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9 Ways To Stop Cooperating With The Ruling Global Elite’s Control System

Saturday, January 30, 2016 12:39
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Ruling Elite

If you had a chance to listen to Dr. Jim Willie in a previous post today titled, Jim Willie: Global Banking Cabal and Their Satanic Rules Are Ready to Strike, you got a little more than the normal economic outlook that Dr. Willie is a master at presenting. He doesn’t go into great detail about the New World Order, or the Illuminati, but he makes it very clear: It doesn’t matter what you want to call them, a group of global elite bankers DO control the world, and their intentions are most definitely malevolent. 

Why some people find it so hard to believe this group exists is really quite astonishing. The group that controls much of what we don’t see is comprised of 13 Families Rules Who More or Less Rule the World Through Their Global Banking Cartel. The most prominent of those families, is of course the Rothschild’s, who you can learn more about in the first video below. They own virtually every single central bank on the planet, including our own Federal Reserve, and many have estimated their net worth at around $500 TRILLION DOLLARS! Here is a Complete List Of Banks Owned By Illuminati Rothschild Family. 

When you consider the Unites States, arguably the most powerful nation on earth, which has amassed close to $20 TRILLION in debt since our nation’s founding, and compare our debt that has us on the verge of economic meltdown with a family who’s fortune could pay off that debt with their lunch money, it’s not hard at all to understand how there would be a higher order to things, and a small group of global elites who control that order. After the video on the Rothschild’s, Paul A. Philips at the Activist Post explains how to try and escape the grasp of the elite. Throughout the article, I have also added videos that I thought might help explain things better! 

Secrets of Rothschild Family Fortune +$500 Trillion





Paul A. Philips at Activist Post Writes:

Done sneakily, or under the illusion of democracy, in recent times more oppressive laws have been made than ever before. Between us being subjected to more and more ordinances, rules, restrictions and outright laws then demonizing our dissension and opinion  should we object… It’s as if we can’t do anything right.

How long will it take for the masses to wake up to these grossly restricting laws and realize how un-free they are?  The masses’ unchallenging complacency with these laws has been made that much easier through social conditioning engineered over the years by the ruling elite.

In this charade, the power-mad egomaniac manipulating controlling parasitical ruling elite impose themselves on almost everything for their ulterior motives: ownership, power, profit and political gain – and that’s it. It’s that straightforward. It’s that pathetic.




These forever-increasing control mechanisms: regulations, rules, absurd mandates, threats of fines, intimidation, extreme petty police reprisals and imprisonment … are designed to sap the life-force from us while denying our true self-expression as we’re expected to bow down in acquiescence. It’s all designed to erode humanity into a subservient entity.

How do we break this manipulation?

The road to achieving this involves refusing to cooperate with the ruling elite’s control system.

By refusing to cooperate we go into a different agreement which will manifest a different reality to the otherwise planned doom and gloom. So here are 9 ways to stop cooperating with the ruling elite’s control system.

1. Question everything

Remember, accepting the narrative given to you by the authorities and the general consensus of the masses without your questioning means going into agreement with a fake reality, thus having a disempowering relationship with the unreal.

Question the motives behind the mainstream media, the lawmakers, the politicians or corporations pushing their encroaching agendas. Question the education system. Question military actions. Question yourself over the job you’re in and do you really want to do it … etc.

In other words question anyone and anything you hit upon contrary to your findings, or contrary to that which goes against your freedom.

When living life as an inquiry, challenging the official narrative, you can then act on your findings by spreading the word. Live your truth. Walk your walk and talk your talk.

2. Disengage from the imposing controlling matrix

The video below explains why you should be careful about the media. The video comes from a post titled, 10 Most Critical Things To Consider While Consuming Mainstream News. Beginning just before the 10:00 minute mark, the video recalls that in 1912, “JP Morgan Interests” hired 12 high ranking managers from different news organizations. They were tasked with determining which papers in the United States were the most influential ones. Once that was determined, next the group was tasked with how many of those papers would be required to generally control the policy of the entire daily press of the United States. After it was determined that to establish control of the national media narrative would only require taking control of the 25 best newspapers papers in the nation, an “agreement” was made. 

