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Obama’s High School Yearbook Surfaces… Who He Thanked is Sickening!

Saturday, November 21, 2015 8:30
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This article was really nowhere near as bad as I’d hoped it would be. There is nothing incriminating, and no real new information,  unless of course, you were one of the folks with an IQ under 6 who got duped into thinking the guy with an IQ of 7 was a genius. Assuming you weren’t one of those people, because most of them have STILL yet to figure out they’ve been played, then chances are you already knew Obama was an idiot. If you’re looking for REAL dirt, SERIOUS dirt, like his childhood friend’s mother saying that Obama had her boy killed, to cover up their love affair, then check the links at the bottom. 

I will say, does it surprise anyone that Barry used to jump people when it wasn’t his turn for a hit? Ugh. The guy disgusts me. Like, give Barry his fair share man… 

Buzzpo writes:

A new book detailing Barack Obama’s extensive marijuana use in high school and college paints a picture of the president which is much seedier, grungier and crass than was previously thought.

Obama doesn’t have a stellar reputation at this point in his presidency, and David Maraniss’ book isn’t going to help it any.

“A self-selected group of boys at Punahou School who loved basketball and good times called themselves the Choom Gang,” Maraniss writes in Barack Obama: The Story. “Choom is a verb, meaning ‘to smoke marijuana.’”


Obama attended Punahou School in Honolulu, where he became known for starting various pot-smoking trends, like “TA,” which was short for “total absorption.”

If Barry caught you exhaling precious marijuana instead of absorbing it fully into your lungs, you were penalized and your turn was skipped the next time the joint was passed around.

According to Maraniss, “Along with TA, Barry popularized the concept of ‘roof hits’: when they were chooming in the car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.”


“Barry also had a knack for interceptions,” writes Maraniss. “When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘Intercepted!,’ and took an extra hit. No one seemed to mind.”




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Blank American Social Security Card


Reporter Gets Death Threats Over Obama Birth Certificate

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THE SMOKING GUN in the Obama Eligibility Case: His Mother’s Passport

Barack Obama’s Lawyer Admits Birth Certificate Is Forged

An Open Letter To “President” Soetoro-Obama

Open Letter to the President of the United States – Senior Chief Ross 








The Last Great Stand

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  • obama was recruited from a young age into the communist party.
    he is a crypto-jew, working for the zionists and using islam as his cover.
    islam is used to create division and culture clash all over the world, but it is merely a tool, a symptom, of a much more embedded faction of bankers and industrialists, communists, who have taken over the planet.
    hitler knew.
    this time around, it will be a global unity of all truth-minded souls who will eliminate the parasites on humanity.

    muslims and christians MUST UNITE.

    • He right. The zionist formula- check the Protocols of Zion -call to pit their enemies against one another, whilst supplying both sides with the munitions. Ergo, they profit via the mutual destruction. However, when the bottom of the pyramid unites, the top comes crashing down. Hence their constant use of divide & conquer.

      And let’s take this a step further. Islam and Catholicism were, in fact, formed by the very same Vatican. And that- on first listen -sounds very radical. However, after examining the symbolism in great depth, one can form no other logical conclusion…like a math problem. The Islamic Connection to #Rome Catholicism:

      • And Vatican Catholicism is built on the foundation of Babylonian, Talmudism.
        Traditionally, the Sanhedrin was composed of 70 members who chose a high priest, making a total of 71. Like the Sanhedrin, the college of cardinals is composed of 70 members who choose a pope to act as high priest, making a total of 71. Both organizations wear the yarlmuke (skullcap) and occasionally a Dagon mitre. Both organizations take part in Babylonian idol worship and sacrificial rituals at the alter. Both the pope and the high priest of the Sanhedrin claim the authority of God on earth. Like the Talmud says Jews are of God and Goyim (everyone else) are cattle at best, the Pope claims there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. So in other words, both organizations claim that God favours them and everyone else be damned. Both organizations conspired to kill Christ. Both organizations are catalysts of
        “the synagogue of Satan”.

        • Both organizations conspired to kill Christ. @THOTH
          How could something that wasn’t even formed yet,conspired to kill the Christ? :lol:

          • Ecclesiastical, you might have me on a technicality there. Allow me to reiterate. Rome and the Babylonian Talmudic Sanhedrin conspired to kill Christ. That much is common knowledge. Then Rome, who was already practicing Babylonian paganism/sun worship, spawned Catholicism to attract the followers of Christ by outwardly appearing to be a Christian institution but holding on tightly to their Babylonian practices on the inside.

            The Catholic authorities corrupted the scriptures with their interpretations to suit their agenda(like the Talmudic Sanhedrin did with the Torah) and indoctrinated their followers in the practices of Babylonian idol worship, sacrificial rituals, etc, etc, in an attempt to destroy the gospels and the followers of Christ from the inside out.

