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Net Neutrality 2.0: Plans to Shift Control of Internet to Internationalists

Monday, May 25, 2015 4:23
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By: Voice of Reason


If you recall I said early in the week on my Facebook page that the order of posts would be very particular this week, and so far the only the exception to that has been OBAMA AND HILLARY GETTING CAUGHT RED HANDED ON BENGHAZI. It turns out they knew about the coming attack up to 10 day prior to when it happened. Obama just though it was more important to campaign… that’s all! Somehow I doubt information like that is going to leak out so readily once the new regulations go into effect. 

I’m more or less testing how much bite these new FCC NET NEUTRALITY REGULATIONS are going to have right out of the gate. Will Obama and Crime Inc. come out swinging, or will it be gradual? The following are some of my posts, and I’ve been trying to build up to the climax in the event the Narcissist in Chief comes down on the Internet hard.  


Like all power crazed lunatics, Obama always craves more power and control, so I thought this article titled Net Neutrality 2.0 was be the perfect night cap for the week. Soon enough the Internet will be reduced to being worthless. To all of those out there who shared lots of Facebook pictures and read lots of headlines, but nothing else… GREAT WORK!


It has been a bad few weeks for freedom where the Internet is concerned. First came the news of the FCC reclassifying the Internet as a public utility; now the same federal government that wants to regulate the way Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deliver content to their subscribers is planning to hand control of assigning IP addresses and domain names over to an international body made up of governments and intergovernmental organizations. With the FCC regulating ISPs in the United States and some as yet unknown international organization assuming control of the assignment of Internet addresses and domains, we may be living in the last days of the Internet as a free and open platform for communication and dissemination of information.

IP addresses are the numeric addresses assigned to web-servers. Domain names are the actual names of the websites. The IP address for the the server hosting WWW.THENEWAMERICAN.COM is The number ( was assigned by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and the domain (THENEWAMERICAN.COM) was assigned by a registrar via the domain name system (DNS) that is overseen by ICANN. Without this system in place, the Internet simply would not work. Multiple websites could have the same domain, and there would be no way to distinguish which of these a user was trying to reach. Anyone living on any of the streets, roads, avenues, or boulevards named Peachtree in Atlanta can understand the problem.

As ICANN’s website explains it, “I CANN … is a not-for-profit partnership of people from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable. It promotes competition and develops policy on the Internet’s unique identifiers.” ICANN was incorporated in California on September 30, 1998. Before that, the functions that ICANN now handles were handled by Jon Postel, one of the original creators of ARPANET (predecessor to the Internet). As the Internet grew exponentially, it became necessary to have those duties handled on a much larger scale. ICANN was contracted by the U.S. government to assign IP addresses and oversee the DNS.

With few exceptions, the system has worked pretty well. But as is often the case, those in power can’t seem to leave well enough alone. ICANN’s contract is set to expire in September, and the power brokers who want to see the Internet under their control are pushing to move oversight of the organization to a “global multistakeholder community,” which would include governments from several nations that have abysmal records where freedom of speech and freedom of the press are concerned.

Fadi Chehade, president and CEO of ICANN, expressed his enthusiasm while dismissing the concerns some have voiced. “When we started we heard things like the UN would take over or China will fragment the Internet. Everyone was in threat and defense mode,” he told Yahoo!News. “Now that China has come to the table, and Brazil has done the same, government after government is showing support.” He says the number of countries that favor moving oversight of ICANN away from the United States and toward his “global multistakeholder community” is around 150 and growing.

While the governments of oppressive nations may support the plan, not everyone is so easily persuaded. Vint Cerf, a vice president and chief Internet evangelist at Google, says the move could lead to fragmenting the Internet into regional networks that don’t play well with each other. Nations like Germany and China favor keeping a tight lid on data crossing their borders — in either direction. Americans have the concept of valuing freedom of expression and access to information sort of baked into our DNA. 

The result of handing the power to assign IP addresses and domain names to a plethora of nations that don’t share those values would likely be a loss of freedom in those areas. BUT FREEDOM IS INDIVISBLE — LOSING IT IN ANY AREA MEANS LOSING IT IN ALL AREAS!

As to whether he believes the freedom of the Internet is at risk, Cerf said, “Of course it’s at risk. We see countries that see the Internet’s freedom and its openness as a threat, and they will deliberately do what they can to inhibit its use.” Considering Google’s record of invasion of privacy and data-mining, it seems this is one of those cases where we find help in the strangest places.

Perhaps the most troubling part of this whole thing is the end goal. Those who seek power for the sake of power usually have a longer range plan. Chehade says that the next issue for the international community to tackle is what he calls…



He asks, “When I see something on the internet written about me … How do you know it is a high integrity item? How do you know this is the truth?” His answer is to “create a better way to ensure and protect the content disseminated on the internet,” according to Yahoo!News.

