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Breaking New Release: Did the Antichrist Just Secretly Reveal Himself To Israel As Their Messiah? According To Highly Regarded Rabbinical Commentaries, He Did! (Stunning New VIdeo Release)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 17:57
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Has the Antichrist made himself secretly known to the ‘Highly Placed’ people of Israel? It appears he has!


by Lyn Leahz | 4.15.2015

You better open your ears and your eyes, because you’re going to be in a state of shock of what’s coming on this planet.

We’re to usher the coming of the Lord and we’re to win souls. It’s harvest time, it’s the Church’s time. 

The Bible talks about deception in the last days. The church is not ready for what’s happening now. It’s not [happening] next year, it’s happening now. -Pastor Jim Bakker

Has the Antichrist made himself secretly known to the ‘Hightly Placed” people of Israel? It appears he has!

The Zohar is a collection of mystical rabbinical commentaries on the Torah. According to Jewish scholars, there is a 700 year old prophecy from the Orthodox Priests who said that following th eyear 2012 Rome would be destroyed. In the year 2012 the Messiah (remember they didn’t accept Jesus, so their Messiah is the Antichist) would make himself secretly known to the Rabbis in Israel that are watching for him, and then over a period of a few years, he will start making himself known all over the world.

If that prophecy is true and ‘somoene’ has revealed himself in Jerusalem, (and there are many highly regarded Rabbis who revere the Zohar), this could explain why all of a sudden the altar has just been built and dedicated for the sacrifices, why there is a new call for the building of a third temple, and even members of the Knesset are talking about returning prayers to the Temple Mount and more!  Do the elitists of Jerusalem believe their Messiah (Antichrist) is here? Watch the video and find out! 

Also included in this video is breaking new information connecting CERN, Agenda 21, and the Vatican! You will NOT want to miss this brand new video release!


Breaking: Has the Antichrist Made Himself Secretly Known To Israel As Their Messiah? It Appears He Has!

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  • Holy Moly! Now she’s quoting con artist Jim Bakker.

    • Hey Listen, I lost respect for Jim Baker back in the early 1980′s because of the scandal of an affair he had. VERY UGLY! Then he had the audacity to give an interview to Penthouse Magazine or it could have been Playboy Magazine. :mad: :mad: So That’s why I don’t care to listen to him much. I truly hope he has repented of what he did. I did see the video, only because Tom Horn was his guest and he did mention about an Encyclical the Pope is going to produce very soon.

      It’s interesting because the wording of that Encyclical will give us a hint of what his intents are when he visits the United Nations in September of this year. He will most likely touch on the subject of AGENDA 21. Something to watch for. Many believe this Pope is the last prophesized Pope in line and which many believe is the last ANTIPOPE of this age. That’s what the Zohar prophesies may very well be talking about. The possible Antichrist being the Pope of Rome.

      Reformers, spoke of the papacy as Antichrist -R. Allen Anderson, Unfolding the Revelation, p.137

      Arnulf Bishop of Orleans (Roman Catholic)
      “deplored the roman popes as “monsters of guilt” and declared in a council called by the King of France in 991ad that the pontiff, clad in purple and gold, was, “Antichrist, sitting in the temple of God, and showing himself as God” -Phillip Schaff, History of the Christian church, 8 vols., reprint of the 3d (1910)ed. (Grand Rapids Mich.: Wm. B Eerdmans Publishing Co., n.d.)

      Eberhard II, archbishop of Salzburg (Roman Catholic)
      “stated at a synod of bishops held at Regensburg in 1240 (some scholars say 1241) that the people of his day were “accustomed” to calling the pope antichrist.” -LeRoy Edwin Froom, The Prophetic Faith of our Fathers, 4 vols. (Wash DC: Review and Herald publishing assc, 1950-1954)

      John Wycliffe
      “When the western church was divided for about 40 years between two rival popes, one in Rome and the other in Avigon, France, each pope called the other pope antichrist – and John Wycliffe is reputed to have regarded them as both being right: “two halves of Antichrist, making up the perfect Man of Sin between them.” -Ibid

      Martin Luther (Lutheran)
      “We here are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist…personally I declare that I owe the Pope no other obedience than that to Antichrist.” (Aug. 18, 1520) Taken from The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. 2., pg. 121 by Froom. (In response to a papal bull [official decree]): “I despise and attack it, as impious, false… It is Christ Himself who is condemned therein… I rejoice in having to bear such ills for the best of causes. Already I feel greater liberty in my heart; for at last I know that the pope is antichrist, and that his throne is that of Satan himself.” –D’Aubigné, b.6, ch. 9.

      Cotton Mather (Congregational Theologian)
      “The oracles of God foretold the rising of an Antichrist in the Christian Church: and in the Pope of Rome, all the characteristics of that Antichrist are so marvelously answered that if any who read the Scriptures do not see it, there is a marvelous blindness upon them.” Taken from The Fall of Babylon by Cotton Mather in Froom’s book, The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, Vol. 3, pg. 113.

      John Wesley (Methodist)
      Speaking of the Papacy he said, “He is in an emphatical sense, the Man of Sin, as he increases all manner of sin above measure. And he is, too, properly styled the Son of Perdition, as he has caused the death of numberless multitudes, both of his opposers and followers… He it is…that exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped…claiming the highest power, and highest honour…claiming the prerogatives which belong to God alone.” Taken from Antichrist and His Ten Kingdoms by John Wesley, pg. 110.