            Imho, all the similarities between the two organizations, some of which I mentioned in my comment above, are an indication that both organizations are branches of the same Babylonian/Talmudic (satanic) tree…

        • here is a very good book about the Zionist-Mafia:

        • Except that Jesus was given symbols of his annointed messiah status by the enemies of Rome – the Babylonian Magi. Three of them who followed a star.

          Herod was Rome and the sanhedrin’s puppet.

          • Herod was Rome and the sanhedrin’s puppet.

            Mortal enemy of the Babylonian magi same as Rome was.

          • The Sanhedrin Pharisees in the time of Jesus were not mortal enemies of the Babylonian magi, they were the Babylonian magi. They ruled based on their oral traditions that were honed in Babylonian captivity and later written down, comprising what we know today as the Babylonian Talmud. Most of the world’s leading authorities on Judaism, including the universal Jewish encyclopedia, the Jewish almanac, the encyclopedia Judaica, the Jewish encyclopedia, and many of the world’s most influential rabbis, consider the Babylonian Talmud as the most important piece of historical Judaic literature in existence.

          • THOTH

            Thank you THOTH. I shouldn’t have said Herod was the sanhedrins puppet just that they had interest in not provoking Rome or Herod.

    • The Islamic Connection to #Rome Catholicism FULL

    • truthlovingsoul is a Muslim mole. Beware. We wants to destroy the world and works 24 7 at BIN to achieve his goal of that destruction.
      Army Of The Apocalypse. Does Anyone Want To Join Me In Bible’s The Messengers Of The Apocalypse/Truth-Army? (Video)

      • Yikes, king of dummies – you’re stoned or something??

      • Crow (hex)

        Truthloving soul is a genius, unlike yourself!

        Du bist ein DUMBKOPF!!!

      • Crow (hex)

        No!!! Lord Steven Christ might though. Your both on the same page! :eek:

      • Hey KOS, It’s perfectly natural for any sane person to criticize Talmudic Zionist Israel, the world’s worst human rights violators. On the contrary, one must be morally bankrupt to support such a racist and genocidal ideology as Talmudic Zionism. Talmudic AshkeNazi Zionists have dragged the planet through two world wars to expand their dominance and establish their ‘state’. Their co-conspirators throughout history have said more than enough to lead any honest investigator to the conclusion that they are pure evil. Just read the F’n Talmud KOS. If It’s ok for them to view all people outside of their cult as beasts, slaves, cattle at best, than it is perfectly natural for me and anyone else to resent this.

        Criticisng the Talmudic/Zionist ideology, their puppets, their actions or their agenda does not make someone a Muslim KOS. It makes then a human being. You have no objective intellectual response to refute the comment made by TLS, so you attack his/her character. You are the mole KOS

      • Obama smoking weed is small potatoes, compared to the mountain of Crack that I ate with Mr. Smith… I didn’t get what all the fuss was about, but he seemed to like it. A LOT

    • VL

      and the Jesuits control the Zionist and so the beat goes on…

      • And the founder of the Jesuit order San Ignacio De Loyola, was a marrano jew. He was a member of the marrano Jewish illuminati or “Alumbrados”. Loyola’s successor, 2nd general James Lainez was a Jew, 4th general Eberhard Murcurian was a Jew, Francisco Rivera was a Jew, Emanuel Lacunza was a Jew. In 1593 during the 5th general congregation 25 out of 27 members who proposed changes to the constitution of the organization, were Jews. Jesuits act as a catalyst for the synagogue of satan.

      • So the beat goes on, indeed.

    • Are you flippin out of your mind?

    • you smoke to much pot your not on planet earth are you

      • MI6 are gladio terrorists

  • mitch51

    To complain because Barry didn’t smoke weed at high school the way you did??? We did all this and more when it came to this. Barry would not even have made our chroom team in, our high school in Salt Lake. He would have been riding the bench due to a lack of creativity. But, you must have been pretty hard up to write this article.

    God Bless All Chroomers, Let Your Freak Flag Fly, Just Like Crosbie, Stills, and Nash Say!!!!!

    • Why would you be stupid enough to inhale smoke into your lungs? Humans have a built in cough reflex which has to be overridden. The lungs provide oxygen to the brain which it needs to function, if you interfere with that, damage results. Obvious in the case of the Obomber, and if you think it is ok, then you have it going on as well.

    • Smoke isn’t good for human lungs, that is why we have a built in cough reflex. Override that the brain gets less oxygen which results in damage- obvious in the Obomber case, you want to follow that? Good luck!

  • So, who did he thank?

  • The good news is, the fact that he is a fraud means everything he has done to destroy this country is null and void including all the odious debt he has run up.

  • Fake. Obama went to Clewiston High School. I am his half-sister and I forged Obama’s birth certificates in 1985.

