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Geopolitical Mastermind Craig Hulet Interviewed on Illuminati Control Over U.S.

Thursday, January 14, 2016 20:40
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Illuminati US

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Earlier this week, Craig B. Hulet appeared on Coast to Coast for an absolutely riveting interview on just every topic of significance that I’ve spent time trying to warn people about over the last two plus years. Craig Hulet is currently a paid analyst and consultant to a number of geopolitical businesses and issue companies, advises on terrorism and military affairs, and he currently has a position paper on his website available HERE explaining what the media won’t tell you about what is REALLY going on in Syria. 

In the interview below, Craig explains how it is NOT the Democrats or Republicans that we “elect” who actually run this country, but rather a cabal of the global elite (the Illuminati) and the corporate interests of those elite. For far too long, Americans have believed the revisionist history they’ve been taught in public schools which gives them the idea that we live in a country, “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

We’ve been led to believe that as citizens, we have some type of a say in who gets elected, particularly to the White House, and that whoever gets “elected,” becomes the commander in chief of our republic. Sadly, NOTHING could be further from the truth! Outsiders have been controlling America’s path since her birth. In the post titled, 1798: Proof America’s Role in the Illuminati Conspiracy Began, it is revealed that as far back as 1978, in his book titled, Proofs of a Conspiracy Against the Religions and Governments of Europe, John Robison exposed the secret societies behind the terroristic French Revolution. In that book he said:

“An association has been formed for the express purposes of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing governments… the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power, while all the rest would be  employed as tools of their unknown superiors.”

In the post titled, The 10 Most Critical Things To Consider While Consuming Mainstream News, you’ll learn that in the 1970’s, a Georgetown University Professor named Carrol Quigley was writing a book that viewed the Council on Foreign Relations (a sub-group of the Illuminati) in a favorable light, so the CFR granted him access to their private files. Professor Quigley subsequently revealed that the group’s true goal was:

“[t]o create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country, and the economy of the world as a whole.” 

In the interview below, Craig explains how the global elites predetermined long ago that the 2016 election would be between Jeb Bush and Hillary, and that Jeb Bush will beat Hillary handedly. As impossible as that may seem right now, never underestimate what type of influence BILLIONS of dollars can have on our election process. Craig Explains that the people controlling our country are ruthless on a level most Americans cannot even fathom.

He explains that despite Donald Trump leading in the polls, there are a lot of operatives like Carl Rove who are very busy bribing, buying, extolling, or extorting anyone and everyone, including the delegates, to make sure we have a brokered convention if necessary, in order to ensure Jeb gets the nomination. Expect Trump or Cruz to win Iowa, but if Jeb wins New Hampshire, WATCH OUT! Donald Trump could have all the support in the world, but as corrupt as our political process has become, it won’t matter one bit, because We the People DO NOT matter to the ruthless elites. For the full interview with Craig, see the media below.

Geopolitical Mastermind Craig Hulet Interviewed on Illuminati Control Over U.S.



Everything Craig says can be verified. Let’s start with The TransPacific Partnership, which is the largest trade deal in the history of the planet. Even though most Americans know nothing about it, mainly because the global elites who control our media see to it that we don’t, the agreement that was passed without an ounce of Congressional support will affect every man, woman, and child in the United States by subjecting us to outside global governing bodies. Do you know how many members of Congress were involved in drafting that agreement? Zero! The agreement was written by 600 multinational corporations, in the best interests of the 600 multinational corporations, which are all controlled by the global elite, and without regard for American sovereignty. For the Readers Digest version of the nightmare coming to us all via that agreement, check out: 10 Reasons Why You Should Oppose TPP and TTIP.

You see, as long as the those chosen for Congress, or the person from either party chosen for the Presidency by the global elites does what they are told to do (on a macro level) by the Illuminati, then they are permitted to give off the illusion that they are the actual decision makers for the country, and it has been that way “officially” since 1871 when the Forty-First Congress handed all the power of the United States over to the Illuminati. 

They did so when they passed “The Act of 1871.” As you’ll learn in the video below, and then after: 

In essence, this Act formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. Note the capitalization, because it is important. This corporation, owned by FOREIGN interests, moved right in and shoved the original “organic” version of the Constitution into a dusty corner. With the “Act of 1871,” our Constitution was defaced in the sense that the title was block-capitalized and the word “for” was changed to the word “of” in the title. The original Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers, was written in this manner:

“The Constitution for the united states of America.”


