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Evil Muslim Obama in Meltdown, Lost it, White House Finished and Now Muhammed Finally Revealed as a Pedofile (Video)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 18:31
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Obama’s just two days from leaving. Don’t let the door slap you on the way out, Ahmed! Barry Parks is Obama’s real name. Google it!


Obama is stepping down from the presidency day by day. When he’s down and trump’s inaugurated he’ll be defeated and face thousands and thousands of years of jail handed down by a court of law for High Treason: the greatest criminal in the history of the WORLD!


Obama Honors WH Press Secretary Josh Earnest



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Muslim goes into meltdown when he learns the truth about Muhammad – SHARE NOW!


Muslims riot in Australia after video exposes Muhammad
Watch her reaction! Old German woman takes on Muslim migrant punks

“Get the F*&K out!!!” British fight back against Muslim migrants – SHOULD WE LET THEM IN?
See original image

Now to give a short timeline of events leading up to today, let’s look at my youth when I was brought up in the USA and France to a family influenced by Theosophy and schooling such as Rudolf Steiner’s schools. Theosophy’s basic influence is Buddhism from Helena Blavatsky’s Russian background where the influence of Tibetan Buddhism is rife due to the Mongolian Buddhists within the Russian Federation of nations.

My family relative the  Royal Count Tolstoy was also a Theosophical spiritualist and corresponded with Gandhi, who also was himself influenced by Buddhism and Theosophy.

My wife and I studied Tibetan language and culture at Paris University for five years in the mid-80s..

But when still a child, when I reached 15 years old, I was attracted to the religious life and sought to find a master to teach me meditation or yoga.

This brought me to Tibetan Buddhism which I practised for many years as a religious Buddhist starting from 1970.

In the late 90s, I sought to pass on my knowledge on Internet and particularly my research upon Kalachakra the deity-teachings which announce the Apocalypse within Tibetan Buddhism.

My work on Internet suddenly screeched to a halt though when Obama started running for president in early 2007 because I saw on Internet a school registration to Obama’s name stating his faith as Muslim: that was a signal of a red flag to me.

Indeed, that set up a red alert signal to me and during the whole of 2007 I dedicated myself solely to fighting against Obama’s election.

To achieve that, I sought to find the most powerful anti-Obama video that I could find on You Tube so as to go and find people to share my convictions with.

Through that same logic I tried to find all kinds of venues, forums, blogs, videos, articles’ comments on Internet etc…so as to criticise and block Obama but I ended up on the video with most views and most comments that deals with the birther issue: Obama Citizenship: I Invented the Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)


Obama Citizenship: I Invented The Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)