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out my photos and compare them to the little girl (me) in the center photo and you will have the truth.

  • Obama has been engaged in illegal wars since he began his presidency. He recently pledged 50 billion in illegal foreign aid to the gennocidal, rogue nuclear, apartheid ‘state’ of khazarian Israel, a direct violation of the Symington ammendment. Yesterday he allowed the Jewish American spy, Jonathan Pollard to be released from prison, even though he was given a life sentence and should have stretched a rope for treason. The list goes on and on, yet the author of this article criticizes his marijuana use in high school?

    What a F’n joke.

  • The fact that he smoked weed in high school and college is the LEAST of what I would hold against him. The fact that he’s a Marx**t and has devastated the US economy is what I’d hold against him if I was living there. The fact that he’s trampled all over the Constitution, and the Billl of Rights is a far more serious offence than being a party animal.
    The problems he’s brought about might actually be caused by the fact that he gave up partying!

    • What the article is pointing at is his character, which goes back to high school. Interestingly, many have come forth and posed similar and more recent occurrences, only the drugs have changed.

    • Agreed. If he stuck with just encouraging friends to hold it in longer, we’d all be a lot better off. Judging from the photo of him on the steps with his friends, they look like a normal group of nice kids to me. This article is more about “evil weed” than anything Obama has done since he stopped smoking and started ruining the country.

  • From a foreign national, alinsky worshiping, drug addict & homosexual drifter with two falsified birth certificates.. over 20 different social security numbers .. a falsified selective service number … to POTUS .
    Thanks ‘Blue State’ Socialist Democrats, Hollywood… the IRS … the ‘corrupt’ Federal Justice Dept… the ‘race baiting’ MSM and Hawaii… ( ) YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO PICK’EM!
    Time to arrest these criminal’s and send them.. ( Barry Obama, Soros, Reid, Kerry, Biden, Pelosi , Bill and Killary ) on a trip to Leavenworth for the rest of their lives!

    • don’t forget the Evangelical Christians who decided they would rather have a Muslim president than vote for a Mormon

      • Same difference ! The lesser of two Evils is still Evil ! No loss,no gain.

  • Your title is totally misleading. You say nothing about him thanking anyone.

  • Yes, this is all true. But his character is down the can. He was a scholar of the United States Constitution, and now he is doing things that are so blatantly against it as to be beyond criminal, and quite possibly treasonous. I can’t believe that with all the lawyers that the US has that they don’t just sue him for violating his Oath of Office to protect and defend The Constitution from all enemies public and private?!?
    His first and foremost responsibility is to his own people, the Americans. So how is it that with all the deficits he still manages to expend as many miliards on foreign aid as he does?
    Same with Cameron, and same with Merkel. They are all TRAITORS to the people they were elected to SERVE.
    I never met any of these people in person, and I don’t know their true motivations.
    Helmut Kohl explained his position to me in such a way that I could understand him and why he did what he did. Same with Vaclav Havel, and Vaclav Klaus. I understand why they did what they did but I’m not prepared to talk about everything for many reasons. It’s because you have to accept certain premises as being real, like that the EU is a real political entity, which it is NOT. If you want to find out what’s really going on in the EU you could ask Jiri Weigel, who was Klaus’s assistant, and a very decent person. Helped ME out a LOT.
    Still haven’t met Zeman yet but I like him just by listening to his speeches and following what he’s doing. It’s really sad that the people of USA have so few choices in whom they elect president, especially with such monkey business like that whole electoral college thing. That in The Constitution?
    The only actor in the American garniture I’ve ever met was Madeline Albright and that was a less-than-pleasant experience. The drunker she got, the more insane and aggressive she got. Wound up getting sloshed with the Mexican Ambassador and having a great time at that party. At least he’s normal.
    And you’d expect that a WOMAN like Madeline Albright would be a decent person, and then you meet them in real life and they’re just animals.

    • I remember those words he said when he was sworn in…….I promise to execute the office of the President of the United States……I knew as soon as he uttered the word execute that in his mind he meant DESTROY, MURDER< KILL.

      • Same here. Im in Australia but was still interested with his promising the world to everyone. He said execute and stopped, with a grin.

    • Crow (hex)

      Interesting biography. So you were a bankster then? What’s your opinion on the derivatives market and casino banking, in general?

      Albright is a zionist cabbalist who hate all Goyim, so I’m not surprised by your assessment of her!

