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4/5: Dimensional Death: Secrets Beyond the Temporal Doorway

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 18:10
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What is frightening is if science was to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the afterlife was an escape from the dimensional “brane” to the “bulk” and then we were given a choice for a do over, the afterlife would no longer be a final reward – it would be seen as an opportunity to erase yourself from this timeline and go to one where you can get a fresh start.




The world today is on the edge of a precipice with its tender heart in its hands. If you ask the average American how they feel about the times in which we live, chances are they sensing something is wrong. Depending on who you ask, of course, you’ll get different reasons why they feel the way they do.

This tension, anger and unrest manifesting itself across the country is manufactured and financed by entities of the technocracy. On many occasions, I have seen some very strange responses from people on Facebook with regard to articles published about near misses from asteroids, the possibility of being on the brink of war and well-known health threats that put us within the scientific criteria of a possible sixth extinction.

When I post these possible outcomes for our civilization, I get some people saying that “it couldn’t happen fast enough,” or “bring it on” and “I can’t wait for the second coming.”

I am hoping they are joking. I just can’t comprehend a critical mass of people being that suicidal and fatalist.

As they say, stranger things are afoot.

We are always on the edge of extinction – there is always that rare chance that some errant fireball the size of a cross town bus could hit a populated area or some tin pot dictator decides to fire a missile with nuclear warheads at us. It is like that old song by satirist Tom Lehrer, “We will all go together when we St. Peter will call us all out after we burn in the Fallout we will drop all of our agendas and adjourn.”

It is classic dark humor that is timeless especially when you consider how volatile things are at this moment in time.

However, the truth is in the pain and the hurting.

With all of our advancement and innovations, the thought of somehow changing directions or creating a fresh start would be more appealing than just awaiting a mass holocaust.

Last night, Marshall Barnes had stated the reason that he was working on a successful model for time travel because he wanted out of this timeline. He wanted to go back to the 1970’s and try to get a fresh start.

I couldn’t help but wonder how he would do this. He said eventually I would never hear from him again, that he would literally disappear into the past. Wouldn’t that be considered a form of death?

You would cease to exist in one timeline and successfully reappear in another. If it is one way ticket you would stay in that timeline and in essence, it would be a form of the afterlife.

Imagine an afterlife of your choosing – going back to a timeline that you cherished in your past. You would die in this time line and live on in a past timeline.

I am a big fan of the TV show “Black Mirror” on Netflix. Someone once told me that I should thank Netflix because many of their original shows seem to be “Ground Zero” topics to explore.

In one episode called, “San Junipero,” the afterlife is a permanent virtual reality program for something called nostalgia therapy. People who are confined to rest homes are fitted with a chip. While the patients are at rest they are able to relive moments in the past as the chip is able to take over their minds and put them in a place called “San Junipero,” a beautiful beach town that is like heaven on Earth.

When the patients reach near death, they can each choose to either die as normal or “pass over,” uploading their consciousness and living in San Junipero permanently. Of course many decide to be euthanized in order for their consciousness to play permanently in this artificial dimension.

This is guaranteed life after death as the consciousness lives on a memory card installed in a huge computer that has other “souls” who have chosen to be there as well.

It looks like an electronic mausoleum that houses souls.

William Blake once said, “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern.”

Temporary glimpses of these ‘altered perceptions’ have fascinated humankind for millennia, stretching as far back as when our human ancestors were cave dwellers.

From the time mankind first crawled out of its caves, there have been moments where he has caught a glimpse of other realms, and other dimensions. We can write off these experiences as pure delusion or a result of ingesting toxins or poisons, however, it is these experiences that have been the foundation of our religious beliefs and they have inspired scientists to shatter particles in a monstrous supercollider.

Last night as I wandered through different concepts of time travel and dimensional theory, I found myself hanging on an interpretation that I wanted explore further.

It was the idea that M-Theory could explain how our lives are experiencing a construct or a simulation.

As we discussed M-theory, is a “theory of everything.”

Some theoretical physicists have developed M-theory to the point that it can accommodate the properties of all the known subatomic particles and forces, including gravity, but it requires 10 or 11 dimensions instead of our familiar four. This has led to the suggestion that our universe may be like a four-dimensional membrane or “brane” floating in a multi-dimensional space-time called the “bulk.”

A brane is an extended object with any given number of dimensions, of which strings in string theory are examples with one dimension.

The bulk is what surrounds the brane and within the bulk are other dimensions.

I started to theorize that the brane is where we are experiencing this life. The life beyond or the afterlife may be in the other dimensions and that in the bulk are possible kinds of intelligence that have moved out of this dimension to live in other dimensions.

In the “bulk” there could be a bank of both unborn souls and souls who have left our dimension and are awaiting the moment to move on elsewhere in the multiverse.

When I was postulating this theory, I was thinking about the mystical Hebrew “treasury of souls” called the “Guf”. In Hebrew “guf” literally means “body,” and this “storehouse of souls” was literally thought of as a body. It was a body of souls that existed in the seventh heaven.

The Zohar, the chief kabbalistic text of Judaism, elaborates on the myth and stated that God hewed all who would be born from his Throne of Glory and placed them in the Guf.

The Guf was talked about in the 1988 film, The Seventh Sign, the Guf’s emptiness precipitates the End Times, though the film conflated Judaic and Christian mythology.

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