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CNN Just Got Destroyed Big League, No More Interviews??? (Video)

Monday, January 30, 2017 16:29
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(Before It's News)

As I said in a prior post titled, More Fake News! Why Do They Refuse to be Honest, it’s becoming more and more clear with each passing day, that members of the mainstream media are either 1) no longer capable of discerning what is real, and what is fiction, or 2) they think we’re as gullible as they are, and that we actually believe the nonsense they are pushing out.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, then for Americans to keep on thinking that the mainstream media will come to its senses one day, and suddenly begin to conduct themselves with an ounce of journalistic integrity, is totally insane. Until the day comes when dishonest members of the mainstream media are held accountable for their lies and their reckless relationship with the truth, we may not get much honesty out of them. With that said, is it possible that day has finally arrived? Perhaps. As you’re about to learn, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond just had a recent request for an interview rejected handedly, and the reason why is priceless…





Red State Watcher reports:

Now that CNN has been labeled Fake News by President Donald Trump, interviews are a much more difficult to get. Here’s the response from Sheriff Clarke’s office to CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond when the reporter asked for an interview…


Young Conservatives writes:

CNN is beyond parody at this point.

Right now they’re mad at President Trump for keeping his campaign promises.

For real.

It’s almost like they’re trying to tell us they love big government and career politicians or something.

From CNN:

Forget the first 100 days. It’s only been a week and Donald Trump is reinventing the presidency.

Amid a torrent of action, disruption and protest, the new President’s moves on trade, immigration and foreign policy have honored his campaign promises — and dramatically reshaped Washington’s role in national and global affairs.

Some things are clear at the end of this jarring week. Trump won’t have an epiphany and suddenly embrace Beltway conventions. As president, he will keep conjuring his own reality and is happy to use the backdrop of the White House to advance his many rhetorical wars.

His staff is learning how to work together as they jockey for power. And amid it all, Trump still manages to surprise: Lawmakers and business leaders say the larger than life president and former reality show star listens more than he talks.

But his unorthodox style is also raising questions about whether a presidency built on creative destruction will simply exhaust the political system. Trump’s conveyer belt of executive orders is an effective symbolic device, but they are noticeably lacking in details and actionable plans. Sooner or later, he will have to show proficiency in the harder task of shepherding his agenda through Congress.

Trump’s first week in office leaves one fundamental question in its wake: Can he successfully govern a complicated and divided country without bringing his erratic behavior under control? For now, there is no answer.

But the determination to keep campaign promises is verging on an obsession inside the Trump White House.

Sorry, CNN.

Trump’s main sticking point was that he’d honor his promises and that he wasn’t a politician.

Don’t worry, though.

When you guys grow up you’ll see that conservative policies work and liberal policies don’t.






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  • Shut CNN completely down. Turn off their transmitters.
    The MSM has been lying to us since the time Barry Goldwater ran for presodent. I was in aprescpt AZ for His kick off speech and I was somaghast at the MSM lies I heard returning home, I left the democratic party. I still have my TV NEWS IS BAD NEWS rubber stamp.

    • Yes – shut them all down and Trump will be the only news source. We’ll call it the Ministry of Truth.

  • The 4th Estate is a 5th Column against the USA.

    • CNN and many other news outlets are totally controlled by the CIA because they actually own them.

  • Acting AG of eastern Virginia, Sally Yates, was just fired for disobeying the law and defying Trump. Finally a real president.

    • So its Do what I say or youre out? Not allowed to have a different opinion? Its the new North Korea.

      • He said throughout the campaign he was going to do it and he did. Yates is making a political statement; she’s out this week and she should have done her job and voiced her concerns rather than make a mess. CNN eats it up because they’re pieces of shit. They run little chucky schumer crying crocodile tears and praise Yates for standing up for the constitution, when she clearly doesn’t know if the EO is legal (by her own admission). It’s beltway politics. She’s already got another job lined up and I’ll even bet she’s getting added incentive for this “Political” stunt.

      • and you stupid as a STUMP!! wake up idiot!!

  • cnn is in denial, just like an alcoholic.. they don’t have the problem, you do! This will not end well for CNN = criminally negligent network!

    • Id just love to see Chris Cuomo and the rest of them filing for UC benefits

    • Just let me hear another one of these shit kicker say that Trump never outlined a plan

  • Well, look at it this way: Every time they dissed Trump when he was running for President he got STRONGER.

  • Boo

    If there is a law you can’t yell fire in a theater when there isn’t one, shouldn’t their be some rule that media that refers to itself as a news outlet shouldn’t be able to incite protests based on propaganda and their unfounded opinions? Certainly the minimum we could do is sanction or fine news outlets every time they misrepresent their subject matter and mislead their viewership.

  • CNN is the epitome of stupidity.

  • Back in the 80′s and 90′s I worked in the News room at a large TV Station. There were good news people reporters and assignment people. Then there was the media groups merging with other stations and laid all the good people off and started turning their backs on news and started to gather fake news every day.

    IN FACT I SAW those devil boards (Ouija boards) and they used them to gather news, from the devil himself,with help of spirits and deamons.

  • Think about what they are truly upset about. Enforcing existing law. We have been so lawless for so long, they act like Trump is imposing some new onerous laws when all he is doing is enforcing laws that are over a hundred years old. They are also protesting national security. Saudi Arabia didn’t take a single refugee out of fear of terrorism, but we are supposed to? These people are legitimately insane. Has anyone ever asked a CNN reporter who created all the refugees? The Nobel Peace Prize winner bombed the crap out of the region disrupting their lives and forcing them to leave. They didn’t say a WORD about that now did they?

  • The Rothchild/Jesuit Pedophile Satanist Bankers, that have hijacked our nation, subverting robbing and murdering the American People, need to be EXECUTED. God no longer bleeds. Crush the serpent’s head.

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