“The policy of all the papers was bought, and an editor was placed at each paper to insure that all published information was in keeping with the new policy.” Soon, that policy would be defined by a small front group for JP Morgan and his closest colleagues, including his personal attorney who even served as the first President of the front group. Other notable members of this “front group” were none other than the Rockefeller’s and the Warburg’s, aka two of the 13 Families That Rule the World and Are the Shadow Forces Behind the New World Order. The front group later went on to become known as the “Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).” 

Today, the CFR maintains that its goal is to “increase America’s understanding of the world,” whatever that means, however the REAL mission of this highly exclusive club only occasionally finds its way into the light when a member of the group lets something slip out. A classic example was in the 1970’s when a Georgetown University Professor named Carrol Quigley was writing a book that viewed the Council on Foreign Relations in a favorable light, so the CFR granted him access to their private files. Professor Quigley subsequently revealed that the group’s true goal was:

“to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole.” 

Mainstream Media and NWO




Enough is enough. Break those imprisoning mental, physical and spiritual chains foisted on you by the ruling elite and their associates.  Don’t fall for their fear-mongering as you rebel. Fear is all part of the controlling matrix illusion. See it for what it really is.

The more you disengage the more confidence gained in your stand for non-cooperation.

Break your agreements: If you’re unwillingly serving the ruling elite’s disempowering, destructive control system, then walk away.




Healthcare workers, if you don’t like being involved in a system that seriously injures or kills numerous patients with medicines supported by a medical/pharmaceutical establishment that puts profits over genuine welfare concern then walk away.

Police, if you’re involved in policing unjust oppressive laws then walk away…

Soldiers, if you’ve worked out the war deception with all its illegal, immoral, indiscriminate activity then do what your heart tells you. Lay down your weapons and walk away…

How are the ruling elite and their associates going to deal with us if we demonstrate our non-cooperation in high numbers?

3. Disengage from distraction

In our socially engineered society we have been manipulated to get caught up in distraction. Mindless entertainment, overly competitive sports … Then there are those economic, political, intellectual, religious, cultural and societal differences, race issues, etc. serving as nothing more than distraction with more than their fair share of never-ending dialectic conflict. It’s all designed to stop us from seeing the big picture and rising up.

It becomes a lot easier to disengage from the distraction when seeing the big picture. That it’s nothing more than a carefully cultivated control system…

The next 2 ways are indeed major examples of distraction. See them for what they really are. Then ‘throw down the ball,’ refuse to play these pointless, going nowhere, energy-sapping games, and move on:

4. Don’t vote for any of the major political parties

Especially in a two party system like we have here in the United States, what most people fail to recognize is that much of the squabbling and fighting we see between politicians is nothing more than political theater.

There is definitely a two-party system here in the U.S., only it’s not Republicans and Democrats, it’s the “Political Class” and “The Little People.” Perhaps one of the best ways to understand the dynamic between the two parties, is to be familiar with the Hegelian Dialectic described in the video below:

What is the Hegelian Dialectic





1. The first step is to create a problem. 

2. The second step is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). 

3. The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.

By voting for one of these parties you’re only giving your power away to help the ruling criminals’ further advance their NWO agenda. Stop believing the Republican-Democrat paradigm; or, if you’re in the UK, the Lib-Lab-Con sock puppet campaign shows backed and financed by T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You).

It doesn’t matter who gets voted in. They’re all funded and backed by the ruling elite. So whoever wins, the politicians who get in office will only be there to serve their lords and masters the ruling elite instead of the wishes of we-the-people.




