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May Day! May Day! May Day!

Sunday, February 19, 2017 19:58
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“American Coup D’état In Progress”

Special Report: Is an American Coup d’état in Progress?


The Deep State Conducts a Purple Revolution Against the Trump Administration

State of the Nation

There is now a full-scale clandestine revolutionary war being waged against the Trump Administration.  The C.I.A. usually attempts a soft coup first at the direction of its masters in Deep State. When that’s not successful in effectuating a regime change, they know the territory has been sufficiently softened up for the hot phase of the revolution.

In these United States of America, that revolution is known as the ongoing but rapidly intensifying Purple Revolution.  This seditious revolution began the very day that President Trump won the election on November 8, 2016, if not before.


• Deep State will not permit President Trump to govern as POTUS.

• Deep State uses the C.I.A. and the Mainstream Media (MSM) to run interference at every turn against the Trump Administration

• Deep State will continue to prosecute the revolution until Trump is removed from power

• Deep State will eventually attempt to oust the entire Trump Administration

These preceding bullet points constitute the current NWO globalist agenda being implemented throughout the USA in direct opposition to the Trump Administration.  In other words, when Assistant to the President and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said that the Mainstream Media (MSM) had morphed into the opposition party, he was speaking literally.

“Steve Bannon: ‘I Could Care Less’ About Repairing Relationship with ‘Opposition Party’ Media” — BREITBART

A Counter Declaration of War on the Mainstream Media

There you have it (see preceding link), the whole world is now witnessing an all-out war between the MSM and a sitting POTUS.  This unparalleled conflict is not only being fought between the Mainstream Media and the Trump Administration, it’s occurring throughout the entire body politic of the USA and beyond.

The U.S. citizenry saw as never before the complete lack of integrity exhibited by the MSM during the entire 2016 election cycle.  Candidate Trump exposed the lying media and avalanche of fake news with his every news conference and campaign stop.  In so doing, the whole world is now aware that the MSM can never — EVER — be trusted again.

Because the MSM is the primary mouthpiece of Deep State, a highly consequential decision was made by its concealed leadership to remove Trump from power with great haste and recklessness lest their Global Control Matrix experience an unprecedented collapse.  Deep State knows full well that it’s now in its death throes.  And that such grave existential threats must be faced before its entire superstructure (and infrastructure) falls into it own footprint.

This 21st century “War of the Titans” has gotten so hot, in fact, that there is now no turning back for either side.  IT WILL BE A FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

Because the Mainstream Media has been outed like never, the most likely outcome is that it will simply be shut down.  The public domain is now replete with hard evidence proving treason and sedition perpetrated over many decades by the MSM.  Once the American people have reviewed the relevant proof of high treason and crimes against humanity, it will only be a matter of MSM industrywide criminal prosecution.

Bear in mind that Deep State cannot function to any reasonable degree without total ownership and efficient functioning of the media.  The C.I.A., as well as the other 16 US intelligence agencies, all require the media cover staunchly provided by the MSM.  So does the Military-Industrial Complex, as does the much larger Government-Corporate Complex. Therefore, when the MSM finally crashes and burns, so will all of the other major entities which comprise the Deep State.


With this critical understanding it ought to be quite obvious that the next 120 days are pivotal for Deep State.  Every single day that the Trump Administration is able to consolidate and increase its power, Deep State loses its influence throughout the US government and the world-at-large.  Such a crucial attenuation of power will serve as the death knell of the Deep State within the American Republic.

Hence, there is now a great race against time … for both sides of this epic war.  The agents of Deep State clearly hope that a soft coup will be successful through a presidential impeachment or by other means. The C.I.A. recently executed such a strategy to ‘peacefully’ remove Dilma Rousseff, the 36th President of Brazil.

Make no mistake about it, if a soft coup is not successful, the agents of Deep State will commence the hot phase of their Purple Revolution.  Everything points to a massive May Day stealth event.  An unrivaled National Mall rally in D.C. attended by the many misguided groups which make up the Democratic Party is already in the works.

An enormous May Day protest could be used to manufacture a context in which a Maidan type event takes place (remember the violent uprising in Kiev, Ukraine).  The Illuminati are notorious for using dates and numerology by which to stage their revolutions and civil wars over centuries (e.g. May Day parades and terror events). Just as the engineered uprising in Kiev was surreptitiously utilized to force Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych into exile, a similar trigger point could be fabricated by which the Bolshevik Left goes really crazy and tries to chase Trump from the White House.