I spent the full time I had left before the election battling pro-Obama forces in the comments there during several heady weeks.  I literally littered that video with endless series of comments.
We’ve been legitimized now since that time 9 LONG YEARS AGO by Sheriff joe Arpaio’s press confernce where he said Obama’s birth forgery is the greatest criminal fraud in US history. And it’s thanks to all our efforts that the truth has come out now.
At 0:10: Obama’s birth fraud is diabolical!… the biggest mass fraud in US history.
Zullo: Obama BC Crime/Biggest Criminal Fraud in U.S. History!
Then Obama won the election and I went into guerilla mode because things were starting to look bleak for us.
Then= a miracle happened.
Out of the blue, I found an article on Internet by a Newsweek senior editor, Lisa Miller, called “Is Obama the Antichrist?”
That article stated that the day after Obama’s election the lottery in his homestate drew the Mark of the Beast of 666: And everybody knows that’s the Antichrist. 
That fact is ironclad and anyone can go to the Illinois State Lottery website and browse the “Winning Number History Search” at November 5,2008 – Pick 3 and they’ll find that the draw was indeed 666 on that day.
Armed with that weapon, I set out to Christian websites to announce to them that Obama was revealed as the Antichrist by a miracle sent from heaven.
I hit a big brick wall with Christians.
The most anti-Christian people I met in the world, were Christians. They covered up for Obama lock, stock and barrel.
They answered to me that as I was a Buddhist, I could not be the Messiah and Jesus so therefore, anything I said must be false. Therefore, they denied the divine heaven-sent miracle of 666 cursing Obama.
This non-plussed me, because I had never ever exchanged with Christians since converting to Buddhism, and I was flabberghasted and honestly disconcerted to face their intolerance, biggotted puritanism and flatout ignorance.
Furthermore, being of Christian background myself, this was my first confrontation with my fellow Christians since I had entered into Buddhism: so it took some mustering up of forces for me.
Now though, the proof that I’m indeed the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming is clear: there’s no doubt possible.
First of all, Christians who say I’m disqualifed as a Buddhist to be the Messiah and Jesus, are THEMSELVES disqualifed from claiming that.
Jesus was very clear when he announced that at the time of the end days, all Christians would be corrupted and to not follow them when they invoked him. He himself would not return as a Christian because of that widespread corruption.
Secondly, all Christians who claim I’m not the Messiah are furthermore also false christs because the Bible states that no one will know the day and hour of the Second Coming of Jesus.
Why will no one know the day and hour?
Because they won’t know who the Messiah and Jesus is.
That’s slearly shown by the statement that the “Second Coming will occur like lightning falling to earth”. How does lightning fall? UNEXPECTEDLY.
Indeed, have you ever met anyone who can predict where lightning will fall in advance? No, obviously.
The Bible slso states that the 2d Coming will occur like a thief coming at night.
How does a thief come at night?
What does “by surpise mean?”
It means UNEXPECTEDLY….. again
What does this all mean? Let’s sum it up again.
It means that no one knows the day and hour of Jesus’ Second Coming because no one ON EARTH knows who Jesus is when he comes so all those who claim I’m not Jesus are false christs who are lying about Jesus and Jesus said to not follow those people.
So again let’s look at what this means.
It means that no one can state I’m the Messiah and Jesus or deny it. Indeed, that would make them false christs.
Furthermore, when I state I’m the Messiah and Jesus, I’m not relying upon wishes or my whims to “self-aggrandize” or such.
I merely rely upon TWO FACTS.
What are those two logical and incontrovertible facts?
First, the fact that Obama’s cursed by 666 in the lottery is a sign sent by heaven.
Therefore it’s not some fact I’m imagining, making up or exploiting for my benefit. Indeed, I saw the news in a Newsweek article just like millions of others did likewise witness that article. They also could have seen the lottery draw of 666 in the news after the lottery’s draw was made public. It’s not just something I’m making up and that’s just in my mind.
Secondly, I could have just remained a silent witness and waited around for some other person to stand up could and proclaim in the news medias that Obama was the Antichrist. People would have gathered around that person and hailed him or her as the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming. But nobody has stood up to do that since eight years now.
About me being the Messiah now….: being a Buddhist I didn’t even imagine the role of Messiah for myself and didn’t wish it in any way because I had turned my back on Christianity and it represented to me the epitome of evil … second only to Islam.
So as I said above, for a few years, Christians were a problem to me because they were stalling me from proclaiming that Obama was the Antichrist. Their arguments baffled me.
To begin with it was far from my mind to call myself the Messiah and Jesus, so I didn’t think I had to stand up to the Christians and proclaim myself as Messiah to fend off their criticisms..
But they the Christians kept dragging the topic back to the fore that my main obstacle to spreading the news was that I couldn’t be the Messiah and Jesus because I was a Buddhist.
Now I realize their whole arguments are not founded and they’re dead wrong. And the best argument against them is Jesus HIMSELF who disqualfied all Christians in the end times.
I realize now that the Christians have no mandate to decide upon my being the Messiah or not and that furthermore, seeing my facts are ironclad concerning the lottery draw of 666, that means I’m the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming beyond any possible doubt…..and the case is closed in fact because of those facts.
Obama’s attack on Israel’s very existence in his illegal abstaining from the UN Resolution, is the signal of the end of times and Apocalypse….
In 2013, during my battle to reveal Obama as the Antichrist among may people fighting to spread information about Obama I met upon Linda Joy Adams (browse for “Daily Recap”) and we quickly hit it off as friends and “kin on the path” of searching for the truth. Her story made the hair rise on my head. She claims she’s Obama’s third cousin and his real name is Barry parks, the son of Jim T. Parks.
“Nobody’s investigating it” she complains.

King of Shambhala


also see here for me…. Mentally ill and criminal trolls have been heckling me for years because they object to the fact I’m the Messiah and nothing they say, can change that truth because I alone reveal that the lottery in Obama’s homestate drew 666 (the Mark of the Beast aka the Number of the Antichrist) the day after his election. Wikipedia says that to troll is a pathological behaviour. Ignore the trolls: they’re crazy. 

