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Trump Goes On Fox News and Makes Shock Obama Announcement Many Didn’t Expect (Video)

Friday, March 3, 2017 2:43
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Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, President Donald Trump, who earlier suggested “Obama people” were behind the leaks within his administration, doubled down on that point in a Fox and Friends interview that aired Tuesday. Trump was asked in the interview whether he believed former President Barack Obama was behind the “organizing” against Trump’s administration.

Barack Hussein Obama II is an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He is the first African American to have served as president, as well as the first born outside the contiguous United States.



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  • Well Trump, maybe if you got busy draining the swamp as promised, you wouldn’t still be fighting all the moles and traitors left over from the past Organized crime family.

    • Maybe if the Progressives would stop obstructing the confirmation of his cabinet our President could get down to business. Do you actually do any research to form your views or do you like a lot of busy Americans avoid the hassle merely basing their opinions on mainstream media’s two minute sound bites. From where I sit, I know what it looks like. I suspect you need to read more bro!

      • If congress was supposed to be a rubber stamp, they wouldn’t bather having confirmation hearings. This is how the process is DESIGNED to work. That way we get a cabinet that at least in a small way reflects the will of the people.

        • Where in the history books did you read this line of tripe? There is no precedence to the time these Progressive communist, new world order idiots have held up cabinet confirmations. They are purposely obstructing their legitimate appointments. Why, because they intend to discredit or possibly destroy Trump’s presidency. It’s sabotage and nothing less. I guess you aren’t quite intelligent enough to see that. My sympathies.

          • If Trumps cabinet had the support of the people ELECTED REPRESENTETIVES they would go through. That’s the PROCESS – it’s always been that way. Have you considered that MAYBE Trump’s appointments are so far out that they don’t pass muster? Maybe if he appointed less controversial people (and not so many billionaires) he could get his cabinet together. What you are advocating is called a dictatorship.

          • Just me.
            bro by reading your response “If Trumps cabinet had the support of the people ELECTED REPRESENTETIVES they would go through” it has become more than obvious what the real problem is here. You don’t quite understand how the confirmation process works. Until you acquaint yourself with that very important aspect of this conversation you are really not qualified to join in. Of course you can always voice your opinion but when you do, you openly reveal to others your very limited knowledge of government.

          • Cabinet selections are approved by a majority vote in both the senate and the congress. The people choose the senators and the congressmen. WHAT DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?

          • Sorry they are approve by a majority vote in the Senate only. Either way they are the PEOPLES representatives.

          • It only takes one to hold up the entire process, ever hear of a filibuster? Again you’re relying on have inadequate information. I urge you to take the time to actual understand the process bro. I’m not bashing you at all, just trying to keep it real!

          • Filibuster has been going on since the beginning. It’s a little used political ploy and is usually maintained by MULTIPLE members. When it was used to ATTEMPT block some of Obamas bills you were probably all for it. But as you KNOW it rarely works.

  • Thats because he works for the same people the zionist he told us what he knew we wanted to hear but does what all presidents do lie to us to keep us from taking back what is ours . Did the american people ask for a constitution or was it done in secret hidden from the people.

    • Acquaint yourself with cultural marxism bro. This ideology is what Trump is fighting against. His most trusted White House advisor Steve Bannon is an expert on the subject. Why do you suppose President Trump chose a man with such expertise? It was because the fruition of the incremental implementation of Marxism was nearly cemented into America’s way of governance under Barack Communist Usurp Obama.

      The sad truth is that if Clinton would have won the presidential election America would no doubt be part of a communist global government. For those who say no it was merely a Sanders type soft socialism, not hardcore communism. I say hogwash. History shows us that socialism almost always evolves into full blown communism. The basic difference between the two is that communism is socialism enforced by the hot end of a gun. As we clearly begin to understand the level of violence surrounding this worldwide strategy, it becomes increasingly apparent the Progressives have already taken us well beyond what is considered socialism. Without Trumps intervention the emerging of full blow, unadulterated, China style communism would have been our nation’s fate. Whether you understand it yet or not you owe President Donald J Trump a huge debt of gratitude.


      • Ahh cut the worn out Marxism crap. Anybody who went through that BS in Fool School and the media brainwashing has to know by now that Communism and Capitalism were both two wings of the same bird of prey. All the billionaires in China and the former Soviet States prove that Communism was just a label thrown at the idiot masses.