      Ellen G. White: Seven Day Adventists
      “This compromise between paganism and Christianity resulted in the development of “the man of sin” foretold in prophecy as opposing and exalting himself above God. That gigantic system of false religion is a masterpiece of Satan’s power–a monument of his efforts to seat himself upon the throne to rule the earth according to his will.

      Thomas Cranmer (Anglican)
      “Whereof it followeth Rome to be the seat of antichrist, and the pope to be very antichrist himself. I could prove the same by many other scriptures, old writers, and strong reasons.” (Referring to prophecies in Revelation and Daniel.) Taken from Works by Cranmer, Vol. 1, pp. 6-7.

      Roger Williams (First Baptist Pastor in America)
      He spoke of the Pope as “the pretended Vicar of Christ on earth, who sits as God over the Temple of God, exalting himself not only above all that is called God, but over the souls and consciences of all his vassals, yea over the Spirit of Christ, over the Holy Spirit, yea, and God himself…speaking against the God of heaven, thinking to change times and laws; but he is the son of perdition (II Thess. 2).” Taken from The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers by Froom, Vol. 3, pg. 52.

      1689 London Baptist Confession

      Chapter 26: Of the Church. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the church, in whom, by the appointment of the Father, all power for the calling, institution, order or government of the church, is invested in a supreme and sovereign manner; neither can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof, but is that antichrist, that man of sin, and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ, and all that is called God; whom the Lord shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. ( Colossians 1:18; Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 4:11, 12; 2 Thessalonians 2:2-9 )

      John Knox (Scotch Presbyterian)
      Knox wrote to abolish “that tyranny which the pope himself has for so many ages exercised over the church” and that the pope should be recognized as “the very antichrist, and son of perdition, of whom Paul speaks.” Taken from The Zurich Letters, pg. 199 by John Knox.

      John Calvin (Presbyterian)
      “Some persons think us too severe and censorious when we call the Roman pontiff Antichrist. But those who are of this opinion do not consider that they bring the same charge of presumption against Paul himself, after whom we speak and whose language we adopt… I shall briefly show that (Paul’s words in II Thess. 2) are not capable of any other interpretation than that which applies them to the Papacy.” Taken from Institutes by John Calvin

      • Yes, I agree Jim Bakker is a phony and I do not understand why this lady reveres him. Just NUTS!

      • Hello Angle#2,

        Charlie here. Again this is a NON-NEWS item. There will be MANY AC. Anyone who opposes or preaches falsely (deceieves) about Him IS an ANTI CHRIST! That means Jim Bakker, the Pope, etc. Yes SHOCKING isn’t?

        So you could be anti-Christ yourself Angle#2, such as with promoting the false profit Jim Bakker, or saying (like your Catholic mother) “Happy Ishtar”. And the Bible mentions the AC as “it” so the “final” anti-Christ will be an attitude epitomized worldwide.

        Now can you give Charlie a few seconds to duck?? Appreciate it.


        Charlie (anyone want a bunch of doughnuts? Been on the floor though)

        • Pink, what you say is true.
          Anyone claiming to be Christian wil be a false christ in the end days too says the Bible.
          Jesus himself said he’d not return as a Christian because Christianity will be rotted to the bone and to the marrow.

          • Which bible are you reading?

            Well, I guess, the Bible can say whatever the hell you want it to since, after all, you’re it’s author!!! Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot….the mess.i.ah

            :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

        • Check out this prophecy that Obama’s the Antichrist and readying to be revelaed fast. Google these titles of videos:

          Rabbi Rami Levy & 15 year Old Natan English Subtitles – Testimony About The End of Days Coming Soon

          Rabbi Rami Levy & 15 year old Natan English Subtitles – Chilling Testimony (About The End of Days) From A Youth Who Experienced Clinical Death” —- This fascinating video is starting to make the rounds as the word is spreading of 15 year old Natan’s near death, out of body experience that took place on the first night of Sukkot. Natan who comes from a secular background had never learnt before in Yeshiva, nonetheless he describes from his experience exactly what is written by the prophets and in the holy books regarding the end of days. If your Hebrew is OK, you are encouraged to watch the entire video. It will shake you up… I have listed some of the main points below. Fasten your seat belts…

          1. Natan felt extremely ill with chills and a cold feeling in his hands and legs. His body shook, hurt and he suddenly found himself hovering over his body 6 feet in the air.
          2. He kept rising and rising, saw the whole earth and eventually was lead to a tunnel.
          3. He saw a light that was full of love and security. He can’t properly explain how amazing this was.
          (I will skip the part regarding his personal judgment and get to the part regarding the Moshiach and Gog and Magog that starts at 27:30).
          4. The Moshiach is already here and is very well known! People will be very very surprised. His is a Baal Tshuva who has not sinned once since his tshuva. He also helps others to be chozer btshuva.
          5. The war of Gog and Magog started on the 27th of Elul the 11th of September 2015, and it will get much worse in the weeks or months to come.
          6. There will be a huge World War that will eventually lead the nations of the world to unite and attack Israel and Jerusalem.
          7. The leader of the free world is know up above as Gog. Gog is none other than… Barack Hussein Obama.
          8. The whole war will last only about two weeks.
          9. The Jews who did not keep Torah and Mitzvot will die. (Hashem Y’rachem). The number will be in the millions. This is in addition to the non Jews who will also perish.
          10. Tzahal will last only two days. Secular zionism (the flag, yom ha’atmaut) carries no merit.
          11. Har Hazaitim will split into two and the Moshiach will be revealed. Moshiach will be able to sense by smell who is a real God fearing Jew and who is not.
          12. Moshiach will fight against Gog and kill him. Gog will be buried in Israel.
          13. During the war, two Atomic bombs will be shot at Israel and Hashem will suspend them in the air for two weeks. They will eventually fall on Tel Aviv and Haifa. Hashem Y’rachem.
          14. Israel will be captured but the worthy will survive in Jerusalem.
          15. The Moshiach will wear a garment that is stained in blood. The blood symbolizes all the Jews who were killed kidush Hashem. The Moshiach will then take revenge on the nations of the world who have oppressed us throughout the years.
          16. It will take a very long time to burry all the dead.
          17. Only those who do real tshuva will survive.
          18. Those who make tshuva will inherit the highest level of heaven.
          19. The Beit Hamikdash will descend from heaven and there will be a revival of the death. (This will take time and not happen immediately).