      • This might surprise you, but I’m a financial conservative and I feel that most derivatives should simply be outlawed. All except for futures, which actually do serve a useful purpose where the speculation aspect is not central to their function, namely to stabilise prices for both primary producers and their buyers. Also, futures have been traded in New York since the 1600s, and they’ve withstood the test of time for their usefulness.
        Consider, as an example, the typical mortgage-backed security tranche. What these banks and finance companies do is they bundle say 100 mortgage loans into one product, and then sell, for instance, 100 shares of that bundle. When a customer buys a share like that, he’s theoretically buying 1% of that whole bundle, but at the same time, he doesn’t actually own any of it. If you held a mortgage loan outright, and the homeowner of record defaulted, you could at least get the house, but in the case of a typical MBS, you can’t do that. Your only recourse is with the bank that bundled the loans, and you can’t sell your share on the open market. It’s a scam.
        It’s the same thing like buying an index, where you’re buying a bundled and weighed average of all the companies in that index, without actually owning any one of those shares.
        Another thing I’m very much against is margin of any kind, and that includes FOREX trading, where you got margin anywhere from 20x to 450x your equity. That is extremely dangerous. Since I was the director I could see all my clients’ trading activity and I’d estimate that about 95% of all people who try doing day trading actually lose money. If you got margin on that, any unsuccessful trading strategy is magnified by that amount, and you can lose your shirt in a couple of minutes. If, on the other hand, you’re going for dividends, or long-term investing, any kind of margin is a burden because you’re paying interest on that. If you have a balanced portfolio and you’re 100% vested equity wise, and going for the long haul then you really can’t lose a whole lot of money unless you’re really stupid. This is even more so when you stick to the blue chips, and don’t try to outwit the market because you CAN’T. People think they’re so smart, and then they jump on some bandwagon and lose everything. I remember 1979 when all them smart-alecs were buying Silver. Sure, I did a whole metastudy on Silver that was hushed up by the bank where I proved that Silver should be worth USD 550/oz in 2009. But those people who bought Silver in 79 are still going to have to wait to get their money back. But again, if they bought it with their own money, they’re not technically losing anything because they still have the Silver. And it’s not that Silver is priced in Dollars. Silver and Gold are the uber-currency that all currency is based on, and should be priced in.
        In other words, I’m pretty much against any kind of willy-nilly speculation for the sake of it because it’s so far removed from its original function. Stocks are supposed to represent shares of a company you buy because you believe in that company’s ability to perform. I’m sick and tired of seeing people who have absolutely no knowledge of accounting who can’t even read an income statement or a balance sheet. I took 4 years of accounting and even I’ve been fooled when I bought 3000 shares of a blue-chip real estate company that later got de-listed. Went from blue-chip to de-listed in 3 months, even though their financial statements were OK because they changed the law regarding mark-to-market valuations on commercial real estate. I would’ve done better had I simply bought commercial real estate outright using my own money, which is what I would up doing later anyway.
        Back when I was still employed by the bank, neither I nor anyone else was allowed to trade on their own account, but everyone did so using accounts in the names of family members, etc. ALL of my employees were following our most successful clients and following their trades, myself included. We’d even hold regular meetings to talk strategy because when you get a block of investors doing the same thing (especially people like bankers) it can actually move markets, especially in a small country. Anyway, I had this one young whippersnapper straight out of college who could recite every formula, knew all the laws by heart, and all that. Well, this kid somehow got 19 million Dollars and and proceeded to day-trade financial stocks. I says to him: “are you kookoo? That was back in 08. Anyway, he’d buy these 2 banks when they were high, then sell low. This kid lost 18 out of his 19 million Dollars in about 6 weeks, and you want to know what I did? I fired him. Nobody that stupid should be working for the stock exchange and potentially giving customers some toxic advice. And he’s not the only dimwit I fired.
        I can tell you that most bankers and such are very intelligent people and most of us are of the opinion that most of the newfangled derivatives should just be banned. I’d frequently make the joke, back when I was a CS representative that in the future, every customer who sets up a brokerage account gets a playstation console, a joystick, and a laser gun so they can play a game consisting of shooting at a quickly-moving graph. Because that’s what it’s coming to, where it’s all about speculation, versus actual investing, with hordes of people trying to get rich quick because they heard about so-and-so who made a killing. Well, again, that’s psychology. If that person was doing crazy things like FOREX, they may have had a good run, and of course they’ll talk about it, but the minute they start losing money is when the stop talking about it.
        So in all my career, I approved a grand total of ONE margin loan because the guy was my girlfriend’s boss at a different bank, and yes, he was a dirtbag and that’s the only reason I approved him for it. He wound up losing 6 million Dollars [cackle, cackle!] and served him right for being that big for his britches. The only “loans” I’d commonly approve were FC loans when someone wanted to let’s say use local currency as a security on a foreign currency deposit held in the bank’s name to trade let’s say British stocks, or on Euronext or whatever.
        It was a great job, but I had been thinking about quitting for years because of the stress, and constantly being in the limelight. I could literally not walk 200 meters to my favourite restaurant without being constantly accosted by people who wanted to know my opinion on all kinds of issues. Strangely enough, when I went out dressed in regular street clothes, nobody would notice me, which was great. Then in May of 2011 I suffered a stroke and had to quit. Couldn’t talk without sounding like a retart, couldn’t dress myself, etc. Since then, I’ve made an excellent recovery and got back everything I had lost, except for balance. I’ve been offered the position of financial analyst for a major TV station back in Eastern Europe but I was like what, I’m perfectly happy here in Germany where I don’t have to worry about getting robbed, having my car stolen, or whatever.

