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NWO Mass Hypnosis Program

Saturday, November 7, 2015 3:00
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New World Order Underworld

 Mass Hypnosis Program



Mass enquirers and requests to reprint an earlier news article published earlier on BIN concerning real estate scams involving use of New Mexico LLC companies to launder illicit real estate monies earned by a world meditation company and laundered by an American businessman who created a multimillion dollar real estate empire from his relationship with the company generated a more detailed news-piece with previously unrevealed facts.

Investigative reporters, law enforcement and witnesses who were contacted for accurate information to use as material for an earlier news article published on this subject have been harassed with personal threats aimed at them by those written about in the previous news piece. There are copious players working for a new age company and real estate entrepreneur combing skills despicably jointly assaulting those they clandestinely effect. Combined efforts by a multitude carrying out disguised aggression helter skelter style globally.

To this day no court in any country except one has effectively challenged and won against individuals carrying out corrupt clever actions sanctioned by this meditation company; through practices which have harmed thousands sending many to suicide directly or indirectly.

Due in part to the illicit monetary gravity of this specific meditation companies sanctimonious shoddy bombastic pseudo religions player’s behaviors as illegal activities assaulting the public acting as a religious institution; the first amendment of the United States constitution which guarantees religious freedom is set to be reinterpreted by the courts and amended when a convention of states convenes. This means new restrictions will be placed on the first amendment plastered over the original; previously guaranteeing religious freedom which will be be taken away.

Furthermore tax shelters previously allowed for ALL bonafide religions to nurse and help worthy needy parishioners will be disallowed. Due to chronic record money laundering activities as of recent by pseudo meditation companies using the shield of religious exemption to line pockets with coin for personal private interests of limited individuals within world congregations and petitioning publicly for monetary donations; writs are being assembled to bring down fake sinister religious company facades. Federal action through legislation brought into law will force back payments in arrears revealed through exposure of illegal tax loopholes by the authorities; as monies owed by private interest structured money mills hiding in specific states which pseudo meditation companies truly are, serving few, not many as they purport to do.

Nevertheless in the meantime this meditation company continues to operate making a shambles of tax exemption afforded religious institutions who are really helping the needy. Our real estate scammer in cahoots with a fake meditation company really a private money mill to which an entire news story was written about being basis of current article moves on to the next victim with an aura of righteousness while picking pockets and sending proceeds to private people using shelf companies and corporate entities to tend their gardens, water their plants, and damage good people through doctrines based on gibberish gobbledygook aimed to put discrimination totally asleep while fleecing earned valuables from decent good people.

Religion as spiritual values which stem from this are designed to bring love into ones heart to be utilized to do good for ones fellow creatures as well as build unshakeable communities which represent these values that foster ethics and morals which we pass onto future generations who continue this human process unique to us as a species. Religion is not meant to be exploitive as Karl Marx claims. This damning bane he refers to is use of religion as manipulation to serve king, corporation, government, politician or selfish individual.

In the United States government has separation of powers due to previous experience by the framers of the declaration of independence, bill of rights and constitution who experienced tyranny in Europe in which (religion) served the king as a state function with various governing foundations being puppets to that seat of power.

Religion is a paramount concern here because it is a function that ferries us into and out of this concrete world. Religion connects us to the past, present and future and determines how reality is perceived by people regardless of differing religious affiliations. The key word is perception as seeing things as they truly are is the most important function of religion which in the highest sense allows us to see clearly beyond deception of sense or preference. Sinister control of our unique individual organic perceptive qualities is the new gold mined by those that need to be put in check. When church and state join as one, thought police are birthed. Technology may serve good or be misused by bad people to limit human creativity. Technology used to douse the flame of aspiration which never gets rooted and exercised in wellbeing as a fruitful life can be aimed for by those that know this paramount human weakness of depending on a higher power.

This is a severely in-depth detailed article which will require time and patients to read in order to fully understand and appreciate pathological implications against the public good presented by it.

No complete successful inoculation to protect free citizens against lethal constituents written about in this news piece can be finalized unless one dives deeply below superficial surfaces into the workings of an Anti Spiritual Borg Movement intent on removing your natural rights as a human being. A masquerading Borg now actively trashing the last of your freedoms in a cesspool of legal constitutional tricks which at this point in the read you cannot see.

By the end of this paper you will be fully equipped to protect yourself. Enabled to send sorties of rocketing principled projectiles up the arse of constitutional scallywags where the sun don’t shine. Thus restoring your constitutional rights and self empowerment.


Something Rotten In Denmark


Enter our real estate baron twisting tax laws, sidestepping owed tax, building a totally illegal real estate empire while instigating exuberant cash flow for a private interest dysfunctional controversial mentally unstable new age company; as a CEO and their friends. We already know from a previous news piece that property tycoon and meditation company laundered millions of dollars through Europe, Africa and United States. Nevertheless when company players and tycoon caught wind from the previous BIN article published across the world they scurried into action to cover their seedy tracks by destroying and hiding evidence internationally. Our hobo crooks have gone on a frantic rampage to hide damning dirt so as to avoid prosecution. Stealthy company parasites are trying to doctor up their public images which is now difficult to do because they reek of fraud and did originally from the beginning of their money making relationships. Explicitly pungent are their reputations with foul odor now that the cat has gotten out of the bag and the authorities are in hot pursuit calling their bluff as they close the ever shrinking net around them.


All Expenses Paid, Goody!


Our corrupt corps new age saints sent all expenses paid airline tickets to key damning witnesses in Europe, Africa and Asia recently. Tickets provided to bring witnesses out of foreign jurisdictions because the United States government will fetch foreign witnesses for terrorism charges overseas. Extradition of citizens to the United States which even the German government for instance is willing to comply with circumventing their stated laws based on hidden small print security agreements with the U.S. government. Witnesses are being housed, feed, entertained and hidden in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and California not to mention witnesses moved from the United Kingdom into Germany because of differences in extradition treaties that would make Britons more vulnerable if moved to the USA.


