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If Russia Is to Survive WW3 – Russia Has 1 Option: Nuke America’s Carriers – Syria Update (Video)

Monday, April 10, 2017 8:46
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via Jim Stone Freelance Journalist


If Russia Is To Survive World War 3 (it will not be won) Russia has ONE option: Nuke America’s Carriers

A few reader messages got through. One reader said there is no way Russia will nuke an aircraft carrier because “aircraft carriers have defensive systems that will shoot down any nuclear missile”.

MY RESPONSE: In the early 90′s, in violation of restrictions, Toshiba sold Russia advanced computers that they were able to use to design truly silent propellers. After that, Russian subs went dark. Now, a long time later, Russian subs are probably even more quiet. They will suffice for the job. And since many American warships including all aircraft carriers are nuclear powered, neutrino detectors won’t alert a carrier group to a submerged nuke because the reactors on the ships would interfere too much. Russia really could nuke a carrier group.

Russia will not use a missile because you cannot effectively destroy war ships with an air burst. War ships can only be be efficiently destroyed by setting a nuke off underwater, near them. To be effective, battle groups have to stay close enough to an aircraft carrier to be destroyed along with it. Russia will not be stupid about this. Russia did far more nuclear testing than America did. They know how to fight and win. If Russia does not turn every American aircraft carrier into a banana within the first hour of a real war, they will be rock stupid for not doing it. Once a war starts, for as long as there are aircraft carriers, America will keep going until so much is lost that what is left won’t be worth having. And if America starts the war, no one can be blamed for taking whatever action will be necessary to stay alive.

Right now there is so much going on that it is hard to sort it out. But one thing is still easy to say: It is awful damning that Syria, Iran, and North Korea are slated for destruction, and the thing they have in common is no Rothchild owned central bank. That says it all, the motive for everything can be known with that one simple fact.

Another thing: Russia is none too pleased with Trump’s cruise missile attack. Russia has stated in no uncertain terms that the gas attack was fake/staged/scammed And that America knew that when Trump launched the cruise missile attack. There are 900 opinions circulating about why it failed. No one has the answer, and I can only guess also. My guess is that Russia used GPS jamming and no attempted shoot downs. That is the only thing that can explain why so many either over flew the base or landed short. America’s cruise missiles don’t guess, they run on a confirmed working system that is accurate 100 percent of the time provided no one jams it. I think that is what happened.

If Russia had shot them down, some speculate that could have led to an incident with the U.S. because it can be proven. But if Russia instead jammed them, well, Russia and Syria have the right to transmit whatever they want. Who could get mad at them for merely confusing the missiles by switching a transmitter on?

Kushner: My opinion: Kushner is a low life scamming Mossad agent that sought out Ivanka to get a foothold into Trump’s life. Now that Trump is president, this is being exploited to the max, And I FIRMLY believe that both Trump and Ivanka are stoned off their a$$es on deeply researched and effective mind control drugs that show no outward signs other than a sudden switch to being easily manipulated. Trump might just be a drone now, but you’d never know that by looking at him or hearing him speak because the drugs won’t affect that.

I believe 100 percent that Kushner drugged the sh^^ out of Trump, and that Ivanka means absolutely nothing to Kushner other than as something cute to screw and gain power with. I 100 percent believe Kushner is rooted straight into the Knesset and America is now fully under Israeli rule, via Kushner. And it will only get worse, I expect to see Trump become a 100 percent Israeli owned robotic zombie (and he probably already is.)

It might be safe to call ADIOS to MAGA, there is no conceivable way the cruise missile attack would have happened if all was well.

Syria update

There are many theories floating around about syria. Some people are saying it was an act of desperation by Trump. Others are saying it was a chess move, where he tested Russia’s S-300 and S-400 missile systems. Others think as I do, and that he caved to the neocons. WHATEVER THE SITUATION, HERE IS THE OUTCOME SO FAR:

Inexplicably, 60 missiles were fired, 1 fell into the ocean, 59 headed to Syria successfully, and 23 made it. That’s bad. If Russia’s S-300 and S-400 missile systems caused that, IT IS BAD.

