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Why Some Patriots Think That Trump Is a Sell-Out

Saturday, March 18, 2017 8:27
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I am receiving a fair amount of communication which suggests a growing number of Patriots consider Donald Trump to be a New World Order sell-out. Why would an increasing number of people make that claim? Is there any merit to this position? We already know that Pence is his own Deep State terrorist cell, but Trump?




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  • Phew! Don’t you ever take a “doughnut break”??? :cry:

    It’s hard to judge Trump because he has NO POLITICAL record – duhhhhh……

    You have to look at his BUSINESS record instead, and what he is doing, yes DOING, NOT SAYING now!!

    And fer cry’n out loud it hardly has been 2 months already. You’ll probably find out what he is in 2 years! The halfway mark. :twisted:

    • Just look at Trump’s face in all the above pictures. If you don’t see pure demented evil – you’re blind.

      • I don’t see evil in his face, but I sure did with Hillary and Obama – the devil jinn…they positively reeked of evil and if half of the reports on their child sex trafficking and thefts are true they both belong in prison or swinging from the end of the rope..
        It’s too early for me to completely write off Trump – but I am not feeling terribly optimistic…for one thing he could easily ban all immigration into this country until a good vetting system is in place, the people coming in for the most part have IQs of about 50 and are will be totally dependent on the working class taxpayer to support them forever…not only could he ban immigration he could also defund the refugee program…I have read that the refugee program is fully funded in his new budget…
        I do not like Tillerson, Pence or “Mad Dog” Mattis……it feels like just more of the same…the globalists continue their takeover and wars while Trump entertains the crowds with talk of liberty and freedom and prosperity….none of which we shall ever see again the way things are going right now.
        On the other hand if he deports a million mexican criminals and actually builds the wall I might change my way of thinking at this time…
        I fear the healthcare bill and tax cuts will actually just be more gifts to the 1%ers and the insurance companies with middle class America fuked again…
        America is a failed state…sad but true.
        However under Obama and then Hillary we the people would be crucified immediately, gun control and Bolshevik Communism firmly established and genocide to white Christians was certainly on the card….maybe Trump just buys a little more time while the commies regroup.
        Meanwhile – no arrests in Washington DC…that’s the giveaway nothing has changed.

      • Ummm no. I just see a really pissed patriot. But you should see some of the DEMONIC pictures of your dear negro sodomite – Black Obama!

  • They’re making that claim, you fear pimping ding dong, because everyone knows who he answers to. They’re not called globalists, elite, or NWO… They’re called JEWS! And his whole administration is riddled from top to bottom with them. This includes his own children. Make sure you never mention the Jews, Hodges. I’m sure that’s not a problem for you. Coward!

    • I have invented orange spraytan and mail order bride. Muahhahah.

  • I did not vote for any of the four candidates. The USA has s a fascist country.
    Trump’s Israeli relatives were just too much for me to swallow.
    I live in CA, and there was no one whose name was printed on the ballot that I would trust in any public office.
    I had to overvote when there was no place to write in a candidate, and vote for a non USA citizen for president and Vice President.
    Like it or not, the USA is a failed state, a captive of anyone with a little money.

  • It’s over, folks, the deep state has won, hands down.

    From now on, Trump – like all the others – will become the proverbial shabbos-goy, the errand boy of the Israel lobby.

    The Chinese and Iranians will openly laugh. The Russians won’t – they will be polite, they will smile, and try to see if some common sense policies can still be salvaged from this disaster. Some might.

    But any dream of a future partnership between Russia and the United States has now died. Tension and drama must always continue It’s just business!

    By their rejection of the outcome of the elections, by their riots, their maniacal demonization of Trump, the Neocons have shown they are an occupation regime which rules against the will of the American people.

    In other words, just like Israel, the USA has no legitimacy left. And since, just like Israel, the USA are unable to frighten their enemies.

    So yes, the Neocons have won. And their victory removes the last chance for the US to avoid a collapse. Trump is continuing Obama’s war against Russia, although he had not given America’s voters to expect anything of the kind.

    The war with Russia can only escalate, unless or until President Trump reverses course and states publicly, and provides to the American people and the world, the clear evidence of, his predecessor’s perfidy, both in Ukraine, and in Syria. But alas it won’t happen.

    When it eventually escalates to a traditional hot war, and it will, either in Ukraine, Syria, or wherever, the side that’s losing that traditional war will have only one sure way to avoid defeat: a sudden unannounced nuclear all-out blitz attack against the other side.

    May God help us all . . .