Cast Of Players
Sleazy Sleepers


Player one is a very hot witness player. A player furnished with a car, apartment, food and housing in Nuremberg as he carried out duties which included doing laundering in such far away places as Sicily, Turkey and the Middle East. Countries having non existent, lenient, or look the other way as I line your palm with shekels laws. Dummy would then travel to the Mideast of the U.S. filling in washing details for their high paying meditation affiliates. Some eye witnesses claim they have seen this crippled player walking around town without crutches for a disease that makes them unable to walk properly, curious? I wonder if player one saw the film; “There IsSomething About Mary?”

Player two an American lined his pockets with monies from rental properties to which he was not entitled to own; using proceeds for his personal benefit having connections to our real estate baron who sold him the property! When the heat came down recently, two rushed off to New York with his wife that he married to acquire the property. Before two left Germany, he was seen scurrying through alleys broken out in a California dreaming August sweat. Two masterminded cashflow from (his?) properties that went into meditation company accounts.

Player three manages communications between corrupt corps parties spreading rumors when necessary to taint reputations when investigators and interested parties are getting too close to the working of the inner part of the laundering scheme. This player speaks numerous languages and touches bases with players from the United States all the way to Africa. Their partner masterminds an intelligence gathering network across Europe to ferret out and predict possible threats from any getting within range of laundering activities. Their hipster son runs a high profile business used to clean monies through. The son’s business is connected to a major government contract company that supplies instruments to the state. This is convenient for one needing respectability and turning eyes away from any dubious activities.

Since the original BIN article on this subject was published player three has gotten a disguise makeover coloring her dark hair to platinum blond. Cutting edge makeup artist techniques have been utilized with makeup to mask lines and diffuse visual observation of specific key FRS points on the face that identifies definitely a specific person. Three has used very useful makeover techniques to be used at international airports.

Player four, Anne,”Holy Moley Shyster” makes frequent trips to San Moritz where she throws money in the laundry machine to wash and dry. She has that typical stupid arrogant German attitude present in Freiburg that gives her tunnel vision with inability to see the authorities eating Taco Bell, drinking schnapps, watching, and following her as they observe Anne’s laundry habits when she washes her clothes way high up in the mountains hundreds of miles from her home. She is one clean lady! She makes deposits in the banks in this lenient municipality for those who are basically loaded with mula. Any deposits under $10,000.00 are not accepted and the depositor must deposit at least that amount monthly or forfeit their account.

Player five I affectionately call Rogue Slutter. Rogue was a former member of military intelligence where he decoded Intel. Rogue who was a UK national moved to Germany because of heat generated in a scheme he had with Northeast based document persons that supplied the means to do the laundry in many different places. Rogue shared in the production of a world famous book and documentary which gave him hiding status during the Blair years but he fell out of favor as other political agendas emerged more recently that exposed old corrupt government connections with derelicts like Jim Savile the TV presenter. Rogue made a name for himself in England having a local reputation of being an experienced cottager and becoming quite bull legged. The authorities tore down large rows of toilets in his area due to public health concerns. Rogue has worked closely with a former BT operator ferreting out telephone numbers and addresses of threatening people to laundering activities in the United Kingdom.

Rogue recently out of fear for his life because he has an unstoppable big mouth connected himself and other players to a martial arts personality called Maha Vajra through an ignorant full of himself ugha bugha Caribbean stout dumb dumb who I call Andrew Airhead. A former Briton who went on the run after dubious impropriety at a kiddies home he worked for fled to Canada where he met Maha Vajra. Maha Vajra has a dubious reputation for not being properly experienced, qualified or licensed to instruct in medical practices, martial arts or to teach spiritual subjects. While Francio Lepin (Maha Vajra) was a member on E Budo website forum he tried to gather information to form his own martial arts spiritual group and appear legit; from actual real lineage ninjutsu practitioners and masters who exposed him and his followers on that forum as totally bogus.

Maha Vajra got his Buddhist training from a school he seems to have found on the back of a matchbox in the United States? He was ordained as an Archya in Vietnam by the hands of the senile head of Buddha lineage; barely knowing who he was after drinking a strong pot of Thai Tea that day.

It’s curious that Rogue and other players would chance excommunicated from the mediation company they are laundering for and are members of if it was found out they are studying with this MV. Significant because there are so many operational holes in relationship between players and the meditation company. Players carry out dubious actions yet double standards seem to apply to those that work for the company. The company boat is bound to inevitably burst a hole as wires get crossed and major mistakes are made exposing fraudulent use of exemption status.

Player six brings an even more bizarre twist to our previous mention in the last paragraph of the existence of a double standard saga. This turns out to be player six working to form a splinter group of the originating parent meditation company from the U.S.A. in Bavaria which is being constructed as a commune under the nose of top company leadership; done with blessings of second in command of the parent meditation company. A splinter group commune constructed without the knowledge of the companies head CEO! Pepe Le Pew Skeleton is a jesuit that commandeered the meditation company on the sly bringing it in line with odd esoteric doctrines of which only jesuit initiates know about. Skeleton has been puppeteer of the head dog for years clandestinely directing a secret agenda of propagating a study environment for parish devotees worshipping shadowy archetypes. The CEO must be extremely stupid or cooperative?

Player seven DonDon(donny)Gomez used to work for Frost Bank in San Antonio, Texas. He was an executive in charge of foreign accounts and currency transfers to and from other countries. Donny was let go by his employers for impropriety. Gomez carried out massive cash transfers from laundering activities in Mexico transferred into Texas. From Texas, Donny moved cleaned laundry abroad to numerous jurisdictions. Gomez has worked with Pepe Le Pew Skeleton, player six for years; money laundering across the globe. On occasion Donny has taken money across the Mexico-U.S.A. border at Laredo and Brownsville. He and his wife were rewarded by getting put in the winners circle of higher ups in the meditation company to which they both are well respected with high spiritual status for doing laundry.

