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Is Trump Going to Turn Damascus and Syria into a ‘Ruinous Heap’?

Saturday, April 8, 2017 4:31
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While the ‘Arab Spring’ started all the way back in 2011, in 2017, almost 6 years on, the Assad government continues to hold fast. And not just holding fast, it has actively been beating back the rebels and reclaiming territory. Thus far, the US has limited itself to airstrikes against ISIS operating in Syria (many of whom are the rebels fighting Assad) but it looks like the situation is about to escalate.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at what the options are for a desirable outcome in Syria if Trump determines that a ‘red line’ has been crossed. Traditionally, initial intervention begins with airstrikes and maybe limited Special Operations soldiers on the ground. But there is no way that would be enough to topple the Assad regime, which has already survived much more.

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Even killing Assad probably wouldn’t do it; no the only ‘solution’ is large scale ground invasion. And at this point in time it certainly seems our President is leaning this way. Have we learned nothing from our mistakes in the Middle East?




End of the American Dream reports:

Will a false flag chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib province be the trigger that causes World War 3 to erupt in the Middle East?  

In Part I of this series, I discussed how previous chemical attacks that were blamed on the Assad regime actually turned out to be false flag attacks conducted by Syrian rebels that were absolutely desperate to draw the United States into the Syrian civil war on their side.  

And considering the fact that the Syrian rebels have been consistently losing territory in recent months, they are now more desperate than ever.  

So even though it didn’t work before, they probably figured that a false flag chemical attack was worth one more try, and so far the Trump administration appears to be buying it hook, line and sinker.  

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Trump has called the attack a “terrible affront to humanity”, and he is placing all of the blame on the shoulders of the Assad regime.  But now that Trump has committed the U.S. to take military action in Syria, what is that actually going to look like?He did not want to say in front of the cameras how he plans to respond to the crisis.

 According to the Daily Mail, at this point Trump is not giving any hints as to when or where he will strike Syria…

“I don’t like to say where I’m going and what I’m doing,’ Trump reminded. ‘I watched past administrations say, “We will attack at such-and- such a day, at such-and-such an hour.’

But it isn’t difficult to imagine what Trump may decide to do.  Past presidents have always favored using airstrikes to make a point, and that is what many of the “analysts” on television are recommending.


Unfortunately, there would be great risk in targeting Syrian forces, because contingents from Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and elsewhere are mixed in among the Syrian military.

So could you imagine what it would do to our relations with Russia if airstrikes against the Syrian military resulted in Russian deaths?…

President Trump has several options in Syria, none without great risk. One is military action against Syria’s air force – grounding the helicopters and fixed wing aircraft that are believed to have dropped the deadly agent – and the runways from which they operate. Yes, such strikes risk Russian casualties. But Moscow has consistently blocked U.N. action on Syria but proven unable to contain Mr. Assad’s bad behavior. And President Vladimir Putin would be forewarned. Grounding Syria’s air force, moreover, would help distance Mr. Trump from Mr. Putin, a politically useful benefit at this time.

And even if Trump did conduct airstrikes, there would be a limit as to what they could accomplish.  President Assad would still be in power in Syria, and the Syrian government would still be winning the civil war.

Trump could potentially send in special forces with the intention of assassinating Assad, but that would not necessarily topple the entire regime.

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The truth is that the only way to change the outcome of the war and to guarantee regime change would be to send in U.S. ground forces on a large scale.  And just introducing them into the country would not nearly be enough.  In order to end the war, Trump would have to commit to taking and holding Damascus.

In Isaiah 17, we are told that someday Damascus will be “taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”  Much of the city is already a heap of rubble, but if the U.S. were to start conducting a concentrated bombing campaign against the city it is easy to imagine how the entire city could soon come to resemble a “ruinous heap”.

Of course the toppling of the Assad regime has been the goal all along.  Back in 2011, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hatched a plan along with Saudi Arabia and Turkey to use the “Arab Spring” as an excuse to try to remove Assad from power.  Since 74 percent of the population of Syria is Sunni Muslim, Saudi Arabia and Turkey were very excited about the prospect of dealing Iran a major blow by transforming Syria into a full-fledged Sunni nation.  So Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Arab countries spent billions of dollars supporting and arming the “rebels”, and at first everything was going great.  But then Russia, Iran and Hezbollah all intervened, and now the tide of the war has completely turned.

The only way that the original plan can succeed now is for the United States to enter the war, but with Trump as president nobody thought that was going to happen.