I’m a person of high spiritual realization (University Tibetan culture/language studies, 8-month meditation retreat, foremost Buddhist Kalachakra authority). My family is a royal family (our relative Count Leo Tolstoy is the highest/ most ancient royal aristocratic lineage in Russia) from Norway, and among others my grandmother’s aunt Else Werring was the Royal Norwegian Palace’s “Mistress of the Robes” (the hostess/organizer of the royal palace’s events) for 27 years, until 1985.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has just started blasting Obama with the full force, so now Team Trump, Larry Klaymann and Orly Taitz and us all will have to sue Obama together for stealing our lives by his forged birth certificate. Follow me in revealing the Antichrist Obama and his forged birth certificate which proves his High Treason.


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    • Obama is as much a Muslim as that Saudi all the way to the left in that Photo :lol:

      Babylonian Talmudic Jews or Satanists

    • Why is no one saying I’m the Messiah and Jesus’ 2d Coming?
      Are you HIDING FROM ME?

      I’m Jesus’ Second Coming. Indeed, the facts speak clearly. There’s proof Obama’s the Antichrist because he’s marked by 666, the Mark of the Beast as can be seen below in this article.

      I’m the Messiah aka Jesus’ 2d Coming of Jesus because I alone am spreading the proof of the heaven-sent miracle of 666 in the lottery. No one else is doing it. I’m The One who breaks the Apocalypse.

      Obama’s aweful Muslim faith is proven to be the work of a paedofile, Muhammed whose wife was just 9 years old.

      Obama’s real name is Barry Parks.


      • “king of shambhala” is a false prophet fool who will be humiliated in hell for all the lies he’s spreading.

        • Elekwense claims to speak in Jesus’ name.
          He’s a false christ and they’ll burn eternally in hell’s lake of fire and sulfur said Jesus and my job as Messiah is to thrown them into HELL PERSONALLY.
          Jesus said forcefully “Don’t follow anyone claiming to speak in my name in the end times” so don’t heed their death threats they’re making and which I’ll report now.

          I didn’t make death threats above, I just quoted Jesus.

        • He’s not lying – THE JACKASS IS DELUSIONAL.

  • I would like to see the negro arrested for impersonating a US President and 535 Congogressmen for committing TREASON on the United States of America.

    Prey for this. :twisted:

    • Phd

      Pink Slime…. No No No… !

      Boet You Dumb Asses Have Got To Take The Blame Here…..


      You had all the evidence and investigations in the media
      You knew all his history was hidden from the public domain….

      You fools have been voting for scumbags from before Clinton and the Bushes…

      • Phd

        To the Minus Marker :- TRUTH HURTS HEY !

        You should concentrate on learning your countries checkered history
        and your screwed up political agenda’s you allow your criminal politicians to pratice
        while getting thousand of your young slaghtered and maimed for life, fighting your
        bullshit wars for control of the world drug trade and crude oil…..

        You have no idea how many countries and peoples lives you have screwed up with
        your rotten socialist liberal multicultural policies……

        But No Worries ~ The Wheel Does Turn And Paybacks A Bitch !

        • And where the hell are you from Phd? You must be from La La Land where everything is sunshine & rainbows. Where every citizens’ dreams bear fruition and morality and righteousness are second nature. Why don’t you tell us about how things are working out for the virtuous leaders of your hovel country. Your moniker must stand for Piled high daily.

          • Phd

            Im from the real world sunshine and weve suffered under your American regime and its cohorts, the Brit commonwealth and the EU for way to long even thought we fought side by side with you muthfuckers in three wars 1st, 2nd and the Korean war….

            And then you screwed us over , But No Worries ~ We Are Now Part Of B.R.I.C.S ( Russia & China )

            My little shithole country has the highest rape & murder rate in the world !

          • Suid-Afrika

          • Well, Welcome to the goddamn revolution and our leadership are as sholes! But it ain’t just the US, although it is a big part. Here’s a link for you to check out. It’s from the NY Slimes. It’s about Davos. These are the ones F-ing up the planet. Scroll down to “Parties” and you can read just how out of touch these bastardos are. Than search “Davos Attendees”. Out of these mofo’s, eight (8) have and control more wealth than Half the earth or more than 3.5 billion people. BRICS is fine but it’s just another banking cartel scheme.