Player eight was sent to jail for indecent exposure to children. The man who appointed him had a nervous breakdown later on when he was informed through factual evidence based on reliable sources that he had chosen a flasher and not just any flasher, a flasher with unique tastes for those he flashed to. What nobody knows due to past evidence being buried but available now because of anti terrorism legislation is the fact that player number seven was ordered by the court to be permanently institutionalized in a mental health facility but was saved by an 11th hour petition before the court brought on by aggressive backing of the local ACLU and (other hidden participants). Number seven is the meditation companies CEO who pockets the goods, makes the public crazy through clandestine activities and shares spoils with loyal secretive players.

Player nine is Faye to which a whole news story has already been devoted. Player nine works to keep the mad dogs of justice off his tail by the use of player number ten a world famous law professor reader who used to teach at De Montfort University in Leicester where he qualified as a Ph.D . Player ten out of fear of his position and reputation going to ruin having been involved in dubious circumstances left England. Ten moved to Bavaria where he works with player nine to ferret out and legally destroy enemies in the UK and Europe that know about laundering interactions between Faye and the U.S. meditation company. Semene player number ten’s African mistress does laundry for player nine in her native Uganda.

Player eleven has worked in corporate offices of a media giant in Britain and is a famous international anonymous underground hacker living in the UK known to have broken into MI5 and MI6 databases and the meditation companies databases in the United States among other wins. Working with the money laundering meditation company in the USA he has ferreted out dissident members of the mediation company by recording personal telephone conversations, breaking into email accounts and monitoring live chat activity on international WWW sites. Player eleven routinely passes Intel on to player nine for use in generating rumors and manufacturing fake legal charges to snuff out threats. Player eleven has a taste for underage girls and is still being pursued by Kent police for chatting up victims by telephone and emails then meeting up and assaulting them. Oh come on eleven don’t be bitter, molesting young girls is a crime and has nothing to do with using pseudo spiritual techniques to protect yourself from discovery of your filthy pastimes. Try playing scrabble or lawn tennis instead. What a freak.

Player twelve is an East Indian scientologist I affectionately refer to as CuCkoo Myhell a body builder enthusiast following “The Force” as (one of its masters); wanted in the UK for benefit fraud collecting while living abroad and being a general overall rabble rouser. Player number twelve works with player eleven to dig up Intel on snoops and threats passing this across the international grapevine. Lately it seems twelve has taken an interest in ISIS by serving a term in the Middle East fighting the Americans. The U.K. government was about to commit player twelve to Broadmoor institution before he escaped out of his country. Player twelve now sports a long flowing beard and bald head with crazy angry laser eyes. Cuckoo Myhell is most famous for wearing the same T-shirt for years which identified him regulatory on UK Gov Intel surveillance cameras but I guess he got blood on it chopping off heads so he had to buy new one.

Player thirteen is Titti Toddler who escaped out of Switzerland when the company they worked for went down for various illegalities. Thirteen settled in Bavaria where they work with player number four to do the meditation companies laundry high in the mountains while spinning an occasional roulette table.

Thirteen also works with player fourteen Dipshit McCrackin who fell out of favor with CEO of the dubious meditation company but gained good name back by threatening the former CEO’s boss. This threat activity by McCrakin, player fourteen, escalated when the United States Secret Service crashed into her house in England with permission of the U.K. government over accurate allegations that she had threatened the president of the United States. It appears that a sleazy Scottish young man was involved in this presidential threat having an eccentric reputation for walking around Manhattan affixed with smeared lipstick, teary mascara and loose non adhering bosoms coming out of his dress with broken high heels at 5 in the morning. This Canadian Scot is one of numerous players sheltered by Faye in Europe to carry out his illicit real estate activities connected to the meditation company.

Player fifteen who I affectionately refer to as Enrico Dumbly set up a network of pseudo Melchizedek light workers in Australia while still being involved with the meditation company doing their laundering with the help of his Chinese wife that sent proceeds along to Hong Kong to be further washed and dried. Fifteen also worked with Indian launders in Australia where he used his made up companies as a front to move cash further into India to be washed and sent along for meditation company use in England, United States and Europe. Enrico’s wife finally went back to her original husband in China when she tired of Erico’s odd habits that seemed more cash oriented than spiritual.

Player sixteen who is referred to as, “I Shit You Not”, was excommunicated from the meditation company discussed in this article because he thought the current CEO’s former boss should stay boss and ran his mouth off to try to accomplish that. Since then fourteen has chosen stupid people as marks to pass on pathological rumors about the CEO’s health when the CEO has no such pathologies. Fourteen hoping that his metaphysical training can be utilized to force the hand of the universe to off the CEO through conduit believers in his rumors. Fourteen to this day still uses gullible people in this way to send bad vibes at those who see through his manipulative methods.

Sixteen is not within the framework of happy meditation company laundry Dhobis yet he is still a player utilizing his spent relationship with the company to amass cash by spreading rumors and collecting followers who now man his many pseudo spiritual companies. So far he has lost numerous followers from (“the exorcist”) style deaths of them including his wife who he married for her cash millions that he has to cloak much of his recruiting tactics to not let on to his new recruited members that their days are numbered small.

Sixteen was affiliated with a splinter group off the originating meditation company but the splinter group and its Las Vegas based followers shunned him when they realized that he was crazier than a loon. Now fourteen travels across the world selling people on his products and ideas leaving disturbances in the weather, elements, human relationships; creating wars wherever his feet touch ground. I don’t know if he is the leader of the four horseman; as I think even God would boot him out? He is a real hip dude.

