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Something that has needed to be said for a Long Time… TRUTH!

Sunday, August 7, 2011 15:08
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Vatic Note: This is up here due to reports coming in daily that massive ”foreign troop movements” are in progress all over the US.   We do not know if this is another fear tactic or real, but the videos are showing its real.   Now that depends on when they were taken and whether these were legit war games done all the time by reserves and national guard.    Please do me a favor as you read this….. please keep thinking about one big fact that no one talks about at all and yet is the most indicting evidence yet of Israel’s role in 9-11…… Keep thinking about how Chertoff put in a section to the patriot Act that was passed by congress without reading it…. “IT GIVES COMPLETE IMMUNITY TO ISRAEL FOR ANY ACTS THEY MAY HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN WITH RESPECT TO 9-11″….. Huh?  How did we miss that ?   Now read this below and understand this is not pretty.   Its raw truth….. pure raw truth AND WAY PAST TIME TO BE PUT OUT THERE FOR PUBLIC VIEW.  This is the sorely needed lifting of the veil of transparency on who and what is happening and where we are going by their lead.     Also keep in mind that Israel also runs, not only  our treasury and fed reserve, but also our PENTAGON AS EVIDENCED BY ZELIKOV’S REMOVAL OF 2.7 TRILLION DOLLARS FROM OUR MILITARY AS ANNOUNCED ON THE EVENING OF 9-10-2001.  So, who is ordering the massive military movement of equipment and personnel to all parts of our nation ????  Check it out here, here, here, and here.   Now that you know our entire governmental infrastructure is controlled by a FOREIGN COUNTRY through deception and treason from within, then its important to know that our choices are narrowed down to only a few at this point.  Buy and read “Sun Tsu and the Art of War”  and study it….. military confrontation directly is not an option.   HOWEVER, THERE ARE OPTIONS AND YOUR IMAGINATION IS YOUR ONLY LIMITATION….. hehehe. Remember, the most primitive society on this planet is taking on the most advanced technologically and they have rendered us impotent.  THEY EVEN HACKED INTO OUR DRONES AND CRASHED THEM.  LOL  See what I mean about your imagination is your only limitation?    Remember, these people have assets, Favorite golf courses,  multimillion dollar homes,  corporate assets,  entrances to underground facilities,  vents, piping, water intake, waste removal,  underground FIBRE OPTICS laid for computer communications, satellites,  that can be affected by what?  That’s right, sunspots that do what to them? etc…   storage, water storage,  ground in front of all entrances…. made of dirt, easy to dig up and ‘bury’ a surprise.   So many opportunities to “correct our situation”, that is like being a kid in a candy store…… “where do I begin, so much to choose from, hehehe……. rail lines all over the country….. airports both small and big…… multimillion dollar refineries,  pipelines,  reserve holdings for gas and oil…… just so much opportunities….to help to make our country “secure” from such foreign enemies.  They are right….. axis of evil is right,  Israel, Russia and China against Europe and US,  with ALL LEADERS TOGETHER SUPPORTING A FALSE FLAG THIRD WORLD WAR…. just like they did in WW II and WW I.   Destroy all,  then make money rebuilding it all over the next 70 years and then do it all over again.   THIS IS YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER FOLKS. 

Posted by J. Bruce Campbell, Veterans Today


Back in 2003, when this story first broke, the feds had already collected over 26 million dollars in fines from American violators of this law. By now, eight years later, I don’t know how much more they’ve collected under this law, part of the Tax Reform Act of 1976, gifted to us by a senator named Abraham Ribicoff, or to whom they gave the money.

I’m pretty sure you weren’t aware of that law.

You might be aware of a law just passed in Israel in their so-called parliament that requires the punishment of anyone, anywhere, who questions the origin of an Israeli product, or who calls for a boycott of Israel or of anything made in Israel. Punishment not specified, of course. I do know that in 2003, the Mossad made several efforts to kill me, for one thing or another, and came close. You could say I have a dog in this fight, to quote Mel Gibson. I am prejudiced – no question. I really hate the sons of bitches.

So, I’m going to get more serious about starting a political party to deal with the sons of bitches, something I suggested a few months ago and then got busy and let go.

We all need to recognize that Judaism is at war with everyone. Jewish teachers regard everyone as prey to be plundered and/or killed.

When Jews are in total control of a country (Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Palestine), see how they treat others. In America, look at the areas in which they are in total control (Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, psychiatry, clothing, etc). All of them are in ruins or farmed out to slave labor countries.

There is no exception to this rule. Jews have seized control of all critical elements of our society: government, banking & finance, the military, education, information & entertainment, publishing, medicine and Christianity.
We are currently at war in four countries with people whom the Jews hate: the Moslems. This is only because of the total Jewish control of the US government. The Jews, led by orthodox Jew Joseph Lieberman, now intend for us to go to war with a fifth country, Syria, en route to their ultimate target, Iran.

