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Knights Templar Baphomet Infatuation? (Video)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 7:05
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Central to the accusations brought against the Knights Templar was that they worshipped an idol, said to have taken the form of a head or sometimes a black cat. The Fifth category of accusations states that the brothers practiced idol worship of a cat or a head.

Although the popular mythology related to the Templars gives this idol the name of Baphomet, the fact remains that in all the testimonies against the Templars, the term Baphomet was used but twice.

That this one aspect of the Templars mythos, could generate so many theories as to its true origins is amazing. The interest in the Baphomet has survived over 600 years and taken many forms. The opinions on the Baphomet vary greatly from scholar to scholar and mystic path to mystic path. The purpose of this section is to shed some light on some of the theories and the connection, if any, to the Knights Templar.

One thing that is certain is that writers of the nineteenth century were prone to believe that the Templars were Devil worshipping Occultists, while historians of the twentieth century were of the belief that the Templars were party to the machinations of a corrupt government and church. It remains to be seen what the common consensus of this century will be regarding the order. While twentieth century historians may have believed in their innocence, the Baphomet mythos did survive. This is indicated by the following dictionary definition:

“Baphomet was the deity worshipped by the Knights Templar, and in Black Magic as the source and creator of evil; the Satanic goat of the witches’ Sabbath and one of the names adopted by Aleister Crowley.”

Dictionary Of The Occult And Supernatural by Peter Underwood


An Eastern Origin?

“…They bestowed worship in their chapter on a heathen idol, variously described as to its physical characteristics, but known as a ‘Baphomet’, which etymologically was the same word [in Old French] as ‘Mohammed’. [Once or twice the form Mahomet is actually used by witnesses in the trial.] Like so many persecuted heretical groups of the past, they were said to hold their chapters only secretly and at night.”

“It was impossible for the Templars to have ‘picked up in the East’ the practice of worshipping an idol bearing the name of the Prophet Mohammed, since no such idol existed anywhere in the Levant, even among breakaway sects such as the Ismailis or the Druse. The idea that Muslims were idolaters was itself a part of another system of ‘smears’, the pejorative representation of the oriental world by western Christians.”
- Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians

“Probably relying upon contemporary Eastern sources, Western scholars have recently supposed that ‘Bafomet’ has no connection with Mohammed, but could well be a corruption of the Arabic abufihamet (pronounced in the Moorish Spanish something like bufihimat). The word means ‘father of understanding.’ In Arabic, ‘father’ is taken to mean ‘source, chief seat of,’ and so on. In Sufi terminology, ras el-fahmat (head of knowledge) means the mentation of man after undergoing refinement – the transmuted consciousness.”
- Idries Shah, The Sufis

Sufi martyr Husayn ibn Mansur al-Hallaj died in 922CE. He was “a pantheist, an alleged miracle worker, and a most definitely unorthodox Muslim, Hallaj was imprisoned and tried for blasphemy for his public descriptions of his mystical union with God. Finally convicted after a nine year inquiry, Hallaj was maimed, crucified, beheaded, and his torso was cremated. Some of the stories surrounding his death include an account of the Caliph’s Queen Mother having Hallaj’s head preserved as a relic (Singh, 1970). Various Sufi sects have rituals commemorating Hallaj’s death, and Shah claimed that Hallaj was the model for the ‘Hiram Abiff’ character in the Master Mason initiation ritual.”

Hallaj “according to the medieval Islamic poet and historian Farid al-Din Attar, turns out to have been known by several titles beginning with abu-….Could the charge that the Templars ‘worshipped a head called Baphomet’ not have had some factual basis, namely the commemoration of a decapitated Sufi martyr whose head became a relic and who had been given the sobriquet abufihamet? The only problem here is that despite all the other abu- titles belonging to Hallaj, there is no known documentation linking him to abufihamet.”
- Frater Baraka, IV, “Baphomet: A ‘Mystery’ Solved At Last?”

A Gnostic Origin?

“Another theory suggests that Baphomet is a compound of the words ‘baphe’ (baptism) and ‘metis’ (wisdom) …Both theories imply the Templars were worshipping, or at least privy to, a secret knowledge. Several commentators believed this points to the Templars having been gnostics (‘gnosis’ meaning knowing).”
- Encounters magazine, issue 11: 45

I came across the Templars and Baphomet and just thought it very peculiar the more and more I read about it. Not sure what to think about it. Is it the devil? I have even heard it represents The Tree Of Life. I was curious to what our readers thought about it. Let us know in the comments section.