          Nathan’s revelation that Gog is Obama

          Dr. Patricia shares a vision of Natan while he had died and was out of his body. The following link is his story. If we should all repent this does not have to happen. This is his experience.

          WW3, Obama Gog, Antichrist in a few months? and what to do about Natan’s prophecy

          On the last day of the blood moon tetrad, September 28, 2015, something remarkable indeed happened in Israel! A 15 year old Israeli boy Natan received a vision concerning the near future (within months) in his near death experience.

          If his testimony is true, then 2016 presidential election will not take place and the Antichrist will be revealed, possibly within months!

          Some Christians might be alarmed because of the Jewish nature of his experience but as a Christian I find it perfectly lining up with what I have known for years and it’s explained in the video and also what to do about the boy’s vision.

          If you’re not comfortable about the vision because you’re accustomed to ‘Salvation by faith only’ belief, you can click the link below to watch the video, “How to live holy (a hidden key!)”.

      • There are many false teachers in this day who are gatekeepers for the anti-Christ. Anyone who promotes any other person or institution aside from the Papacy is…

        IN FULL FORM…


        • I’m the Messiah and I reveal the Apocalypse which is the Revelation that Obama’s the Antichrist based upon proof which is that the lottery in Obama’s homestate’s lottery drew the Number of the Antichrist 666 on the day after his election and thus marked Obama as the Antichrist.
          Lotteries mean money, so Obama’s Antichrist-666 Mark of the Beast means his money.
          By spreading this news -which Lyn Leahz is relaying by her article that also says Obama’s the Antichrist like I do – you’ll be save (by spreading this news but the Bible says the news reaches the whole world and not just Christian countries or it’s not true.)

          • Take that!!! I vote you DOWN FALSE MESHIAC! Repent of your blasphemous ways oh son of the morning star! Begone foul spirit!! Thou art a boil on the arse of progress!!!

            If thou dost not change thy ways ye shall reap the wind! The fleas of 1000 camels shalt infest thine own armpits!! All thou need do is accept his forgiveness and….KNEEL BEFORE OBAMA!!!!!

    • So glad to hear of Bakker’s repentance. Though he certainly has disqualified himself from any kind of wise, trustworthy and *knowing* leadership. I don’t trust his take on anything.

      It’s a fearful thing to presume to know what God is doing — especially SECRET stuff. REALLY? Just wow.

      Such careless, teaseful dot connecting can too easily be misconstruing and extending God’s Word. Putting words in God’s mouth. Not only that, but the belief that you’re the only one who’s got it right is plainly presumptuous.

      Such presumption is evidence of deception or having been deceived.

      We peeps can barely search out our own deep things let alone know what God is doing!

      Putting God in the proverbial box will prove you a liar every time.

      This article is heinous presumption — total guesswork.

    • Lyn promotes everyone who says they know who the Antichrist is.

      Nothing personal here Lyn.

      But Paul Begley and the rest are frauds.

      Get Ready For Big Shock Big Time/Obama Appears In Trouble On Amnesty In Court. Latest News From Fox (Video) End Times /prophecy/2015/04/get-ready-for-a-shock-big-time-obama-appears-in-trouble-on-amnesty-in-court-latest-news-from-fox-video-end-times-2468622.html

      • You calling someone a fraud, is like Hitler accusing someone of being an Anti-Semite.
        Go back to bed, Krapallah.

        • This is the Apocalypse.
          Lyn’s article is a mammoth blockbuster.
          It furthers a simple-enough message for us to grasp and which we must spread or perish by falling into in the deepest hell-fire says the Bible ===== that message is that Obama’s the Antichrist.
          Spread that message or be doomed eternally in hell’s fires.

      • Leftist piece of crap Bill Lyle is a fraud.

        Ignore his kind of ugly stupid.

        Thanks for helping get rid of this Leftist epidemic, infestation.

      • Leftist? Hardly. I just have a low tolerance for stupidity.

        • You can’t teach stupid, it is generally bred, usually from the INBRED kind…

          • This “Anonymous” is an Obama shill.
            Any article calling Obama the Antichrist will have him show up.
            He’s a false christ of the Bible which Jesus warned us against and he’s thus just a Minion of Satan’s Army and a sorry damned possessed piece of garbage serving the Antichrist Obama.

          • Yeah, ‘Anonymous’, that’s right, you should be more honest. Like our buddy King. After all, his full name is: King Shambala….oops, I forgot his middle name, “Of” :roll: :roll: :roll:

      • I’ve been spreading the news Obama’s the Antichrist on Internet since 2008. I reveal that Obama’s the Antichrist by relying upon the 666 omen found in Obama’s hometown’s Lottery, the day after Obama’s election.
        I got a pack of rats following me around since about three years now 24 7 who are mostly sent by Obama who really fears being called the Antichrist.
        Obama talked about it, saying “Michele Bachmann said Obama will bring the end times”.
        The false christs really got panicked when I started editing Wikipedia to say Obama’s proven to be the Antichrist because of the lottery draw of 666.
        Would anyone want to edit Wikipedia with me?
        Tell me. We’ll do it.
        I’m ready. Now immediately.

