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Boom! Trump Issues One Order, Gets Instant Revenge by Freezing Out Hateful Media!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 12:58
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(Before It's News)

By Lisa Haven


This just in!! In the video below Gary Franchi’s Next News Network reveals that Donald Trump is arousing animosity in many political and media personnel in America. In Trumps latest ploy the mainstream media got the surprise of a lifetime when Donald Trump refused to allow them to do this… 

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  • Is “Boom” the new power word for Trump supporters?

    Feels like I’ve seen like 3 or 4 stories about Trump start that way.

  • Leo

    There you go Trump . Tell the liberal media to take a walk . a LONG WALK :cool:

    • Yes – take a long walk off a short dock, heheh…

  • Guess I won’t be seeing that don’t watch the MSM at all and anyone who does deserves their lies.

  • Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. Agreed on the video. Actually, the MSM has been USELESS to Americans for quite awhile and only served the purpose of the sodomites and the left. Donald has no need of them and neither do you or I.

    So far so good. MSM checked off. :lol:

    I could go on and on about the LIES the MSM do, but what is more important is what they don’t say as well. Had they reported the TRUTH about the Democrap party and Hillary as well, the Democrap party would never be in power.

    Next up is the education system for brainwashing too much idiots. Why is there idiots in the first place Charlie? Glad you didn’t ask. :lol:

    Idiots begin at home and one way to get rid of an idiot is with a GOOD SPANKING! Please don’t let the police do it at a George Soroass riot. Or you’ll just get a soroass.


    Charile (you won’t be sitting on your doughnut for a long time and I think that’s good. Respect the doughnut) :wink: :wink: <- :lol:

  • Right on. The MSM deserves the back of Trumps hand.

  • I think we need to start real alternative media on TV, we have Faux news for example?

    • My thoughts too! But why stop there? I would exclude them from ALL my events now and only invite Alternative News sites to do the reporting. What a nice slap in the face that would be! At least then we would know that what is being said is generally the truth. With no fake news or lies to report, the MSM would eventually have to just report on the weather and school closings I guess. WOW…just think if the Alternative News sites became the new AP for the US! :grin:

      From what is going on regarding the staged and funded riots across the country so far, it sounds like the Libtards have made up their minds about things anyway, so it’s obvious that they are not interested in the truth.

      “It’s easier to fool a man than to convince him that he’s been fooled” Mark Twain

      • Jacko

        Like “alternative media” sites don’t lie? BIN for example contains way more nonsense then truth…

        • Yep, there is certainly plenty of bull$hit to go around, in both the MSM and “alternative media”. That’s why I only read this site for entertainment. You may find a few gems on here every once in awhile, but you’d have to be a fool to take the “news” on here seriously. Most of what’s on here is more akin to yellow journalism and tabloid material, opinion slates, and thinly veiled advertisements than what could be actually be considered quality reporting.

  • Brilliant! The disgusting presstitutes deserve nothing more.
    I suppose during their months and months of pandering to fraudmeister Hillary this scenario simply never occurred to them…?
    Ack! And where is their pal Hillary and her mountains of ill-gotten cash now? LoL, heheh…
    :lol: Ahhh that’s rich.

  • mitch51

    Between Bigfoot eating a deer, ebola killing 3,000,000 in the US, and the invisible planet called Nibiru bearing down on us from nowhere…then add a pole reversal or two, with aliens on the moon and the sun exploding…I don’t know where you could possibly get more truth that from alternative media.

    • HAHAHA!

      Yeah, don’t forget the flat Earth, which is also hollow, apparently, with it’s own internal sun, and the government plot to blow up yellowstone.

  • We want a double wall 20 feet high 5 feet thick. With anglo snipers every 1/4 mile. We want the big corporate media to go broke. Advertisers are getting ripped off and will figure this out soon. And for god sake do something about the gas fumes and brake dust by our homes.

    Can you imagine anderson cooper walking into work one day with an ak. He starts screaming “tell me im not relevant now mfs. communism forever”

  • Old News.

  • Me

    “Do they deserve it?” An interesting question. Due to the fact that they’re supposed to be following, watching, and reporting for the people, their duty as reporters, YES, they deserve access. Unfortunately, due to the fact they use their positions to favor a party/candidate rather than reporting events unbiasedly, NO, they should not get that access.

    Give access to the people who have been doing their jobs for them. Let the alternative media take those seats. Give Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden jobs in this realm. I don’t want the “right” to do what the left has been doing either. Let’s just have reporters report the facts, good or bad, and I think the American people, when having the “facts” will make this country great again all on their own.

  • Sorry, I cant watch Gary Franchi. He puts a headline out there and all he does is talk for 4 minutes with nothing else pertaining to the story except his blah blah blah from his basement studio.

    • And this was reported ad nauseam the day it happened,

  • Trump needs to only invite reporters from alternative newsmedia outlets who have not lied about him in the past.


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