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  • “..or sometimes a black cat.”


    OK, fair ’nuff.

    • Definitely bizarre story. I don’t know that much about it really. Thought we’d get some interesting comments. Looks like its going to tank. lol

      • ‘s ok.. I’ve neglected studying the Sufi and now’s as good a time as any to do a good ol’ fashioned web search.. and..

        abufihamet – interesting, thanks.

        So let it tank.. heh, the one’s I appreciate most always do.. haha

        • If we comment a lot perhaps it will get some more play.

          Though chances are will attract much lunacy. lol

          • Lunacy.. I live for that. well, that and absurdity..

            See you on the dark side of the moon.

            Got to keep the loonies on the path!

          • Goatman says Bavmorda! Bahhhh bahhhhhhh

      • Baphomet symbol as it is today was drawn much later by Eliphas Levy (19th century)

        the templar did not worship in any way Muhammad as they were created specifically to fight them by the pope Callixte II (officialy, fighting the bandits killings and robbing the christian living in the middle east or pilgrims to the “holy land”.

        They made their wealth first by donation and then by replicating the banking systems of the venitians. The templar were the real first international bank of the world and made a huge fortune with their nominated letters of credit.

        It is unknown how far they went in their travels, but it is not unlikely that some some them traveled until the far east.

        You have to put yourself at the context of it’s time as any order of knights who became to rich and powerful were destroyed one way or another.

        At the time of their fall, Philippe Le Bel (king of France) had the church under its control and forced Clement V (pope at that time) to live in France and not in Rome. Basically holding him hostage.
        His economic policy cost a lot of money (devaluation) and the wars also.

        Le Bel needed money and wanted to ‘”borrow” money from the treasures of the Templars.
        It didn’t work out because the king just wanted to take the money/gold etc and not pay back. That did no go with the will of Jacques de Molay (head of the templars) who refused it.

        Philippe le Bel was not the first one condemn the Templar. Neither did Clement V who tried to use whatever influence he had left to protect the Templar.
        Le Bel also had huge influence directly on the base of the church and Clement V was given a choice : the church and his head or the Templar.

        So the policy “to kill a dog, accuse him of rabies” was applied and the first witnesses came forth speaking of heresy amongst the templar.

        Le Bel set up a trap to decapitate the Templar and catch most of them everywhere in France by bringing the heads to Paris for some event.
        Molay was warned that they were after his head but refused to believe it as they Templar was immensely wealthy and powerful in the french kingdom.

        That was fatal mistake as on a military level, the Templar had an army more powerful the the one of the King.

        Most of the Templar were caught at the same time and some fled to other orders (Malte etc). Plus it is important to note that before this event, many Templar knights went to order orders (lepers for example) and their loyalty remained with the Templar

        However, no documents or real proof was brought forward on the alleged heresies except testimonies of shadowy priests at it was them who sold out the Templar.
        Under pressure and with no real power, Clement V had to let go.

        And this is weird because the Templar would tend to write everything down.
        And most of all, most of their treasure or documents were never found.

        The Templar who got caught were all executed by decapitation or by fire (like Jacques de Moley with his famous alleged curse on 7 generations of kings).
        To note also, that as powerful as they were, they have always obeyed the Church and never went on the war path without the church blessing.

        Whet is sure, is that the Templar had a good understanding of Judeism and Kabbal.
        And in the cabal, Lucifer is not the devil but a teacher. He is even represented as the main “angler” of one of the Sephiroth.

        the only reason why this order remains in the legend it because of it’s incredible power and wealth.

        So no need for incredible mythos. It was just a game of power and money :)

  • OK, so, I’m delving into forgotten days.. something of interest from 1995:

    “.. after studying both the hypothetical and more plausible connections between the Templars, Sufism, and Freemasonry, I have come to the tentative conclusion that the “Baphomet” matter may have contained a sizable element of truth — one which the inquisitors certainly distorted, but true nonetheless.”

    I’ll see you later.. I’m on a mission. heh..

    • The Pagans had the horned god and Cernunnos the Celtic folk etc. The horned God image was taken from Christianity and mutated into the Devil’s image. So did they really see a Goat man creature is that it? Or is it symbolic .. A Norse gentleman told me it was symbolic for the tree of life.. so many perceptions so little time.

      • Interesting to me that the baphomet image (as shown in your piece here) became iconic.
        the power of symbol. So powerful as to lead the susceptible to false worship..

        But I’ve hit on some interesting material now.. back later.