      • That’s R i c h coming from the Buddhist-Jesus who claims divinity because of a lottery ticket…

    • Beware of “Anonymous”.
      A troll working to protect Obama the Antichrist.
      Anyone saying Obama’s the Antichrist gets “Anonymous” trolling right away so turn from that piece of garbage and shill for Obama.

  • Good job if the “Antichrist” stays in Israel because soon or later that place is going to tuned to glass regardless of what the bible bashers think.

    The “Antichrist” is here in a way already and its name is A.I and will soon remove us all from being top of the food chain as greedy humans unleash its power on our ape like brains

    • Neo

      Your brain is obviously “ape like”

      • An ape would not be warning you about A.I (if you even know what i am talking about) and if you cannot work out who the world is all in debt too then thats your problem, not mine.

        I unlike you christians don’t see the need to kill all the miuslims so who’s the “Ape” again ?

        Did god tell you to kill and why do you suport Israel who’s killing people in Gaza every day of the week, and you think your on the right side, give over

    • Another westerner sold into the hollywood version of the Book of Revelation, that’s been played out in movies since almost hollywood began. You’re worse off than the author of this article.

      • Not Hollywoods version; Christians havent lived there in a long time. But, it’s the over sold views of guys like John Hagee; that guys an Israel shill for sure.

  • Lyn thinks her articles are the “Moley grail of mole lady” articles.

    Anyone else getting tired of Lyn’s “Molier than thou” attitude?

    Moley Moley Moley Mole.

    • I is a bagels
      ooga booga booga

    • leave you are not wanted here ! read the comment below… read it twice read it until it sinks in ! stop punishing yourself ! :lol:

  • You really hate Jews dont you? You know I have yet to converse with any family member that follows kabbalah teachings. You say many rBbis follow the Zohar? Not true from my standpoint and it hurts my feelings when u say I worship the Antichrist. If you truly believe Jesus saves maybe perhaps trybeing a lit less judgemental and condemning. You really make christians look like Nazis. I worry for my children in an america where they are condemned for being born Jewish. I pray you see how offensive you are to my people. Love and peace..BTW,I am anti Israel as many Jews are. We are against the treatment of is our opinion we are all brothers and sisters searching for love, light and truth.

    • Do you practice Conservative, Reformed or Orthodox Judaism? :neutral:

  • The Watcher This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
    • TW: You *do* realise that “Shouting” your message out on a net forum by using all caps gives the appearance that the author of the comment is as deluded and insane as any follower of the Abrahamic religions you condemn?
      If you wish to be a persuader,rather than a pariah? I suggest you type out your “Truth” in normal text.That will help you to be considered a more plausable commentator.
      Not condemning what you’re saying. Just the way it’s presented.

      • Or you can STFU and get a real life.
        You people who whine about caps are pitiful.
        Are you in 8th grade or something?

    • Neo

      If everyone goes to heaven, it wont stay heaven for very long. I don’t have to shout, the truth will attend to itself. Handle that :)

    • IDIOT

    • Don’t tell them that!…….How will i get massive amounts of amusement? Wondering how adults believe in an invisible man who sends you to hell cause he loves you?

      • When the alternative is all life spontaneously exploding from a rock i’d suggest the non-believers are creating the biggest laughs. At least the believers will admit their faith unlike you, skreamer.

    • So if Jesus was a Jew……….then how come the anti-Christ is a Jew too? Seems strange!…are they related?…is this some kind of conspiracy?
      Mel Gibson was right!
      Lyn……you might be onto something here!
      Maybe the anti-Christ and Jesus are working together to take us down!
      The real question on everyone’s mind is…..Which Jesus is helping the anti-Christ…the black one or the white one?

    • That’s damn funny. You do realize that we all have to entertain the idea that “Watcher” just may be right. :eek: :eek: :eek:

  • Lynn, have you tried soap operas. …>think of the hits….>and they all be real!

  • ONE good reason for throwing out the TV is that you don’t have to look directly at the antichrists face when he appears. This is further proof that Obama is not the antichrist. His face has about as much effect on you as block of cement.

  • And just which “Israel” is that? The NATION of Israelis on stolen land, or the Biblical Israel, composed of 12 scattered tribes. Because if you don’t get that right – and few do – then your eschatology is up the creek without a paddle.

    And yes Anonymous, Jim Bakker has as much Biblical discernment as Benny Nutty yahoo.

    • The Ferret understands that the present usurpers of the Land of Israel are Khazars from the Caucasus, and have as much right to be there, and calling themselves jews, as the Irish have the right to be in Japan and calling themselves Japanese.
      Even their own scholars acknowledge the fact that they are not racial descendants of the C of I.
      These individuals, by their own admission, and in harmony with Genesis 10, 3, are Ashkenazim, ie not Semites but Japhethites, and genetically identical with the people of Gog who were prophesied to swarm down from the north ( which they did, during the last several decades ) in order to seize the land from its rightful inhabitants.
      Ezekiel 38 and 39 supplies the details.
      But for those who, from around the entire world, hate them and their wickedness, and hate the infection which has thoroughly permeated and polluted the US, help is at hand.
      “And I will not let them pollute My holy Name any more.”
      Thus saith the Lord.