With their de facto leader Barack Obama leading the Purple Revolution quietly from behind, many Democratic factions have been adequately brainwashed by his unmatched cult of personality.  The ultra-liberals, extreme left-wingers, fake progressives and DINOs (Democrats in name only) have all demonstrated that they will resort to violence — both verbal and physical — whenever necessary.  Hence, a real May Day event, no matter when it is scheduled must be met with an overwhelming display of support for President Trump.

MAY DAY! Violent American Spring Planned With 3-Million Agitators Marching On Washington, DC

Much more importantly, perhaps the single most effective way of responding to a subversive May Day plot is to pre-empt it.  The Trump Movement might need to mobilize like never before and converge on Washington, D.C. with a show of support and unity and numbers as never seen before in U.S. history.  Such an impressive and incomparable show of public support might be all that’s needed to quell the brewing Democrat insurgency.  It will also serve to put the cowardly liberals in their proper place, especially those hidden manipulators who are stoking the flames of insurrection.         

A Civil War, a Second American Revolution or Both

Some are calling this ongoing soft coup a prelude to a full-blown civil war; others refer to it as the Second American Revolution against the tyrannical U.S. Federal Government that was purposefully created by the Obama and Bush administrations since September 11th, 2001.

There is no question that the present phase of hostilities was initiated by the Soros-Obama-Clinton faction which essentially represents the seditious face of Deep State.  Deep State is the monolithic and all-pervasive rubric under which the globalist New World Agenda is being executed worldwide—24/7.

Key Point: Deep State is no respecter of national sovereignty; nor does it have any loyalty to any principle or people except globalization and the homogenization of populations across the planet.  It’s primary goal is a New World Order overseen by an One World Government (OWG) which the agents of Deep State (DS) aim to foist on the world community of nations.

Given their fatally flawed agenda, it’s obvious that the United States of America is an essential cog in their machine.  As the military arm of the New World Order, the USA is absolutely necessary to the black operations and running of Deep State; otherwise, DS is but a paper tiger.  Hence, such an OWG harebrained scheme can only be accomplished with the total commitment of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Which is why there is now both a revolution and civil war evolving on parallel tracks at the same time in real time.

As a matter of fact, the Soros-funded, Obama-led, Clinton-inaugurated civil war (also known as the Purple Revolution) is being instigated to short-circuit the authentic rebellion of We the People against Deep State and its horrific creation known as the Obamanation. This is an extremely important point [in brackets] which must be understood by every American patriots.  [There is a HUGE difference between the seditious Purple Revolution against the nation and the We the People revolution against Deep State.]  <—Again, This is a VERY IMPORTANT POINT

Special Note:
For anyone who is uninitiated in this realm of revolutions and civil wars, the following post should be read and understood. Former CIA Officer Robert David Steele Lays Out The Purple Revolution Plan  For those who prefer an audio-visual format, the YouTube that follows can be viewed and/or listened to. Former CIA officer: Flynn fired over high-level DC pedophile list  The bottom line here folks is that we are entering an extraordinary period of tumult and volatility.  The previously mentioned 120-day window of insurrection opportunity for Deep State is perhaps the most dangerous since the American Revolutionary War.  Yes, it’s that precarious a quagmire which both sides are acutely of. And Pizzagate is the Trump card that can used to avert a violent takeover by the POTUS.[1]


We the People have been sufficiently forewarned.

The Purple Revolution has been completely exposed as the treasonous enterprise that it truly is.

May Day has been predicted as a defining moment of the subversive the Purple Revolution led by Obama, Clinton and Soros.

Deep State has been revealed as a treacherous and dangerous global entity which can only exist with a perpetual war economy established planetwide.

With these realizations, it is imperative that We the People respond quickly and appropriately to these looming threats and dire eventualities.

Between now and the next installment in this series, every patriot ought to contemplate their unique role in this ongoing Second American Revolution.  There is no way out of this epochal conflict; We the People must pass through it with an indomitable spirit and unwavering resolve.