  • Donald Trump is another Hollywood fabrication presented to the masses for 4 more years of political entertainment. It’s not science fiction to conclude that the Hi-Tech, social, political, economic and cultural world of the 21st century is an intentionally fabricated, virtual reality. Governments and their leaders, financial and economic indicators, graphs and sales prices, the news and publications, the social, political and cultural landscape we inhabit, even the fears or prosperous futures we are promised – it’s all part of a grand, complex, intentionally fabricated virtual reality. The distinction between Hollywood, computer games, Facebook and the fabricated façade is blurred or removed and as a result, all of humanity floats along like clouds of zombies in a psychedelic haze, ripe for exploitation by those who create and perpetrate this mesmerizing, fictitious situation of civilization today, whether or not we know this and whether or not we like it. Donald Trump is part of Hollywoord and we are controlled by the Matrix.

    When dissidents and protesters talk about reform, or revolution, or how the situation must be reverted to the good-old-bad-old-days of the past, they forget that about 99% of American, European and Australian populations believe in, accept and help manage and reinforce the fabricated matrix or reality show they call “real life.” As such, their ability to make any significant contribution to changing anything is neutralized by the very illusionary nature of the construction they want to change. You can’t change virtual reality because it’s intangible, unreal and elusive like a ghost. It’s like Hollywood movies where anything goes and anything happens without any rules, constraints, rational patterns and predictable, controllable events. It’s all just Hollywood and Hollywood isn’t real.
    We are conditioned to think along certain contrived and socially accepted lines of thought. We are limited by the realistic looking but fabricated barricades that prevent us imagining and planning alternative, morally ideal, fair and generous types of civilization and ordered systems. You can’t change virtual reality if you are only working with virtual reality. Without knowing, grasping and influencing reality, you cannot change it.

    Instead of taking a hard grip of reality and doing something significant in the way of change, dissidents and protesters inside the virtual reality are only seeing, hearing and fighting the illusion, the fabricated matrix. So-called independent financial and political analysts who tell us the situation is unsustainable, very risky and near disastrous tend to forget that they themselves are being tricked by the grand fabricated matrix and are also educated and mentally controlled to think in terms of the façade, even though they might deplore the people at the top of the pile and the way things work. Their distorted information, assessments, projections are the best they can do but also distorted at the core by the fake reality they try to interpret and predict. Cracks or tears these champions of “Truth” and heroic journalists make in the fabric are repaired by the controllers of society as quickly as they appear.

    The only time we will ever be able to plan, build and sustain a better world for the next generation in the next age and civilization is when we work actively and consciously towards promoting the collapse and destruction of the existing Hi-Tech virtual reality that controls the minds of 21st century slaves – the 99% of American, and European people if not all the so-called “civilized world.” Decades of indoctrination and mind control must be undone. But that’s too demanding; too hard for indoctrinated mind-controlled slaves. Acceptance of the way things work, compliance and following the herd is much easier. Successful revolution for a better world must end indoctrination and mind-control and that cannot take place until there is a crisis. A massive upheaval of society must first take place before this artificial collective reality that has been created in 99% of human minds will crumble and fall apart. That’s the time to engage people in serious conversations about revolution and change. Until then it’s a waste of time.
    Globalists need and pre-planned a massive upheaval of society in the next few years as an essential phase to successfully trick, convince and move the herds of humanity into accepting a New World Order. When that takes place, most people will become disorientated, crazy and violent. Chaos will erupt and hundreds of millions will die; but agents of the New World Order will control and herd the masses into their new slave quarters, servile factory jobs, limited freedom and means of travel.

    As soon as this coming massive upheaval of society takes place, that’s the time to engage people in serious conversations about revolution and change. Chaos will erupt as the elite controllers and New World Order are challenged. Survivors of the conflict will be the high-quality elements of society that are needed to plan, build and sustain a better world. Trouble-makers, bankers, politicians, greedy criminals, gang leaders, lazy parasites and malingerers will not survive the chaos and conflict but that will make the task of ordering society in the next world and civilization much easier than the existing challenge in this crazy, greedy, corrupt and irresponsible world we have today.

  • Trump said that bombs were used to bring down the towers on 9/11 and talks about draining the swamp but he does not seem to know where the plug hole is and instead has his nose up the bankers bums.

    The bankers no longer need more cheap foriegn immigrants to act as cheap slave labour to produce profits for the corporations they control and have told puppet trusmp to close the immigrantion flood gates.

    I want trump to drop his pants and prove that he’s still all intacted and a little something has not been chopped off

    • I, too, support (fill in the blank) social cause. Whatever it is. Anything. Give me absolute authority. :twisted: You got a fad, religious superstition, anecdotal, medical advice. I’ll pander to it. Everyone is American. Do what I say. Star and Stripes forever. (While making contorted, facial expressions.)