Player seventeen I refer to as “Dumbly Moron” who has tried to hold it all together as a confused player; tried to make sense of it all as meditation company has attempted a makeover of history including sanitizing dubious beginnings and characters.

Dumbly player seventeen tried to put a band aide plaster on meditation company history by nobly going to all of its historical places to prove statements made in the past by originators as valid and truthful. The alarming thing is this meditation company and its originating purposes are not in (any public) records. However, there are persons threatened by death if they reveal pertinent originating purpose sources. These are less than a handful of still living persons living in far away places abroad. When dumbly finally realizes what he has been believing in is shite he will probably be sipping pina coladas with Saint Peter.

Dumbly has been ripped between loyalties; and all those who hold onto his irrational ever changing dialogues including meditation company insiders who have tried to utilize his ups and downs to steer loyalists for use as laundering participants. In this way dumbly moron is a player indirectly helping the company machine to make the eagle shit.

Nobody believed decades ago gossip floating around “meds corps participants”(meditation company) that all originating published sources pertaining to written materials would be altered to snuff originators out of existence until docs and history were rewritten. Makeover complete except with one fatal flaw as; makeover artists don’t even know what they are making over!

The entire slew of players that do laundry specifically for the Californian domiciled meditation company is so enormous that it would take pages to list them. Nuremberg and the Austrian Italian border are their main activity hubs with visitors coming from as far away as India, Australia and Africa with full suitcases of clothes to wash. Bavaria is where international secret meetings are held to discuss which kind of detergent to use, where to buy washing and drying machines and where to send the cleaned clothes.


Big Ears And Happy Dhobis


Irregardless of careful planning and Intel the funny thing is the last secret meeting the meditation company had in Bavaria was right next to the listening and monitoring facilities of the German Secret Police!!!!! This humongous facility once shared by the NSA (out of favor with the German gov?) is in a popular wooded area frequented by locals and tourists with EARS SO BIG it would embarrass dumbo the elephant. Some of my German friends were in a local super market there when these happy Dhobis came in to cool and replenish themselves with ice cold drinks and snacks. There were so many spooks in the store that all you could see were sunglasses and earpieces. Apparently the invisible men looked like stoners at an old 70′s rock concert. Even funnier were the top meditation heads being spied on and resenting this by sneering with rage at these locals just doing their job. I mean if you come to a picnic you can’t expect that bugs will not come out of the woodwork to join you!

A Swiss Higher Up biash (rides a broomstick for kicks) in the meditation companies hierarchy formerly exposed by a man who wrote a book about her and the meditation company was offered an opportunity to clear her reputation with the meditation CEO if she acted as the

contact to inform laundromats mimicking philosophy study groups about International and German government interest in laundry activity. Biash was used to pass the word (off the grid) internationally. Any use of specific languages internationally in foreign meditation groups outside the United States as get togethers would qualify cleaners for extradition to the United States.

A question arises as to how big an operation would these money launders be involved in to bring the house down on them for using specific languages? The Answer = it would mammoth (the supposed) past business activities that the church of Scientology was (supposedly) involved in. Really? Yea, (really).


The World According To Psychopath Sycophants


Faye since the original BIN article was published has grown a beard, put in contact lens to color his eyes and replaced his New Mexico license plates with 5 new separate car license plates from differing nation states not under the Schengen treaty.

On another note law enforcement agencies have become so interested in Faye’s erratic illegal antics that multiple criminal psychologists have submitted criminal profile evaluations to the heads of their agencies who have been contacted to net Faye and send him off with the white coat and tennis shoe bunch to Bellevue or Broadmoor depending on which continent authorities finally catch him on. I know if they catch him in the Middle East they will probably put him in a murky cell with a chicken to talk to; wine and dine and entertain. Faye may even end up sharing a cage with player eleven, Cuckoo Myhell in Broadmoor or a dungeon situated in ISIS occupied Middle East where even ISIS cannot stand these two freaks; providing a limited morning entertainment program as heads are chopped off flying through in the air.

Faye is world famous for discrediting inquiring state criminal psychiatrists and psychologists turning things around and stating they are sick. Finger which should be turned around at thief who stole an electric guitar as his first hit to lull himself asleep through the course of his life. Faye and Cuckoo are similar as is every single player in this pseudo religious money making fiasco in that they surround themselves with sycophants.

At the end of the day nobody cherishes Faye; or Rouge Slutter player five who amassed a fortune by waiting like a vulture around a dying famous person so they would leave him with their estate. Slutter previously waited around a dying woman coaxing her while she was dying to sign a paper giving him her valuables which included a house. Rouge rounding up the dying woman’s troublesome cats to have them culled for disturbing him. The dying woman for whatever reason did not sign the paper. A Harvard educated barrister who visited Rouge’s area to talk about his cash millions attracted a similar pact of sycophants who dumped the man when he fell out of favor with the meditation company. The meditation company is archetypal in terms of attracting sycophants when it’s learned that there is money to be had off the backs of hard working people who pay into the meditation business’s pot. In majority and in total honesty paying members of the meditation company don’t approve or like the meditation company; Faye or Slutter’s underhanded antics. Persons like Faye and Slutter just want gold with no interests in spiritual subjects. Spirituality never enters the picture, (sycophants want things).


Player Eighteen Hand Of Death


Player eighteen is the scariest player of them all. I have saved him for the last so the reader can understand the full whack of what this article entails. Player eighteen is the legal mastermind behind ALL meditation company illegal international money laundering activities. He has with foreknowledge suppressed, destroyed and buried evidence, spooked and threatened witnesses, switched off the gears of justice by deliberately and knowingly throwing spanners in the gears of due process by maliciously researching black letter laws to have issued gag orders using pseudo status of exemption as basis of issue to silence plausible evidence of wrong doing by the meditation company.

