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“US needs to plan for potential nuke war with Russia” Lawmaker – Cold war 2.0?!

Friday, March 17, 2017 15:00
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~~here are some of my comments that appear after the article below:

The US and NATO no longer operate from the premise that a nuke war is not winable. Military experts have told the politicians that a nuke war is winable with the advances in cleaner burning nukes and also the missile defense system. The old theories of mutual destruction no longer applies, and Putin knows this.

 There seems to be a push for confrontation with Russia. It seems to me that the hidden powers want this to happen, regardless of the outcome. It seems insane and irrational, but these are the facts as we see them.

It seems to me that the conspirators for the new world order are wanting to carve up and Balkanize Russia so they are no longer a super power, and the wealthy elite can get a hold of their oil and gas resources, etc. They are working towards pushing NATO power closer to the Russian border, and have placed sanctions on Russia as an enemy nation. They are fighting a proxy war against Russia in more than one location in foreign nations, and it is only a matter of time before there is a direct confrontation between the US and Russia. I don’t see Russia backing down either. They are holding back and trying to avoid confrontation, but that is only a delaying action. The conspirators for global socialism will eventually take the war to Russia, whether the Russians want it or not. They may even fake an attack from Russia on a NATO ship, or base, and blame it on Russia. The US and NATO are placing their players all over the different hot spots just daring Russia to attack them. Libya is another hot spot now that may create a confrontation. One altercation between Russia and the US, or NATO is all it will take for the talking heads to come out and declare war on Russia. Then it can bulid from conventional warfare to the possibility of using nukes. The big gamble is, who will flinch first. The sad part is the citizens of both nations, and the world will be used as pawns in this game. We are being pulled into a conflict that none of us really want. Russia should be our partners, just as much as any other democratic nation.

The man interviewed also failed to mention that it was the US and NATO that violated the agreements made between Reagan and the Soviet Union. NATO was not supposed to bring troops, tanks, or missiles into the buffer nations between Europe and Russia. The cold war started again once that happened, so you can’t blame Russia for defending their nation from western aggression.

The general public doesn’t know exactly how advanced nuclear weapons are today. And, we don’t know how much radiation all of China, North Korea or Russia’s nukes will have. There are various ages of the nukes as well. But as far as the US is concerned, the majority of their nukes have lower radiation fallout because of the advancements in a clean burn of radioaactive material. The old ’60s theory of mutual assured destruction no longer applies in the mind of the war planners. Besides, ultimately, the powers that control the world for the long term have a documented depopulation agenda. This removes all restraints to fight a nuclar war.

Up until now Russia and Israel have not been enemies, and therefore Russia has nothing to gain from attacking or invading Israel. To the point you made about the empire not wanting to risk jewish lives, au contraire my friend – the empire will gladly sacrifice anyone or any nation to acheive their goals. Even the jews in their own writings say they will sacrifice millions of their own people to destroy their enemies and remain in power.

~~Cold War 2.0?! Lawmaker: US needs to plan for potential nuke war with Russia
Cassandra Fairbanks

A Democratic lawmaker from Massachusetts has declared that the US needs to prepare for a potential nuclear war with Russia.

Appearing on CNN on Friday, Representative Seth Moulton, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said that there has been an agreement of “mutually assured destruction” between the two nations.

“If they shot their weapons at us, we’d shoot our weapons at them, and therefore a nuclear war was unlikely to happen. But what Russia now says is that they will quote, ‘escalate to de-escalate.’ They are willing to use nuclear weapons to de-escalate a conventional attack. I think that the problem here is that we don’t really have a plan to deal with that.”

He expressed his concern that Russia may use nuclear weapons against US allies in Europe, and that the US would need to use them in retaliation.

“What if they target American troops — like the American troops who are training right now in Poland — with a nuclear attack?” he asked. “What are we going to do and how quickly can that get out of control? That is why this is such a serious threat and why the Trump administration has got to take this more seriously.”

President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his desire for better relations with Russia, as Democrats and the more neo-conservative members of the Republican Party have continuously called for hostility with the Kremlin over their claims of meddling in the US election.

In December, Trump reiterated his belief that it is “time for our country to move on to bigger and better things,” expressing again his disinterest in conflict with Russia.

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, as well as several Republican senators, have called retaliation against Russia for alleged interference a “political response” at the behest of “Team Hillary.”

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  • Tsk tslk tsk….freemasons… Seedline of the Serpent …THIEVING… GENOCIDAL …CHAOS…AGAIN :idea:

    @ 9:00 In the following link….this statement is aired; taken from… ‘The Secret Initiation into the 33rd Degree’

    “Freemasonry is nothing more and nothing less than REVOLUTION in ACTION, CEASELESSLY WAGED consPIRACY.

    It looks as if Russia may be planning to go MAINSTREAM with GOLD….bankrupt ashkeNAZI REGIMES need to DISTRACT THEIR “CREDITORS” from the BANKSTER THEFTs.

    The “solution”……MORE WAR from ………FREEMASON HQ… US Inc: :idea: :idea:

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The REAL History of America

    @ 27:05 on the following link.

    USA was FOUNDED for ‘MASONIC’ CRIMINAL Activities, OPIUM smuggling, PIRACY, Illegal SLAVE TRADING.
    The masonic famiLIEs of Rooseveldts, Morgans and others have hidden their HEINOUS pasts as OPIUM SMUGGLERS & PIRATES.

    Originally HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of WHITE people were KIDNAPPED and TRANSPORTED from UK to USA as SLAVES.

    Benjamin Franklin; whose cellar in his London home was found to contain a number of human skeletons….. was a member of the infamous Lodge …Les Neuf Soeurs…The Nine Sisters…whose slogan was JOIN or DIE.

    All THIRTEEN COLONIES were forced to form a Union symbolised by ***the SERPENT.

    George Washington tried but, failed to restrict the Illuminati influence.


    12 April 1861 US Ciivil War was istituted by the freemasons.

    @ 12:36 The Statue of “Liberty” was a gift from French freemasons from the ‘Grand Orient of France’ to the freemasons of New York in 1886.
    The statue is of the Babylonian Empress SEMIRAMIS, the patron saint of the Illuminati.

    (Full) In the Shadow of Hermes by Jüri Lina (2009)

    * * * * *


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    The Serpent Seedline:
    Edomite Jews and the Sons of Cain

    * * * * * *
    MONSANTO Family Were
    Jewish Slave Dealers And Owners

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