And President Donald J. Trump must proceed with all deliberate speed to really “Make America Great Again”.  His secret formula for accomplishing this noble endeavor: The 3 Pillars of Deep State Must Be Knocked Down Post Haste

State of the Nation
February 19, 2017

Author’s Note

The following exposé explains how the Purple Revolution is being staffed, as well as its direct connection to Pizzagate.  This critical piece of their plan must be understood by the patriots so that they know what they are really dealing with.
The Critical Connection Between Pizzagate and the Purple Revolution

Editor’s Note

For those who question the all-out war between the Trump Administration and the MSM, the video and article below ought to erase all doubt.

VIDEO: Trump calls media ‘enemy of the American people’

Donald Trump savages media at Florida rally


[1] DHS Insider Blows PedoGate Wide Open! “Arrests Coming”–Only A Matter Of Time!

Required Reading

The C.I.A. And Deep State Conspiracy Finally Exposed

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DEEP STATE Fired NSA General Michael Flynn


The Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down — ASAP!

MAINSTREAM MEDIA: The True Enemy Of The People

MAY DAY! MAY DAY! MAY DAY! | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today

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  • Deep State is a foreign entity. Not American. It is a vital interest for Americans to know who they really are..

    • Who/what is the Deep State?

      Here’s my take…

      It’s a tax payer funded association of unelected, high level bureaucrats employed by the U.S. military, the intelligence agencies and the private banking cartel operating a criminal conspiracy in partnership with the MSM to protect and expand the corporate interests of the banking and defense industries world wide.

      Its goal is global dominance; its creed is that the-end-justifys-any-means so that neither moral or ethical considerations are relevant to the goal. Its ruthless ambition renders such considerations to be a sign of weakness.

      This Deep State, or shadow government, has operated for decades and had a lot of practice destroying foreign governments which refused to submit and bend their knee. Now the focus has turned onto the Americans because this electorate has had the audacity to elect a President quite unlike the other puppets who were shuffled in and out of that office every few years while the shadow government operated continuously and unabated.

      Call it karma or call it divine justice or whatever floats your boat, but get ready to face the wrath of this monster that President Trump has now offended.

      • Amuzza

        Call it karma or call it divine justice or whatever floats your boat, but get ready to face the wrath of this monster that President Trump has now offended.

        The wrath of that monster is held in check, because that monsters master has already bent a knee to our Lord, the one true God. And speaking of wrath! Perhaps we will be lucky enough to experience it first hand.
        Be sure that you carry the mark of the one true God at that time or your future will not be to bright.

    • Phd

      Check your medication then see your shrink ASAP….

      There is No Such Things As ” Deep State ” THERE IS ONLY DEEP SHIT “……

      You have over the last 70 years been led into the trap of FAILED STATE OF DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST LIBERAL MULTICULTURISM by your rulers the NWO….

      You have over that period given up all your civil rights and your brains to the Satanic New World Order…
      You have been and are under full Satanic Zionist control at this time…
      America has exploited the world with wars and financial control at the behest of the NWO 666
      to force ” Change : on the world….

      There is coming a war call it what you will, a 3rd world war, Armaggedon where a 3rd of the E

  • jdp….Trump wins over deep state, why…because he has 1 God on his side, 2. the Military, 3, the CIA, His directors are now in charge. every false allegation will be seen by all the sinking ship is the MSM AND DEEP STATE TOGETHER THEY BOTH WILL FAIL JUST LIKE THEY DID IN THE PRIMARIES AND THE ELECTION. SO KEEP LOOKING UP GOD IS LOOKING DOWN AT THE FOOLISHNESS TAKING PLACE.

    • Trumps.

      Yeah! Plus he’s a casino magnate, has been divorced three times, and loves to sue.

    • Phd

      Boetie ~ that 100% Proof Moonshine Has Cooked Your Brain rather smoke some Gunja…

      Freemasons like Trump only worship Satan and themselves…..

  • This article is right on. The NWO , globalism, deep state, pizzagate, pedogate, satanic cult, purple revolution,
    there sure are alot of creatures in in the DC swamp. These are all Americans, traitors, but the people who
    control them are not all Americans. President Trump and Vlad Putin are a direct threat to the NWO, thats why
    those two get such good press. They could slow the globalist for another 10 years.