People don’t seem to understand that you don’t need a 100 percent kill rate on something like a cruise missile to have a weapons system like the S-400 be a success. I’d gauge outrageous success at a 30 percent hit rate on something like a cruise missile. That would be an AMAZING success. If twice that was lost to Russian missile defenses, it represents total doom for the United States. Why would that be? The answer is easy:

If Russia has a missile system so good it can nail cruise missiles better than half the time, it also means that it will have an extremely high success rate while shooting down aircraft. Aircraft are not expendable single use weapons. To make it worthwhile to have an aircraft it has to fly successfully many many times, at least 100 times. If there is something out there that will, on average, make it possible to fly an aircraft only twice you might as well give up before you even start.

Obviously we don’t know if the super high failure rate was due to Russian missile defenses or if it was due to good Russian jamming, or if it was due to cruise missiles that were crap. I doubt they were crap. But we do now know that Russia is not a helpless victim in waiting.

If Russian defenses took out so many missiles, then the obvious best Russian retaliatory/defensive tactic would be:

1. Nuke the warships, and 2. Take the aircraft out with advanced missiles.

America without question has the world’s most powerful navy. In fact, America’s navy is twice or more as capable as the entire rest of the world combined. But nukes are a serious problem for warships, I’d call the U.S. Navy little more than a way to project power into nations that don’t have nuclear weapons. Up against Russia, the navy is toast. Even Kim Jong could probably take the navy out. And the U.S. Navy is such a menace that not nuking it if you could would be the real life manifestation of “Dumb and Dumber”. I doubt Russia would be stupid enough to just let the Navy stick a hot fire poker wherever it wanted.

Going up against the U.S. Navy without a nuclear response available would be equal to getting nuked. A nuclear response would be the only correct answer. Therefore, Trump had better keep the navy parked and do nothing against Russia because only one thing will happen if Trump sends a significant portion of the navy to fight Russia: 165 or more U.S. warplanes will be in the air, and have no place to land.

I do not think a war against Russia will be winnable

I don’t think a war against China would be winnable. Probably not even India. You might have luck against Pakistan. You would win against North Korea after significant losses. And the answer to why is easy: You can’t send a navy against decent quality nukes. Pakistan has very crappy nukes so they are “iffy”. But I’d bet Kim Jong could score between 3 and 7 Nimitz class aircraft carriers all by himself. China would eat them all, plus a lot of the U.S. mainland. Russia would be at least 5x worse than China.

The bottom line is that it does not matter how many toys you have, or what your budget is when the people you are attacking have nukes. Nukes are the great equalizer, 20 equal the entire U.S. Navy, and the navy cost 1000 or more times as much. When Russia has many thousands, screwing with that is idiot’s play. There is no conceivable way you’d not get hit enough to wipe you out, even if you had a 99 percent kill rate against them.

Let’s hope cool heads prevail. But there is a problem: They probably will not, because Israel could care less about America, and has a zombie tap right into America’s brain. Israel won’t mind poking the bear as long as they can fully put the blame on someone else. THAT is the real danger, don’t count on cool heads prevailing when evil people have motives and can cause others to die while accomplishing their goals on behalf of evil.

via Jim Stone Freelance Journalist

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  • Not only will Russia survive, but will win WW3. Most people don’t know what the prophecies state. I’ve been writing about this for 12 years, and now it’s happening!

    • I am American….and I cant wait to hurt another coward American….you see they are individual….perfect victims….the cowards are good for nothing…In fact out side of gov….and state …no one in their right mind will hire a coward white american…gangs make individuals obsolete “pigs” use cross bows on police…satellite picks up you location during the firing…….a simple jamming device will take out their vehicles…china please invade….please!!! ……. American:)

      • Go move to China you worthless coward. I would accuse you of having little in the nardsack department, but then again it seems yours are either gone or have receded up into your little girlyman womb. Maybe they’re in your equally underdeveloped wife’s purse?

        Begone, ye. Returneth not unto this place.