        • phd umbass. :grin:

      • WHO voted for them? I know some voted twice.

  • jbw

    Huge. Italian. rack.

  • DJ

    You are not the Messiah. When Jesus returns…all will see Him coming.
    “…This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.”
    You are deceived.

    • DJ is a false christ of the Bible that Jesus warned us against by saying: “Don’t follow the false christs” – he doesn’t speak in Jesus’ name.
      I’m the Messiah because everybody saw the proof that Obama’s the Antichrist.
      The lottery in his homestate that drew 666, the number marking the Antichrist, the day after his election, was seen by over 50 million people and all saw it (indeed, the Illinois Lottery is played by all five Great Lakes States in the North East and it’s broadcast via TV, radios, all the media etc… so that all the people of the Great Lakes States saw and heard it that 666 had marked Obama’s election, and making him the Antichrist.)

      • If you wan a real article of someone NOT pulling punches like false David KOS then try this


        • The link given here leads to a David Montaigne article and David’s like me: he says Obama’s the Antichrist.
          Follow David and me because we are the truth and we are the way.
          All the trolls in these comments are the false christs of the Bible and demonically possessed frauds: “don’t follow them” said Jesus.

          • sorry kos but mom sed i shoodn’t get to in to poltics. she sed dr. soos books are best for me.

  • you are partially right about Obama, but you are totally wrong about being Messiah, Jesus. In fact there are many false Christs just like Jesus said in Mathew 24, and you are one of them. Just read all the verses about second coming of Jesus and you will know that it is the same Jesus who was here 2000 years ago who will come back again, so no one was born recently can claim he is the Messiah, so no Buddist can claim that

    • Anyone claiming to be the way and the truth and knowing the truth and who quotes Jesus will be a false christs in the end times, like Wlodek P., Jesus said so and that’s not my case.
      I claim to be the Messiah and Jesus’ 2d Coming as well as the king of Shambhala the universal messiah for all people on Earth as seen by Buddhists because I saw a miracle sent by heaven which was the lottery draw of 666 that cursed Obama and which I describe in the article.
      So, I’m not claiming myself to be the Messiah but base myself upon that miracle to merely content with saying I’m designated by heaven as the Messiah.
      Well, nobody on Planet Earth is now spreading that miraculous event’s message.
      Everybody’s dead on planet earth because they didn’t stand up to be counted among the chosen few.
      Nobody stood up to speak with HEAVEN’S VOICE to reveal the miracle that designates Obama as the Antichrist: the lottery draw of 666
      People are so evil and corrupted that they can’t even broach the topic and their minds are stained and dirty.
      I’m the only one on earth who has survived and new people will be filled back with life when they stand up to follow me because I’m the truth and I’m the way (shown by heaven’s mraicle of 666) and they’ll be the chosen that are spoken of in the Bible.
      All the rest have been left behind because they didn’t stand up to spread the news of the 2d Coming.
      All on earth have failed to recognize the 2d Coming of Jesus.

      • If I won you in a lottery I would destroy the universe.

        Love from Dad.

        • Homos like madtingo are an abomination.
          Jesus rejected homos.
          Homos are panicking because their homo agenda under Obama is going to outlawed because it’s killing millions with HIV/AIDS. Homos are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDS says Obama’s CDC gov disease-control website.
          Obama’s got just a few hours lef t and we can drag him to a big long trial in court and then haul him off to jail next.
          Wikipedia and Jesus agree on one thing that’s the demonic possession of trolls like in the comments here.
          Ugly fools are trolling these comments and Jesus said to not respond to the fools and trolls who are mentally ill says Wikipedia.
          They’re ugly homos.
          Homos are an abomination like the Antichrist Obama is also called “the Abomination” (meaning homo) in the Bible.

  • Someone, PLEASE debunk the RAY-EL shit on another post by a contributor that fills his comment section with shills that upvote each other 9000 times than disable the comments. If they’re gonna have any credibility they need to have full disclosure. Say what you want about KOS but at least he defends himself in the open forum.

    • I don’t need to defend myself because my facts defend me: they’re ironclad and they fear nobody’s scrutiny.
      Obama’s the Antichrist beyond any possible doubt and no shill has managed to debunk those facts.
      I rely upon the heaven-sent miracle of 666 in the lottery draw and I fear no human heckling and trolling by mentally deranged freaks, because no human can challenge heaven’s facts.