Yes, there are a growing number of people who know this, but many still don’t fully understand. Any advantages of selecting one party over the other because of, say, a policy in your favor or to your advantage will only be a short-term payoff. In the end, if you vote for one of the major parties because of this then you’ll only have to suffer the far greater long-term cost for having chosen the party with their connections to the ruling elite’s agenda.

5. Stop giving your attention to corporate-sponsored mainstream media news

Switch off the TV (Tel-Lie-Vision). Turn to alternative/independent media sources instead for the truth. Learn to discern the differences between disinformation and the truth on the Internet.

6. Refuse to join the military

Don’t become a sucker for the ruling elite’s war machine, secretly manufactured to line the pockets and favor the directions of bankers, corporations and politicians, while serving as a planned de-population agenda…




No matter which side or viewpoint you take no one ever wins; and, just like choosing a major political party, nothing ever changes. Understand the related big picture and then spread the word to others so that they too will see the deception and refuse to join.

7. Refuse vaccinations

Earlier this year, it came to light that Dr. William Thompson, one of several CDC Dr.’s and authors that published an article in “Pediatrics,” based on a study they did on the link between the MMR children’s vaccine and Autism was secretly deported by Brian Hooker, hired a whistleblower attorney, and then reluctantly turned over thousands of documents to Congress. The following was his statement he released: 

“I regret that my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal “Pediatrics.”

“The omitted data suggested that African-American males who received the MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months were at increased risk for autism.”

“Decisions were made regarding the findings of the report at the data was collected and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed,” - Dr. William Thompson. 


The authors made a conscious decision not to disclose that African-American Boys under six months were at significantly higher risk of developing autism or autism like symptoms. THEN, Congressmen Bill Posey (FL) read a statement from the other authors, the SAME authors who INSISTED in their report that there was no link to the MMR vaccine and Autism, that they actually met prior to the publication of the study with a giant garbage can to dispose of information not in keeping with the “agenda” of their report. Naturally, all request for interviews have been denied. 

CDC Scientist Admits Vaccines Linked to Autism



With the current push for mandatory vaccinations refusal has never been so important. They cannot deal with us if we refuse in overwhelming numbers. Vaccines are NOT safe and have been known to be ineffective. You could end up seriously ill, brain-damaged or even dead from these fraudulent big pharma money spinners to which the revenue-raking government and their paid-off media is only too happy to support through disinformation and lies…




8. Stop buying junk food and say no to GMO

Don’t let any greed-driven corporation deceive you with their deceptive marketing. Avoid junk food with its high sugar, salt and cheap/nasty trans-fats … for disease protection. Chemical-laden, processed, irradiated or GMO foods should be avoided.

Don’t buy a microwave oven. Avoid cooking with microwave or non-stick coated or aluminum utensils which in effect turns the food into junk food that could lead to health problems through toxic contaminants.

Don’t cook food using high temperatures for too long. Extreme temperatures cause the nutrition value (vitamins and enzymes in particular) to denature and greatly reduce the food value.

Junk foods and GMOs are all part of the ruling elite’s destructive hidden agenda.


9. Stop consuming

As a consumer, ask yourself do you really need it? For instance, do you really need to become one of the ‘Planet of the Apps’ spending endless hours wasting time on health-threatening low-EMF WiFi, covert spying electronic applications?

Get into the habit of no longer consuming things you don’t really need.

As a consequence of 1-9

The system and its unconscious nature will break down.

Our non-cooperation will no longer give the ruling elite’s control system its power.  Non-cooperation will take us up and away from getting further dragged down towards the terminal precipice.

Non-cooperation is quite simply the key to our freedom.



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Pt. 13: These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

Pt. 14: Complete List Of Banks Owned By Illuminati Rothschild Family 

Pt. 15: Professors and Leaders Congregate To Warn People About New World Order

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Pt. 17: How Do the Illuminati Control Politics, Music, the Media, and Hollywood? (Videos) 

Pt. 18: The Illuminati’s #1 Tool Used To Keep The Masses In Line


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    • “HEGELIAN DIALECTIC”…Hmmm sounds familiar…

    • don’t vote.
      abolish government.
      criminalize politics.