The Following video explains more:

The Corporation of the United States of America




Continuing with an explanation for the  Corporation of the United States, Lisa Guliani writes:

The date is February 21, 1871 and the Forty-First Congress is in session. I refer you to the “Acts of the Forty-First Congress,” Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62. On this date in the history of our nation, Congress passed an Act titled: “An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia.” This is also known as the “Act of 1871.” What does this mean? Well, it means that Congress, under no constitutional authority to do so, created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, which is a ten mile square parcel of land.

What??? How could they do that? Moreover, WHY would they do that? To explain, let’s look at the circumstances of those days. The Act of 1871 was passed at a vulnerable time in America. Our nation was essentially bankrupt — weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War. The Civil War itself was nothing more than a calculated “front” for some pretty fancy footwork by corporate backroom players. It was a strategic maneuver by European interests (the international bankers) who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the neck (and the coffers) of America.

The Congress realized our country was in dire financial straits, so they cut a deal with the international bankers — (in those days, the Rothschilds of London were dipping their fingers into everyone’s pie) thereby incurring a DEBT to said bankers. If we think about banks, we know they do not just lend us money out of the goodness of their hearts. A bank will not do anything for you unless it is entirely in their best interest to do so. There has to be some sort of collateral or some string attached which puts you and me (the borrower) into a subservient position. This was true back in 1871 as well. The conniving international bankers were not about to lend our floundering nation any money without some serious stipulations. So, they devised a brilliant way of getting their foot in the door of the United States (a prize they had coveted for some time, but had been unable to grasp thanks to our Founding Fathers, who despised them and held them in check), and thus, the Act of 1871 was passed.

In essence, this Act formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. Note the capitalization, because it is important. This corporation, owned by foreign interests, moved right in and shoved the original “organic” version of the Constitution into a dusty corner. With the “Act of 1871,” our Constitution was defaced in the sense that the title was block-capitalized and the word “for” was changed to the word “of” in the title. The original Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers, was written in this manner:

“The Constitution for the united states of America”.

The altered version reads: “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. It is the corporate constitution. It is NOT the same document you might think it is. The corporate constitution operates in an economic capacity and has been used to fool the People into thinking it is the same parchment that governs the Republic. It absolutely is not.


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The information about the transition into the Corporation of the United States, is factual, and can be verified for anyone taking the time to look into it. As devastating as the actions of Congress were back in 1871, by changing the “Constitution FOR United States of America” to the “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” and thereby creating the Corporation of the United States, they provided We the People with the only weapon we have that can be used against the Illuminati. The interview below with whistleblower “Drake” explains how the Greatest Military Coup Ever Could Now Be Underway on U.S. Soil, and how it can be used to take out the global elites.

Below, you’ll learn that by tracing international law back 11,000 years, Drake’s group discovered that if a piece of property is correctly registered and boundaries clearly discerned, representatives from the group living there can declare the land to be a sovereign nation. Furthermore, all that is required to declare one’s land sovereign is notification to The International Court of Justice (French: Cour internationale de justice; commonly referred to as the World Court or ICJ) which is the primary judicial branch of the United Nations. 

In order to be able to disengage from the Corporation of the United States of America, each sovereign nation (in our case, each state) has to have a Constitution, one that agreed with 1787 Constitution completely, has to agree with the original 13th Amendment, contain The Bill of Rights, The Articles of Confederation, and The Declaration Independence. According to Drake, over 50% of the states in the U.S. have already done this and been recognized as sovereign by the U.N., which can be independently confirmed. 

By doing all this, it has had the legal effect of re-birthing the Declaration of Independence, which clearly states on Page 2 that if the government gets out of control, the people have the right to take care of the problem. As you can learn in the interview below, Drake says once massive arrests of Illuminati and global elites begin, those actively involved in carrying out these arrests hope to disrupt daily life as little as possible, so martial law will not be declared, as no one expects much of a serious fight from the old crusty elites (my choice of words).