      • …If you had any idea about what the word ‘messiah’ really meant, you would be very amazed at what a fool we all believe you to be.

        • Homo trolls like maxwell can’t attack me because they’re fellow reporters and BeforeItsNews TOS forbids fellow reporters from fighting.
          He’s been trolling me for years now.
          Report him: I’ve reported him twice and am again reporting him now so he gets banned for ever from BeforeItsNews as he’s a repeat-TOS breaker and thug.

          • Stop being such a self-righteous prick and get lost.

          • Big dog…/small fish…is a homo who’s been trolling me for years and who I got banned last year (his alias was “Doggoneit”) for making death threats to me.
            Wikipedia says to not respond to trolls because they’re mad and to “deny them recognition”.
            This article’s topic is about Islam’s polygamy, peadofilia, murder, not to mention incest…and not about distracting from the topics… as the shills working for Obama do 24 7 since years and years.
            Becoz they’re loons and have mental instability such as supporting a criminal like Obama.
            There’s no reason for supporting Obama than that he’s a homo and black: yes Obama’s an old black homo (probably he’s got HIV seeing old black homos are most at risk of passing on HIV says CDC – Obama’s own government disease-control website.).
            Obama has no valid qualfication for being president and no birth certificate.

    • Cory knows he doesn’t stand a chance here in a rational Biblical study, having drank Re-Re’s kool-aid. I noticed that at least one comment was posted AFTER comments were disabled.
      And yes, KOS is NUTS. But to his credit, he has the crazy to stick around. :roll: :wink:

      • Homos are panicking because their homo agenda under Obama is going to outlawed because it’s killing millions with HIV/AIDS. Homos are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDS says Obama’s CDC gov disease-control website.
        Obama’s got just a few hours lef t and we can drag him to a big long trial in court and then haul him off to jail next.
        Wikipedia and Jesus agree on one thing that’s the demonic possession of trolls like in the comments here.
        Ugly fools are trolling these comments and Jesus said to not respond to the fools and trolls who are mentally ill says Wikipedia.
        They’re ugly homos.
        Homos are an abomination like the Antichrist Obama is also called “the Abomination” (meaning homo) in the Bible.

  • In the name of the Buddha, please stop incessantly promoting yourself as the Messiah.

    • I’m not promoting myself a Messiah.
      I’m proven the Messiah aka Jesus’ 2d Coming aka King of Shambhala because I’m the only one promoting the ironclad incontrovertible (for the less intelligent… that means: “undeniable”) proof that Obama’s indeed the AC.
      The day after Obama’s election, the lottery in his homestate drew the Mark of the Beast aka the Number of the Antichrist = 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. anyone with just a mere modicum of a brain knows that that means Obama’s the Antichrist…. and seeing I’m the only one with the brains and courage to stand up and spread the message that makes me THE ONE.

      • Hello Mr Patronage,

        I have a dictionary and a vocabulary and don’t need a definition of “incontrovertible”, but thanks for the thought.

        Although you can spell the word, you appear not to understand its meaning.

        When I was seven years old I knew a boy who won £1 in a school lottery, but he’s now a mess. Is that the same as a failed Messiah?

        Love from Dad.

        • Wikipedia and Jesus agree on one thing that’s the demonic possession of trolls like in the comments here.
          Ugly fool Madtingo’s a troll and Jesus said to not respond to the fools and trolls who are mentally ill says Wikipedia.
          They’re ugly homos.
          Homos are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDS says Obama’s CDC gov disease-control website.

  • This “Shambala” Character should be locked up……….

    • Ignore the mentally ill freaks infesting these comments.
      Wikipedia says they’re mentally ill.
      Wikipedia says to not respond to them and Jesus also says to not follow the false christs in the end times and now we’re just TWO DAYS AWAY FROM OBAMA’S FALL AND DEFEAT which will see the Day of Last Judgement and Apocalypse.

      • Many signs announce the Apocalypse among which are the signs that I’m announcing I’m the Messiah and Jesus’ 2d Coming.
        I’m also calling out the demonic shills working for Obama trolling here.
        Those are the signs of the coming Apocalypse.

    • Apparently, he has this god complex. He wants everyone to believe his elaborate and complex beliefs.