A UCLA educated barrister, eighteen has all eyes and ears on him now since he was recently bribed and he took the bait. Player eighteen has a towering formidable dark rage infested vibe which threatens opponents with his illegal manipulative style of practicing law. Nevertheless people such as the German Secret Police are amused by the likes of eighteen having been initiated by past bad behavior of nazis; which seems to fit the demeanor of this player. I am sure when the time comes for a chit chat with eighteen, the German Secret Police will higher a band, dance, drink; and when they get around to it, interrogate him. Interrogation could take a long time knowing causes of American blue laws because of traditional German carousing. I hope it’s not around the time of the Octoberfest! Past the humor is the fact that the F.B.I., N.S.A., United States Department of Justice, Secret Service, C.I.A. and Russian Intelligence Services amongst others are no longer laughing off what appears to be illicit activity through extremely dodgy schemes by a company that is in no way really religious.



Be Yourself
Don’t Fake It
Manly P. Hall and Carl G. Jung

Critical Call To Arms


At the beginning years of the twentieth century my godfather Manly P. Hall was placed in a Rosicrucian commune. A commune which he escaped from realizing that it was a cult. He never forgot the experiences he had at this establishment. Hall being inoculated for future times from pseudo religious bullshit by his past interactions with dubious people purporting to be spiritual.

During Manly’s lifetime he created book lists which named in his opinion the best books for a person to read which would allow spiritual self actualization and realization to occur from bonafide invisible sources. Hall amassed rare non-replaceable ancient manuscripts including those given to him for safe keeping by the Dali Lama; and wrote his own books. Hall created the largest private spiritual library in the world which he modeled after the ancient library at Alexandria.

Manly’s library had a walk in locked vault for curious one of a kind manuscripts. His books included manuscripts by the Comte Saint Germaine and the famous (supposed) legendary wandering jew. Numerous combined works in which Manly meticulously revealed extremely important information necessary for spiritual evolution for humanity to take place. Manly was involved in the dissemination of ancient spiritual knowledge to form the backbone of universal education which would fortify humanities ability to carry on and survive past Lucifer’s fall from grace which turned the current vicinity of the earth into a living dying hell.

Unfortunately Manly had a knack in the beginning of his career of exposing bad scam cults harming people. Numerous persons including the LAPD went to Manly for help in exposing these harmful cults. Oddly Manly died strangely enough from the hands of a blossoming cult that was helping him with health issues he was having toward the end of his life. Ironically even the LAPD could not solve his murder in the end result. Hall’s murder still remains a mystery.

Irregardless of Manly’s final tragedy; and very important were chats he had with Carl G. Jung. Jung wrenched himself free from Sigmund Freud who he considered in final analysis to be the very antithesis to use of psychology to cure people tormented by problems of the mind. In Jung’s understanding Freud at the end of the day cemented patients to their illnesses causing them to identify, build on, and elaborate their conditions rather than neutralize and integrate the problems that made them unstable. Jung was convinced that medical use of drugs stigmatized patients growth by leaving them to bounce off specific areas of the walls of their own brains. Jung was a mystic spending months away in India and Tibet where he learned to access hidden realms of human experience that he could use to grow as an unlimited human being. Jung and Hall discussed at length a point which is the most important of all their discussions.

The most important point of all which Hall and Jung both agreed upon was the necessity to equip people with acute perceptive discrimination to protect them from the act of being deluded through hypnosis propagated by mesmerism emitting from a charismatic ecclesiastical group, organization, government, pseudo religion or person.

The above paragraph reminds me of this point as a conversation I had on a park bench in Regents Park in the nineteen nineties with a person and their actions afterwards many years later in which they belittled what I had told them due to their own gross stupidity. This person openly discussing our private conversation publicly in La Jolla, California thus effecting thousands of people who then spread this person’s ignorant pseudo spiritual smut across the world.

The person I had the discussion with is a Cambridge educated scholar. He asked me when I was born to which I answered correctly that I had never been born. He looked confused, baffled and was speechless for awhile. He then tried to get me to cough up my astrological sign to which I gave him a blank stare. The questioner told me he was writing a book. The Power Of Now is one of his books which the public has lapped up like mana from heaven being hooked on the guys charisma which I have witnessed in the past as he channeled this on a television screen. Channeled is the term referring to a person who does not posses the state of consciousness they or others profess they do. Channeler shits their trousers as charisma flows. Channeler hoping that it will all work out in the end and “the weird thing” will descend on them again if they remain a good boy or girl.

Channeling requires severe self inflicted arm bending past personal habits and preferences to an emptiness were a disembodied walks in. This is not “THE HIGHER SELF” as numerous hick bird watchers claim, it is disembodied energy very much like what Mu Thai fighters turn themselves over to after they consume hallucinogenic mushroom drink and step into the fighting ring to spar. A Ouija Board would be better utilized and is more tame then what is on offer as a person opens themselves to an entity or energy to channel through them. Channeling is like a Liberace Glory Hole filled with lots of death. Charisma is deceptive and requires acute clarity through balanced perception to view its origins. Origins whether genuine and coming from a bonafide specified grounded healthy source or mischief carried out by sinister origins.



Tweaking From A Distance


Is there a difference between hypnosis and mesmerism? Yes one has a soft touch and the other can be extremely aggressive. The twentieth century brought the cure all of being duped by charisma ending in a war with incredible fatalities. Nevertheless that was an in your face experience. You will not see it coming in the twenty first century.

The sophistication of media, electronics, optics, energy medicine and those that can use these to herd the gullible into subservience is currently alarming. I have spent a large portion of my professional career treating people who have been badly effected through misuse of hypnosis and sophisticated electronic devices. Devices which have the ability to broadcast signals over vast distances.