        • Crow (hex)

          Thankyou very much for taking the trouble to give me such a lengthy reply. Its not everyday that one gets an honest answer from an expert, in the field, such as yourself. I’m going to mark you up for the time and effort you put in to your answer.

          • Glad you appreciate it. I’ve always been 100% honest and as a result people think I’m crazy.
            I’ve never lied to anyone, and I’ve never stolen anything in my life. Considering the fact that what I’m up against are all pretty much Christians, you could say that I’m more Christian than even the pope (who’s a Mar**st by the way).
            I have no secrets, and everybody who knows me personally knows everything about me.
            I don’t believe in any religion, but I do believe there is a God.
            And when I die, he/she/it will not be asking me “well, what kind of car did you drive?” or “what brand of shoes did you wear?”
            No, he/she/it will ask me only one thing: what did you do to make the world a better place?

      • Crow (hex)

        If you’re still reading this post. What type of diesm do you believe in?

        At a later date, I’ll be posting an article- if it is accepted- titled “scientific proof in the existence of a creator God”. My argument will be based on the fine tuning of the universe; the only other explantion being the existence of multiple universes, but this is just a theory. My explanation will be based on scientific proofs.

        • Do it! I’ll be happy to read your article because I personally DO believe in God, despite the fact that I refuse to pay any money to any religion.
          I was born a Roman Catholic and when I was a kid I was an altar boy and I can honestly say that none of the priests ever did anything to me, or my younger brother.
          I was a crazy person even back then, and I’m sure they knew that if they tried anything on me or my brother I would retaliate with extreme prejudice.
          That’s my forte to this day. I don’t have superior strength to anyone, but I DO have ANGER like you wouldn’t believe. People can sense that and they somehow stay out of my way.
          Back when I was a little kid I had active TB, where the only way I knew to defend myself was by scratching people with my nails. One time I did that and the kid’s parents sued me because he (local bully) got infected too.
          It’s been years since I’ve been cured of TB but I still have the long nails sharpened to a point. Just to make my point, as it were, that nobody ever messes with me. If they do, I can easily remove their face.
          Mind you, I’m not evil! Just trying to stay alive. I don’t ever want to use my nails to harm anyone, and at least Leona understands that.
          As to what type of God I believe in? I believe that the true God only wants us all to be Joyful, Beautiful, and Free.

        • Wow I just read your autobiography and you’re into Queens of the Stone Age. They’re pretty good. I’m more into east European music like this:

          WARNING: very catchy song and lyrics!
          Aleksei Gorbatchov used to be the guitarist for the group “Mirazh” and he’s a guest guitarist for group “Michelle.”

        • Use Caution !! There will be stumbling stones for you. Like this one…

          • Crow (hex)

            Thanks for the heads up! I shall go to the site you mentioned! My point was some of the numbers of the universe are so finely tuned, that if the numbers were slightly different, things in the universe would have been different. For exampe, N which is equal to 1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000. This number measures the strength of the electrical forces that hold atoms together, divided by the force of gravity, between them. If N had a few less zeros, only a short lived miniature universe could exist, no creatures could grow larger than insects, and there would be no time for biological evolution. There are many other examples.

  • Yes, the negro is an idiot. Without or without a joint.

    If you study negro history. There actually isn’t any. Yet, you put the negro in to lead a country that was the point of the spear of mankind.

    Soon, like the negro you will have no history either.

    • Crow (hex)

      Plank slimeball. You’re like a broken record, droning on and on ad infinitum about the idiot who rules over your sorry arse. Next year you’ll have another idiot in charge who you’ll also probabaly hate!

      What I find most repulsive about you is your biggoted views regarding the colour of a persons skin. I seriously doubt you’re capable of studying anything.

      Choke on a donut :razz:

      • I am espousing the Negroe’s way. What he is doing and you should get ANGRY! Whether he is doing it on his own or being controlled like a Manchurian candidate.

        You are just getting angry at the wrong guy! :razz:

        When you point your finger at the moon make sure you are looking at the moon and not your finger.

        • Crow (hex)

          You’re entitled to your views for I believe in freedom of speech, and I don’t really like meddling in another countries internal politics. You are obviously feeling the effects of his decisions more than myself. Personally, as a Brit, I much prefer the present incumbant; with regards to foreign policy ( even though he is still poor); compared to the criminal warmonger Bush.

