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Hillary Displayed Her True Hatred for America but Trump Failed to Finish Her Off

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 5:45
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The kids are hiding under the bed as their parents are letting all hell break loose. The girls say that “mom is winning”. The boys say that “dad is winning”. They are both right and wrong. Whoever wins a debate is a matter of personal preference. However, the one and undeniable best one-liner belonged to Trump.

“I will release my tax returns when you release the 33,000 emails you deleted”

What do the Polls Say?

It is like the kids under the bed. Whoever won the debate was a matter of opinion. The Drudge report showed that Trump resoundingly defeated Clinton.
TRUMP 79.99%  (206,600 votes) 

CLINTON 20.01%  (51,688 votes) 

Total Votes: 258,288

However, CNN said that Clinton won 69-27%. It is all a matter of opinion.

We are 42 days before the election, and the highly anticipated debate matchup between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump produced the fireworks that was anticipated. However, Trump did go soft on Clinton in many areas. He could have finished her off like the road kill that she is and he missed several golden opportunities.

Below is a breakdown of some of the key areas covered in the debate.


This round clearly belonged to Trump.  Clinton chastised Trump for wanting to lower taxes on corporations AND small businesses as Clinton resorted to name-calling as she referred to Trump’s economic plan as “Trumped Up-Trickle Down economics” and negatively compared him to Ronald Reagan.

Any American over 45 will recoil at Clinton’s criticism of comparing Trump to Reagan, because Reagan was the last President that did anything for the American people.

Trump accused Clinton of wanting to increase taxes on the American by $1.3 trillion dollars, a fact that she did not deny. Conversely, Trump said that he would lower taxes from 35% to 15%.


This is where Trump went soft on Clinton. He accused her of “creating” ISIS when she and Obama left behind massive weaponry in Iraq and the means to procure massive amounts of oil. This was Trump’s strongest statement. What he should have said was that Clinton was sitting on the Board of Directors of Lafarge who paid extortion, protection racket money to ISIS for the right to do business in Syria. This is something that I have documented in minute detail and Trump missed the boat.

Clinton’s response was to go after ISIS with everything we have. Again, Trump should have said, “Go after ISIS like you did as Secretary of State when they grew to the size that they are today.” Clinton had nothing meaningful to say on this point.

The Economy

Trump did an excellent job explaining to the American people how devastating the free trade agreements have been to the American worker. He also did an excellent job explaining how Clinton flip-flopped over free trade agreements like the TPP because of what the polls showed the American people felt. Trump accused Clinton of supporting free trade agreements for 30 years and noted that it was her husband, Bill, that introduced the worst trade agreement of them all, NAFTA.

Trump made it clear that he would tax corporations for taking their jobs out of the country when they try and bring their products back into the country. Clinton double talked around the issue.

Clinton was tongue tied on these points and could only attack Donald Trump’s business practices. Clinton and moderator called for the release of Trump’s taxes to which he replied “I will release my taxes when you release the 33,000 emails you illegally deleted.”

Racial Issues

Clinton nauseated me as she pandered to people of color with the message that you are where you are today because you are victims of discrimination by whites. Clinton spoke in generalities but did not have one suggestion on how to lift the veil of hopelessness for the young black male who has a 50% unemployment rate. Trump missed an opportunity to link the Democratic welfare state to the problem with minority unemployment.

Clinton tried to make points on the irrelevant (at this point) birth certificate issue. She repeatedly called Trump a racist and sexist. Clinton should be careful here because every candidate who has attacked Donald Trump’s character has dropped in the polls.

It should have been clear to anyone that Clinton is a race-pandering politician who panders to minorities solely for votes but does not do one thing for them. Trump did refer to this point as her views and action were characterized as a typical politician who promises much and delivers nothing.


On both sides, Trump and Clinton greatly disappointed me. Trump failed to make the points that in every city that has gun control (eg Washington DC, New York, and Chicago), the murder rate has increased exponentially. And Clinton shot herself in the foot with anyone supporting gun rights and the Second Amendment as being a problem that needed to be dealt with.

Trump could have gone after private prisons and the connections that exist between the Bush and Clinton families on the profiteering these two families have enjoyed with the growth of private prison.


Donald, what about Benghazi, Uranium One of the Clinton Foundation selling uranium to the Russians? What about Benghazi? What about the money laundering of the Clinton Foundation in conjunction with HSBC Bank?

The one thing that was crystal clear in the debate is that Clinton hates America. She has been for free trade agreements, wants to dramatically increase taxes, continue the status quo with the communist and failed Obamacare, wants to continue to weaken the military and destroy the Second Amendment and that is all any American needs to know.

Hillary Clinton was on the ropes and could have been breathing her last breath and Trump failed to put her out of her misery.

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  • jdp…He is waiting for the 2nd debate, to finish her off, its the pattern shown through out his campaign.

  • Third time is the charm. Trump is saving the best for last and right before the election and then he will hit her hard on everything and it will be the last thing voters remember before voting in what is certain to be a massive result rigging for HC but may still not be enough to overtake Trump.

  • mitch51

    Hillary pretty much finished Trump off. It was sad. He didn’t even swing the bat, struck out, and walked back to the dugout with a tear in his eye.

  • TC

    They both met with Netanyahu on Sunday to get their orders. Hillary assured him she could do it physically so Netayahu told Trump to do a Sanders. Rough her up a bit, but not too much, and get ready to throw in the towel.

  • Trump set her up. Her and Holt tried their best to rattle him. He was sandbagging and will hit her with so many Facts of her Criminal behavior that she probably will drop next time like a bag of sand. Holt and Criminalton were both wearing earpieces. Or that was a medical device strapped to her back and they were making adjustments to holts earpiece and soundchecks before it started. No earpieces were allowed at this debate. :idea:

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