      • That’s incorrect.
        I’m a Buddhist and that’s not a complex belief.
        We don’t believe in God and it’s scientific because we say there’s no proof of a God.
        My claimed elaborate and complex beliefs are not ‘elaborate and complex’.
        For a Bible-Thumper hick or a Rationalist who’s spent his years studying Karl Marx it may seem complex but not for a student of religion like me.

        My Buddhist Kalachakra teaching has an elaborate prophecy of the Apocalypse.

        It says that the end-times saviour and world-messiah (the King of Shambhala called Rudra Chakra, “Fearsome Wheel-Holder”) will battle the demonic King Krinmati.

        The Kalachakra teaching gives a good detailed description of the Krinmati Demon-King which is hair-raisingly befitting of Obama: he’ll have a faith that mixes the prophets of Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Manicheism (which includes influences of the Greek Gods, Buddhism and Hinduism within it.)

        “Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mani, Muhammad, and Mahdi”

        Because that demon will have those mixed influences, the battle will entail for me to prove that those faiths recognize him as the demon prophecised in their own faiths also.

        In other words, if I can prove that demon to be the prophecised Antichrist-demon in any of those cultures he’ll also be proven to be the Antichrist-demon in my own Buddhist Apocalypse.

        It’s not rocket science and doesn’t take Einstein to grasp it.

        Even backward Materialists who lap up the garbage Modern Science dishes out can grasp it.

  • Hello Kingie,

    Will he live long enough to serve his full sentence of “thousands and thousands of years”?

    The food bill alone will be immense.

    I might send him a Haribo Fried Egg now and again as I feel almost as sorry for him as for yourself.

    I might even send the odd Jelly Baby too. Would you like one?

    Love from Dad.

    • That’s OK madtingo, I feel bad for you too as you’ll burn in hell’s lake of fire and sulfur says the Bible for supporting the Antichrist Obama for years and years of your trolling here at BeforeItsnews.
      Obama’ll not cost much for thousands and thousands of years in jail, because he’s already 50 so he’ll probably be in jail for just 15 to 18 years and they have bunk beds for blacks and old black homos like Obama so they don’t cost much, maybe $3/day in heating and food.
      Obama’s goverment disease-control website CDC says it those like Obama, the old black homos who are most at risk of passing on HIV/AIDS.

      • Trumpie pays me now with Jelly Babies, and even though you don’t believe in me I still exist (how else could I be typing this?).

        Obama’s 55 years old.

        How does 15 to 18 years equate to “thousands and thousands of years” in jail? I’m confused.

        Love from Dad.

        • Ugly fool Madtingo’s a troll and Jesus said to not respond to the fools and trolls who are mentally ill says Wikipedia.
          They’re ugly homos.
          Homos are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDS says Obama’s CDC gov disease-control website.

  • Homos are trolling the comments.
    Those ugly fools are murders as far as their cherished homo agenda is concerned.
    Homos are responsible for 95% of HIV/AIDs says Obama’s US gov website CDC and old black homos like him are post at risk of passing on HIV/AIDS (and thereby most at risk of KILLING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama’s passing on death through HIV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

    • King, YOU’RE passing on HIV… High Ignorance Value. :lol:

      • :lol: Nah. He’s got the “High Ignorance Value” on lock. One of the few things he’s got figured out, really. As for the other HIV… I’m sure he’s got that too. I’m sure people pretending to be Jesus can end up in worse circumstances though, all things considered.

        • In a few hours Obama the Antichrist will face thousands and thousands of years in jail after a long legal trial in court of law.
          Obama’s supporters like the shills infesting these comments will be tracked down by Trump’s Team.
          Their IP addresses will trace them to them and find them and get snitches inside the criminal psyops orgs such as “Organizing for Action” to SNITCH ON THEM.