          I’m not angry, I just feel pity, and I like to respond to comments and posts in a mocking and sarcastic way, whenever I choose to!

          When a commentator endlessly keeps on repeating himself ie Mike. I shall step in and interject, and say enough, we get the point, bring a new angle into the debate or change topic.

          Being totally obsessed on one issue is unhealthy, in my opinion. The bloke will be out of office next year anyway, and why did a majority of you vote him back in!

          Note: this comment also applies to that french twerp the KING OF SHAMBOLIC! and his 666 lottery obsession. If he was really the antichrist, he hasn’t been very successful in the role, has he!

          • If the negro is allowed what he wants he will bring ALL countries to the level of Africa.

            I don’t want that for America or anybody. I’d rather see the negro just GO BACK to Africa. Whether folding himself on an airplane seat or folded in a box don’t matter to me.

          • Yeah, that King of Shamballa guy is a real weirdo. He once accused me of working for Obama because I didn’t agree with him about Obama being the antichrist. Fact of the matter is that there’ve been people much more evil than Obama, like Stalin. And no, I don’t work for Obama because I don’t work for anybody!

          • Revisiting this thread one year later is brilliant.
            The demonics posting here last year were already saying Obama only had one more year left in office.
            They lied: he’s got one year left from NOW.
            Indeed, yes, I’m the Messiah and Obama’s the Antichrist.
            that’s clear to all and since last year Trump’s triumphed and now he’s got obama cornered.
            The demons are muzzled and silent now.
            I’m not obsessed with the lottery draw: 666 came up in Obama’s homestate on the day after his election. That just proves clearly to anyone with trace of a brain that Obama’s the Antichrist.

  • And Obama is black. That`s not good.

  • I read the comments here and I am ashamed for the racism displayed by many commenters.

    “The negro is an idiot” –
    whoah, the same folks who write that criminal rubbish most probably love to dance to Jazz music that was invented by those “idiot” negroes, or to rock n roll music which also would never have invented without the musical genius of the black race.
    And they wont bother to go to a black lawyer or doctor, if he or she is good at the respective job.
    And they wont bother to be glad about the practical skills of a black or Latino housekeeper, gardner, or mason.

    The Colored Ones can learn and do everything as perfectly as the Whites. There are no evidences of racial differences in intelligence. During 19th century such things were believed, but they also believed during Victorian Era that women were less intelligent than men by their biological nature, it was said they had smaller brains than men – 5 per cent less brain weight as found by serial anatomical studies – and thus less space for intelligence within their skulls! Hah hah, how crude! who were the idiots, then? the people that were thus discriminated, or the pseudoscientists who probably invented such BS out of thin air, just to please their racist moneygivers?

    Moreover: To respect a human being regardless of his or her skin color, or gender, liberates us ALL, not only the Blacks but also the Whites, not only the Women but also the Men. And to not do so will inevitably fuel hatred and war. The White Race would only harm itself, thus, by reliving Racism.
    of course one can pervert even a respectful, anti-discriminatory attitude into a kind of idiocy, for example by that unnatural bureaucratic idea of Gender Mainstreaming, but it is OUR task as citizens to use our brains and see that nearly everything gets perverted if bureaucrats take control, even the Gospel, take a historical look to Rome ;-)

    Sedated Queen, you are right, the title of this article is misleading,
    but the rest is, too. Fundamentally.
    The author takes the comparatively positive attitude of Obama toward Cannabis and his former Cannabis use
    as a sign that he is worth nothing and should not be President.
    Former President Jelzin of Russia was drunk by vodka all the time
    but no US politician took the consequence to say we wont negotiate with an addicted sick person.

    And most of those who keep insulting Obama because of cannabis really LOVE to have beer with their BBQ. right? From where do such people take the justification to insult someone for the dope he uses, just because it is not the same dope that one uses ONESELF?

    If you wanna criticize drug use, live totally drug-free yourself at first.
    I say this because most people do use psychotropic or mind-altering substances, even dangerous ones,
    at certain situations of life,
    this is a normal part of human nature and in most cases it is – YES, believe me – the least of possible evils!

    As to Pot, there are lots of people who live normal lives and work hard during day but have a pipe or joint at night – its much the same as with whiskey or wine.
    Pot neither renders everybody stupid nor makes everyone lazy, its effect on daily-life behavior depends very much on the person who uses it.
    And Obama kept his intelligence despite the frequent pot use during teenhood described in the article
    - if the description happens to be true, and not, as I suppose, a malevolent exaggeration or a bunch of lies.