    • Thanks for calling this list out. Typcially AMerican- passive steps. Minimum action required. AVOID & REFRAIN so as not to ever really make a difference and CHANGE things.
      STOP APRIL 15 taxes. But that would take making a real stand, which could actually involved some work, consequences, pain and RISK. Which is why it is effective- and not on the list. lolol
      Nothing about TURN OFF YOUR TV and ORGANIZE the neighbors & friends for ACTION. Nope- too direct and “aggressive”. Cause Lord knows ? If its not easy, comfortable, entertaining and fun? Its not gonna be done by the American corrupt civilian corp

  • I have already fully disengaged from the NWO.

  • Develop a relationship with God by surrendering your life completely to him.

  • get also some good books! Because one day they will block the internet!
    Four books you should read to understand the world of today!

  • Before It’s News | People Powered News

    I hope my e-mail message that I sent out recently and is below comes out o.k. Please note, I have been in contact with many people in and out of Florida to get justice for what was done to me and none has even tried. This includes, the governor,Sen. Rubio, the F.B.I., the Justice dept, Million Mask Organization, Rainbow Coalition,NAACP, St. Augustine local newspaper, (print and on-line), the NY Times, the Miami Herald, private attorneys, etc The Justice Dept, three times claim they never got my complaint, until I told them they did and gave them the tracking number. Also, I could never get a name or phone number to the person who was reviewing my complaint. After several months, I was told to send my complaint to the F.B.I and I did just that. They never responded. I also went to the Florida’s Attorney General and the ethics committee, who found no conflict of interest on the sheriff’s office, nor anything done wrong to me! St.Augustine new media are willing to spread my name and image to make a story, such as,, who used the video and song, ” Gloria”, but they are not willing to be a real news reporting agency,investigate my claim and get the truth from the horses mouth.
    * The above article, has characteristics to my situation, where people, organizations and some media are controlled on what they can report and exposed! My 1st amendment rights along with many other civil violations were violated, after being exposed repeatedly for years of harassment and intensely for several months with no protection or interference from the police, who lived in my former apartment complex.

    ** I am looking for legal,P.I. and positive moral support/advice from the public, as I warn America and the world, that every state will do anything to take away peoples rights, control the media and implement the New World Order,even if is is so obvious, that the police and the real perpetrators, are the criminals! Below is my e-mail.

    To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is Gloria Simmons and I recently discovered your website. * I am new to today’s technological world. Yes, I am the one who wrote the blog on St. Johns corruption on May 20, 2014. You covered my story in your update section on August 15, 2014.

    * This is a very important message I am sending you. What I have to tell you needs to be heard by everyone. ** I am not sure, but March,May,June and July of 2016, are the dates that may be the cut off for me to get legal justice; so, time is of the essence. So, I ask that you contact me as soon as possible to let me know if you can do a follow-up story,put me in contact with attorneys and detectives who are willing to help me get legal justice. Some of their work maybe on a contingency fee basis, when St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, The State of Florida, the apartment complex owner and others are held accountable. Due to the corruption of the police, public defender/legal aid, some private attorneys,the DA, in St. Johns and some individuals in Duval counties, I ask that if you plan on contacting a law firm on my behalf, that you let me know what law firm you have in mind first.

    My contacting this office, is one of many steps to get my legal justice in time. I ask this office to take a chance on me and follow my story through. You obviously want to voice your opinion on corruption,free speech and unfairness in this world. * So, I ask you to dive consciously into news reporting, tell my story and do your own thorough investigating. Try your best to obtain court documents/proceedings, 2014 depostions of teen,her mother,Deputy. Lay,2013 video with audio in the police interview room and squad car, that I was unaware I was being taped. The police claim to not have the audio.* Do not believe them! * The police don’t want the public to hear the content of the conversation, which was about the police helping people in that apartment complex to lie, to get me evicted or worse. Please contact me to get more information, list of witnesses, documents,other evidence of police corruption,my doctor’s statements and questionable actions by my former attorneys, that has not been seen by others yet.