        • Let me know your findings this post is almost dead lol cept for our comments howls

          • haha! So I see. No matter, this all took me to some intriguing reads.. I started with the one I’m linking here, but also, check out the thank you note to Kevin Bold (author).. at the bottom of the article.

            I’ll be checking that out later too. Looks fun.


          • Will check it out well it looks like we already about the 3rd or 4th most commented article on the list there. lol

          • So, I’ve written to Bold.. not heard back. I had requested any information on provable documentation for his abufihamet/templar theory.

            Anyway.. what I’ve been lead to now, through the abufihamet theory, is that the baphomet image actually refers to MAN.. meaning, this really concerns the worship of man, man worshiping man.. man as God..

            A Humanism about this..

            and so, if the baphomet is man, that would be the great diversion, the lie, the deception.. Self Worship. I’m beginning to think that that’s the truer face of baphomet – man’s mirror on the wall.

          • Hah.. funny thought.. If the worship of man rather than worship of God is the big lie traceable through the templars, that would explain the cult worship of Ray-El.. what they’re REALLY all about..

            haha! I need to think this one through.. I might be able to use it.. heh..

          • “and so, if the baphomet is man, that would be the great diversion, the lie, the deception.. Self Worship. I’m beginning to think that that’s the truer face of baphomet – man’s mirror on the wall.”

            Mr. Mrowser… I think by Biblical definition that any sort of worship outside of worship of the ONLY God constitutes satanism, but I have a feeling you already knew that. Sadly these “New Age” folks don’t realize that self-worship is just as good to satan as if you worshiped him directly. All he aims to do is turn us from God, and turning us toward ourselves is just as effective in respect to his ultimate goal.

          • b4

            all you sobs talk like your god himself just like the pharasies-bible in one hand, death in the other..idiots

          • b4, calm yourself. You can disagree without losing it sometimes.

          • Cluck.. what I had presented to Jeffery is a theory that I’m currently pursuing, and which had spun off of Kevin Bold’s theory of the baphomet being a derivation of abufihamet.
            The alleged original baphomet of the Templars was merely a human head, and idol worship is pretty much what got the templars busted back in 1307.

            The Templars were worshipping a man’s head? why….

            Baphomet is a creation of the Templars. The modern interpretation of baphomet is the creation of Eliphas Levi, and other occultists from the mid 1800′s. It was then linked to satanism. Man placing himself above God is the agenda.. Man’s worship of man rather than worship of God.
            So, yeah, I’d say that was pretty satanic.
            But back to my point.. I’m trying to find documentation that supports Bold’s theory, and seeing what directions it goes in.. interesting stuff.

          • b4 doesn’t seem to understand that this is an inquiry into the origin of the baphomet and questioning it’s representation today.
            Taking the meaning behind the abufihamet as baphomet to another level, what is seen as an essence of the idol (the head of a man) may well be an idealization of man, master of his domain, over and above that of God.
            That is what is meant by man worshipping man, or self worship. This is projected into the persona of satan, yet is manifested as the reign of man over God..meaning, the denial of God.
            Not my theory.. one that I happen to be looking into, and completely twisted by you, b4.
            Twist and shout. Suits you.

          • As said earlier, the baphomet as it is know today comes from the book “Dogma of high magic” written by Eliphas Levy (former priest).

            It is an assembly of kabbalist symbols (some jewish letters like aleph) and alchemist symbols plus some older “estoric” symbols that actually came from the beleifs of savants (physicist of that time like water, earth, fire, air). duality symbols and of course the famous caduce place on the penis level).
            Duality is also very present (moons and suns) as well as the hermaphrodites nature of the baphomet (penis and breast). This was considered during the “Lumière” era as the pinnacle of humanity.

            It is to be noted that the baphomet was not directly associated with Lucifer of satanic symbol nor was it supposed to be a figure of worship.

            It is was an hermetic drawing (so to be interpreted on 3 levels depending on the acquired esoteric knowledge) used for teaching the nature of the “spirit” world and the nature of Man.

          • Mine buddy swarn to me he seen the bafomet head in a hall aftern hours with another guy and he said the head looked at him!

          • Abyssus abyssum invocat my dear I am David

  • …The images mean more now, that the evil one is on the planet. Its ON.

    • b4

      yeah.. and its you max,the evil one

      • You’re the one going around this site trying to turn people away from God, b4. How’s that for evil? Isn’t that what satan does? Would it kill you to hit your shift key and use punctuation properly once in a while or are you actually that dim?

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