  • I just linked this article to Linda joy Adams @BLOGSPOT… and wrote a Daily Recap added for 1/19/17. President Obama has not stopped the one who may be the “little horn of the beast system . who has become the dictator of the USA since the COUP of 2002. when Congress gave him the power of all government contractors that the real government cannot do an internal audit of them nor a criminal investigation and taken it away. He and his cabal of companies now runs the USA at all levels and even private industry has to hire his to deal with his government contractors. . Total control of health in the USA. and the medical profession is being ‘extorted; by his cabal at every turn. as costs for him sky rocket and its not going for direct care. Unless this lack of the real govt to stop illegal acts and real blatant crimes. we have no nation and no rights of any individual under a Constitution that has been shredded. Most are under his control in more ways than any even know. My first website. was RUSSIAN PRINCE USA PRESIDENT IN 11/08 that shows his historical background. If he could have known of birth in Topeka KS, maybe he would have able to up to this cabal. the birthers gave us Hillary Clinton as Sec of State as if the truth of his origins had been fully known as the media admits they had, he would have won by a landslide in 2008 and Hillary would never have been able to make a deal to gain power which is linked to Lynn Blodgett whom few know is really running the USA. An d she never mentioned his international security force that was paid to be at Benghazi either. I ask how connected are they to ISIS??? The Orlando shooter worked for him remember?? Linda Joy Adams

    • Linda Joy Adams is Obama’s third cousin and hails from Kansas where Obama’s mother Stanley comes from and the media won’t even talk about.
      She doesn’t say it in her comment above but Linda’s the person who’s revealed to the whole world that Obama’s real name is Barry Parks.
      His father’s name is Jim T. Parks and the reporters and press can go investigate the Parks family living in Kansas right now: but they’re not doing it because the press are just fantasy-writers talking about a made-up lazy invented “false reality” that hates the real reality and they only WRITE FAUX FAKE NEWS.

  • “The most anti-Christian people I met in the world, were Christians.”

    You sure say the funniest things.

    • I’ve reported Geeper twice to the admins so tha the be banned for life.
      He’s broken Terms of Service because reporters at BeforeItsNews are not allowed to troll or attack other reporters and that homo Geeper’s been trolling me for years now non stop 24 7.
      He’s broken TOS over and over so go report him folks, be my guests.
      I’ve already reported him twice so they’re on notice about him adn watching him.

      “The most anti-Christian people I met in the world, were Christians.”

      You sure say the funniest things.

      I’m just quoting Jesus. He said not a single Christian will be saved in the end times. So, the worst enemies and anti-Christians are the Christians who corrupt and are doomed in the Apocalypse.

    • Geeper’s still trolling my articles since years now.
      Despite it being forbidden he’s still at it.
      I’ve reported him twice seeing he attacks me a fellow reporter, so his account be banished from BeforeItsNews for ever.


    • I reported Big dog…/small fish… and “crowpie”for making death threats and they were both banned from BIN last year (his alias was Doggoneit).
      crowpie had second thoughts about breaking TOS at BIN because she’s got a brain but Doggoneit aka Big dog…/small fish…has no brain, he’s a backward Bible-Thumping corrupt false christ inbred uneducated ugly fool hick.
      Wikipedia and Jesus agree that one must not respond to mentally ill people like that.


        • Well now, I think you pissed him off :wink:

        • KOS: “ a brain but Doggoneit aka Big dog…/small fish…has no brain, he’s a backward Bible-Thumping corrupt false christ inbred uneducated ugly fool hick…”

          I think he left out cabbage pickin, horse neck, fog horn, two timin’, jimmy crack corn crackhead mofo with flies on the side!!!

      • You’ve been Bible-Thumping for the last 8 years!
        And you don’t even know it.
        You got no one banned, because you’re just a sorry French toad, croaking in the drainage canal.

        • You sorry American freaks got vanquished by the French who saved Washington when General Rochambeau beat the English at the Battle of Chesapeake (Siege of Yorktown) with 9000 soldiers, (more than Washington had).
          You can say “Thank You” to France or else you’d not be American.

  • The fact that Obama was practicing Judaism at the western wall proves he’s not a Muslim. And you’re lying about Muhammad. So I warn you of hell for insulting a Prophet of God and lying about the righteous believers.

    Not only that, but the psycho who wrote this article literally thinks he’s the Messiah lmao.

    • Report Elekwense for making death threats.
      I’m reporting what the video in the article says which is that Muhammed is a peadophile and married a nine year-old girl.
      I’m reporting the threats made in this article’s comments above.
      The leftist Islam-lovers are the worst garbage on earth.
      Islam is the worst thing existing in the world.