Chehade’s plan to regulate the quality of the content of the Internet creates more questions than it answers. As Pilate asked Jesus, “Quid est veritas?” What is truth? Who gets to decide whether information on the Internet is true or not? Having a “Ministry of Truth” for the Internet would have huge implications for news magazines such as The New American and activist groups such as The John Birch Society. 



Building on the foundation of “Net Neutrality,” this recent plan would DESTROY DIGITAL LIBERTY!

While many who are concerned about liberty in the digital age — particularly as it relates to how the Internet is managed — have expressed concern over having the U.S. government involved in managing the Internet on any real level at all, transferring that authority to unaccountable internationalists is an even greater concern. Jumping out of the federal frying pan and into the internationalist fire is no solution.

Written by  C. Mitchell Shaw

Read the article at The New American here:

[Audio/Video below cannot be seen in Newsletter – have to go to Blog]

You’ve heard Glenn talk about the “Bubba Effect” before, but it’s more important than ever for you to know what is going on. The top down, bottom up, inside out strategy is building across America. Baltimore is just the latest example. On radio this morning, Glenn laid out a dire prediction of what’s in store if people don’t start to wake up and be leaders and shepherds in their own communities.

Below is a rush transcript of this segment:

It is time we stop being sheep. It is time for our pulpits to start teaching reconciliation. Here’s a book I want you to go out and get today. I want you to get the Essential Speeches of Martin Luther King and start reading them. Please. I beg you.

There’s so much of Martin Luther King that we don’t understand. There’s so much — he is — he’s right. Read his speeches and you will understand reconciliation. And what we have to do. It is the only hope. It is what — it is what Abraham Lincoln did at the end of the civil war. When they said they had Lee, what do you want me to do with him? He said, take your foot off his neck gently. Tell him to go home to their families. With malice toward none and charity toward all.

That’s reconciliation. If you humiliate, if you demand a win, there’s going to be a loser. And the loser will not forgive you. And it will just perpetuate into the next one. So we’re looking for reconciliation here. What I’m afraid of is the Bubba Effect. And I’ve talked about this for about six years. I said, there’s going to come a time when you’ll start to have riots on the streets. There’s going to come a time when you’ll have terrorists come and do something. And the — and the feds will come in or the government will come in, and they will try to quell it or they’ll try to arrest somebody. And the town will say, uh-uh. Nope! You, United States government, you knew about it. You’re part of the problem. And the Bubba Effect comes from the one idea that — a Muslim goes and shoots somebody. And then Bubba, who just doesn’t — is not really paying attention. Sees a Sikh some place who wears a turban. Not a Muslim, but he’s a Sikh. But Bubba sees him and is like, you people. And he’s all enraged and he shoots a Sikh. Now, what’s going to happen? The DOJ has to come in and try him for murder. But because that town just experienced some sort of, you know, 40 kids in an elementary school shot and they knew that the federal government kept the borders open and these guys came across the borders, they were here illegally, or they were from that mosque down the street that everybody knew was an extremist mosque, but they did nothing about it. That’s when the citizens grab their guns and say to the DOJ, get the hell out of here. What Bubba did was wrong, but we’ll take care of it. We don’t need you here.

Now, this is not my theory. This is the theory that I learned from the Special Forces command about eight years ago. This is about 2004, and I go to the east coast. I go, where is that? Is that in Virginia? Where was that? Special Forces command? Fort Bragg. I’m at Fort Bragg and I’m talking to the press, and I said, what is your number one concern? And they said the Bubba Effect. They said, that’s coming at some point in the future.

Now, that hadn’t even occurred to me. This is before we’re really having any kind of real hatred and animosity toward each another. It’s the Michael Moore, you know, Fahrenheit 911 stuff. But we can handle all of that. It just happened. The beginning. Stage one just happened here in Dallas this weekend. And here it is. These marchers, they come in, Moms Against Police Brutality, and marchers for I don’t know, free all the Mexicans. I don’t know. Something about the border.

GLENN: Let them come in. Let them take jobs, whatever. So they’re marching down the street. And these guys are connected. They’re connected to the Nation of Islam. They’re connected to Open Society. George Soros. They’re connected to the Tides Foundation. This is a front group. This is front group. Pure and simple. The police are there. These groups are marching. But there’s somebody in between. It’s the open carry people.

So now here are just citizens with long arms. They have a right to have the long arms. When asked by a reporter friend, what are you guys doing here? Well, we’re kind of the buffer between these guys and the police. What do you mean you’re the buffer between these guys and the police? Well, we know how the police reacted, listen to this, we know how the police reacted in Baltimore, and we want to make sure that, A, if there was any police brutality, we could kind of buffer that zone. If they start to push the cops, that we could be in between them so that the cops couldn’t really respond — so no bad stuff is going to happen. And if somebody starts looting our city, we’ll stop it. Because the police are going to be told like they were in Baltimore to stand down.