    *** It is my sincere and honest belief, that my former co- partnered legal representitives, Atty. Cushman of St. Augustine and Atty.Sheppard of Jacksonville Florida, acted intentionally with malice and deceit that was fueled by corruption to purposely waste my statute of limitation; ultimately, aiding the St. Johns County Sheriff’s office, The State of Florida and their friend, Atty. Megan Wall, ( head of St. Johns County Legal Aid ). She refused to help me several times before false charges and instigated arrest even existed in 2013! If I received the legal help and attention I needed, they could have prevented my ordeal,stress,speech impairment-due to police,the destruction of my good name and so much human suffering I endured!

    *** Attorney. Cushman and Attorney. Sheppard, who partnered together for my civil suit, quit on me after I asked them for over a year, to tell me what their plans are in representing me. Those plans a complaint against the county sheriff’s office, was the first and only plan of action I received; which, accompanied their quit letter and came three days before Thanksgiving 2015.

    *** These law firms repeatedly ignored my calls, emails and letters;even thought, I have done and or provided everything they asked for. Due to my speech impairment caused by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s office deputies, I sent both law firms emails and letters. On occasion, I had a third party assist me with my calls, while I was present and I still could not get them to tell me what their plan of action would be or answer my questions I sent them and asked over the phone. * I was left bewildered and at times hurt, with even more depression! * I had to ask for a copy of the contract I had with them, that had many errors; including, the phone number to the Florida Bar, if I was not satisfied with their service. The contract, only had their signatures and did not contain a date when they received it back with my date/signature.* They never bothered to get the hospital records of when I went to the hospital from the stress of dealing with what happened to me, nor did they ask. * They never bothered to get Florida to recognize me as the victim, to Florida Victim Services ,for being evicted by false charges and ultimately arrested for standing up for my rights. I was told that I am seen as a defendant, even when I asked them to go over the county’s head to file those victim papers.

    ** *They did not care how I survived and I believe they wanted me to commicide, by Atty. Cushman sending me a disturbing email three days before Christmas 2014! I was admitted to the hospital with a medical issue, along with depression and got out on Christmas Eve 2014.

    Although, Atty. Cushman was able to obtain a not guilty verdict on the charges brought on by the sheriff’s office, I feel that was all he was willing to do and his real intention of not seeing me get justice for those charges was deceit to help Atty. Wall and the police. I told Atty. Cushman, I was willing to come down to Florida and tell the jury/court how the police did not protect and serve and helped my accusers bring on these charges and instigated my arrest for an added self bonus among them. By then, Florida knew I was not going to admit to something I did not do and was willing to fight against it and tell all in court! * Through Atty. Cushman, my willing to fight, got through to the state of Florida and rather expose their corrupt county DA officials, a judge and equally corrupt sheriff’s dept, they dropped the battery charge.

    *** Please note the following and these attorneys more than lack of communication with me. As stated above, in August of 2014, I beat the phony police charges in court. I was not told of the press release by Atty. Cushman’s office and not being in legal trouble before, I did not know this was done. In trying to send him a get well message after his September 2014 accident, I stumbled across his headline on free speech at his website. I clicked on it, which lead me to a link to the video of my assault by the police that I was not prepared to see.* I watched in horror and I could not move. I was in shock and was hit and flooded with emotions, filled with bad images of memories, I still can’t get over! I was raised to offer a thank you when someone did something for me and this is what I did to these attorneys offices, despite not being able to get them to act further, seeing my time going by and either being insulted by them or their paralegal. I continued to give them the benefit of the doubt and treated them, like I would like to be treated.