        • Nothing like just making crap up. I’ll agree, someone’s been brainwashed bro, perhaps a little self reflection sin order

      • I understand your point – and it was true 50 years ago. What you don’t see is that there is a NEW PARDIGM. It doesn’t matter if you call it a Marxist, communist or fascist global government. It’s all the same. They will use ALL forms of governance to deceive us into the NWO. Trump is part of that process because his stated policies appeal to the current mindset. That momentum will allow them to advance their hold ever deeper on another segment of our population. There is no one in political power any more that is on your side. They are all stooges for the NWO groomed to appeal to whichever group is most dissatisfied. Sorry but what you believe no longer relevant.

        • You’re guessing bro! You have nothing solid to base that slanderous suspicion on. It’s okay to be a bit paranoid however your assessment of our President is way premature. What I’ve offered here is relevant and is exactly what is coming down at present, not fifty years ago. The world elitists, who thrive under authoritarian rule are exactly who is pushing the New World Order you refer to.

  • Trump says “I think” “I don’t know” “Possibly”. “Maybe” If he’s so unsure he shouldn’t be making the comments in the first place. Not very presidential and certainly not a “SHOCK” announcement. And for you trolls out there – NO I DO NOT SUPPORT OBAMA. The world is not black and white – disliking Trump is not the same as being a liberal, communist, Satanist, leftist or any other four letter word you can come up with. I’m just interested in the truth, not propaganda from the left OR the right.

    • You claim to be interested in truth yet contradictorily you speak only inaccuracy, how is this possible? You seem to prefer to base your opinions on whether you like the President or not rather than to actually examine his policy. Truth is you don’t have to like Trump, you just need to understand the true enemy of the American way of life, a communist world governance and understand our President is on a mission to stop it dead in it’s tracks.

      Bro I am not even political. I honestly don’t care who rules what country or the world until the return of Christ. God’s one world government is a new world order I’m all for! Until then I totally abhor the level of dishonesty coming from the left and feel that we Americans would fair much better under sovereign authority than we would under a communist world government.

      We have all seen how compassionate the United Nations has been in dealing with places like Rwanda where they stood by and watched the horrific slaughter of millions of innocent people. We’ve witnessed how the globalists have created worldwide chaos causing a wave of death and destruction never seen before. You have a choice brother, I suggest you make it based solely on the facts rather than whether you like the person Donald Trump or not. We as a nation have too much at stake to look a political gift horse in the mouth.

      Offer with love

      A Student of the Word

      • But what you don’t understand is that Trump is as bad as Obama. Just because he says he’s different doesn’t make it true. The problem is that no one today can discern the spirit of a man. If they could, they would see the evil intent of Trumps heart is just as black as Obama’s was. Yes it’s nice to “imagine” a savior for our country – but it’s not Trump.

        • Look I have no misconceptions about anyone. I’ve said from the beginning that we live in Satan’s world where deception runs ramped. I am tuned into truth and only truth. If or when the time comes when our President is dishonest such as not stopping the proliferation of a one world communism rule I will stand on the rooftops and call him out on it.

          Until then if you don’t mind I’m not real comfortable relying your higher form of human intelligence, or unsubstantiated visions of the future. I suggest what your preaching to others is based on nothing more than pure speculation associated with the leftwing media misinformation campaign. In case nobody ever explained it to you, men are judged by their actions not by what you unfairly anticipate they might do. At present there is absolutely nothing to base your statement on accusing Trump’s heart of being black as the traitor Obama’s. It’s pure smut!

          • Like I said – you have no discerment

          • By the way – you say I can’t judge Trump’s heart? Remember “I just like to reach out and grab them by the ****” That is NOT the heart of a righteous man. I can judge by what we’ve ALL heard him say. His heart has already been revealed – both in carnal terms and in spiritual terms. And my vision of the future is not human or unsubstantiated – it’s prophetic.

          • Just me,
            First off I never said Trump is a religious man. I have always said he supports the doctrine of the harlot, not that of the one true God. I do however believe that God may be using him to shine a light on all that is done and concealed in the darkness. Where you wrote “Remember “I just like to reach out and grab them by the ****” That is NOT the heart of a righteous man. You are repeating debunked malarkey. I listened to the recording over and over. What I heard was that being famous that the girls will allow you do such things. He never claimed to have done such disgusting things himself. There is a huge difference, but good try! I’m done with this conversation. See ya!

          • He was saying YOU CAN which is the personal possessive form of speech

  • Our president should look at what Obama did while he was president. One of which was Tuesday’s terror list. Glenn Greenwald describes it very well. It is the killing of Americans without a trial, without any knowledge they were even being targeted. This my dear readers should put Obama in prison for many years.

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