  • “Every Reformer, without exception, spoke of the papacy as Antichrist” -R. Allen Anderson, Unfolding the Revelation, p.137

    • In the time of those reformers the Catholic Church was powerful and could do whatever they like to those that attacked them now a days they are as powerful as the pope who runs it.

      The Catholic church is sued and the butt of sick jokes so how is it powerful any more?

      There is a sickness in the governments of the world and these satanist will bring forth their Antichrist who is in charge of all of them: the military arm, the civl arm and the religious arm.

      • The Pope is powerful enough to be the head of a country, with a seat at the UN (not that the UN means all that much). That’s more power than say, Lutherans, or whichever flavor of Christianity you choose. Sure, the Catholic church is being sued, and people crack jokes about them. Barack Obama leads, arguably, the most powerful country in the world, and he gets sued, and is the butt of jokes. It doesn’t take away from the influence they both have.

      • Martus Ministries, Obama’s the Antichrist. There’s an article called “TEXAS IS PREPARING TO BE INVADED” at BIN. Its revealing the Apocalypse because Obama’s losing in new Orleans.

    • You mean every heretic. But their invective has had its effect, they have finally got their antichrist Pope – and he is one of them!

  • Lyn, Just stop. You’re making a mockery of yourself. I don’t believe there are two people here that takes you seriously. You are an embarrassment to yourself, and I feel sorry for your family who has to put up with you. What a nightmare that must be.

    • Personally.. I take her quite seriously ! she works hard on her stories and they have a serious validity to them ! and judging from the volume of people that continue to come here to see what she has to say next there are definitely more than two people that take her seriously ! I do question the reason why you and the others that so dislike her postings keep coming back and try to discredit and mock her, for her faith ? why ? if it bothers you that much just stop coming back ! no need for you to come back day in and day out punishing yourself forcing yourself to read what she has to say ! and by the way it’s all based in fact ! personally if I never see you and your pack of demonic friends again you won’t be missed ! so begone ! leave ! take a hike ! funny thing is you’ll be right back here again to see what she has to say in her next post.. lol you and the other juvenile scum that proclaim you can’t take her headlines or her faith in God ! it’s old ! take yourself and your demonic friends and leave her be ! it’s as simple as that ! as for the rest of us who come here daily to hear what she has to say next !
      Bless you my friends ! and Lyn… thanks again for all the hard work you do for me and for everyone else.. you are loved !
      keep up Gods work… I’ll be back again tomorrow to see whatever it is you’ll be working on next ! we love you Babe !
      “we” being the thousands who come daily to read your posts ! God Bless… <3
      Torch ^i^

      • Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      • “she works hard on her stories and they have a serious validity to them !”

        Sure she does! :wink:

        Just look at all the hard work she did in one of her previous articles about NASA, look at the lengths she went to in order to prove that NASA is Satan. I mean, look at all that went into this video (all 22 seconds of it) showing absolute proof that NASA is SATAN! Go ahead, take a look at the video which Lyn used as proof that NASA is SATAN:

        What serious validity, eh? :lol:

      • Watch that video in the comment above! Watch it twice, until it sinks in! :lol:

      • See, to me, Lyn is like the Christian Fundamentalist equivalent of Howard Stern. Why did people listen to Stern? The most common answer was “I want to hear what he’ll say next”. Even those who hated Stern, would listen. In most cases, they listened longer, and more frequently, than those who were fans.
        Why do those of us who think she’s full of it come back, again and again? For the laughs. Just like Stern. Where else can we get our daily dose of crazy?

    • same with you ! why are you here ? why do you keep coming back post after post ?
      just to mock her ? what does that say about you ? nothing more to be said about it ! :roll:

      • You’re not getting any, buddy. She’s married, so save it!

        • NM156

          ROTFLMAAAAAAAAAAAO :grin: :lol: :mrgreen:

      • Anyone that takes Lyn Leahz ( or Jade Fox ) seriously is an absolute moron.

        There is only one way to know if Lyn is lying… you check to see if her frosted strawberry mouth is moving.

  • This broad is an absolute moron.

    • leave you are not wanted here ! read the coment above.. read it twice read it until it sinks in ! stop punishing yourself ! :lol:

      • For you to have any credibility defending anyone you will need to stop posting as a whining brown tongue Anonymous !

  • well… regardless of what is presented here and despite what people may think, something is happening. I know for a fact brooklyn hasids have been massing in israel like there’s no tomorrow, heh..
    coincidentally and for reasons vastly different than this, my wife is going to israel tomorrow, (yes ironic). haha, shall i send her out on recon?
    she does love to dish…

    • sorry, i have to make a correction here in that the increase has occurred over the past couple years, and not as suddenly as lead to believe.
      So… I can’t actually vouch for “something happening”, at least not yet.
      My apologies for that.

      • No problem. Everything is moving along incrementally, that is certain.

  • 1066, william the conqueror 1066, nostradamus 666. today 2015.! modern middle ages ? :cool:

  • The Euphrates may be that Restrainer, which must be removed, before that Wicked can be revealed (perhaps, publicly.) It would seem to run dry after an asteroid hit, releasing the Seven Thunders, bound beneath it. Their names sound like those of stars worshiped by early gnostics.

    I have thought to watch the sky, between Pass Over (now, past) and the final Blood Moon, particularly around Yom Teruah.

    • Anonymous
      here are some verses for the restrainer
      2Thess 2:6 And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time
      Rev 12:7-9 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

      8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.