    * Atty. Cushman refused to fill out his portion of my civil complaint against the sheriff’s office and both offices refused to let me know, what they did so far in my civil claim or mail me this for my review! Note, to protect herself, Atty. Wall from legal aid, referred me to Atty. Cushman to keep a non- corrupt attorney from taking my case, exposing many corrupt people in St. Johns and Duval counties. Both law firms had no intentions of seeing me get justice, because it would come out in the open that their friend Atty. Megan Wall, did me an injustice by refusing me several times and created an undestroyable criminal record on such a peaceful person! *A while ago, Atty. Sheppard got arrested on Valentine’s day in Jacksonville Forida for according to the deputy, having two marijuana cigarettes, having sex in a car in broad daylight and resisting arrest. He could have been body slammed on the ground with similar treatment like me. Instead, he was given special treatment and was given an appearance ticket and was allowed to continue to practice and his image was not over the internet like mind. * This attorney had the nerve to tell me when I called his office crying over my stress/dealing with the aftermath, ” that he had no time to listen to some woman crying on the phone”. Does that statement sound like an attorney who considered me his client, or does it sound like an attorney who has no intention on representing me ! He was not sympathetic to me and I could not control what happened to me. Eventually, my trumped up arrest and charges was going to happen, it just took longer, because of the kind of peaceful person I was, who always kept looking for the sheriff’s department to do the right thing.

    * To conclude, if you are going to investigate my story, may I suggest you go back to my May 20, 2014 blog that has many details that you can uncover that is right on the surface. Obtain the jail video of my assault by the guards,( taser threat and body slammed back into the wheelchair, too weak to get in it on my own), obtain the hosptial parking lot video of deputies laughing as I was being brought out with injury from their assault, obtain records/documents and do personal one on one interviews with people I mentioned. * Look at the eviction court hearing in Judge. Christine’s chambers and examine the apartment manager’s statement, that she did not sign my 2013 lease, when in fact I saw her and made a note about no penalty if I gave a 30 day notice. Look at her signature on that lease and match it with something else she signed, maybe a court document. You will see the signature matches and will prove she lied under oath, which is a punishable/jailable felony, because her lie, was intentional to cause me harm, ( eviction, a stiffer penalty, if I lost my other charges and loss of my good name, etc ).

    Look at how long I was in those chains and find out how long a person should be in them. Look at perhaps video or log of when I left the jail and when I returned. Perhaps some of the people who was there for court, or my former cell mates, would remember me if questions/interviews are done. Ask knowledgeable officials, if it is normal for someone to have a 4p.m. hearing, be taken out of the cell in chains at near 8 a.m.and stay in chains til after 5p.m. I was a diabetic,lost feeling in one leg, had bad pain in the other,not prepared for this heaing that I was not informed of and was without an attorney! Those marks are still on my legs today! ** This judge seemed to behave in a manner like he already talked with this apartment manager and staff and did not care whether the male staff did not take other peoples so called fire hazards in front of their door. I took pictures of other peoples fire hazards the same day, and have the store receipt. My chair was taken and that was the reason for it being taken and me being thrown down the concrete stairs, causing knee injury that cracks and gives in unexpectedly this very day!

    ** My wrong doers wanted me to die by natural causes; due to, their instigated situations, that affected my diabetes or by my own hand and God/The Great Spirit, gave them neither! I lived! Now, I fight for justice for me and for others in St. Johns County,the state of Florida, the United States and the world!


    If my statute of limiations runs out, then I, as a peaceful/decent law abiding citizen, I have been grossly over looked by many, who could have prevented my tragedy and given me justice for it. Until 2013, I’ve live a simple peaceful life and stayed away from the world’s temptation to do a person(s) wrong. I’m among a few, who is a first time vehicle driver on my side of the family, who helped many people; including, those who looked the other way and supported my wrong doers. I deserve better than this, from this world and I will not stop until justice is served. I thank you for your time. Gloria Irene Simmons – The Justice Seeker

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