psyop on the populace.”

      This much I saw from the ‘recent comment’ box at the classic home page.

      I had to click through just to see which dimwit had posted the sentiment.

      I am so not surprised.

  • Is this the first time he addressed the topic and CNN covered it? Up till now it was just rumor and internet speculation as to what would happen. I have to admit he has some really big ballz and he won my respect regardless if I agree or disagree with his conservative platform. Pedophilia is something that should not be tolerated just because rich/influential people do it. The average person does many years in the slammer for it.

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