Hear the alarm while you still can because there will come a time when things will grow very quite as the human race suffers a complete lock out of rational stable perception. This is not a notion based on paranoid conspiracy. It’s based on concrete evidence of those effected by hypnosis and electronic warfare for instance which is well documented to such a level that there exists a government funded committee which investigates reports and arranges payments for victims. Torture evidence which rests in the annals of United States Gov and can be accessed through the Freedom Of Information Act. Look online or write the appropriate authorities stating specifically the items you would like a copy of mailed to you. Pay the appropriate fees for docs and delivery to your address. Or look online for previous factual quantitative BIN articles I have written on misuse of hypnosis and electronic warfare used on civilian populations.



Misusing Law


Selling tickets to heaven is an old scam. Yet where it differs now is the persons selling are using loopholes in constitutional law to hide their scams behind. These are religious scammers using granddaddy cracks and loopholes in legalities to avoid prosecution. Businesses and individuals

who would normally be incarcerated by very astute sharp judges for crimes.

There is a chronic increase presently in the United States of those practicing law who are baddies shielding fraudulent sophisticated pseudo religious tricksters as selfish individuals using businesses benefiting by hiding behind shelf companies earning big bucks which they share with those at the top of their schemes.

Lawyers representing religious scammers are poisoning the legal well because they are mislead, hypnotized, duped and lost. These are barristers persuaded to misuse their credible talents that should be utilized to protect the weak who are in actuality weakening the principles of the United States constitution. Legal persuasive mesmerism is a subtle persuasion enhanced by energetic charisma used to carry out foul actions against citizens of a commonwealth. This misuse depends on the former integrity of a licensed lawyer now using transduced transmuted law amped up to bash and maim with sinister intent.



Spiritual Freedom

The First Amendment


The United States constitution’s first amendment is a right which other countries have used to form human rights laws on. Governments emulating United States constitutional framework to guarantee certain unalienable rights such as the right of the individual to perceive a higher power within without constraints placed on them by governments, ecclesiastical authorities, state totalitarianism or any set of dogmatic doctrines that forces human imagination and emotions – (yea, if you don’t know it, there is a plexus commanding emotion which is in essence a brain in the stomach) – to perceive only dictated mandated socially accepted science engineered archetypes within perception at expense of individual preferential spiritual freedom.

The first amendment guarantees unabated individual perception naturally inherent in persons to understand divinity away from all enslaving peevish constraints.

On another note, because of constitutional loophole misuse available to religious companies afforded exemption and thereby nondisclosure status selfish sinister persons using exempt shielding to operate behind keep at bay probing investigators into their seedy public, private and corrupt business affairs. In reality fraudsters capitulate genuine exemption and nondisclosure status to maliciously harm the public. Fleecing the public of monetary donations and giving in return very harmful self alienating beliefs and doctrines that poise the individual against themselves and their own higher interests. In practice it is genuine brainwashing carried out by new age religion fraudsters to keep the public stuck perpetually in a mental state of belief that they are always not good enough thereby allowing Big Daddy to pick their pockets of loose change so citizens feel better about themselves momentarily.

I think Uncle Sam would rather become a walking zombie to smite these folks than to roll over in his grave.



Bewitched Self Alienation Schism


In essence these pseudo religious institutions create an ultimate self alienation in which the individual is taught to accept individuality as bad. Parishioners learning instead to take on board mental emotional implants that directs all activity to feed the needs of a very small minority that uses religious exemption for personal benefit while taking over minds, hearts and souls. The minority receiving exuberant cash bonuses and a club to smite non believers and believers not adhering to quirky set dogmatic doctrines.

Parishioners of the meditation company I have used as an example of in this article are all basically bewitched. They are not themselves anymore and no longer know this. Their identities have been commandeered through trickery. Parishioners personalities have been taken over and used to propagate enslaving ideas that capture others to do the bidding of those who brainwashed them to bring in the bacon for personal acquirement of a few.

The rule of the thumb is this; parishioners of fake religions frantically propagate the teachings of their group in hopes that one day they themselves will really believe the doctrines and claims of the religion they associate in and propagate. Generally, individual rational minds of a majority protests as that majority perceives inconsistencies in pseudo religious doctrines and this is where the need for brainwashing comes in so as to exhaust rationality until it goes to sleep.

As a practicing psychologist I have observed this action of rational perception on numerous occasions from green converts of current day made up religions. At first converts are confused and become militant with the new questionable ideas of the religion as their rational discrimination quicks in. IF these converts stay with the new religion the psyche adjusts by shutting down personal rational that initially protested when converts joined. Then convert imagination becomes lucid as it takes on board new alien-alienating constructs. Virally new constructs shut down rational mind until it no longer exists. Is this good? I guess if you are a Zen Buddhist it’s probably ok because the goal is emptiness (micuso). Or as a Taoist you could run around the forest like Kwai Chang Kane and eat roots. However, in the progressive present our purpose is to construct a life for ourselves and discern clearly what builds and what destroys our aspirations. Submitting to orders given outside the wisdom of our hearts always brings alarm to those well versed discriminately in healthy societies. Discrimination is a survival tool. Discrimination is not to be frowned upon as bad. Discrimination with a rational heart may weigh up issues within the mind and from balanced observation clear decisions can be made.





When first amendment rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution are changed due to dubious behavior by only one dark sinister made up religion it will be known within by our higher selves that the state is now piggyback riding on our psyches. This retro wave joyride originating in the realm of humanity, not from life’s inception, will spread out entwining all human beings into a virtual in your head lockdown in every country on earth. Rudimentarily readers by now have established in their minds that a skunky fake meditation business is reeking havoc on the public. Furthermore that a guy has created a real estate empire from helping the skunks out; with still other players lending a helping hand. Nevertheless, the best is yet to come.

