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Shocking: Trump Supports Seizure of Private Property by the Police Without Due Process of Law

Friday, February 10, 2017 6:18
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civiian asset forfeiture

The American economy is living on borrowed time through the infusion of massive amounts of “printed out of thin air” cash being printed by the Federal Reserve. Anyone with an IQ above room temperature knows that the inevitable economic crash is looming on the horizon. The deficit is $19 trillion dollars, and soon-t0-be $21 trillion dollars, and that is the good news. The unfunded liabilities debt (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, etc.) is estimated to be $240 trillion dollars. Finally, the derivatives debt that average citizens have been saddled with the burden of paying off through the infamous bailouts is now estimated to $1.5 quadrillion dollars. With the most optimistic estimates that the world’s GDP is less that $100 trillion dollars, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that the ability to pay off the debt through taxation and the endless bailouts is simply not possible.

Civilian Asset Forfeiture

President Trump has done more for the American citizens in 3 weeks than the last 4 Presidents combined. However, when it comes to the proactive of civilian asset forfeiture, he is way off base.

The Federal Reserve and their colleagues know that the crash is coming. Your home, your pension, your bank account are all at risk civilian asset forfeiture 2when, not if, the crash comes.The only obstacle in the way of the public theft of private assets is the United States Constitution and the Fifth Amendment. The practice of Civilian Asset Forfeiture is setting the precedent that the government can steal all of your property. When this practice began in the 1990’s, the amount of property stolen without due process was in the millions. Today, this practice has grown to a $4.5 billion dollar governmental criminal enterprise.



That Little Thing Called the Constitution and the Fifth Amendment

The Fifth Amendment asserts that no person shall “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”. Given the intended narrow definition of the Fifth Amendment, this article will demonstrate that the concept of private property is on life support and that government is attempting to separate as many private assets from its citizens as possible. One of the primary ways that the government is accomplishing this goal is through the RICO statutes and this will be the exclusive focus of this article.

What Is RICO?

The new game in America is called theft by law enforcement and RICO is the name. Much of the growth of federal criminal procedures has been tied to the expanded use of RICO. RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970. RICO has succeeded in blurring the lines between state and federal law enforcement and in overturning the protections inherent in the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution, namely due process. As previously stated, the Fifth Amendment states that government cannot deprive citizens of life, liberty and property without due process of law. As the Patriot Act negates the Fourth Amendment protections, RICO does the same with the Fifth Amendment due process rights.

RICO is essentially the seizure of goods and assets obtained as a result of ACCUSED criminal activity. At the inception of RICO in 1990, there were only three named federal criminal acts subject to RICO confiscation of assets and they were treason, piracy, and counterfeiting. Today, there are literally thousands of federal laws and regulations related to RICO. The mere violation of any one of them, no matter how unintentional and harmless the transgression, can lead to years of imprisonment for the convicted person and the forfeiture of all personal assets.

Rico statutes are where the police and federal law enforcement are no better than the criminals they purport to fight. Even when an individual is not charged or found innocent, their confiscated assets are still the property of the law enforcement agency. If a person is found not guilty in court, or the charges are dropped, the person can spend years trying to recover their assets. In some cases, the innocent never recover their stolen property.

Gangster Cops in Meridian MS.

During a traffic stop in Meridian, Mississippi, police found $360,000 tucked away in an obscure compartment of a man’s car. Certainly the amount of money in question would get our collective attention, however, the driver was let go. And if the Meridian city government has a problem with large amounts of cash, then pass a law forbidding the carrying of cash over a certain amount. Until then, this man committed no crime. In this case, the cops simply stole the man’s money.

Under RICO, law enforcement agency can seize your property, and it’s up to you to prove that the money isn’t connected to a crime. This is an obvious violation of the Fifth Amendment which requires the government to prove in court that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

This application of RICO is unconstitutional on its face and it is still being allowed. Why? Because RICO money is being used by the law enforcement agencies to enrich their department as well as to host lavish department/agency parties. This is no different than what the Mafia protection rackets attempt to achieve or the Mexican Federal Police do when Americans travel into Mexico. This practice is taking place from your local police department to the Department of Justice. The various levels of government actually engage in revenue sharing, a form of multi-level marketing, like Amway.

Your Property Is Not Safe

For those who think that the Meridian, MS. motorist got what he deserved because nobody should be carrying that kind of cash on them, consider the Russell Caswell case which demonstrates that, under RICO statutes, one can lose everything even when they have never been suspected of a crime.