But now this latest chemical attack has changed everything, and Trump appears poised to take military action in Syria.

I don’t know if most Americans understand how dangerous such a move could be.  The Russians are not going to just sit there while U.S. bombs are dropping and their personnel are being killed.  And of course the same thing could be said about Iran and Hezbollah.

Do we really want to risk a potential military confrontation with Russia, Iran and Hezbollah just to make a point in Syria?

To me, that would be exceedingly foolish.

And even more disastrous would be a decision to fully commit the U.S. military to toppling the Assad regime.  That would require going all the way to Damascus, and it is very, very doubtful that the Russians, the Iranians and Hezbollah would just willingly stand aside and allow that to happen.

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For quite a while I have been warning that the situation in Syria could potentially spark World War 3 if everyone was not very, very careful.

If U.S. warplanes try to strike Syrian military positions, the Russians could easily decide to start firing back.

And considering the anti-Russian hysteria that we are already witnessing in Washington D.C., how will our leaders respond when CNN starts showing U.S. aircraft being blown out of the sky by Russian missiles?





Why We Must Oppose the Kremlin-Baiting Against Trump​

Stephen Cohen writes:

The bipartisan, nearly full-political-spectrum tsunami of factually unverified allegations that President Trump has been seditiously “compromised” by the Kremlin, with scarcely any nonpartisan pushback from influential political or media sources, is deeply alarming. Begun by the Clinton campaign in mid-2016, and exemplified now by New York Times columnists (who write of a “Trump-Putin regime” in Washington), strident MSNBC hosts, and unbalanced CNN commentators, the practice is growing into a latter-day McCarthyite hysteria. Such politically malignant practices should be deplored wherever they appear, whether on the part of conservatives, liberals, or progressives.

The allegations are driven by political forces with various agendas: the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party, which wants to maintain its grip on the party by insisting that she didn’t lose the election but that it was stolen by Russian President Vladimir Putin for Trump; by enemies of Trump’s proposed détente with Russia, who want to discredit both him and Putin; and by Republicans and Democrats stunned that Trump essentially ran and won without either party, thereby threatening the established two-party system. Whatever the motivation, the ensuing slurs against Trump, which are already producing calls for his impeachment, pose grave threats to US and international security and to American democracy itself.

So far, no facts have been presented to back up the allegations. (Without facts, all of us are doomed to malpractice or worse.) An impartial investigation might search for such facts, if any exist, which should then be evaluated objectively—but neither may be possible in the current political atmosphere, only a witch hunt.

For now, six allegations pass as evidence that Trump has been compromised, or worse, by the Kremlin:

1. The president has “lavished praise” on Putin. All Trump has said in this regard is that Putin is “a strong leader” and “very smart” and that it would be good “to cooperate with Russia.” These are empirically true statements. They pale in comparison with the warm words of previous US presidents for Russia’s leaders, including those of Franklin Roosevelt about Joseph Stalin, those of Richard Nixon about Leonid Brezhnev, and particularly those of Bill Clinton about Boris Yeltsin, whom Clinton compared favorably to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. Only against the backdrop of the unrelenting US political-media establishment’s demonization of Putin could Trump’s “praise” be considered lavish. Instead, unlike virtually every other mainstream American political figure and media outlet, Trump simply refuses to vilify Putin—declining to characterize him as a “killer” of personal enemies, for which there is also no evidence.

2. Trump and his associates have had, it is charged, business dealings in Russia and with Russian “oligarchs.” Perhaps, but so have many major American corporations, including Boeing, Pfizer, Ford, General Electric, Morgan Stanley, McDonald’s, and Starbucks. Their Russian partners are often “oligarchs.” Moreover, unlike many international hotel corporations, Trump tried but failed to build his signature enterprise in Russia. The “Russian assets” about which his son spoke seem to have been from selling condos and co-ops in the United States to cash-bearing Russians in search of a luxury brand—hardly delegitimizing. It is said that Trump’s tax returns, if revealed, would expose nefarious Russian influence. Perhaps, but considering the financial documents of ownership he has made public, that seems unlikely. Regardless, this remains an allegation, not a fact.

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3. Trump’s “associate” and, briefly, campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is alleged to have been “pro-Russian” when he advised Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, later deposed unconstitutionally during the Maidan “revolution” in February 2014.This makes no sense. A professional political expert, Manafort was presumably well paid, like other American electoral experts hired abroad. But he seems to have urged Yanukovych to tilt toward the ill-fated European Union partnership agreement and away from Russia—as Yanukovych did—in order to win the votes of Ukrainians outside his constituency in southeastern regions. (Yanukovych, whom Putin loathed for this and other reasons, had fallen out of favor with the Kremlin until late 2013.)