Whistleblower- Plan To Take Down NWO



In the fourth video, everything Craig Hulet says about the Mid-East wars being pre-planned out by the military industrial complex as far back as George Bush Senior is confirmed. As you’ll hear General Wesley Clark say, right after 9/11, the military industrial complex had already decided it was going to invade Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off with Iran. Hear the rather disturbing details from US Army General Wesley Clark, as he talks about the future plans to invade 7 Muslim Countries. The plan actually has a name, known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine, and it was crafted under the direction of the first President Bush. There is no “Conspiracy Theory” here either. The doctrine is well known as you’ll see below. Notice how long ago General Wesley Clark laid all this out!!!!

General Wesley Clark – Wolfowitz Doctrine




Wikipedia describes the Wolfowitz Doctrine as:

Wolfowitz Doctrine is an unofficial name given to the initial version of the Defense Planning Guidance for the 1994–99 fiscal years (dated February 18, 1992) authored by Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Paul Wolfowitz and his deputy Scooter Libby. Not intended for public release, it was leaked to the New York Times on March 7, 1992, and sparked a public controversy about U.S. foreign and defense policy. The document was widely criticized as imperialist as the document outlined a policy of unilateralism and pre-emptive military action to suppress potential threats from other nations and prevent any other nation from rising to superpower status.

Such was the outcry that the document was hastily re-written under the close supervision of U.S. Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell before being officially released on April 16, 1992. Many of its tenets re-emerged in the Bush Doctrine, which was described by Senator Edward M. Kennedy as “a call for 21st century American imperialism that no other nation can or should accept.”


As Craig explains in detail, it really doesn’t matter who gets elected in 2016, at least not until someone in the Congress comes forward and says they are part of a corrupt oligarchy that has abdicated their authority for negotiating trade agreements, in violation of the Constitution they swore to uphold, and tells the American people that power has been given over to bankers, lawyers, and lobbyists on behalf of the world trade organization. Until that happens, and Americans are explained what that means, they cannot possibly understand the depth of how much trouble this country or their future is in. 

Paraphrasing a favorite author of his, Craig says, “Americans are so uninformed, they won’t become alert in this country until they are burying their dead, and even then they’ll ask, ‘Why didn’t someone warn us?’” The Interview with Craig Hulet covers many other topics, like the collapse of the Dollar, the creation of ISIS by Western governments and corporations, and even tells you where you can go to see a copy of the invoice showing that the U.S. State Department bought all those brand new Toyotas you saw ISIS driving a few months ago… 




An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


Illuminati 8


Pt. 1: Illuminati Infiltrate NASA, Conceal Largest Lie in History, & Will Depopulate

Pt. 2: Nazi’s and Illuminati Directly Responsible For the U.S. Space Program, but Why

Pt. 3: Secret Societies Arranged For Underground Bunkers For Them, Not You.

Pt. 4: Why Are The Illuminati Planning To Crash the Global Economy

Pt. 5: What Is The Illuminati Doing To Usher in Global Martial Law?

Pt. 6: 74 NASA Scientists Dead: Largest Cover-up in Human History Continues

Pt. 7: What Dark Secrets Are The Georgia Guide Stones Hiding From Humanity

Pt. 8: Former Illuminati Confesses on Obama, Space Program, Denver, and Aliens

Pt. 9: Planet X Accidentally Disclosed by NASA At Recent Conference

Pt. 10: Everything We Have Been Taught About Human Origins Is A Lie 

Pt. 11: Secret Identity of Georgia Guide Stone’s Founder Revealed 

Pt. 12: Why Did the U.S. Build an Uncapped Pyramid in the Middle of Nowhere? (Video) 

Pt. 13: These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

Pt. 14: Complete List Of Banks Owned By Illuminati Rothschild Family 

Pt. 15: Professors and Leaders Congregate To Warn People About New World Order

Pt. 16: Still Believe the New World Order Is Just a Conspiracy Theory? Not After This! 

Pt. 17: How Do the Illuminati Control Politics, Music, the Media, and Hollywood? (Videos) 

