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Obama Is Officially the White House Turd That Refuses to Flush (Video)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 11:16
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(Before It's News)

Apparently two terms in the White House isn’t enough; former-President Obama, who should be enjoying a cushy taxpayer-funded retirement somewhere, continues to actively try to undermine the Trump administration. With the Democrats putting up roadblocks for many of President Trump’s appointees, the White House remains infested with Obama’s former staffers who continue to leak information back to their former boss.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at how a combination of former Obama staffers and other activist groups left over from his election machinery, such as the OFA, are leaking information out of the White House and organizing the constant protests that are disrupting the country. This is not surprising of course, as President Trump’s policies will undo many of the failed policies of the Obama administration; many of which he considers to be his legacy.


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The Angry Patriot Movement reports:

Trump is not holding back in explaining what a menace Barack Obama has become. Liberals mocked Trump’s view as irrational and delusional, but he is absolutely right!

Barack Obama is the leader behind the hordes of liberal protesters and whining millennial snowflakes, President Trump said. Obama’s top aides are still in place inside the new administration because the Democrats have not yet approved all of Trump’s appointment nominees.

The Obama loyalists are spying on Trump administration staffers, and it must end now. It’s time to clean house.

“I think that President Obama’s behind it because his people are certainly behind it,” President Trump said about the protests. “And some of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leaks – which are very serious leaks because they’re very bad in terms of national security.”

A wide range of liberal groups appear to be behind the organized protests and townhall disruptions. Some of the far left activist groups include Obama’s primary backer, Organizing For Action, the Center for American Progress, the SEIU, and

President Trump said he does not expect either the leaks or the protests to stop any time soon. As long as Obama spies are lurking about the White House, the leaks, often filled with false or misleading information, will continue. “I’m not really surprised because I understand the way the world works. It’s politics. I mean I’m changing things that he’s wanted to do,” President Trump also said.

Obama is still the superstar of the Democrat Party. He wields A LOT of power over the actions of its members and supporters.

Liberals are blissfully unaware of their own hypocrisy when mocking Trump over his views about Obama still pulling the strings of his former staffers.

They are quick to point out Obama is not even IN the White House but trotting around the globe with Michelle to exotic locales. Liberal claims that Obama cannot be in command of the staff while physically away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is a direct contradiction to many prior statements made about their beloved leader.

When Obama was off on yet another vacation, out for yet more rounds of golf and rubbing elbows with his fellow elites after making a fundraiser speech somewhere in the U.S., liberals claimed Obama could remain in constant contact and control over the White House and the country from anywhere via the use of modern technology.

President Trump is not alone in his assessment of Obama’s power over the leaks and protesting hordes. A former senior intelligence official told Fox News he feels ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, among others, are linked to the anti-Trump leaks coming out of the administration.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) sat down with Sean Hannity along with Reps. Jordan, Meadows and Brat to share reaction to President Donald Trump’s Joint Session Address. They noted the strong tone of the speech and discussed the proposal to repeal Obamacare, as well as, a plan for Congress to help President Trump lead.







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  • Obama’s been fully accepted by the Church as well as his homo agenda and all the anti-Christian values he spews.
    Trump can’t be the Antichrist.
    He’s not marked by 666 like Obama is.
    There’s no denying Obama’s the Antichrist: the truth is in front of our eyes.
    My proof is ironclad and no one can argue it: on the day of Obama’s victory-celebration, the lottery in his homestate drew the Number of the Antichrist 666 and that cannot be a chance event but is clearly a heaven-sent miracle.
    Obama’s the Antichrist and I’m the Messiah: pass this on.

    Ignore the demonic shills trolling the comments and who work for pay from Obama, who is the actual Biblical Devil.

    • Right – somewhere on earth a local lotto pick or a cash register receipt came up 666 on the day Trump was inaugurated. Your thesis is ridiculous.

      • Actually the winning lottery for the Chicago pick three was 666 the day after Obama won his first election. I looked it up and found this to be true. If you would stop being an asshole and take the time to do the smallest amount of research you would see this is true and you wouldn’t look like such a fool.

        • I KNOW that. My point is that somewhere in the world 666 came up on the day of Trumps inauguration. IT MEANS NOTHING! Try to get some reading comprehension.

          • Big difference between 666 coming up in Chicago, considered Obama’s home town, and 666 coming up “somewhere on earth” your ignorant POS. You really are a fucking moron if you can’t see the difference so stick your comprehension up your retarded ass.

          • You mean you didnt know that? WTF is wrong with you?

            And HOW DARE YOU question our resident Nut Job Messiah, KOS!

          • Mindblown – you need to get back on your meds. Chicago ISN’T Trumps home town – so 666 in Chicago means NOTHING!

          • - I meant Chicago isn’t Obama’s home town

      • You mean you didnt know that? WTF is wrong with you?

    • Trump along with patriotic Americans will restore the Republic.

      • You are as thoroughly brainwashed as the Obama left. There is no political solution. The NWO powers will just keep bouncing you back and forth from one extreme to the other. All the way to world domination.

        • b4

          more bullshit from just pee the trump hater on a mission from hell doing satan’s bidding while talking about the bible–bible in one hand,.45 in the other willing to kill anybody who disagrees–a true agent of satan

          • So your against guns and the Bible? You sound like a raving left wing liberal to me.

        • fake ass

    • I’ve told you before, you’re not the messiah, you’re a very naughty boy :lol:

    • Admit it KOS, you love Obama. I heard a rumor you wanted to name your first 5 kids after him!

  • Oh right more ramblings from king shamblewhatever we all know why he did it….cause he’s black! That’s right I said it! The truth hurts deal with it! :mad:

  • That turd would go down if you’d all let go of it.

  • obama the TURD. Trump said to drain the swamp. He should of said to FLUSH THIS TURD OUT!! :lol:

  • I think Trump has not taken a legal stance on Obama because Trump really does NOT know YET who he can literally trust. Plus there would be such a spiteful nasty defiant backlash by the dems that congress would get nothing done. But eventually the snake needs to be shoved off a cliff or something.

  • Leaks can be used to Trumps advantage, they pose a threat to the security of the country. Theres nothing saying that leaks aren’t being passed onto other countries. There shouldn’t be leaks, if theres an organised cartel of leakers then they shouldn’t just be punished but suffer the fate that any other spy would face.

    • I’m surprised theres no law against using your position to your advantage, like furthering your career. Maybe I should get a job in a bank and leak info, seems to be legal.

  • I think I have his theme song here now (just put the lyrics to the Scarecrow’s theme song from the Wizard of Oz) ; ” With his bitchin’ and his monin’ and his lyin’ and his gronin’ he’s not a man of his word . All the thoughts he was thinkin’ , could have been another Lincoln…..if he wasn’t such a TURD” !!! :lol:

  • It’s about those calliper scars on obummas head.

    We’re advised by an unnamed source that they date back to the very day of his birth.

    Apparently they had a hard time getting him out of there too.

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