Motel owner Russell Caswell, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, has fought with government for three years over his right to keep his own motel. Caswell has never been charged with a crime, yet he faces the loss of his business. Caswell, having successfully managed to keep his property, is the victim of guilt by association. From 1994 to 2008, police have made 15 drug busts at his motel. That come to only one drug bust per year in a motel. This is a remarkably low number. However, it is not stopping law enforcement for trying to get their hands on the motel by stating that under RICO, the motel is considered to be part of a criminal enterprise.

One does not have to be the owner of a motel or carry large amounts of cash to be a victim of the law enforcement Mafia. If you give a ride to someone who has marijuana in their possession, you can lose your car. If your teenage daughter brings drugs into your house, you could lose your house. This is no more than criminal theft committed by corrupt law enforcement agencies.

Motives for RICO Enforcement

The money that law enforcement seizes, is money that goes towards the purchase of office equipment, new vehicles, larger expense accounts and the list goes on. However, agency assets are not the only destination for RICO obtained assets.

In a town of less than 3,000 people, in Bal Harbor, FL, police spent more than $23,000 flying out to Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. While there, the police rented out Cadillac SRX and a Lincoln Town car. Yet, other Bal Harbor police were also living it up as the department spent $7,000 holding a banquet for police chiefs and $21,000 on an “anti-drug beach bash.”

sheriff bill smith

Sheriff Bill Smith, ”No questions boys, I am just doing my job so I can play lots of golf.”

Sheriff Bill Smith in Camden County, Georgia, spent $90,000 on a Dodge Viper for the county’s Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (DARE) program. According to a sheriff’s spokesman, “the whole point of this car is to grab the kids’ attention” and by impressing kids, they would stay off drugs. In the past two decades, Bill Smith’s department brought in over $20 million in asset forfeiture proceeds. The motive to arrest and steal assets is quite clear.

In Romulus, MI., the police chief, Michael St. Andre, spent more than $40,000 in asset forfeiture funds on marijuana, booze, and prostitutes. In many of our communities, the ones with the badges are the prostitutes. And this is not just a case of a few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch. It would be difficult to find an agency or department that is not experiencing RICO corruption.

In a clear violation of the 10th Amendment, the Federal government has made local law enforcement partners in these crimes being perpetrated against the American people through the practice of “equitable sharing agreements” between the Department of Justice and local or state law enforcement. Just like a Mafia protection racket, the Feds typically are taking 10 to 20% of all profits connected to local seizures.

Re-instituting the Fifth Amendment

In only six states does the government assume the burden of proof that establishes the fact that the person is guilty in order to confiscate all types of property.  According to the Institute for Justice, in 38 states, the burden for all forfeitures, including one’s home, falls directly upon the owner.

The simple fix to this public theft of private assets is to simply follow the Constitution in which the government, before permanently seizing assets, must first establish guilt in a court of law.

On July 28, 2014, U.S. Congressman Timothy Walberg (R-Mich.) introduced a bill intended to reform federal asset civil forfeiture laws. In the Senate, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) introduced S. 2644, the FAIR (Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration) Act, which similarly seeks to change the way the government seizes property suspected of being involved in criminal activity. The bills failed.

The chances of passage of these parallel bills in the House and the Senate are slim and none. The radical Marxist factions presently running the Democratic party will prevent passage in the Senate. And even if the bill passed in the Senate, does anyone have any doubt that President Trump will have his veto pen ready?

President Trump Approves

In a recently recorded interview, President Trump threatened to destroy the political career of a Texas legislator by introducing legislation that would require a court action to seize property.

The bill in question in Texas is SB156 from Sen. Juan Hinojosa (D-Dist. 20).


With regard to the public theft of private assets by various levels of government, this is merely the calm before the storm. The unfolding plot to take your bank account, your pension, your IRA, Roth and 401K, your bank account and even your freedom will be on the table. This is merely the calm before the storm.

Meanwhile, be careful who you let into your car and home. Show this article to your teenage children so they understand the financial importance of not being associated with drugs in any manner as it could literally be the cause of them becoming homeless when their parents home is seized.