Pt. 18: The Illuminati’s #1 Tool Used To Keep The Masses In Line








The Last Great Stand


An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

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    ( Beam in thy own eyes )
    Around and around she goes, and where she stops, nobody knows. The twilight of America’s diminishing as the world’s emperor of capitalistic instrumentalist weighing into the arts of
    Science, law, education, while declining in cultural proclivities, has become as putty, to be molded right into an elevated Republic’s ultimate North American Union. The good here is that this sophisticated socially engineered mascurade of participants is organized treason; the bad of such sub-tempered bipeds are passing off innumerable anti-Homo Sapiens self assertions to remain as collectivized humanity, as our national society responds under established law; The ( BAD ) in that national society has combined mob ships behind shields of insane reasoning, and a gluttonous ambition to strong-arm the national legal statuettes. All such unruly belligerents, dissidents, collectively, challenges the national / state established doctrine of rule, harboring the assertion that Oriental religious political philosophy swings America left right into the universal net of supposedly dormant Marxism. National higher education is a pro-commie scheme to put blinders on students through the art of witch crafting the upper intellect that opp individuals to lose self-identity. NIHILISM is a mental disorder.
    Over ninety-percent of citizens grapples with this–sex is a national filled alley to escape our inescapable lure into a NATIONAL UNION.

    Across America, millions closed their blinds, bedded down and slept, being well pleased to have a new president under the Dome.
    Little did they realize that the European Union, awaiting their Golan monster, rose its ugly head to open its jaws of involuntary servitude towards the criminal agents in civil office, to be politically ambushed through universal slues of empiric financial influence.

    The old axiom “ Where was Moses when the lights went out? We might reverse this; where will the President of Israel find solace within our reeling Republic; and all past presidents up until the present–have been spokesmen for INTERNATIONALISM. Our new President will be a ONE EYED JACK, as a tool of Palestinian temperament, plus calming down Mid-East revolutionaries, as equivalent people of several nations being tied to treasonous caliphates, beholding to the corrupt WORLD BANK and the International Monetary Loan organization.

    Notability is that our nation, America, has been sold out, lock, stop and barrol, such as one in a wheel barrow race. Respectively,
    Well ingrained money merchants are tooling the new presidency with their hired henchmen shoved into the heart of one engineered element. This magnet of political beneficiaries were well camped since Lincoln’s Presidency. It has never been the banksters who brought on depressions and America’s to become allied with alien political and religious philosophies; but from ancient days a class vermin, bipeds, have generally goaded globalized mankind, as mere cattle to be slaughtered and sheep to be sheared! In 1913 these alien wolves took charge of currency. Here an alien from Germany tampered with the soul of organized humanity. MONEY!

    Morally and temperamentally, so to speak, our ruling merchants of death and destruction have hammered down NATO as a master tool of imperialistic implications to rob, plunder, loot and enslave. Our communist orientated State Dept. has become a network of spies
    and fraudulent ambassadors in leaking pertinent information to a global alliance of a hidden-hand group that defies mankind.

    Masochism and phallus worship is their pastime enjoyment. In fact, their social doctrine is concealed via the theory that creation is in its self wisdom and knowledge, in disregarding our Creator. The very cavity of their hatred of mankind is of a biological mental disturbance, aided and abetted through deviation. Their thirst for lust is unjustifiable. In the Scriptures this element are known as BEASTS, made to be destroyed. There is no racial atonement here;
    for these characters were groomed and fore ordained in the very pits of hell. This cliche of political hounds created the so-called pseudo Democratic party. No one knows of the hidden-hand. Anciently, this unseen intelligence was known as the EVIL EYE.

    Naturally all Presidents are collared as seeing-eye canines & blinded by political incendiaries of tunnel vision, as lap-dogs
    of Machiavellian contempt, while suffocating voluntarily, in step as parliamentary lap dogs– ass kissers.

    Presidents are of Platonic theory flushed with insufficient and impractical agents, parasites, all being wire-pulled hired as plants.This betrayal of our nation and Republic is well implanted
    Within theoretical socialists idealism. This third rail of revolutionary contempt for Western civilization. Yet, the Pentagon, State Dept,
    and the Council on Foreign Relations wear blinders. While Germany over shadows the European system; and Iran plunders
    Middle East conflicts, Syria and Palestine cannot settle issues dating back to eight-hundred B.C. King Hezekiah as Israel tangled with Assyria. Our new President promises to dome Palestine as a witness that Moses was wide awake when the beasts rumbled among Israel in the day that the Hebrews departed Egypt.

    Our President should wear bifocals to comprehend that this Republic is headed for a doom’s day, by interfering with alien societies & get the hell out of Asia, the Orient, and the Middle East. Presidential politically devised clam bakes under intellectual craftsmanship has failed our nation and country, when the see nothing, hear nothing, & know nothing offers an over-taxed citizenship nothing but a watering hole in Washington, D.C; royal dastardliness rules the roost.

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