Bubba Effect. There it is. That’s stage one. Nothing happened. So those guys went home. But now let me ask you something: If Bubba, who is carrying a long arm, they see somebody throwing mazel tov cocktails and they stop it, how many people in our community will say, no, no, no, wait a minute. You were told to stand down. These guys were burning our city down. They’re just neighbors in our neighborhood that are trying to stop these guys from burning our neighborhood down? A lot.

We’re being set up, guys. We are absolutely being set up. And I don’t know — this is what I pray every night. I don’t know how to do this, Lord. I don’t know what you want. I don’t know — I don’t know what you want. I can’t wake up any — oh, if I had the voice of an angel. I can’t wake anybody else up. They’ve smeared me. I’ve helped them smear me. I don’t have any credibility. Nobody is listening. I can tell you what’s coming. I’ve told you every step of the way. I know what’s coming next.

But I don’t know, how am I going to get people to listen? This is why, perhaps, I have said that you are going to be the key. Because I know that. I know that with everything in me. This audience changes the course in a good way. This audience pulls the republic back from the brink. And it’s not going to be me. It’s not going to be — it’s going to be you. But you need to know your role. And your role is as a peace — blessed be the peacemakers.

You have to know what’s really going on. Because nobody is going to tell you. Next week, we’re going to show you, the stuff I found with Al Sharpton yesterday, I’m telling you, that’s right. With Al Sharpton saying, we fought against states’ rights in the ’60s so we had the right to vote, and in this century, we have to fight states’ rights, it’s time for the Department of Justice to take over policing in America. That’s what’s happening. That’s why they’re sending all the MRAPs and everything else to these cities because the intent is that the government — when the bottom rises up, the people will cry out for help. And the government will come top-down, and they’ll control your policing. 

That’s what’s happening. And local police departments, police officers, please, please, learn this. Please.

Next week, we’ll show you all the connections. We’ll show you — once you tie it all together in your head, you’ll go, oh, my gosh, that’s exactly what’s happening. And only an understanding of this and then a peaceful informed public can stop it. Otherwise, we’re going to be played. I mean, this is the biggest show ever. That’s all that’s happening right now. This is a show. We’re watching a script and a play play out in front of us. None of this stuff is real.

Those riots in Baltimore. That wasn’t real. How many times do we have to be told, most of the people are from out of town. All they need is one thing to get it started, that’s real: The shooting. Then all the people come from out of town, and they manipulate it and they wind everybody up and they get it rolling. Then they leave town and they go to the next one. And they go to the next one. And they go to the next one. And before long, it will all be over. And nothing will truly be solved. Is Ferguson solved? 

Has there been reconciliation in Ferguson? The answer is no. And because no reconciliation, there is a wound on both sides. Same thing in Baltimore. Is anything going to be solved in Baltimore? No. It will just calm down a bit. But there will be wounds on both sides. At some point, there will be a straw that breaks the camel’s back, and it will set the whole country on fire. And what happens? We will cry out for police help.

The police will be overwhelmed. The DOJ will say, we’re going to take over policing. We’ll coordinate it from here. And you’re done. It’s lights out, Republic.

That’s what’s coming. That’s what’s coming. And it’s coming faster than you think. Perhaps longer than we think we have. But you have to be the one that can lead. Because if you look back at history, what happens to people who have voices and can cobble together people and be a leader, if you go back to what happened with the Armenian genocide, what is the first thing the Turks did? What is the first thing the Nazis do? You have a night of long knives. The Armenian genocide. Any of the Armenians that could lead, any mayor, any writer, any person that was a hero in war, in one day, in each city, they would kill about 1,000 people. They would just slaughter them. And they were all the leaders of the community. Anyone that people would rally around and follow. They were killed, day one.

They just disappear, or they’re killed. Which means, they do that so that there is nothing left, but sheep and no shepherds. I’m telling you now, if you want the republic to survive, you must say you are not a sheep. You are a shepherd. There are 10 million people that listen to this show. They cannot kill 10 million people in one night. You were born for a reason, and you’re listening to this show for a reason. Read the Essential Speeches of Martin Luther King. There is one way out. And it is through reconciliation, peace, love, the teachings of Jesus, the teachings of Gandhi, the teachings of Bonhoeffer, the teachings of Martin Luther King.

Prepare for a time when voices like mine or others are no longer heard. And yours is the only voice. Can’t believe I just said all of that.

Read the story here at Glenn


By: Voice of Reason




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