    • I pretty much agree. One shouldn’t criticise people based on those personal characteristics they have no control over, such as their colour of skin. I think that most of these rascists are just against slum culture and the ideology that goes with it, not against actual race.
      The reason I’m against the invasion of my continent by Syrians and others is not because of their race, but their ideology, namely I*lam. Because I don’t want my city to become a Sha**a Theme Park, that’s all. Or have all women wearing a black bag over their heads. I’m a regular European guy and these people stare at me like nobody’s business, like I just popped over from Mars or something because where they’re from they don’t have guys with blue eyes and long blonde hair like me.
      And another thing is that here in Germany we got 2.2 million unemployed and to that they want to add 2 million unemployable people who can’t speak German and whose women have a 3rd grade education. Sorry, but the numbers don’t work. If Germany can’t come up with 2.2 million jobs for its own people then how the hell are they gonna come up with jobs for them? And the only reason they keep their women dumbed down is so they never realise just what a raw deal they’re getting. It really makes me mad when Angela says that Is*am belongs in Europe and if WE don’t like it we can move out. Excuse me Gelli, WE move out? Why don’t YOU move out. And how come nobody seems to think it strange that 80% of the immigrants are military-aged men? And that one such man orchestrated the massacre in France?
      I’d say that the Americans have much less of a problem with their uncontrolled immigration because at least 90% of the Mexicans are Catholics. And I never heard of a Catholic going somewhere and blowing themselves up, or chopping off someone’s head with a rusty butter knife because they’re “infidels.”
      Fact of the matter is, that NONE of the big 3 religions belongs here because they all originated in the middle east. The only true European religions are Wycca, Paganism, or Druidism, or the new Rodnoverci movements in Eastern Europe. Problem is that when the evangelists like Cyrill and Methodius came here they basically destroyed all the old idols and sacred writings, so that we really don’t know what kind of a religion our ancestors had. The missionairies are doing this right now in Africa, where they take their traditional religious songs and change the lyrics to Christian ones. Soon, those people will not remember what their ancestors worshipped. And just like in all other instances, most of these religions are a means of command and control. That’s why they demonise people like Aleister Crowley who said (among other things) “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” and “love is the law, love under will.” They so love to demonise that guy, calling him a Satanist and murderer, but none of that is true, and he was primarily a researcher. And I’ll betcha any money that most of his antis never read anything by him.

      • Crow (hex)

        I read somewhere that Crowly, could be the father of George Bush Sr’s missus.

        By comparing photographs of the two, side by side, the likeness was eerie. :wink: :wink: :wink:

        • YES! He was kind of hyper-sexual and had sex with a lot of women. I too have seen the photos and they make a lot of sense!

  • Wus a trilateral fight in duping the weak an feeble sheep’s (outside-believers un pilgrims) tis why, their now equally among the most persecuted.

    Superstition is genetically bound in nature for a good reasonable purpose.

    Data that can never be destroyed regardless of its apparent annihilation. Te~ re accumulate, such is the auto-machinations of life.

  • He an we, how did ya get we sham, H’m
    Interesting comment, never the less, from ye. :wink:

    Subject matters irrelevant, but this wus a worthy error note. Tehe.

  • Your title is disturbing you are sickening, an its getting worse, seek advice. Gl :wink:

  • Crow (hex)

    Using a vaporiser:
    1. 248ºf THCA- anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic and anti-proliferic+ CBG- anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, bone stimulant and anti-proliferic.

    2. 266ºf CBDA- anti-proliferic and anti-inflammatory + β-caryophyllene- anti-malarial, cytoprotective, and anti-inflammatory.

    3. 284ºf CBCA- anti-bacterial and anti-fungal + α-pinene- anti-inflammatory, bone stimulant, anti-biotic, bronchodilator, and anti-neoplastic.

    4.311ºf THC- anti-inflammatory, appetite stimulant, anti-emetic, anti-proliferic, and anti-oxidant +β-sitosterol- anti-inflammatory, and 5-α-reductive inhibitor.

    5. 329ºf CBD- most conditions listed + β-myrcene- analgesic, anti-biotic, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory+ Δ-3-carene- anti-inflammatory.

    6. 347ºf THC- non-psychoactive, neuroprotective, and anti-emetic + eucalyptol- blood flow stimulant + limonene- anti-depressant & agonist + ρ-cymene- anti-biotic & anti-candidal + apigenin- estrogenic & anxiolytic.

    7. 365ºf CBN- anti-spasmodic, anti-insomnia & analgesic + cannaflavin A- COX inhibitor, and LO inhibitor.

    8. 383ºf CBE- maximum medicinal temperature + linalool- seditive, anti-depressant, anxiolytic, and immune potentiator.

    • Crow (hex)

      9. 401ºf BENZINE- WARNING toxic vapors at 392ºf + terinen-4-ol- anti-biotic, and AChE inhibitor.


      10. THCV- euphoriant, anti- THC, analgesic, anti-diabetic, anorectic, and bone stimulant+ α terpinol- sedative, anti-biotic, anti-oxidant and anti- malarial.