Local born again Christians were frantic when the meditation company decided to build offices and assorted paraphernalia to sell their product in the area. Other citizens close by in larger cities laughed off the paranoid Christians. Everybody knows Christians are narrow minded and have tunnel vision, yea? Apparently the local Christians got ahold of some saucy intel about the meditation company which spooked the hell out of them beyond any narrow prejudice spear chucking beliefs. The intel received by the local Christians concerning the mediation company is so rare that it is not known to the former wife of the meditation companies founder, the founders replacement, nor the current CEO of the company. For what ever reasons, the Christians are more than willing to gag themselves then reveal what they found out. The fishers of men would rather bend over and grab their ankles than show and tell at the local courthouse so meditation company can not build. I find this to be very, very, curious indeed.


Truth Established On Sacred Grounds


Why would a few selfish singular persons find any interest in locking down the clarity of humanity? Enter the thought police through the backdoor with their boss rising to power as illumination. Worshipping subjects tearfully bowing down grateful that their rational minds and hearts are switched off finally and at ease.

If you are a Christian, Jew, Sikh, Moslem, Hindu or OTHER it would behove you to work together with your diverse legitimate fellow religionists to expose, ferret out, report and generate the necessary paperwork to bring abusive business people to trial for exploiting loopholes that now exist in the United States Constitution that allow companies to operate above the law as fake pseudo religions. Making a shambles of a constitutional amendment created to protect those who need shelter to practice their religious views safely and peacefully.

This news article is not based on a Jim and Tammy Baker open and shut easy case which can be quantified clearly because exploitive meditation company players are manipulating loose hard to narrow down transient wordings and definitions to their advantage based on United States constitutional law to win cases against them in court. Courts which attempt to interpret constitutional law used by meditation companies; twisting legal wordings as basis for defending their position and assaulting opponents of their morbid practices. This is a misuse of the courts and the law which allows businesses and the company in question to exist so as to bring a storm down onto vulnerable needy people. People in need using easy way out techniques offered by made up religions to sort out problems through expedient unrealistic methods and thus harming themselves in the process. These new recent made up techniques such as ones offered by the meditation company referred to in this article create lucid schizophrenia in those that follow them because they trigger unstable elements in the imagination and harness the emotions to trash all sensibilities.

Established religions dating back hundreds or thousands of years have created guide books based on down to earth life experiences to conservatively bring those lost at sea back to shore while keeping them away from dangerous obstacles to reach home safely.

To illustrate this guidebook point I use a historical analogy of the ancient Egyptians erecting a lighthouse known as the great pyramid capped with an enormous platinum capstone which could be seen by those lost at sea. Seasonally during favorable conditions sailors and mariners were rescued because of illumination cast by pyramid capstone. Some of those rescued made their way to Egypt and studied. Rescued students tearing away misconceptions to be pounced upon by an indwelling understanding of a higher self as they stripped themselves bare of nonsense. In simple terms they discovered who they were and then forged a life based on clarity.

Religions are not about pie in the sky they are tools by which we can see through difficulties to the other side when they are solved. The leaders of genuine established religions and their doctrines have been tried and tested to guarantee stable foundations for believers to believe on firm unshakeable ground. Organized religions make mistakes but there are many resources to fix those errors. Genuine religions take responsibility for their actions.

If you want respect then give respect.

If you want genuine love than give genuine love.

If you want enlightenment than give enlightenment.

I personally love the association of friends and family; genuine friends and supportive family. I detest being played so as to be emotionally and mentally manipulated, fleeced of hard earned money, spun in a clever web so I’m brainwashed to believe I am limited; or cannot get into heaven unless I adhere to devilish principles. Dark principles designed; so through operative hypnosis I and others are molded to accept self enslavement and made to enslave others. Ethics, morals and principles used for purposes of totally enslaving all humankind so that Mega Controllers with small PP complexes can get a rush off censor of universal God given rights.

If you like pancakes and sausages on Sunday along with a nice hot cup of coffee or coco after church while enjoying happy family and friends take note. If you cherish raising your Vajra to connect heaven to earth with Buddha Consciousness pay attention. If you blissfully enjoy giving your daughter away during days of wedding celebrations on the banks of the Ganges wake up. If you break your fast in the evening quietly embracing simple enlightenment wipe the sleep from your eyes. If you require clarity of thought as you do air and the good decisions this brings take action. Spread the word while it’s still possible and alarm people virally. Alarm as many people as possible by word of mouth, snail mail, internet, telephone, public debate and talks, blogs, sms. Call and write your elected representatives.

Is it right for businesses masquerading as religions to misuse loopholes in the first amendment of the United States Constitution to gain protective status so as to amass large quantities of cash to be tucked into a few people’s pockets while maliciously and aggressively taking away individual persons self empowerment globally?

The Meditation Company and its henchmen’s records are in order; exposing their true colors for decades as a totally bogus operation. Clever businessmen full of themselves kicking people while they are down as they suck vamped despondent energies from twitching struggling victims expiring vitally on the ground. Feeding a lust which propagates apathy and death into a continuing scam against the public which reaps the same as the corpses that litter hellish polluted grounds. Meek enslaved followers can do absolutely nothing as they have their psyche kicked in by thug predators with hands in pockets rupturing nards and fleecing coins.

IF you feel victimized by any pseudo religion company that has assaulted and preyed on your person decimating your life in the process don’t try to use techniques to wish the problem away through metaphysics or mumbo jumbo. Use time tested methods used by those who have recovered. The Internet is chalked full of websites manned by persons who offer free effective legal advice on how to bring malicious business companies and their sinful working stiff predators to justice. Sweet, sweet, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth advice on how to act against predators who can only be brought down by (ethical) malicious cunning legal force.

Bitterness about life and its slights can become habitual. Therefore understand clearly the difference between having genuine discomfort for being raped of self empowerment and legal rights. In other words being actively and viciously attacked by rouge pseudo spiritual thugs as opposed to just carrying on a rowdy conversation within supporting petty peevish cultural bias against people not like you.