      9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

      Michael, the Ark angel is the restrainer He also puts the band on satan in the millennium

    • Anonymous
      Did you know that there were 6 full moons in between each blood moon that equals 666 and this is the last 6 before the last blood moon
      Things have sure speeded up since they started occurring

      Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
      We are to be watchmen and I watch everything

      6th seal 6th trump 6th vial =Antichrist

  • Pink Slime:

    Your gay little “Charlies Angels” skit was stoopid the first day and even more stoopid now. Can you get any more gayer?
    Do you wait around all day waiting for Lyn to post?

    Im not even a fan of hers.

  • Eagle Scout

    There are many antichrists, but only one messiah. Believe in the one and you will enjoy the show. Believe anything else and you will star in it.

  • Pix

    “According To Highly Regarded Rabbinical Commentaries,..”

    Rabbinic = ‘word of mouth’, aka ‘making it up as you go’. :wink:

  • israel personifies evil, so this makes sense.

  • Leo
  • Why isn’t Lyn blocked from this site yes, so much disinfo it’s laughable

    • “Why isn’t Lyn blocked from this site”

      Because she’s a member of the “chicks for clicks” club here on BIN :lol:

      • TCB

        Is there a PIX in the mix with those chicks? Say, that rhymes with six six six.

        Riddle solved.

        Think I’ll retire early today.

      • Walter & amadouchebag123,

        “christian” is a kind way of saying retard. :wink:

        Yes, Jesus…
        Jesus answers all unknowns…
        And if you don’t accept our lord and saviour jesus… I kill you! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
        FOR jesus, of course! :razz: :razz: :razz:

        I’d sooner mainline speedballs into the vein in my cock than read this “christian” fear porn trash. :shock: :shock: :shock:

        Get behind me, oh, christo-CREEPS named Walter & amadouchebag123, from christo-HELL!
        For, I have just Farted, and want you to get a very big WIFF of my holy crap….. itty bitty little floating particles of Holy poop, lofting right up your nose!


        STAY behind me, oh, christo-CREEPS named Walter & amadouchebag123, from christo-HELL!

        And, Breathe in DEEPLY Bothers in the white-skinned mangod FABLE!!!!!!
        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • One dumb cluck has already failed miserably.

        Can you guys hear me now? Tread softly and shoulder the sun.

      • We can always count on NCA to elevate the level of the discourse :lol:

      • don’t get tarnished.

      • heh.. am123.. continue to shine and you’ll survive NCA”s test.

      • The pick-n-mix chicks for clicks = 666

        It’s a sign! Doom on.

        Repaint so your house will look purty for TEOTW.

      • Thanks for the encouragement RAIN…….and you continue to RAIN ON.

      • Mayhem,

        Shouldn’t that be pix-n-mix?

      • Wouldn’t that be four sixes?

      • AVG Joe

        Split tail should not speak in mixed company on biblical subjects, even if she is wrong!

        Bros before Hos!


    Christhasreturned youtube channel

  • Wish people would stop beating around the bush, stop being theatrical, stop selling books purporting to tell “the truth” about things, and just tell what they know or think. …. Sheesh!

    If you think you know who the Antichrist is, or whatever, just say it … c’mon, just spit it out.

    I have no time (or stomach) for foolishness, beating around the bush, theatrical babblings, or nonsense.

    Maybe Jim needs to go back to prison again and give it all some more thought. He was ALMOST credible when he first got out. But over the last few years he’s just been trying to rebuild his former “empire” with little difference between now and then … right down to the way his wife looks.

    I’m not trying to be tacky here … rather, I’m just saying that it has all become a rather tacky state of affairs – once again.

    How sad people are still so easily caught up by this crap.

  • Nonsense.
    The messiah. will be the anti christ to a selected group.
    They are ine in the same.

    The real son of man is writing this.
    DIMINUTIVE: (Joshua English)
    OTHER LANGUAGES: (Yeshua Ancient Aramaic), (Essa, Isa, Issa, Yushua Arabic), (Iesous Biblical Greek), (Yehoshua, Yeshua Biblical Hebrew), (Iesus, Iosue Biblical Latin), (Portuguese, Jesús, Josué )(Spanish, Jesus)
    The name Joshua in English,translates to Jesus in , Portuguese, and Spanish,

    Alien Savior is a lie.

    Nibiru is the blood moons.
    I am the second son of Nibiru.

    No one goes to the father without knowledge of his son.

    Aacended while awake.

    “The beast will have seven heads. Seven heads is seven hills”

    Worcester mass.

    The beast will emerge from the sea. Palm trees.
    He will have fire in his eyes.
    He will be the snake.

    That is Sagittarius. 11.
    his name will be 666.

    Mark in his forehead and his right hand.

    Forehead is the pinecone.
    God consciousness.
    See enki. Parable of the fig.

    And his right hand.

    Right hand of God.

    Still dont buy it.

    Ok well.heres a message to the jews.

    I saw your comical nonsense on south park.

    Jesus takes hgh…
    Jesus is a whitey in hawaii
    Go to Jehovah or kill myself.

    one way or another your land is not your land.

    I see now.
    Tsk tsk.

    • Wow, dude. No more drugs for you.

      • Well, you’re all wrong and indeed Obama’s the Antichrist.

        Judgement is pending upon Obama in Texas about “immigration Amnesty”.

        Judge Hanen will rule Tuesday April 22 about slapping Obama with sanctions/penalties for lying about amnestying 100000 illegals in Obama’s lawyers’ depositions before Hanen’s court last month.

        If Hanen slaps Obama as it looks like he’s threatened and if at the same time, the New Orleans 5th Circuit Court slaps Obama with denying his appeal of the Amnesty ban then Obama’ll be sitting on a box of nitro-glycerin.