Our “War on Terror” is American war on victims of Jewish aggression resulting from Jewish control of American politicians. Americans are also victims of Jewish aggression with the “PATRIOT ACT,” devised by Michael Chertoff, who is now profiting from the forced use of radioactive X-ray machines in virtually all US airports.

The nuclear bomb was a Jewish invention. It was dropped on helpless Japanese civilians whose government had been trying to surrender for several years following their defeat at Midway. It is the ultimate example of Jewish terror. Israel now admits that it possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons and is prepared to incinerate Europe if Jewish demands are resisted.

A Jewish-devised, extremely destructive computer worm called “Stuxnet” was unleashed last year on the Iranian nuclear reactor at Bushear to disable its water-cooling procedure. This infection spread to the Chinese and Japanese reactors by last October and reportedly is the reason the Japanese reactors are unable to keep their stored fuel rods under water and cool since the earthquakes and tsunami.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has apparently recognized the cause of the Japanese nuclear meltdowns and has wisely begun shutting down the German nuclear energy system. Germany also distinguished itself recently by voting for the first time against Israel in the United Nations regarding the homicidal lunatic “settlers.” The immediate consequence was that her new twin-rotor helicopter experienced unprecedented flame-outs in both engines and narrowly avoided a crash due only to the skill of her pilots.
(VN:  Mossads favorite assassination tool,  small airplane and helicopter crashes…. remember Wellstone, Carnahan, JFK Jr….. etc and then we wonder why our congress is silent?   Israel proved to them they will follow through on their murderous threats if you do not do as they say!)

Dimitri Khalezov, the former Soviet nuclear security officer, has revealed that the terrorist attack of 9/11 was conducted by the infamous Israeli assassin, Michael Harari, exploiting the nuclear demolition plan for the WTC proposed decades earlier by Controlled Demolition, Inc and triggered by the attack on the Pentagon by a Soviet-era Granit cruise missile carrying a 500 kiloton nuclear warhead that was either purposely or accidentally deactivated. Harari and Khalezov were “friends” leading up to 9/11 and Dimitri was told by a very satisfied Harari the next day that he had organized the entire massacre.

These are just a few of the latest examples of Jewish aggression. The main problem is Jewish control of the US government, which is the only thing over which we have some control. We Americans really can’t do anything about Israel but we can attack and destroy Jewish organizations in America that create US domestic and foreign policies that provide Israel with money, weapons and orders to attack Moslems.

These organizations are the Council on Foreign Relations (70% Jewish), B’nai B’rith (the Jews-only Masonic lodge), AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the World Zionist Organization as well as a number of others. Now, it is more than possible that there is a super-organization that gives orders to these visible organizations.

When we have the names and addresses of the super-members, we can deal with them if they live in America. America must become an extremely unsafe place to live and operate for these people. Until then, we shall be quite content to deal with the memberships of the visible groups that have chosen to make US policy in our name without the formality of being elected or appointed by us to do so. They must be shown that there is a risk involved in usurping power and calling it “democracy.” We can play that game, too, once we learn the rules. The rules are: We’re under the law of the gun.

There is no “rule of law” in America anymore. Judges are crooked tinhorns who forbid the mention of the Bill of Rights in their “courtrooms.” We have the same rights in the US legal system as Palestinians have in Israel, all because of the Judaization of the law, and exhibit one for this accusation is the recent addition of the “Southern Poverty Law Center” to the “Department of Homeland Security.”

The SPLC has been an arm of Israel’s Mossad since its inception and bragged that it was monitoring Timothy McVeigh for two years before OKC. In other words, McVeigh was run by Morris “Seligman” Dees, the millionaire poverty lawyer who is dedicated to the destruction of all American resistance groups.

Think about it: the Southern Poverty Law Center says it knew all about Tim McVeigh and how dangerous he was for two years before OKC! It knew about his movements around the country, posing as a white racist selling The Turner Diaries, it knew all about his telephone calling cards and his aliases. The SPLC was working with the FBI’s Dave Holloway and Andreas Strassmeir and Dennis Mahon and the other federal stooges and bank robbers at Elohim City.

But it must have known that McVeigh was working for the CIA’s Covert Tactical Unit and maybe even for the FBI’s Larry Potts (according to Terry Nichols). Despite frantic and specific warnings from ATF informants Carol Howe and Cary Gagan of a bomb plot against the Murrah Building, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ATF and FBI let it happen. Even though the bomb squads were sent in the night before, they didn’t prevent workers and their kids from going into the building that morning! Can you beat that?
And now the Southern Poverty Law Center is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

The law of the gun. It’s appropriate, if you think about it. This is, after all, America – the land of frontier justice, Colt, Winchester and Remington, S&W and so many others. But “law enforcement” in this country has become a dirty joke, as it always does where Jews are in charge. How could it be otherwise with an Israeli citizen such as Michael Chertoff in charge of “Homeland Security?” Or Janet Napolitano (mother’s name: Winer), who went to college on a “Jewish scholarship.”

