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Is Trump Deliberately Sabotaging His Campaign with Insensitive Comments?

Thursday, August 11, 2016 10:31
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IS Trump Sabotaging His Campaign?

Some Trump supporters are concerned because he has allowed himself to be drawn into verbal exchanges which accomplish nothing but to make him look unprofessional. The following video details what Trump must focus on in order to win the election.





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  • TC

    Certainly a good question. Bernie seemed legit, but it turned out he was just a hired shill when he refused to protest the election that was fraudulently stolen from him, and in fact endorsed the thief who stole it! Will Trump take a dive too? Hard to tell.

    • Did he have a gash on the side of his face the night he folded?

      • Bernie

        • How deep does the cesspool go?… Directly into the globalists mouth.

    • No, it looks to me like if anything Hillary is playing the role of the loser. Her health, her criminal scandals, her horrible personality. It looks to me like this whole thing is a set up for no other option but Trump.

      We have been conned again. The one who is being presented as the outsider is the insider and his fanatical supporters will be used to bring a new kind of fascist tyranny to the land that could have never been possible with a limp wristed liberal leader and their limp wristed followers.

      Red flag number one. He is a billionaire, you don’t get rich in a rigged system unless you are playing ball.

      number two. He said Snowden should be executed. Enough said.

      number three. He is spreading and expanding upon the anti muslim propaganda. Yeah right, muslims blew up the world trade center and are the scourge of the land, try again.

      Dancing Israelis, enough said.

      We are screwed unless we cast off the yoke of corporate oppression beginning at the local level. We must decorporatize our cities, counties and states. It is the only way froward.

  • I thought his comments were/are completely deliberate! To pull the left into mistakes which they have already done due to Trs, side hacks.

  • I wish there was a share photo mechanism here in comments so I could post all the pictures of TRUMP playing golf with Bill and the pictures of Trump hugging Hillary at parties and smiling. All just peas in a pod.

    • You are an idiot. He could BUY Hillary for MUCH less than he has already spent and at no risk to his life I might add.
      You are supposed to put those crystals in your bath, not smoke them.

      • Did I say something that ruined your fantasy? That is just tough luck. I’m hard cold reality mother trucker. Might I suggest more fiber in your diet sir? Remember Jesus Loves You, Vote for the Fuhrer!

    • I tend to agree with you on this one.

  • When I first heard he was in the race, I told all my friends “He’s in there to get his good friend Hillary elected”. I mean, life long Democrat, has done a 180 on all major issues, great friend of the Clintons who had front row seats at his last wedding. Course at the time I thought everybody and their dog would see through the ruse. I was SO wrong on that one…

  • Insensitive, and non pc comments are what got him as far as he is.

  • Educated guess, no, the media is merely blowing things completely out of proportion, and showing Hillary ridiculous bias. Back in 2008, Hillary directly implied that she was staying in the presidential race in case Obama got assassinated.

    Trump says mean things, whereas people who happen to get in Clinton’s way have this awkward and convenient tendency to wind up dead from “accidents” or “suicide.”

  • This concern that Trump’s looking unprofessional at this late date is hysterical! He’s been intentionally unprofessional from the get go. Donald and Hitlery are two heads of the same monster. Wake up and small the bullshit. The Reps and Dems are in collution do the bidding for Wall Street and the Fed. The facade of a 2-party system is solely to manipulate American citizens into believing they have a choice in who they elect. More and more people need to wake up… and fast! Check this out for a reality check. Knowledge is power.

  • Now 1 Damn! 2 Damn! 3 Damn! Fordham /Jesuit /IHS TRUMP is claiming Hillary invented ISIS?

    WIKIPEDIA @ :shock: >>>> Lord RICHARDS of Herstmonceaux . …..Military Career.

    This ISAF commander, can be seen “conspiring” with your Sec’s of ATTACK, Robert Gates & Chuck Hagel in a church.

    The man who planned “a 100 000 rebel army to oust the Assad govt in Syria”…….TRUTH! please look :eek: (it is stated in the last paragraph about his military career in Iraq 1, Balkans/Kosovo, Afghan,Iraq 2, Yemen,Sudan,Libya,Somalia,Nigeria ++++)

    ### Ash CARTER, is the RHODES Scholar pushing this war monger policy today….####
    His peer-reviewed journal that western govts follow is called INTERNATIONAL SECURITY ~ IS

  • yes

  • No, he’s slapping the sheet out of the dupes to get them to snap out of their globalist trances. Doesn’t take much to give these people PTSD.

  • I could be wrong but this is what I see… I see,Trump defending himself when attacked… I see a man who is REAL and not just saying what is Politically Correct… Often times, he speaks up and says what many of us have been thinking, all along… We all really know that ISIS was trained,created and funded by Obama and his chief executive Hillary… The truth has to come out and the Major News Media does not like it… The establishment will twist his words and stop at nothing to get another Clinton back in the White House… I am not a big fan of Trump but the alternative is Hillary… May GOD save us all…

  • I listen to Trump and see nothing wrong with what he is saying. It’s actually funny sometimes. We never had a guy like this and if he got this far like this (beating over a dozen contenders and SMASHING them to pieces) is quite an acclompshiment.

    I think we should shut up and just listen. You have to stop getting your panties in a wad. This is the way America use to be in the early century. Just before we beat up everybody.

    So, maybe Trump is on to something and you’re NOT!!! :mad: :mad: <- :lol:

  • TC

    I would have voted for Obama over McCain or Romney because both of them said they would attack Iran (and start a big war) as soon as they were elected and Obama did not. While the carnage in the Middle East and Africa is horrible, it could have been even worse. Obama did not fully go along with Netanyahu’s bidding and so the carnage was limited.

    Now we have two candidates who are competing to show who will be better at doing Netayahu’s bidding. Hillary has promised to attack Iran immediately, Trump has said he would shoot down Russian planes and inflame the Middle East by moving Israel’s capital to Jerusalem. Neither supports the provisions of the UN Charter, both embrace “might makes right”. When polled, the other countries of the world vote America and Israel as the countries most likely to start a war.

    As an American with a family, I don’t want war. The next one is not going to be like WWII when the powers didn’t have this huge arsenal of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Even if we live, our way of life will be gone forever. When the Soviet Union at the height of its military power was given the choice in the 1990′s between war and economic collapse, they chose the latter. It was a good choice for all of us.

    My judgement tells me Hillary is totally insane on this issue. She has had no compunctions at all about war and would push the nuclear button in a New York minute. In contrast, Trump appears to be much saner and may save our lives.

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