      11. CBC- anti-proliferative, anti- bacterial, bone stimulant, anti- inflammatory and analgesic + pulegone- sedative and anti- pyretic + guercetin- anti-mutigenic, anti-viral, anti-oxidant and anti-neoplastic.

      Conlusion: cannabis has tremendous health benefits and whilst prolonged heavy smoking of it can in certain people can bring on PSYCHOSIS , to not prescibe it for it’s medicinal benefits, is both a criminal act and insane, in my view.

    • Interesting. I think marijuana should definitely be legal and I don’t agree with anybody being punished for using it. I myself smoked A LOT of weed back in my high school and college days and I think I did pretty well. It’s interesting that I still have a big stash of it but for the last few years I just haven’t felt the need to use it.
      And another thing, if you look up the effects of garlic, you can get the same effects you mention much cheaper by just using garlic. Garlic also lowers blood pressure, is anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and helps to lose weight. I’d say its primary selling point would be that fact that it’s both legal and very cheap. I use garlic every day, and when you do that you don’t have the bad odour that comes from occasional use.
      Sometimes I use what people call the “garlic bomb” where you take a tomato, cut it into 4 pieces and insert one clove of garlic into each of them and eat it like that. This works for severe infections. WhenI was 14 I had pneumonia and was cured of it using “garlic milk” where you take about 6 big cloves of garlic and grind them up, then put it into boiling milk. Let it sit, then strain it and drink it as hot as you can take it. It’s a wonder drug, and it costs less than a Dollar (or Euro).

      • Crow (hex)

        Like yourself, I have a stash as well, which I haven’t touched for six months now. After smoking dope for 30 years, it was time to give up- I much prefer pollen to skunk anyway- but its there, in case I ever want it. I don’t miss it, but I’ll readily admit that I’m not as creative without it. I also miss it when I’m taking the dogs for a long walk in the woods on a sunny day!

        You forgot to mention, Garlic also keeps vampires at bay :lol: :lol:

  • I’m commenting on this because it’s likely that David Maraniss, if he is truly making these statements about “Barry’s” high school days in Hawaii, is a paid liar who is working FOR “Barry”, not against him. He is merely attempting to make the claims that Barry was born and raised in Hawaii legitimate, even though he is insulting him to do it.

    Also, the first and second photos at the top of this article are fraudulent. The first one that purports to be Barry with a couple of his high school friends is not him at all, it is probably John Kamana, a star black athlete who attended Punahou. The second photo of Barry and his basketball team is a photoshop fail. Look closely at his head, especially his hair, and you can tell that his head was cut and pasted into the picture.

  • Anonymous

    It’s to bad “idiots” like you don’t check out your own candidates as well as you do democratic candidates, if that would been the case, the “skull and bones” and devil worshiper himself Bush would have NEVER got to be president.

  • ChristinaDolman


    Islam has religious, legal, political, economic,
    social, and military

    components. The religious component is a beard for all of the other


    Islamization begins when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate
    for their religious privileges.

    When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to
    Muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of the other components
    tend to creep in as well.

    Here’s how it works:

    As long as the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given

    they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not
    as a threat to other citizens. This is the case in:

    United States — Muslim 0.6%

    Australia — Muslim 1.5%

    Canada — Muslim 1.9%

    China — Muslim 1.8%

    Italy — Muslim 1.5%

    Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and

    groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. This
    is happening in:

    Denmark — Muslim 2%

    Germany — Muslim 3.7%

    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%

    Spain — Muslim 4%

    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their

    of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal
    (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for
    Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on
    their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply. This is occurring

    France — Muslim 8%

    Philippines — 5%

    Sweden — Muslim 5%

    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%

    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%

    Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them

    to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law.

    The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the

    entire world.

    When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness
    as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already
    seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam and results in
    uprisings and threats,

    such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films

    about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily, particularly in Muslim sections in:

    Guyana — Muslim 10%

    India — Muslim 13.4%

    Israel — Muslim 16%

    Kenya — Muslim 10%

    Russia — Muslim


    After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting,

    jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of

    Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:

    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and
    ongoing militia warfare, such as in:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%

    Chad — Muslim 53.1%

    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all

    other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic

    cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and Jizya, the tax

    placed on infidels, such as in:

    Albania — Muslim 70%

    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%

    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%

    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic

    cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and
    move toward 100%

    Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%

    Egypt — Muslim 90%

    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%

    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%

    Iran — Muslim 98%

    Iraq — Muslim 97%

    Jordan — Muslim 92%

    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%

    Pakistan — Muslim 97%

    Palestine — Muslim 99%

    Syria — Muslim 90%

    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%

    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%

    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of

    Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim,

    the Madrasses are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%

    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%

    Somalia — Muslim 100%

    Yemen — Muslim 100%

    Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most
    radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by

    killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons.

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