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Occupied FEMA Camps in Santa Ana, CA

Friday, February 17, 2017 10:13
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I have written about it before.  There was an emphasis, four years ago, to begin building mobile detention centers. These were funded by the Army and DHS.  This is what we are seeing in Santa Ana.  If you cannot take large numbers of people to prison, bring the prison to them.

This is a BETA Test for the rest of America. We know that the Army is already engaged in urban welfare. Do the math.

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  • “This is a BETA Test for the rest of America. We know that the Army is already engaged in urban welfare. Do the math.”

    Did you mean Urban welfare or urban warfare?

    Adolf Hitler had loads of camps back in the 30′s and 40′s, if you went in them the only way out of them was through the chimney :twisted:

    • Uh-oh. :roll: Now, the revisionists will come out of the woodwork, and shut down the thread.

  • That is not being done by President Trump but is secretly still being ordered by Barack Obama. It is a fact that Obama did not want to leave the White House and is making plans to overthrow the Trump administration by a military coup. When he gets that accomplished he will be worse than before and will become the dictator for the most powerful country in the world. The FEMA camps will be filled to capacity with dissidents to Obama’s reign. His military will replace the U.S. Military with his muslim brotherhood and this country will no longer be white majority. Don’t underestimate Mr. Obama. He isn’t finished yet. He will be back whether we like it or not so we better get ready to serve him or else.

    • reads his teleprompter speeches(which he doesn’t even write)…signs a few bills,which he doesn’t even read,then he goes golfing….Obama doesn’t decide anything..

    • Obama isn’t smart enough to lead ivy up a wall……….they didn’t call him Obozo and porch monkey for nothing…he played golf all the time for 8 years on our dime and he still has a horrible golf swing…….Obama is nothing but a monumental fraud installed by the CIA and Bush Clinton Cabal to rob us all…

      • He still has a horrible s golf swing because he wore out his arm and hand perfecting the “Pee Wee Herman Maneuver” in the oval office sitting behind his desk and that’s about ALL he really actually DID besides throwing wrenches in the works of EVERYTHING that he touched while jerking the American public off for eight TO long years in “Office” !!! Good Riddance NOBAMA !!!

    • Yea….it would be rather convenient for you idiots if every fucked-up thing that happens on Trump’s watch as a result of his policies could still be blamed on Obama. Are you f*cking fools really that stupid? (That last question was rhetorical by the way. Most of you passed beyond the boundary of simply being stupid a long time ago, and are irreparably deluded and out of your f*cking minds).

      • Little Miss “Can’t Be Wrong” didn’t you just post a comment to another story on here trying to “convince” everyone that you were “Centerist” in your political views ?!!! You’re as Far LEFT as it gets there “Honey” !!! Get your communist indoctrinated Left Field Liberal thinking head out of your ASS !!! If you’re so in love with the liberal Democrats WHY even post comments on BIN where you get down voted and dismissed as a left wing LOON constantly ?!!! You AREN’T going to change the way that loads of us think on here by your “Opinions” !!! You Liberals are the REAL Idiots !!!

      • For how long after 2008, was the economy Bush’s fault? You must have borderline personality disorder, you can’t post from the same viewpoint twice…

      • Morgana Le Fay
        blaming current messes upon the shoulders of those who caused the messes is stupid?

        so we should blame the new guy, who had nothing to do with any of it, for the messes caused by his predecessors?

        up is down, wrong is right, blame is cause

  • And all this happening under the watchful eyes of your savior. Maybe he really doesn’t care as much as you want to believe.

  • Fake news is fake news. What you fail to mention is that the homeless never got placed in the “camp.” The area where they decided to set up camp was the spot where the city stores their flood mitigation supplies. They are NOT trapped there, in fact the city is making them move because they are destroying city property. The homeless are the ones who decided, “oh, lets just set up camp in the floodplain of the river.” Signs were put up weeks in advance that the city would be stockpiling flood control supplies there, notifying the homeless that they would have to move. Now that a fence was put up, the aclu is mad. I feel bad for the homeless, but there was fair warning that the land was to be used. They are not trapped and the city is actually making them move out. So, tell me again how the government rounded up all the homeless and put them in a FEMA camp. Dave “Fake News” Hodges

    • See, for yourself, whether it is true, or don’t. I will not make the time to argue, any more, from this point, on :cool:

      ‘Campers,’ without wilderness permits, are typically asked whether the hovel belongs to them. As independence of any kind is implicitly forbidden, this is already a fishing expedition, to make the person look like a criminal.

      If they deny it, all of their worldly possessions are destroyed, right in front of them. “Attractive nuisances” will eventually be demolished, even if that means a serviceable house or ancient trees.

      If they admit to owning the unsightly junk, they are cataloged, told to move their encampment, 100yrds, every so often.

      After several encounters, they are given a choice, between placement in the poorhouse, or imprisonment for vagrancy, either of which entails forced labor, etc.

      “Emergency housing” (sic, typically works in much the same way as the classic plantation, or orphanage, which need not be productive, per se, because human captives are either farmed for the subsidies, or legally considered to be maroons/runaways. You would be assigned some sort of minder(s) and formally required to check-in.

      That is the god’s honest truth, so far as I know it to be.

  • Probably directed by Obama but soon to be blamed on Trump as the incompetent. If it was done under Obama’s illegal presidency, no one would ever report it. So many have been sucked into the NWO stupidity.

  • This would not work in Japan or say Sweden because they have only ONE RACE, well at least in Japan. But this might be necessary since the lieberals have TRICKED you into becoming the so-called multi-culture which everyone knows by now means NO CULTURE.


  • In my humble opinion, there are no “sides”, only “players”, and we all may be in for a big surprise. I hope I’m wrong :sad:

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