We must have a political party, perhaps called DAJA, for Defense Against Jewish Aggression. We wouldn’t participate in elections or send people to Washington or anywhere else. It would just be a party of resistance to Judaism. But we need a way to identify and communicate with ourselves and to eliminate police informants, of which there will be many, though perhaps not at first. This would be a counter-terror party. I have some experience in this as a former member of the Rhodesian counter-terror group known as Support Unit and as the one who started the American counter-terror movement known as the militia.

As I have written in these pages, the Rhodesian terrorists were supported by the state of Israel, among others, including the World Council of Churches.

Judaism is based on terror and deception, as we can easily confirm by reading the Jewish books starting with the Old Testament, then what we can stand to read in the Talmud and of course the ghastly Jewish Protocols. Anyone who claims the Protocols are “forgeries” or not authentic is mistaken.

They are confirmed by comparing them with the Talmud or with Leviticus or Deuteronomy or Esther or the Sanhedrin’s letter to the Jews of Spain in 1492. It is the same philosophy of hatred, down through the ages. No other group of people has ever had such a continuing program of mass murder and control of people nor followed it so closely, beginning in Russia in 1918, following the 1917 Jewish revolution.

Judaism is not a religion as we know it, something based on faith, hope and charity or on a benevolent deity. It’s more a harsh set of racial laws. The Jewish god, Yahweh, is a god of war and annihilation, a merciless god. Jewish holidays are celebrations of military victories, hardly to be called “religious.” Non-Jews (the humans) do not recognize this fact of life until it is too late.

Now, the ironic thing is that the so-called Jews are connected in no way to the Hebrews of the Old Testament nor to the ones who supposedly got Jesus crucified by the Romans, except by role-playing.
Personally, I’m what’s called a heathen, not a believer in any of that legendary material anyway. The Jews with whom we live today are playing roles as Jews and some of them are such fanatics that they pretend to take credit for having Jesus killed.

They know that this throws Christians into confusion, because the Christians are taught that Jews are special, that they are “God’s chosen people.” So Christians have never been able to deal with these ersatz-Jews, obviously. How do you deal with God’s favorites when they attack you? With total paralysis?

Christianity has been the number one, most-effective weapon in the Jews’ arsenal. It is the reason we have been so unsuccessful against them for over a century. The Moslems have a similar problem, respecting Judaism as they do as “the senior service.” Even though the Zionists are not Hebrews – they’re mostly Russian and European “Jews” – wherever they live – the Moslems are somewhat paralyzed by their religion in dealing with them. So religion is the problem, not the solution.

Before a person can resist Judaism he must shed his Christian or Moslem mind control. I view Christianity as the main problem of Americans rather than Judaism. It’s not that Americans are such believers in Christianity, it’s that the Christianity which almost all of us were exposed to as children has left a residual confusion about resisting Jewish aggression.

Christianity does not really allow self-defense. It preaches forgiveness and salvation and all that passive, goody-two-shoes thinking – pie in the sky in the sweet bye and bye. That’s one problem. The political part – the special nature of the fake-Hebrews that is defined in their writings and historical and current depredations – is another problem. All this has to be addressed and rejected if we are going to survive.

Enough history and philosophy. Defense against Jewish aggression means first admitting we have a Jewish problem! We cannot solve this problem by voting or by reporting them to the police. The vote machines are rigged and the police are controlled by the Anti-Defamation League and the SPLC.

The militia movement was just that: a movement. A state of mind. There was no militia unit to join, unless you just started some outfit with your friends. It was an anti-government state of mind, a willingness to say “no” to the homicidal Bush queers and the homicidal Clinton queers and their vicious attempts at gun control. The more Liberace Bush talked about the New World Order, the more Hilary the dyke did at and after Waco, the bigger the militia movement got. It got so big that ex-CIA director Bill Colby said it would have to be dealt with – “justly or otherwise.”

The militia movement just wasn’t ready for Oklahoma City.

Today, 2011, I believe American men are hardened up mentally for whatever. We’ve seen just how bad the US military is after ten years of American war crimes and mass murder of totally innocent people overseas. We know these guys are capable of anything, that a lot of them are so messed up by their Jewish brainwashing (Abu Ghraib and Gitmo and much more) that they can be aimed at us just as quickly as they were aimed at the Moslems, who never threatened them in the slightest.