        News Reality: “Obama May Languish In Court”. Immigration Law Unable to Sway Judges Panel (Video) To Die In Court? /obama-birthplace-controversy/2015/04/new-article-obama-to-languish-in-court-immigration-law-seems-unable-to-sway-judges-panel-video-to-die-in-court-2488734.html

        Get Ready For Big Shock Big Time/Obama Appears In Trouble On Amnesty In Court. Latest News From Fox (Video) End Times /prophecy/2015/04/get-ready-for-a-shock-big-time-obama-appears-in-trouble-on-amnesty-in-court-latest-news-from-fox-video-end-times-2468622.html

      • Did you even read the comment, before you replied, Krapachakra? Your posts rarely make any sense- this, we’ve come to expect. They make even less sense, when your replies are totally unrelated, to the subject.
        I’ll say this again…… Go back to sleep, moron.

      • The end is here for Obama the Antichrist.
        Trump rally on wednesday in DC.
        All Anti-Iran forces will gather.
        Be there.
        The Obots will all be sent to jail for defending Obama the world’s greatest ever criminal.

    • Obama’s going straight to court.
      In just a few days (court-date is June 18 I think….) he’ll be found gulty an sentenced again a fourth time on the same case of his illegal Amnesty.
      That one case is becoming a load of heavy concrete dragging down to lake’s bottom like a stone.
      Sentenced four times guilty on the same dam* case.
      That’s a lot for a black man.
      I say “black man” because that counts that Obama be black and not white. If he was white his chances before the court would be dam* better.
      Blacks are 85% of jail-inmates and they fare dam* bad in courts.
      They usually exit the court with handcuffs.
      Obama’ll exit with the handcuffs on.
      He’ll get several consecutive life sentences for High Treason for using a phoney birth certificate. Obama’s a small-time thug hood from Chicago an undocumented alien and illegal.

      • Okayyy today people: GEIR SMITH’S handlers have told him to push their ANTI-BLACK AGENDA…

      • Trump rally on wednesday in DC.
        All Anti-Iran forces will gather.
        Be there.

      • I never figured out if the Leftists supported Obama for being black a homo or BOTH.
        It take some motivating to support an illegal undocumented alien like Obama.
        The Leftists are totally ignorant backward morons to have done that and supporting an old black homo infested with HIV like Obama is not glamourous, that I think.

  • frodo

    Looking for a new site? With support to add your own articles? and better staff? well come take a look.

  • Talmudic Judaism, Protestantism, Islam, etc. are from the devil. The only true religion is the Catholic Church (what you see in the Vatican today is NOT the Catholic Church). All must convert to the true Catholic Faith.

  • Read I John 2:18,22 (NIV): “Dear children, this is the last hour and you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now MANY ANTICHRISTS HAVE COME…Who is the liar (antichrist)? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist—denying the Father and the Son.”

    The Apostle John reiterates this point in I John 4:3 and II John 1:7. Those are the only examples of the term ‘antichrist’ being used in the Bible.

    Also, why is the Star of David used as the symbol of the re-formed nation of Israel (1947)? There is no such ‘holy’ image in the Bible; Old Testament or New. Instead, do a Google Image search of the evil, detestable (to God) Star of (the god) Rephan mentioned in 7:43 and Amos 5:26. It is a pagan, sorcerous and occult symbol utilized in everything from Kabballah to wicca. The symbol was used by the Rothschild dynasty two hundred years ago. Hitler, who was very into the occult and black magic via the Thule and Vril Societies, first applied the ‘Star of David’ to Jews during the Holocaust. Do some research and dispute my claim. God be with us all.

  • 100 proofs #Muhammad is the #Antichrist. Save # muslims from # islam

  • No Antichrist but Muhammad.

    18. 50 Proofs Muhammad is the Antichrist.
    19. Never rapture or Judgment Day in September 2015.
    20. How to get a top-secret of longevity.

    Lord Jesus bless you.

  • WOW Lynn, You claim to be a Christian, but I’m wondering if you even read the Bible.

    If the Jews are waiting for their messiah, who you claim will be the antichrist, because they rejected Jesus, then how can God graft them back in & how can God fulfill his promise to Abraham.

    How can Jesus be the root of David & apparently, from your understanding, the antichrist comes also from the root of David.

    Everything you say at this point is simply without credibility.
    You’ve apparently bypassed the truth in search of headlines, & you obviously have a hatred & animosity towards God’s people to be putting out crap like this.

    Perhaps you could start with Gen 12-3, then perhaps Joel 3:1-3.
    Then after that, you might want to drop to your knees & beg forgiveness form Jesus.
    Start there before you get back to us with more breaking news.

  • An antichrist of sort (she advocates the false doctrine of the Harlot) authors article about the so called antichrist how humorous. Lynn is oblivious to what the scriptures refer to as antichrist. Nowhere in the bible does it make reference to a single antichrist. According to scripture an antichrist is someone within God’s true Church who advocates doctrine other than what Jesus Christ taught.

    John 2:18 “Little children, it is the last time:and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. 19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us:but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. 20 But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things. 21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.”

    The man of sin spoke of in 2 Thessalonians demonstrates exactly who is being addressed. The passage as you will notice does not include the multitude of evil people throughout the world who speak against God’s Truth. Chapter 2 verse 3 is directed to the Body of Christ, God’s Church. The imposters are expected to spread confusion. 2 Thes 2:3 “We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly, and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth; 4 So that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of God for your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure.” If you refer back to chapter one the fact that the Church is being specifically addressed become very apparent.