For those of you over 40, did you ever think you would live in such a time in America? Is there anything that can be done? The answer is yes. Buy gold and hide it in a secure location. Store food and water. This is starting to sound like a survival preppers list isn’t it? That is a correct assumption. The Sheriff of Nottingham’s criminal enterprise is only the opening act. Everything is open to seizure and governmental theft.

Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, needs to help Trump see the light on this particular issue.




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  • “Jeff Sesscions, the new Attorney General, needs to help Trump see the light on this particular issue.”

    You seem to be unable to identify gangster mentality.

  • So far I love Trump, but the 3 things he supports that I hate are torture, 2 state solution in Israel, and property confiscation without due process. I would never trust giving govt the legal right to torture anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let Israel decide how to handle the conflict. I don’t want any more curses to fall on my country for pushing to divide Israel. Trump has shown he is open to criticism and has backtracked on some things. It takes a wise and humble person to change course. Hopefully his supporters can convince him to back off on those three things.

    • Israel treats Palestinians like vermin. If you remotely care about human rights then you will change your position on the 2 state solution. Look at a map of Israel from the 1940s, they illegally stole all that land from Palestine.

    • Your comment is exactly how religious superstition enables Israel to treat their neighbors like garbage. Seriously, do you hear yourself?

      Apparently your god condones the slaughter of the last 70 years, and you agree with that because you think god will curse anyone who attempts to assist in coming to a fair agreement?

      You really need to stop following the likes of John Hagee and other “christian zionists” and realize they have lied to you twisting your own bible verses in Genesis in order to lead you into supporting oppression. Most are afraid to even question the apartheid actions for fear of being labelled ‘anti-semite’.

      Learn to question those you deem as telling you the “truth”…if you do not, THEY will think for you. You should be able to realize how twisted your thinking is when some pastors who teach what you believe tell their congregations “you cannot be a true christian unless you fully support Israel”. That does not cause you to question???

      Please do not allow religious superstition to blind you to crimes against your fellow humans.

      • Arabic people are inbreds. It is impossible to have normal relationship with people genetically preordained towards insanity, stupidity and horrible malformations visible to naked eye. There might not be many things to support Israel, except the passage 9:97 of Quran which states that Arabic people are scum of the earth and lowest form of human life(free translation)… :twisted:

  • This is the sheriff who allowed Pablo Escobar full reign of some of South Florida’s territory. “Blow” was inspired by events in this county. Drugs are a catch-22 for citizens. Nothing’s changed.

    America, land of the enslaved. Congress has put a foreign king on the American throne with a false birth certificate to hide their involvement in the drug trades which renders them totally obsolete.

    That’s why they don’t want to expose Allen Owens, aka “Obama.”

  • Boo

    Congress should clean up the RICO law, with a Bill to more narrowly define the rules under which it can be acted upon. I’m sure by now they know all the MO’s under which RICO can be more exacting in its implementation, and where it doesn’t inflict damage like described above to innocent bystanders. I’m sure Trump would have no issue’s with signing it. He like’s a win win situation whenever it can promoted.

  • about the confiscation— who said this? does anyone have any proof ? I would like the link.

    • What CAVE have YOU been living in /!!! There’s LOADS of PROOF about this and the reports (NOT “Stories”) have been WELL documented on Civil Asset Forfiture all across the U.S. for a number of years now !!! WAKE UP and do your RESEARCH BOZO !!!

    • jiggsaw blames all the past decades on Trump shoulders…

      As of the pipeline, that benefits all the american people and our self interests. Only the profitter owners ones who refuse to make things better for our nation as a whole are the ones complaining. They are unamerican to not support the benefit of all America.

      • I know it exists but who said Trump supports it ?????

  • Yeah ??? Well “Molon Labe” (Just let ‘em come and TRY and take it from those of us that WILL fight them to the DEATH for what we legally have and have worked HARD to legally possess and KEEP in this life) !!! ANY Cop that’s THAT absolutely STUPID , GREEDY and Brazen REALLY Deserves to DIE at Point Blank Range along with ALL of his or her fellow “Gang Members” !!! BIG MISTAKE to mess with “We The People” in that manner !!! There’s a LOT more of us than there are of “Them” and WE Aren’t going down that way without the Fight of a Lifetime !!! :twisted:

    • Redist Renegade blames all the past decades on Trump shoulders…

      As of the pipeline, that benefits all the american people and our self interests. Only the profitter owners ones who refuse to make things better for our nation as a whole are the ones complaining. They are unamerican to not support the benefit of all America. They have the mantality of making america more trsutworthy on itself and not other nations…. Clueless