We’ve got horrible problems with our Jewish money system (the Fed) and our Jewish financial system (Wall Street). We’ve got a lethal eco-system in the Gulf of Mexico (Goldman-Sachs/BP) and radiation coming at us from the Far East, thanks entirely to Israel and the maniacs at HAARP, who may be planning another surprise in the Mississippi Valley or LA or NYC.

So I’m proposing a winner-take-all political party to remove the Jewish organizations mentioned above and others. Winner-take-all means us or them. There can be no peaceful coexistence with liars and murderers. Is there any argument with that? It has to be a political party because we have to take total political power away from the Jewish organizations at every level – local, state and federal.

This cannot be done legally or peacefully and I don’t expect any argument with that, either. It will have to be done the traditional American way, through force. Our ancestors, after all, took this country away from the toughest fighters on earth, the American Indians. It wasn’t right but it’s what happened. Do you think we’re not strong enough to take it back from a bunch of fake-Jews in three piece suits?

Now, the Jews expect this. They’ve expected it ever since they started flooding Ellis Island a hundred and twenty years ago. That’s why they’ve been schmoozing with the cops and the feds, telling them how dangerous we are. They know they’re on borrowed time, that we Americans are the most dangerous, most heavily-armed, unpredictable and violent bastards on this Earth.

The Jews claim they are only two percent of the population. I don’t buy that. They might be ten times that percentage. How could the “Jewish vote” be so important at two percent? I know, it’s Jewish money, since the machines are rigged anyway.

Still, there are lots more Jews than they admit because everything with them is deception. If we think there’s only two percent, we don’t worry about the little Jews. Maybe I’m wrong and the two percent finds its way into the top echelon of every political organization, local, state, federal in America. Saturates every important fabric of society in controlling positions. Two percent?

I’m not threatening Jews in this screed. I’m talking about Jewish aggression projected through the above-mentioned organizations. These organizations must be destroyed and never allowed to re-build. This is life or death for us. Honestly, frankly – they’ve just about killed us. We have this one chance to take power from them and stop this dance of death they’ve got us performing.

This political party could have other aspects than just paramilitary. Like Hezbollah in Lebanon, it could with charitable donations help the victims of Jewish aggression such as the homeless (both chronic and recent victims of Jewish fraud) and those disabled by the ravages of modern medicine. The party could teach natural methods of health and keep more people out of the death houses (hospitals).

It could use the donations to feed the hungry and train these people to become productive and independent. Defense Against Jewish Aggression can have many aspects besides the dismantling of the Jewish war machine. The party could instruct homeowners about mortgage and foreclosure fraud and many other useful things in the struggle against Jewish aggression and deception. We just need to start thinking big. But first we must get this Jewish monkey off our back.

It’s a radical plan, no question. But so was the militia. The militia became a dirty word overnight because of the Jewish destruction of the OKC federal building done in the militia’s name. (Dimitri Khalezov says that Mike Harari also organized the nuclear weapon at OKC.) But for about six years before that the militia movement grew into the millions. I only used that name because of the flawed wording of the 2nd Amendment. We definitely don’t need that name anymore. Rather, we need a name that will strike fear into the hearts of the Jewish organizations mentioned above.

A name that separates us from them. Anyone who uses this name better not be a cop or a fed or a member of those organizations. (Cops should start cleaning up their own racketeer-influenced, corrupt organizations as well because no dirty outfit is going to be immune from American wrath.)

In Kenya in the 1950s, the name was “Mau-Mau.” It didn’t mean anything. But it struck fear into the hearts of everyone – British and African. In this country, the word could be “DAJA,” and it does mean something.
Karma can be a bitch when you’ve dedicated your life to ripping off others.

Throwing off our fear and confusion and establishing ourselves as masters of our own lives is the only way we will survive what’s coming.

 The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Read more at The Vatic Project


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  • If MOSSAD really wanted you dead, you WOULD be dead.

  • Anonymous

    These are the Khazar (Edomite) jews. These are the imposter jews. Not a drop of Judah’s blood in them. Being REDS, they came from western Russia. They are not of the bloodline of Judah, a son of Jacob of the whole house of Israel. Read the Balfour Declaration and know this for sure, God Almighty did not set this nation up as his chosen. These are liars and impersonators. They know this. Look in your Bible and see the land flowing with milk and honey. It was huge, and it takes in a lot of territory, not this little piss wad place causing so much trouble. And look in your Bible and see that the whole house of Israel ( all the tribes; 13) will be regathered together, not this one little piss wad group of infidels.

  • Sten, you need to read more. Mossad is losing it and everyone knows it. They “USED” to be the top of the line in assassinations, but they have lost their professionalism, probably because they are psychos and they eventually lose control over everything. I am far from afraid of mossad. They are getting caught all over the world in their gamesmanship and their sicko agenda.

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