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MORAL PANIC Sweeps The East!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017 12:29
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(Before It's News)

I set out a tweet yesterday that has sparked a conversation:

Why is this happening? Why are Nazis suddenly being spotted everywhere? Why are so many people in the East dressing up like vaginas and holding “die-ins” in the streets? It seems like large swathes of the United States are in the grips of a mania which perplex the rest of us.

Allow me to speculate:

1.) First, the most obvious reason is because President Donald Trump won the 2016 election, and in doing so he broke the power of the ruling establishment which had united against him. Consider how they hit President Trump with hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads that invoked all the familiar -isms and -phobias. They spent countless hours trashing him on cable television and in print accusing him of violating the norms of political correctness and it didn’t work. These people are a clerical class who have lost their legitimacy. They are unable to keep the masses spellbound anymore.

2.) Second, the fake news Lügenpresse is concentrated in the Acela Corridor, and it is hardly a secret that an extremely disproportionate number of Jews work in the mainstream news media. It is highly taboo to talk about it, but we got to be honest about the situation. It’s true that Jews are controlling the media. We can argue all day about the extent of their power and influence over the media, but they are the dominant force in the media. These Jewish media elites are freaking out because Trump has roused the fury of White Christian America in the Heartland. It’s Nazi Germany all over again!

So what we have is this small tribe of people with a history that goes back thousands of years who sit at the apex of elite culture producing institutions in the United States – a result of 20th century liberalism and meritocracy – and everything that happens on any given day in the news cycle is filtered, refracted, interpreted and broadcasted back at us from the East through the prism of their own perspective. As a result of their dominance in the mass media, they are the custodians of the Narrative and right now we have bunch of neurotic Jews having a nervous breakdown.

Is it anti-Semitic to say it? We don’t care. That’s what is going on and it is what is driving this moral panic about Nazis everywhere. We should tell the truth in all situations.

3.) Third, the rest of the country is starting to perceive that the East is a peculiar regional culture. We watch the events unfolding on television in the East, as well as on the West Coast where Eastern culture has been transplanted, and we shake our heads. WTF is wrong with these people?

Southerners have long recognized The Yankee Problem in America:

“To fully understand what the Yankee is today — builder of the all-powerful “multicultural” therapeutic state (with himself giving the orders and collecting the rewards) which is the perfection of history and which is to be exported to all peoples, by guided missiles on women and children if necessary — we need a bit more real history. …

The highflying Yankee rhetoric of Emerson and Hillary Rodham Clinton has a nether side, which has its historical origins in the “Burnt Over District.” The “Burnt Over District” was well known to antebellum Americans. Emersonian notions bore strange fruit in the central regions of New York State settled by the overflow of poorer Yankees from New England. It was “Burnt Over” because it (along with a similar area in northern Ohio) was swept over time and again by post-millennial revivalism. Here preachers like Charles G. Finney began to confuse Emerson’s future state of perfection with Christianity, and God’s plan for humanity with American chosenness.

If this were true, then anything that stood in the way of American perfection must be eradicated. The threatening evil at various times was liquor, tobacco, the Catholic Church, the Masonic order, meat-eating, marriage. Within the small area of the Burnt Over District and within the space of a few decades was generated what historians have misnamed the “Jacksonian reform movement:” Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormon from the Angel Moroni; William Miller began the Seventh Day Adventists by predicting, inaccurately, the end of the world; the free love colony of John Humphrey Noyes flourished at Oneida; the first feminist convention was held at Seneca Falls; and John Brown, who was born in Connecticut, collected accomplices and financial backers for his mass murder expeditions.

It was in this milieu that abolitionism, as opposed to the antislavery sentiment shared by many Americans, including Southerners, had its origins. Abolitionism, despite what has been said later, was not based on sympathy for the black people nor on an ideal of natural rights. It was based on the hysterical conviction that Southern slaveholders were evil sinners who stood in the way of fulfillment of America’s divine mission to establish Heaven on Earth. It was not the Union that our Southern forefathers seceded from, but the deadly combination of Yankee greed and righteousness.

Most abolitionists had little knowledge of or interest in black people or knowledge of life in the South. Slavery promoted sin and thus must end. No thought was given to what would happen to the African-Americans. In fact, many abolitionists expected that evil Southern whites and blacks would disappear and the land be repopulated by virtuous Yankees.

The darker side of the Yankee mind has had its expression in American history as well as the side of high ideals. Timothy McVeigh from New York and the Unabomber from Harvard are, like John Brown, examples of this side of the Yankee problem. (Even though distinguished Yankee intellectuals have declared that their violence was a product of the evil “Southern gun culture.”) …”

Yes, Professor Clyde Wilson was right.

The Eastern weirdos are now in the grips of another one of their periodic moral panics. As Professor Wilson explains here, this mindset has a long history in the East and is ultimately rooted in their founding religion. This is the intolerant culture that early on produced the Salem Witch Trials and the Scarlet Letter. The threatening evil that must be eradicated to achieve Yankee moral perfection has changed over the years: tobacco, freemasonry, slavery, segregation, “racism,” alcoholic beverages, “the patriarchy,” etc.

As a Southerner with a sociological bent, it is fascinating for me to watch how the Jewish-dominated Lügenpresse, which didn’t really exist until the mid-20th century, interacts with the East’s indigenous culture, which was imprinted on the descendants of European immigrants by public schools, to produce the hysterical moral panic that I see on my television. The East seems to be going through another transformational moment in its history in the Age of Trump.

The Eastern woman has a certain look about her. It is dour. It is crazy. There is a boldness about her. You’ve likely seen it with your own eyes. Elizabeth Warren is the modern archetype.

Anyway, that’s my best explanation for how we have gone from Richard Spencer is a Nazi to MILO is a Nazi to PewDiePie is a Nazi in less than a month. That’s why I only see it on television. I don’t see any sign of The Resistance around here where White people overwhelmingly voted for Trump.


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