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CNN Reporter Just Got Busted on Live Mic Saying This About the Election…You’ll Be Floored!

Saturday, August 20, 2016 10:01
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(Before It's News)

By Lisa Haven 


It’s no secret that CNN and pretty much the entire American media, are sold out for Hillary Clinton. Now CNN’s Chris Cuomo, was busted stating, “We couldn’t help her [Hillary] any more than we have, she’s got a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign.” 

What does this statement reveal to the American people? 

In the video below Gary Franchi’s Next News Network joins legendary trends forecaster Gerald Celente to answer that very question.


Here’s the clip with CNN if you haven’t seen it already…and it is going VIRAL! 


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  • this still amazes me how many stupid people there are in the USA!!! i guess the TV and school mind control brainwash has paid off for the scumbags!!!

    • The big question here is…Who has the greater brain damage?: Hillary, or the people that would even contemplate voting for her.

      • The voting game is “rigged” exactly as Trump had advised…”What difference at this point does it make?” You stupid lib-tards.
        PS- Bernie sold you out for me, I own all of you stupid idiots!

        • Yeah. Votes are irrelevant and Bernie endorses Hillary. What else needs to be said..

        • Yep, it’s not who casts the votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes…Hillary “Diebold” Clinton-Soros.

          Now you know the real reason behind the Bush / Gore hanging chad fiasco. It was designed to put manipulative electronic voting machines in place. We shall see what fruit it bears in this election. Obama’s 2nd trip to the WH had enough reasonable doubt. Hillary won’t have that. All precincts need to do exit polling and keep a keen track on the reality of this upcoming election.

      • “OK, OK, Got It, Yeah, I Understand – - -”
        First, Yeah First, I Pop The Paper Bag Behind Her Head – - -”
        Then You, Yeah You, You Put the Button Under Her Finger!”
        “That’s a Plan, Alright, Ayep, We Gotta Plan!!!”


    • The Television is powerful. It convinces people everyday on everything. That’s why its called PROGRAMMING, have you watched the news today? Have you been programmed? What did you learn little boys and girls?

      Yes half this country, my country, the USA is packed full of useless idiots and they are mostly liberal democrats. People like me can see whats going on but its simply amazing just how stupid so many of these people are. Whats worse is that these people are pro-creating and filling the world with their retarded seed. The movie IDIOCRACY is now based off a true story.

      • I agree that Idiocracy is our future. TV actually puts your brain into an upper theta lower alpha state. In this state the information entering your brain bypasses critical thinking and goes straight to your subconscious. ….so yes TV does brainwash you.

  • Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. The Democrap party and the MSP (MainStreamPropaganda) have a long history of colluding with each other to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people and like all Democraps the Cuomo family are notoriously ignorant.

    As you know both are communistic in nature and now run by sodomites and the radical left making it useless and rubbish. Even Holloweed is the same feeding Americans GARBAGE for decades.

    Garbage in garbage out, and explains why you end up with the most notorious and worthless candidates. Even a sodomite negro and now a worthless woman (who both are adept at lying) that has made politics a career and like the negro has done nothing in life except live off the taxpayer making them no different than a welfare recipient except these welfare recipients make your LAWS!

    We were warned about these kind of people taking over by your forefathers, who knew both history and the Bible. Coincidence or Constitution?


    Charlie (those two things are not taught anymore and if it continues America will be doughnuts soon) :lol: :lol:

    • That’s why so many girls (I would say women but they don’t rise to that level ) have purple hair….just about all men 20 through 50 wear baseball caps….men think big trucks with big tire are cool….and so many people have tattoos. ……they are being conditioned by the boob tube….the fictional character on the movie Network had it right in his famous speech lambasting TV.

      • You really need to start using clean needles.

      • i use baseball caps to keep the sun out of my eyes

      • @Bradley Dueringer , Your absolutely right American culture has become very strange, and you see the same kind of weirdness now wherever you go no matter what town or city you’re in, young guys walking around with there boxers hanging out and their pants halfway down their A$$. Strange, very strange!

  • Obama’s the Antichrist.
    I’m the Messiah bec I alone reveal him.
    666 drew in Obama’s home’s lottery the day after election win.

    • Since you are the messiah, hurry up and be our champion and rid us of the chaff like George Sore-ass and his ilk. Aren’t you supposed to be our champion this time around?

    • Yeah, KOS. You’re the Messiah. We get it. So when are you going to save the world? Feed the hungry, heal the sick? Exactly what good are you, anyway?

    • Talk Is Cheap, Shambles,
      Just Do Something!
      Impress Us!


    • Either shutup and take your meds or make with the miracles, talk is cheap nut bag.

  • This is probably all you talk about while in the Gynecologist’s Office Waiting Room.
    and picking through those hard green bananas at the Grocery Market.


  • Jacko

    Like it isn’t old news the media is corrupt? I can also make an article about how grass is green.

  • Me

    I only ever see maybe 1 out of 20 posts that are pro-hillary/left wing. Yet who do you think will win this election?

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