  • Outstanding, succinct explanation of our present state of affairs. We are in a state of war for our very survival. It is time to consider decapitation of the snake……..why do good people always want to dance with venomous snakes ? Stop dancing with them.

    • Those who make up the head of this snake need to be Ranger Fixed !

  • Wow..This is very important information and it’s a damn shame that very few people in Our nation will ever know about it!
    I’m going to PIN it and see how far it will go.

  • Phd





    • Man, WTF are you trying to say??? You sound like a complete moron.

    • Another frickin NUT JOB!

    • HA HA HA! Some faggy English guy is here to tell us how it is. Europe has bent over for the NWO but, this guy is here to tell us what a mistake we have made.

      • I think he’s South African (?)

        • Either way, sounds like a fkn D-bag.

          • Phd

            Hey Poesgesig make a sexual departure ie Fuck Off and die….

        • I think he’s gay

          • A gay South African d-bag Brit moron nut job?

            No wonder he hates The Donald.

          • He can go ahead and hate our president. In the end no one will give a rat’s azz about the bullchit he babbles, sorta like a “fart in a thunderstorm”. Thats why he is flaming out on BIN. lmao

  • The people that support trump are just as misguided as the Obama supporters were and still are. Facism is never the solution to communism. The only way to break out of this stupid cycle is to shrink the government down to its constitutional limits or as close to that as possible. Building a wall and deporting millions will not solve a damn thing and only makes trump and his supporters look like Nazi pricks. He said he was for being friends with Russia yet recently said that putin should turn over crimea to the Ukraine and implied that Russia invade and stole it. 9-11 is still getting covered up over 16 years ago and counting and he said the Saudis did it, not that it was an inside job. I could care less about the Clintons when bush and cheney are still walking free and the war on terror continues. If there was evidence and intent to pursue pizzagate pedophilia they would have already done that, but as always a perpetual waiting game.

    Trump used to be a democrat and donated lots of money to the Clinton foundation as well being friends with them. How does someone at the age of 70 become a republican and why are people stupid enough to believe it? Not that most republicans believe in small government enough to implement it anyway, but at least they are not commies and facists.

    Only 2% of the American population has been voting for libertarians and greens since these two “smaller parties” came into existence. Yes media is sold-out alright since they ignore/badmouth these “smaller parties”, since wars are constant because of propaganda, etc……….but trump’s claims of false media have no basis. Just a distraction to discredit the truth.

    • Where was your outrage when Obama deported 2.5 million illegals. Illegals – did you forget to mention that part or does it just suit your narrative to gloss over certain details?

      False media…

      “The HuffPost presidential forecast model gives Democrat Hillary Clinton a 98.2 percent chance of winning the presidency. Republican Donald Trump has essentially no path to an Electoral College victory.”

      … has no basis how exactly?

      • You missed my point entirely. Deporting illegals and building walls(which no country does) solves nothing in the long run. There is a demand for them by business to circumvent minimum wage laws, Obamacare contributions, collective bargaining union wages, affirmative action hiring quotas, epa regulations, social security contributions, disability and unemployment contributions, etc. Too many taxes and too many regulations cause recessions/depressions which lead to their demand. It also leads to outsourcing of jobs. Just because the democrats did it, which I was not aware of those numbers, does not mean trump should do it too. Shrinking the government solves everything, its really that simple.

        Yes the media was lying about trump’s chances of winning, but how exactly is that an important issue in relation to what I discussed above? People are falling victim to controlled opposition trump thinking he is the real deal. I hope I get proved wrong and that he turns out to be a good president, as I don’t have an ego complex, but the signs thus far are not encouraging.

        • I agree regarding reducing the size of government, particularly the bureaucracy, as well as immigrant labour being used to chip away at wage levels. Deporting illegals is a good place to start the push back in my opinion.

          However it was the UAW not immigrants that ruined Detroit.

          Then you said false news has no basis and that i disagree with entirely.

          • Yes unions that practice collective bargaining really destroyed the automobile industry in America. What companies still manufacture in America use robots to do away with unnecessary payroll expenses and no whining, lol.

            The only illegals that should be deported are the latino gang members that are involved in racketeering and collect welfare. Giving them drivers licenses and allowing them to vote was certainly a stupid move on behalf of governor brown of California. Illegals should NEVER be legalized. Looking the other way with hard working latinos that work a few years and go back to their country to invest is tolerable though until the beuracracy gets limited first.

