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The Masonic Square & Compass embedded in Economist cover

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 12:05
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(Before It's News)

The Masonic Square & Compass appears in the 2015 Economist cover.  Merkel’s hands are forging a triangle or diamond with a seeming eye in the middle.  This forms the apex of the square.  The apex of the Compass is formed by the portrait of the woman in the blood red dress.  The lower line of the compass runs through the timeline at the bottom (See “Hidden timeline” article) the arising NWO resting on the shoulders of the A.L.I.C.E. detector at CERN, a strong China, and PANIC (Order out of Chaos) to the end goal of interdependence.  The upper line of the compass runs through the line of prime numbers (see “CERN, movie Contact” article).  The link without the line is at the bottom of the post.  Take a look with and then without.  The Masonic Square and Compass are really symbolic of the male coming down upon female.  Obama’s privates are the “G” or generating principle of life…  the phallus, reproduction.  The Phallus of Osiris reborn.  Included in the middle is the Cheshire cat (CERN).  Below for link.

The clown fish:   from Wikipedia,   the main point is INTERDEPENDENCE   not independence (can’t have that!)  The New World Order system cannot have Independent individuals & independent nations.  All must be slaves to the system. Independence destroyed and then we all become INTERDEPENDENT.  Notice that the Clownfish appear last in the timeline after America as the drummer whose beat the world has followed for 70 years, is destroyed by the British (Rothschild) guitar (in the 50th, Jubilee year 5776 or 2015-2016). Included is an awesome link to Barry Smith, a New Zealand evangelist and NWO researcher… from 1993 but he nails it (The whole video is a great tool for people who are new to it all)  Interdependence at 17:15 mark    He’s funny and knowledgeable but sadly past away 13 years ago.

As for the Sea Anemone’s tentacles 13 total are visible (13 is the number of rebellion). 10 of the tentacles are completely exposed.  It could also be an allusion to the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns that rises up out of the sea REV 13:1.  The Anemone-fish (2 of them) represent the Antichrist and False-prophet with Satan, the pied-piper directly behind them (The Dragon / Satan stood on the shores of the sea as the beast came out). 11 is the number of the Antichrist  Daniel 7:8.  He is the 11th horn.

Symbiosis and mutualism

Anemone-fish and sea anemones have a symbiotic, mutualistic relationship, each providing a number of benefits to the other. The individual species are generally highly host specific, and especially the genera Heteractis and Stichodactyla, and the species Entacmaea quadricolor are frequent anemone-fish partners. The sea anemone protects the anemone-fish from predators, as well as providing food through the scraps left from the anemone’s meals and occasional dead anemone tentacles. In return, the anemone-fish defends the anemone from its predators, and parasites.[5][6] The anemone also picks up nutrients from the anemone-fish’s excrement, and functions as a safe nest site.[7] The nitrogen excreted from anemone-fish increases the amount of algae incorporated into the tissue of their hosts, which aids the anemone in tissue growth and regeneration.[3] It has been theorized that the anemone-fish use their bright coloring to lure small fish to the anemone,[8] and that the activity of the anemone-fish results in greater water circulation around the sea anemone.[9] Studies on anemone-fish have found that anemone-fish alter the flow of water around sea anemone tentacles by certain behaviors’ and movements such as “wedging” and “switching.” Aeration of the host anemone tentacles allows for benefits to the metabolism of both partners, mainly by increasing anemone body size and both anemone-fish and anemone respiration.

2015-2016 (5776) is going to be one wild year!    

Link without

Link to Economist Cover, CERN & movie Contact connection (Quick read)   /new-world-order/2015/10/economist-cover-2015-linked-to-cern-and-the-movie-contact-5476.html

Link to Hidden timeline in the Economist cover (quick read)  /new-world-order/2015/10/hidden-timeline-in-the-2015-economist-cover-5308.html   for info on the Masonic square & Compass / sex act



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