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Roadmap to the Future – TV Show Reveals Humanity’s Bleak Future – Clear Predictive Programming

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 6:12
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There is a show presently on TV that I believe shows us our collective futures. The parallel between this show’s plot and its similarities between the martial law and continuity of government documents is stunning. And in my bones, I feel that this production is much more than just another TV show.

In a dystopian not too distant future LA, a couple, Katie and Will Bowman, live with two of their three children under a military/martial law regime which is the most brutal martial law military occupation by an organization known as the Colony Transitional Authority. This is martial law on steroids and enforced with extremely advanced technology.

No Alien Invasion

An ET force called the  “Hosts”, successfully invaded the Earth. The ET’s are NOT part of the show and should not even be in the story line for all intents and purposes. The show focuses on human collaborating forces of enslavement. It is said of them that “no one ever sees them (ET’s)”. The Hosts have built an enormous wall, around 30 stories tall, several meters thick, and many miles in length, which surrounds the central part of Los Angeles, where the series is set.

colony-1No travel is permitted between the regions of the world, called blocs, and this is one of themes of any martial law regime, real or of Hollywood origin. Other similar walls have been constructed around other major cities, which are also called “Blocs”, while various buildings still display severe damage from the armed conflict during the invasion, known as the “Arrival”.

colony-2The geographical extent of the alien invasion is unclear, but it is presumably worldwide. The occupying forces shown to the viewers are all human and enforce their occupation via black-and-red-uniformed militarized police, nicknamed the “Redhats” and they are armed with automatic weapons and travel in DHS style armored personnel carriers.

Homeland Security

colony-3These Redhats, along with a privileged class of elites, called the “Proxies”, were all drawn by the Hosts from the local population, and are thus denigrated by some of those they control as “Collaborators”. It is unclear how the Redhats were initially organized or equipped. They may be staffed by members of what was the Department of Homeland Security.

The Ultimate In Martial Law

The variables, which are a part of the show and make up the nature of the extreme martial law that we see in the show.

1-No travel between regions.

2- Family members of the resistance are executed.

3-Random Checkpoints and frequent electronic identity check.

4-No cars – citizens must walk or ride bikes.

5-Slave Labor Camps.

6-Propaganda centers.

7-Selective eugencis – most medical conditions (eg diabetes) are not deemed worthy of treatment by the hosts and people waste away as they often die very agonizing deaths.

8-Host provided drones brutally enforce laws and execution is administered for minor infractions.

9-Forced disappearances.

10-Diet and calorie restrictions are enforced – coffee and liquor are extremely rare among the general population.

11-No internet or cells phones are allowed as they could be used to start a revolution.

12-Extreme electronic surveillance.

13-In season 2, it was revealed that each bloc is not a slave labor colony, but eventually all humans will be made extinct (ie depopulation).

The series begins less than a year after the beginning of the Occupation. Life is a living hell. The implied, but never overtly stated, is that “resistance is futile” and always fatal to those who do resist as well as fatal to their family members.


Summary of the show’s themes:

Whether the alien invasion is real, or it is a false flag like we would expect to see in Operation Blue Beam (ie a fake alien invasion designed to unify the planet and invoke extreme depopulation), is not clear. What is clear that all of the government’s martial law documents that I am familiar with, and have previously exposed, are played out in this TV show, only these principles are on display in exaggerated form.

It would not surprise me in the least if it turns out that the so-called alien invasion was faked by the globalists, accompanied by the roll-out of their secret Darpa-produced technology,  with the goal of installing a brutal global governance and extreme depopulation as the FINAL SOLUTION.

It is interesting to note that the writers for this show have probably visited several INDEPENDENT MEDIA websites and “borrowed” their respective observations and revelations, combined them and produced this USA Network original series.

From many Hollywood insiders, that I have spoken with, there is no question that some of Hollywood’s content could best be described as “Predictive Programming”. I view TV, as a whole, as complete garbage. There have been only rare TV shows that interest me. Because of my familiarity with the East German Stasi and American martial law documents, there is a compelling familiarity with the content of this show. I have come to believe that this show is a blueprint to our collective futures.

The Colony is in its second season. Season one is available on Amazon Prime and On Demand. Season two is available On Demand and on USA Network.


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  • My goodness, it doesn’t take a TV show to figure this out. Just read the Book of Revelation which describes the events that are coming and the timeline. Problem is, most Christians avoid that book like the plague. If you want to know what’s coming you can read the Summary or Chapter by Chapter analysis here.

  • We are living in the end times. Something is coming and was called by Yahusha as the “tribulation” and by Daniel as the “time of trouble”.

    Both indicate something so terrible, so distressful, it has never happened before nor will it ever happen again. :twisted:

    It will involve ALL of humanity and a curious word “flesh” is used to describe its demise.

  • Alot of Hollywood movies give an insight into the future, while people can claim Hollywood is evil its movies can be taken two ways. Quite a few movies involve some corrupt officials fighting some ordinary guy who turns into the movies hero…

  • The Colony is an excellent show. It’s a hidden gem I just happened to stumble upon. Another good one is Jericho which is a series about a small town’s challenge to survive after a civil nuclear war takes place in America. I also like the Walking Dead series which needs no introduction. That show does a good job showing the danger people face in a post apocalypse. The group dynamics of survivors, skirmishes between rival groups, and the greater threat being other people rather than the disaster seem to me to be predictive programming. These shows are preparing people to deal with a coming destruction.

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