            There is tons of hidden inflation in the economy. The dollar has lost its purchasing power and only stays afloat thanks to the petro-dollar scheme, hence why we kiss Saudi Arabian ass so much. Its pathetic!

        • As far as no countries building border walls…

          … what about these 7 nation states?

          • Only seven cities/territories/nations have border walls in a world of 196 nations. And nearly all of those listed have short areas to cover, nothing like the American-Mexican border.

            I stand corrected………BARELY!

            Just like ron paul said, cut their welfare off and instead of jailing gang members deport them. The rest of the illegals are doing the American economy a big favor.

          • My, my, how quickly you went from “none” to “barely any”. In fact i didn’t even see you blink on the flip flop.

            I’ll grant you big kudos anyway, Godzilla, because you’re at least willing to consider other opinions which is more than can be said about the vast majority of BINNERS.

            What exactly do you mean by doing the American economy a big favour? Could it be how the illegals are so fond of sending their spare money back to their own country? Psst, it’s the best part of 25 billion greenbacks per annum.

          • Thanks for the kudos. I am not here to focus on trivial differences, I prefer real substance. I would rather America not have any illegal immigrants within its borders, but big government makes it difficult for business to operate by following all the laws and paying so many taxes. Hence by hiring illegals you avoid all this trouble and keep your business afloat. I never though it would be rocket science for so many people. Of course trump focused on middle class America, aka the working class, not the business class. This is the reason libertarians get 1% of the vote, republicans get a little less than half and the rest go to the democrats. Slobs prefer socialism! Happy…probably not! I guess I support scab labor, lol. Last time I checked America was supposed to be a capitalist country though. People who go into business want to make a profit, not break even or go bankrupt.

            Also the hard working Mexicans work their butt off rather than sell drugs and collect welfare like blacks do. :lol: I could care less if people take offense with my politically incorrect posts. :wink:

          • Was it Obama deporting 2.5 million illegals that was trivial or was it the US25 billion that immigrants squirrel out of the country? Neither seem trivial to me but America ain’t my country so what would i know.

            The reason i’m even interested, in these types of articles, is the fact that my country, New Zealand, is hell bent on going down the exact same path and we’re currently giving our manufacturing jobs to 3rd world sh*tholes hand over fist.

            As far as socialism goes; was there ever a paragon of that system worthy of envy?

        • Deporting illegals and building walls(which no country does)

          Are you just STUCK ON STUPID!?!?!?

          • You are a flaming retard. Trying reading the entire post before posting knee jerk reaction type posts. I made the point that no country has any walls on its border and someone pointed me to 7 MINOR exceptions out of 196 countries.

    • you are full of crap!

  • Trump is not against the elite, he is one of them, he is a master mason, it’s more correct to say:he is against the anti-human globalists, satanic filthy power-hungry ones who have no ethics, self serving parasites. There is a war raging in the top where the result will determine the fate of the human race: will we take back our sovregnity and fix our planet and then going elsewhere in the universe meeting our creator or rotting like rats eating eachother on our prison planet,
    Now the 100 .0000 dollar question: who is playing HAARP over the US NOW?

      • I won’t, on the other hand you shouldn’t have any problem getting there thanks to your NSA badge :mrgreen: I must have been very close to the truth that your majesty honored me with your comment :razz:

        • Baseless accusations do not an argument make, medtes, so how about stumping up some evidence that HAARP is functioning anywhere other than Alaska and perhaps dispense with the false dichotomy while you’re about it.

          Oh and for future reference you should capitalize “Majesty” when you address me.

          • His accusations of HAARP are not baseless. HAARP does plenty of weather modification and then blames it on so called climate change so they can add more taxes.

            Also there was no false dichotomy in what he said. What he meant was that trump is part of the elite but turned on them and wants to make America great again. I don’t agree with him on that anymore, but I did a few months ago.

          • Then what is the basis, Godzilla, all i see here is empty rhetoric. Got any evidence of HAARP ever producing statistically viable weather modification?

            Oh and just so you know the baseless accusation, i was talking about, was calling me an NSA shill but whatever. Plus the false dichotomy was claiming my comment gave validity to his argument.