Is it right for a meditation company to clandestinely create a virus of warped consensus consent engulfing singular clarities in private minds across the world so as to put all sane rational human perceptions to sleep? Businesses with underserved unearned United States Fed Gov stamps of approval on them operating cunningly through cutting edge sophistication. Businesses clandestinely brainwashing nonbelievers into submission; thus abusing YOUR rights indirectly. ILLEGAL ROGUE THOUGHT POLICE BUSINESSES who will inevitably bring complete enslavement down on YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES as no illuminati conspiracy theory will.

Peer into the eyes of (the real illuminati directly now).

This is not a trick.

This is not a conspiracy.

This is reality.





As a child I was accustomed to being woken up in the wee hours of the morning by Dad yelling “bail out”; then trying to jump off our third story balcony with his imaginary parachute before Mom woke him up to safely send him back to sleep. Nevertheless for the rest of the day Dad was not able to think or go to work; calling in sick while chugging down a bottle of scotch or wine whichever was closest. Dad started out not being an alcoholic but became one during the War. He passed through six marriages by the time Mom married him. A dram of scotch was customarily given to B17 airmen after executing bombing missions over Germany to calm them down; (if they made it back to base).

As an officer Dad was sent to an isolated specialized POW (final solution) camp deep within the aggressive untamable winter forests of Austria. This was one of few secret POW camps not known to allied forces. That former isolated POW camp Dad was an inmate in sits today in ruins unrecognizable as a past confinement facility. Signs alert tourists that a POW camp once stood there erected by former American prisoners.

Dad only once talked about the rare weird crazy esoteric eyes which SS officers had as they peered at captured prisoners during interrogation. Dad was pretty sharp having an IQ of over 180 yet he confided in me that he had never seen such unusual eyes which radiated devilish energy and dwarfed any understanding he possessed. It was apparent that these men were connected to an other worldly influence.

Dad was part of an air crew trained to drop an atomic device on Germany; with plans changed at wars end in Europe. Germany did not want specialized captured air crews to escape during the war so airmen specialists were sent to rare high security camps with no known escapees. Final decisions were approved by the U.S. government to drop atomic bombs on Japan instead.

When in my twenties out of the blue I encountered a mysterious negative energy Dad never wanted to talk about yet had encountered as a POW. My grandmother had to fill me in with details pertaining to this presence that left my father speechless and unnerved when he encountered it. One fine Spring day I ran for my life literally as this energy attacked my private life killing two family members. The energy was an unstoppable virus honing in on me as I tried to throw off the scent across continents.


Bavaria’s Little Tibet


The nazis established little Tibet high in the Bavarian alps arming it for a time with yellow hat lamas to configure headquarters to exact magical specifications of important metaphysical zones in Tibet so that military plans would succeed transforming the world into a sinister Buddhist tantric hell. Much of what happened there has been covered up never to be revealed to the public. Few know of what the whole eagles nest complex was about and absolutely none who are still alive talk about it. Few know about the import of this left hand tantric political Buddhism to other countries at wars end. Import igniting a continuos world war to feed the needs of the King of the world to amass thieved wealth, power and enslavement of hearts and minds by sophisticated underhanded technology.

I spent ten years uncovering mysteries of Eagles Nest in the Bavarian Alps reluctantly choosing not to reveal research because what I encountered scared the hell out of me. Coming face to face with a presence that I would not wish visited on my worst enemies. Nevertheless twisted cross energy is being harnessed to establish a kingdom on earth not of this world. Very clever politicians and pseudo spiritual groups are utilizing left hand tantric techniques as bedfellows combining skills to encapsulate humanity in a stranglehold so as to wrench out the last breath of spiritual rationality.





Killing Cognitive Creativity


The stupid will cry conspiracy. The problem is media sensationalists marketing conspiracy theories mainly originating in the United States; are jumping on media trains cleverly sweeping reality under the carpet through presenting a tainted ignorant facade that wets the appetites of fat dumb and happy beddy bye conduits. Citizen conduits willing to be slumbered and pacified. Citizens groomed to be uncreative marks through Public United States School Systems. Youngsters taught to sleep walk rewarded with unrelenting materialism not based on prosperity and abundance but impoverished murky moronic drunkenness. Students taught as skills Chinese Government Style knee jerk Pavlovian submission. Subjects willingly submitting to communal socialist authorities aiming to weaken permanently the cognitive creative imaginary muscle of enterprise. Cognitive Creative Imaginary Enterprise reserved for those chosen to influence; as state ordained thought police. New Thought Police Priests schooled in anti liberation Buddhism with sugar on top smartly utilizing “the word” spelt backwards.


The Commandeering Of The Last Three Centuries


The nineteenth, twentieth and twenty first centuries have been commandeered by the likes of spiritualism, theosophy, sound yoga, fascism, left hand tantric Buddhism reined tightly by insane crafty esotericists aiming to create a communal socialist paradise on earth which is in reality a hotbed for the glorious God of Light Lucifer who supposedly will enlighten all humankind to the ways of peace on earth. Smell the coffee, The New World Order Lucifer Agenda so far ain’t so nice, and is reeking havoc.

Look around you at the results of mumbo jumbo churchy esotericism mixed with sinister retro Greek backdoor democracy dating communal socialism producing offspring resulting as hell on earth. Separation of church and state is in the past as you bend on knees and praise communal goodness. Tears streaming down face as loyalty is given for the good life as a mask over ruthless unabated “CONTROL”.

Yep, I managed to clean the poop out of my leather trousers when I finally met big daddy gov priest king all smiley and shinny. Yanking leather straps attached to trousers up as I ran and jumped on the last helicopter out of Satanic Saigon. I am speechless wondering, does humanity deserve this treatment? Should I just shut up, behave, and go away? I don’t know. I present this accurate piece to you, your loved ones and friends so you are aware of what is to come. It’s up to you now.



Use it or lose it.

link to first article that drew requests for reprinting

©2015 Dr. Kevin Wilson PsyD PhD 

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