      • Screw YOU , you Airheaded LIBERAL TROLL SHILL ASSH*LE !!! Don’t try to make ME look and seem like something that I’M NOT !!! I absolutely DON’T “Blame the Past Decades ” OR other peoples misdeeds on Donald Trump !!! I VOTED for him You IDIOT !!! This article AND My statement about it speak CLEARLY for themselves and have Absolutely NOTHING at ALL to do with YOUR Half Ass Statement Little GAY Boy !!! Now go crawl BACK under the rock that you slithered out from underneath WHIMP and be DAMN Thankful that I don’t know WHO you are or I’d come kick your Candy Ass through your Freakin’ Teeth FOOL !!! :twisted:

        • Redist – YOUR THE UNAMERICAN WHORE who think every time someone takes something FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR NATION, YOU CRY LIKE A LITTLE SNOWFLAKE H0m0. Your scum of the earth unamerican BLM follower, and me and my fellow Patriots and fellow vets like myself, will send you kandy butt back to North Korea, where you came from, and want the US to go.

          You are the example of why abortion needs to stay so your mother totally did the wrong thing, and didn’t use her common sense. Clearly, your parents didn’t teach you morals nor values, because they never had any. And if you have any children, the human race is doomed.

          Too bad you hate supporting fellow Americans, and the greater good of fellow americans. Sometimes in life, people have to sacrafice the benefit of our nation and fellow man, but you don’t look at that way. Fellow War Vets like myself sacraficed to serve our nation proudly, and know our nation doesn’t COME FREE, but what do you expect from classless selfish Unamericans like you? 100% selfish and think saying a thank you to vets is all you have to give; while millions give their lives for our nation. Reality is hard to handle hey and your code is living for yourself and how you benefit from everything? :eek:

          • Red vs Red, interesting.

          • GO F*UK YOURSELF FOOL !!! You better Pray to God that I never find out who you are through you IP address !!! I’ll tear your f*ucking heade off your shoulders and SH*T down your f*cking neck FOOL !!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  • Because your beloved Trump is a ZIONIST JESUIT P.O.S. He isn’t for the people. TPTB put him in to do their bidding.

    • Thanks, at least I know (maybe), there’s another other guy that isn’t entirely braindead or heartless.

  • This is how man basically lived for thousands of years. Powerful men just stealing and taking what they want from defenseless and less powerful men. That is why the forefathers put in the 5th Amendment to stop this kind of abuse and theft from the rich and powerful.

    But once again TEMPTATION triumphs law.

    Matt 6:13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: ….

    But other men prey differently. :wink:

  • :arrow: FAKE NEWS! Ok – the CA Democratic Trolls are coming here now. This has been going on for Decades, and only now you BLAME IT ALL ON TRUMP! Seriously? Of course, don’t blame any past offciials, but it all is on his, when he wasn’t even in Gov office!

    • If this is reference to the pipeline that benefits all the american people and our self interests? Only the profitter owners are the ones who refuse to make things better for our nation as a whole are the ones complaining taking a dump on all Americans. They are unamerican to not support the benefit of all America. But if its for private development I agree, but the pipeline benefits our nation with jobs, money and self dependence… Common sense but many complain. Why don’t you complain about the illegals, or the terrorists?

  • Donald Trump is in office for a tad over 20 days and I can hardly ascertain that he is responsible for any of the claims being made here.

    I am in a wait-and-see mindset before I jump into the deep end of the pool.

    Also, the graph you show on this website goes back to 2014 and no later.
    If you are going to use some statistics, make sure it’s more relevant to today’s situation other than showing a past trend.

    Also, those who claim that any politician has taken property without due process, first you must ask yourself if you registered your property. If you register any property to get a permit, license, deed or certificate, then it is you who has given your property up.

  • What NONSENSE IS THIS ALLEGED ‘Common Sense’.? How about common moron. Trump has been in office 20 days. You sound like a real FOOL DAVE HODGES. Go fishing, free your mind from your ignorant rants. Why does anyone wast their time with your fake news crap?

    • Exactly. 20 days and did more already then any President in 8 years in the last century. Cult Democratic Trolls are trying to change the views by flooding with disinfo. Once someone wakes up, they just laugh at how dumb they think we’ll change back to be clueless cult followers like them.

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