4. A “dossier” purporting to show how the Kremlin could blackmail Trump was leaked to CNN and published by BuzzFeed. Compiled by a former British intelligence official in the opposition-research business, its 30-odd pages are a compilation of the innocent, the unverified, and the kind of trash for sale in Moscow and elsewhere. More recently, CNN exclaimed that its own intelligence leakers had “confirmed” some elements of the dossier, but thus far none that actually compromise Trump.

5. The crux of the allegations against Trump was, and remains, that Putin ordered the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and the dissemination of stolen e-mails through WikiLeaks in order to undermine the Clinton campaign and put Trump in the White House. A summary of these “facts” was presented in a declassified report released by the “intelligence community” and widely discussed in January. Though it quickly became axiomatic proof for Trump’s political and media enemies, almost nothing in the report is persuasive. About half are “assessments” based on surmised motivations, not factual evidence of an actual Kremlin operation on Trump’s behalf. The other half is standard whining about the Kremlin-funded television network RT, which is at worst an above-average “propaganda” outlet. Moreover, a number of American cyber-experts insist that Russian state hackers would have left no fingerprints, as US intelligence officials claim they had. Indeed, the group Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity believes that the DNC documents were not hacked but rather leaked by an insider. If so, this had nothing to do with Russia. (The CIA and the FBI were “highly confident” about the report’s findings, but the National Security Agency, which alone has the capacity to fully monitor e-mails, was only “moderately confident.”) Still more, at his final presidential press conference, Barack Obama referred to the DNC scandal as a leak and said he didn’t know WikiLeaks’ exact role in the scandal—this despite the allegations by his own intelligence agencies. Nor is it clear that Putin so favored the erratic Trump that he would have taken such a risk. Judging from debates in Kremlin-connected Russian newspapers, there was serious doubt as to which US candidate might be best—or least bad—for Russia.

DO NOT MISS: Intelligence Proves Susan “YouTube” Rice Initiated Spying on Trump’s Team (Video)

6. Finally, there is the firing of Gen. Michael Flynn as Trump’s national-security adviser for having communicated with the Russian ambassador about the sanctions imposed by Obama just before he left the White House and Trump was inaugurated. So far as is actually known, Flynn did nothing unprecedented or incriminating. Communications, including meetings, between representatives of US presidents-elect and foreign capitals, particularly Moscow, have been “common practice” over the years, according to Jack Matlock, ambassador to Russia for Presidents Reagan and Bush; Matlock had previously arranged meetings in Moscow for President-elect Carter’s transition team. Moreover, Obama’s own Russia adviser, Michael McFaul, told The Washington Post recently that he visited Moscow in 2008, even before that year’s election, for talks with Russian officials. The Post implied that this was “appropriate contact.” So, it seems, was Flynn’s, though perhaps inept. Indeed, if Flynn’s purpose was to persuade the Kremlin not to overreact to Obama’s last-minute sanctions, which were accompanied by a highly provocative threat to launch a cyber-attack on Moscow, his urging was wise and in America’s national interest.

In fact, it is not Putin who is threatening American democracy, but rather these Kremlin-baiting allegations against President Trump. It is not Putin who is endangering US and international security, but rather the high-level political and intelligence enemies of détente. 

DO NOT MISS: My Interview with a Former NSA Operative on Today’s Events (Video)

Similarly, it is not Putin who is degrading the US media with “fake news.” Nor is it Putin who is subverting the American political process, but rather the US intelligence leakers who are at war against their own president.

DO NOT MISS: Mainstream Media Spread “Fake News” 76 Times Trump’s First 3 Weeks (Video)

President Eisenhower eventually stopped Joseph McCarthy. Who will stop the new McCarthyism before it spreads further into the “soul of democracy,” so revered by liberals and progressives? Facts might do so. But in lieu of facts, there are only professional ethics, decency, and patriotism.

As I discussed in Part I, there is very little for the U.S. to gain by going to war in Syria.  Unless it can be shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Assad regime is actually using chemical weapons, the Trump administration should not even be thinking about military action, because getting the U.S. military involved in the Syrian civil war would be absolutely disastrous.

So let us pray for peace, and let us hope that cooler heads will prevail.








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