      • People are fed up of Islam.
        Getting heads cut off since 1500 years is enough.
        You can take just so much abuse and no more.
        The Quran must be banned just like Hitler’s book “Main Kampf” is banned.
        The so-called ‘holy’ Quran (as Obama calls it) has 108 passages saying it’s the Muslim’s duty to kill all Infidels i.e. Jews, Christians etc… it’s simple it says to kill everybody who’s not Muslim and even Muslims of the other sects.
        The “holy” Quran must be banned.
        It’s a crime to incite to kill.
        It’s called “Incitement to Murder” by Law.
        The Quran says any Muslim that doesn’t carry out that order – to kill all Infidels – will be put to death.
        Is that sick or what?

        Islam is a sick CULT. Nothing more.

    • “I’ll stand at the wall with my head bowed. Looking like I really believe.”
      Proves… NOT A DAMN THING!!! Elekwense! AND YOU KNOW IT!!!
      And how is KOS LYING about Islam?
      It’s the ONLY thing he does have right!
      Mu-Ham-Mad… A pedo that hates pork.
      Name a religion that has killed more, destroyed more.
      And don’t bother with the Catholic angle… they are NOT Christian.
      When Islam isn’t fighting for, the right to own slaves, the right to KILL anyone that disagrees, the right to rape women AND children…It’s fighting and killing its own members.
      Yeah… There’s the so-called Religion of Peace.
      Wake up Elekwense… You’re in a CULT.
      Show me and deny where YOUR kowrong proves ME wrong!!!

      • The sorry Obama operatives are turning their coats against their own buddies like Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke turning upon Elekwense his butt-buddy of the eight years of Obama’s Rule, a Jihadist Islamist terrorist.
        This is the day.
        Obama’s running scared through the cornfields like a fugitive slave off the plantation and meanwhile the Leftist Commies shills and Islamic Jihadists are going at each others’ throats; PRICELESS: when will they say “I was wrong”?

        • The operatives supporting Obama since eight years have suddenly turned coat and now criticise Islam.
          That’s new.
          Islam was the best thing in the world until yesterday in the mouthes of the Obama shills infesting Internet such as Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke.

          • Shills who turn coat after years of supporting someone blindly are not reliable people (like Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke).
            People like that will kowtow to you today but they’ll lead the charge against you next day, who knows when?
            People who turn coat quickly with no reason are shills who work for pay and just got orders from their boss that Obama’s no logner paying their chekcs so the new paymaster is Trump so I don’t think a simple whitewash and proclaiming that Islam is bad, will suffice to make it be forgotten how Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke shilled for MUSLIM Obama 24 7 for eight years.
            Things don’t work like that.
            After Russia’s Revolution, Stalin set up massive TRIALS for the old supporters of the old system.
            So we need the same TRIALS AT BEFOREITSNEWS.
            Obama’s shills on Internet will be punished for their evil and I’m available to Trump Team’s people to snitch AND INFORM on all the Internet moles working for Obama we have here at BIN.

            All the crap must come out in the WASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The truth has come out.

    Why is no one saying I’m the Messiah and Jesus’ 2d Coming?
    Are you HIDING FROM ME?

    I’m Jesus’ Second Coming. Indeed, the facts speak clearly. There’s proof Obama’s the Antichrist because he’s marked by 666, the Mark of the Beast as can be seen below in this article.

    I’m the Messiah aka Jesus’ 2d Coming of Jesus because I alone am spreading the proof of the heaven-sent miracle of 666 in the lottery. No one else is doing it. I’m The One who breaks the Apocalypse.

    Obama’s aweful Muslim faith is proven to be the work of a paedofile, Muhammed whose wife was just 9 years old.

    Obama’s real name is Barry Parks.


    • KOS Quote: “No one else is doing it.”

      ‘Cept for David Montaigne and David done it first and better!

    • So Dave, are you saying you’re telling everyone that KOS is the messiah? :wink: :roll:

      • David Montaigne loves sucking up to Geir Smith.

        • The trolls heckling to support Obama are homos and the false christs of the Bible: Wikipedia says to deny them recognition.
          They can say whatever they want, no one will respond to them. jesus said to turn from homos but they don’t udnerstand the evil of their ways and they’ve been parrotting their lines non stop for years and nothing changes except that Obama’s out and we’re now hounding him down for him to be dragged to a court of law and sentenced for his crimes, which are the greatest in the history of all of Mankind without contest.

  • El

    Archeologists have found a copy of the Koran in an ancient library, written 50 years before Muhammad was born. He didn’t really write it. Notice the ham in the middle of this name… Just sort of funny since pig is a no no.

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