            You’re batting 0 for 2 there so you best be cracking into the HAARP question, if you don’t mind, and i’ll let you know when i need help understanding what other folks have to say.

      • Even Auschwitz has open days,but that doesn’t prove what was supposed to have happened there.

        • I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, ecclesiatical, but agree entirely that the Auschwitz Meusem does not prove what was supposed to have happened there especially considering the so called gas chambers and crematorium were reconstructed, in 1948, from nothing more than the potentially/intentionally flawed memories of a handful of survivors.

          My point, which you may have missed if you didn’t read the article i linked to, was that folk imagining HAARP is used for weather manipulation or mind control experiments are cordially invited to go check it out and ask questions of the scientists in charge.

          • No I did not read the article you linked.
            My point was that they will only allow you to see what fits their agenda.

          • To a degree, ecclesiatical, but the truth is like a lion, there’s no need to defend it, just release it and it will defend itself.

            What i’m trying to say, in my ham fisted way, is you and i both seem to have seen through the holohoax which is as good a place as any to start.

          • I am not defending the truth.
            I`m just attacking the lies!

          • Did i say that you were, ecclesiatical, or are you just being a little oversensitive/defensive?

            Anyway, for what little it’s worth, you have my full support for attacking the lies. Keep it up and more power to you.

  • Since the United States of America corporation basically only covers DC…those ten square miles and legally not beyond those ten square miles in regards to the corporate constitution……WHY on earth cant a sitting president step outside those ten square miles and declare the original constitution is the true document of these united states. The constitution does not give specific locations for congress to meet so make them meet in Virginia or Philadelphia for instance and declare the original constitution as the rule of law. Can this be done??? Oftentimes there are loopholes just waiting to be used. So the corporate constitution can only rule in DC and the country is ruled from elsewhere. Giving us back our sovereignty. Any thoughts???????????

    • my two cents – even a president would be wise to use caution when confronting so many deep & various problems within the U.S.

      Trump’s a smart man, hopefully he’s using his wiles to dismantle this mess one brick at a time, rather than trying to demolish the entire “pyramid” in one go – otherwise it may just come crashing down upon EVERYONE, the world over

  • This “War of the Titans” will eventually pit the Kraaken (Washington DC swamp) vs. a Medusa (?) and somebody is going to be turned in STONE. A titan to stop a titan. Yeah Baybay!!!

  • Watch this and help defeat the NWO!
    Christ Wants His Stone:

  • The Next Big Thing

    Say goodbye to being abused online. Come see likeminded folks and kickback. We talk about what matters and we also take care of what matters with each other. A community is only as strong as it users are.

    Go check them out.

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  • They will never ‘oust’ Trump.

  • Big trouble coming. I sincerely sympathize with people who are affected by violence wherever it occurs; but I use this opportunity to alert readers to the fact that during the 1970’s and 1980’s sinister and secretive international agencies directed the CIA and British secret agents in their campaign to cause chaos in South Africa. As that was happening, the rest of the world joined in as cheerleaders. Most people in the USA and Western world were not interesting in knowing that part of their tax payments was used to fund the overthrow of the national government of SA and put Nelson Mandela’s black government in power. The revolutionary model that these international agencies applied and perfected in South Africa and South America is now being used to create chaos in the USA. Sorry if this offends readers who are now affected by violence, but what goes around comes around; You reap what you sow!

  • May is the Month of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    May is National Electric Safety Month – United States.

    May is National Smile Month – United Kingdom.

    May is Jewish American Heritage Month – United States

    May is National Stroke Awareness Month – United States

    May is National Water Safety Month – United States

  • Now, not only are we supposedly having a so-called revolution, get this…… it’s PURPLE.

  • Start arresting the leaders of these organizations and their funders like George Soros, charge them with sedition.

  • Solution: today-now, start and build a global major TV network run by conservatives. Allow all alternative media
    to provide the public the truth. Must overcome Facebook, Google NBC, CBS and ABC and news papers run by the deep state. PROBLEM-SOLUTION.

  • Deep state is funded by big pharma that includes processed poppies ex-Afghanistan and processed coca leafs ex-Colombia. Until the funding dries up, there will be no let down in their attempts to implement the OWG.

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