    As we continue in Thessalonians we get the better picture in 2 Thes 2:3 “Let no man deceive you by any means:for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.”

    The “son of perdition” or man of sin is different from the antichrist although certainly he was one. This man had to have been a baptized member of God’s one true Church. He must have been in a position of authority having the power to change divine doctrine throughout the Church, raising himself above God by altering sound doctrine. His actions result in a falling away or apostasy.

    As you may have noticed I referred to him in the past tense. That is because after he did this in God’s Church scripture was fulfilled and exactly 40 days to the hour God took his life as a sign to the Church. His action caused the apostasy which occurred within the Worldwide Church of God. This fulfillment of prophesy earmarked the countdown to the return of Christ.

    2 Thes 2: “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. 8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    Many accepted his alterations, others started offshoots but only one that emerged God began to work through. It is called the Church of God PKG. The PKG stand for Preparing for the Kingdom of God. If you honestly want to know God and His son Jesus Christ, if you want to learn and better understand God’s Word I urge you to first pray for guidance then visit their website and investigate for yourself. If you are one of those believing in the false ascending to heaven/burn in Hell paradigm, who participates in the pagan traditions of Christmas, Easter and Sunday worship you are the one’s I’m speaking to. If you read Rev. 21:2 it is kindergarten simple to understand that God’s plan does not involve man going to Heaven but rather our Father in Heaven will be coming to man right here on earth.

  • Why does the spirit of Antichrist want you to believe Antichrist is yet to come ?? Because if you can be fooled into thinking its not here, you will not be fighting against it. Jews will not welcome in a Antichrist into a temple. They ARE THE ANTICHRIST !! The world has ALREADY welcomed them in by letting them create a nation on earth again after God himself destroyed it. The teaching that the Antichrist has not come yet and will come in the future is a dispensational Zionist Christian teaching. There were many Antichrist Jews that had their hand in killing Jesus and they received their deadly wound when they were all destroyed in their temple in 70AD and they didn’t exist again until 1948 when the fake israel was created and started teaching the Christians in their temple (which is their body) that Jews are of God without Christ, and you should bless them as the chosen people of God. Which is a abomination to God to go directly against Jesus that said to the most Jewish people on the planet, Joh_8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do…. John the Apostle of Jesus in 2Jn_1:7 said For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an ANTICHRIST. This is not hard to figure out folks, who were the first people on earth to EVER NOT confess that Jesus was the Christ ,even back then ? It was the Jews. They are the mother of ALL ANTICHRISTS In 1Jn 4:2 Hereby you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confessed that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God. Jews did not confess the messiah (The Christ) as being Jesus when Jesus was in the flesh and Jews do not confess the messiah (The Christ) as being Jesus today. THEY ARE NOT OF GOD ! So they can not be the chosen people of God. So WHY is it, Zionist Christians Don’t believe the bible and say the Jews are the chosen people of God because of their Genes rather then faith? Even though non believing Jews of today still fit the description perfectly of the Antichrist Just as they did in Jesus day. Am I making this up? Read it for yourself In  1Jn 4:2 And every spirit that confessed not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of ANTICHRIST, whereof you have heard that it SHOULD COME; and even now ALREADY IS in the world. It says even NOW the Antichrist already is,which means this Antichrist that was against Jesus was already in existence back during the time the Jews were trying to kill Jesus. It SHOULD COME, means the same entity survived its deadly wound in 70AD and is come back in 1948. The Antichrist has been back for 68 years killing their Neighbors ever sense. The Jews temple was destroyed 70 years after Jesus was born as its deadly wound and it will be 70 years sense israel was born in 1948. But this Antichrist is to be thrown in everlasting death next time. Will it be in 2018 ? In their protecting of the Jews, Zionist Christians of today will try to tell you Rome is the Antichrist but Jesus was not telling all these things to Rome, it was to the top Jews of Judea and the Romans where not chasing down Jesus to kill him, it was the Jews that were chasing Jesus and his apostles down to seize him and his apostles and once they were able to seize Jesus the Jews ordered the Romans against their will to kill him. Jesus a Jew forgave sins and proved it by healing people which was a washing or baptizing in the holy spirit. The 12 apostle that did the same thing in the name of Jesus were also Jews. Salvation came from the BELIEVING Jews and went to the whole world, But to say all the non believing Jews over in the middle east that hate Jesus, that Jesus said where of the devil and condemned to hell are OUR salvation is a lie. But the one Jew of the 12 apostles that did not make it, Judas, did not have enough faith in Jesus because Judas sold Jesus to the non believing Jews that where of the devil and and was condemned to hell right along with them.


  • What most of you don’t realize is that the Zohar is the foundational work for Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism. It is sorcery, and the Bible is clear what the Most High thinks about that. There is no doubt that Jerusalem is Mystery Babylon (as well as Sodom, Egypt, et al.). Israel follows a Babylonian calendar in which the fourth month is named for the Babylonian deity Tammuz; treats the Talmud Bavli (Babylonian Talmud) with greater respect than even Torah; and recites “Adonai” for the Tetragrammaton (ineffable four-letter Name of the Most High) which is evoking the Greek Adonis and Babylonian Tammuz. Because Israel has a long history of turning her back on God — including killing His prophets, Jerusalem will be destroyed! After the Great Tribulation, we will witness the Bride of Christ, New Jerusalem, descend from Heaven; see

    Lyn Leahz is a false teacher — plain and simple. Her drivel must be ignored, and she needs to repent before it’s too late!

    Shema, Yisrael!

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