  • Both Trump and Sessions have been a major disappointment on their ignoring of Elite pedophilia.

  • Trump IS the swamp !! :mad:

    Look up for a YT video by the same title: 1. He is now surrounded by tons of ziothugs, neo-cons, CFRs, Khazarian mafiosi of all kinds, 2. ALL his four children are married to Jews (that tells you something) and 3. he owes millions (if not billions) to 70+ Jewish-owned NY-based banks. They love him being the new POTUS, believe me, as he’s their puppet. Moreover, there are rumors he’s involved in the Lolita Express scandal, being blackmailed with a video of him raping a 13 years old in his pal Jeff Epstein’s mansion on his private island. This is routine procedure for the ptb to trap prominent people with sex-related videos. THAT only would explain A LOT. And if that was not enough, he’s best-buddies with Nut-n-Yahoo, current PM of IsraHell. You can kiss MAGA goodbye. Trump IS the swamp. Grrrrr…..

  • He now has to deal with (x) people, to get the job done, or he has since turned from (x) unethical activity. He is no longer obliged to uphold (x) campaign promise, in the foreseeable future. :smile:

    What does that rule out — in the past, present, or future.
    Or, what can we expect him to do, for certain.

  • Boo

    Wouldn’t any Patriot be considered a fool if within the early stages and still in the process of setting up this Presidency, they made any kind of definitive conclusion like Trump is a sellout? This is a Rachael Maddow, panting, breathlessly hysterical … “I’ve got Trumps taxes tune in at 9:00pm” for the down and dirty expectation, when all we were treated to, is the fact that he paid more taxes in 2005 then any of his detractors and her further subverting conspiracy theory’s that it must mean a Russian connection. Dave…are you now the conservative equivalent of a MSNBC Rachael Maddow? Have you gone Maddow on us?

    • You couldn’t even see the setup with that tax return? You really don’t think Maddow looked at it before she went on air and made herself look like a fool?

  • Sometimes you can judge a man by his enemies better than any other means. Trumps enemies are all scum who disdain the American citizenry. They are all sellouts, communists, warmongers, and willing prostitutes to the nwo. I believe Trump is sincere in his desire to strengthen America and prosper Americans. He is a fallible human being subject to weakness like all of us. He can be swayed by the wrong people, misled, lied to, and intimidated. He has taken on the unenviable task of entering a hornets nest to stir things up. He is forced to work closely with despicable people or else he will accomplish nothing but to get himself impeached. I consider him a brave and self sacrificing man for putting himself and his family at risk. He has nothing worldly to gain that he doesn’t already have.

    I am concerned about the slow pace of attack against the deep state, especially pedogate. Either there is not as much evidence to bring down pedogate as rumor suggests, or else he has changed his mind in pursuing it. Perhaps he wants to install some of his pro-American agenda before open war with the deep state which may then lead to rapid impeachment or the inability to pass anything. I’m also very concerned about hawkishness toward North Korea. We do have to respond to aggression but this could prove very dire. It smells like a trap to me. The nwo exercise immense control not just in America but around the world. They can easily stimulate events across the globe to drag us into war or entice Trump to misstep. Especially when there is collusion between Trumps advisors and the internationally based nwo. NK is looking increasingly like a ploy to start war with China. Why is China so angry with NK and reducing its imports from NK as punishment? Perhaps because nwo order influence is at play to stimulate NK to saber rattle so that America is justified in moving military hardware into Asia. Perhaps all the talk about the threat of NK and their missile development is the American rationale to move into Asia for preparation for war with China under the guise of countering NK.

    Another possible concern about Trump. While I am confident of Trump’s good intentions, there is the possibility that he was allowed to win in order to cause a deep division in the US. I don’t believe that Trump is a willing member of such a conspiracy. It may be that the Clinton camp is also unwilling and possibly unwitting, and that this is a conspiracy that arises from deeper than the Clinton’s roots. Even the Clinton clan are just stooges for the ultimate deep state. But such a division in America would be necessary to foment civil war and provide the impetus for calexit. Since you have pointed out that China is a key component of calexit, maybe this whole NK issue is a counter to the planned civil war and Chinese invasion by positioning our military assets in a ready to attack China position. I think Trump is wise to posture for war, but please President Trump, I beg you, do not fire the first shot. The nwo’s counter to countering China is to actually get us into a ruinous war with NK. NK would be toast, but at very great cost to South Korea, Japan, and our own troops. The political cost and blame upon the White House would be incalculable. A full scale war would be easily attainable with China making a Chinese invasion even more likely.

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