  • jdp…Its always nuke America, why not say nuke Russia? We got enught nukes to do it and put them away as well, incase you don’t know it our nukes today are much stronger the in WWII bombings, those were 1 ton today 20-100 Mton bombs, to include airisol bombs suching the air out for 3-5 miles radius, Earth quake bombs too boot.

  • NO ONE will come to the aid of America if Russia attacks….Knock out our carriers and EMP the country and we’re dead meat. Is our gov’t meaning to tick off Russia, et al, some more so we can start WWIII ?? Sounds like it.. SAD

  • jdp…If Russia were to survive it would not have any cities, factories power grids water resivors when we get done etc, We might use the neutron bomb and people would evaporate. does Russia have the neutron bomb?

  • If the US has come to the conclusion a pre-emptive strike is best against N Korea, what is to stop the US from thinking the same thing about Russia?

  • Boo

    Major flaw in your strategizing here Jim. The US is the worlds foundation for any first world country’s economy, if you take us out, you condemn the world to doing a pretty good impression of Venezuela overnight. Next…you think the world is suffering from the refugee problem now, how long do you think Putin is gonna survive a world of refugees for the rest of whatever days Russia will have left during the final days of this reckless agenda?
    If Israel is so far gone that they want to perpetuate a game plan that will only serve to rid their own culture out of existence I would say there are easier options they can avail themselves of now with a lot less effort and maneuvering. They are after all a part of the same ecosystem and we all know what happens to the ecosystem when it’s foundation is destroyed…the rest is not far behind.

    • b4

      just the fact we are having any kind of conversation like above implies we are toast– there is no hope now–trump sold out–he was are only hope and now that is gone so prepare–if your in a major city there is no prepareness–your history, where 90 percent will be wiped out–f it all–

    • DK

      Id say you are quite wrong living in the last great economic superpower before the electronic age. Still with the 6th or 7th largest internal economy, if the US one dies the UK will be back. Of course so will the US one, it has died off several times, you can write off a country but yours comprises an entire continent where it is entirely possible for the whole surviving population to live happily in Florida.

  • Obviously the Russians jammed american cruise missiles, and MIG-24 FENCERS shot many of them near their base
    (Fencers are perfect for that role, being very fast with closed wings and stable at low speed with open wings).

    I don’t know if SA-6 where launched against cruise missile. S-300 and S-400 are TOO EXPENSIVE to be
    wasted… they are committed to the defense of DAMASCUS against F-16; F-15; F-22; B-1; B-2…

    You don’t need a nuke to disable an Aircraft carrier… a 100 lbs bomb hitting a plane on the deck will do
    the same job… see a video about a fire in the Enterprise (1969) near the coast of Hawaii.

    • b4

      we have the same jamming system as the russians–the usa’s are over 100 times more effective–we can disable any rocket/missile within 10 seconds of launch world wide because they are space based against all treaties–the latest were the n korean missile launches that failed-the russians used the jammers on our ships–now we know what freqencies they operate on–they do not know ours–we have jammed proof our systems–what we used in syria was old shit–now we know all their codes–sorry rooskies–you messed up–got out smarted by dum usa–see you at the end of ww3–oh,maybe not,you wont be around anymore,ha!

      • Biblical prophecy states Russia wins….NOT…. America.

        • The bible? What does that shit say about aeroplanes and radio jamming? Take your white magic superstitious claptrap back to the bronze age it came from. I believe Russia will win too, it deserves to, but great sky wizards have no place in this.

      • DK

        No migs were used since the Russian airbase was 50 miles north of Damascus and the missiles came in from the South, this would be due to the fact that the missiles would NOT have flown over Lebanon but the Golan and Jordan and as much as I would like to believe the ship theory, these would have been disguised land based cruise missile launchers in Saudi Arabia airlifted with the Yemen campaign supplies from 2015 onward.

        • DK

          P.S. any Vertical Launch land attack Tomahawk missile is one less anti ship/AA missile on limited ship stores which cannot now be replenished at sea – that ship now has to berth to replace the missile, the possibility is also good that they would fail at launch damaging the ship.

          For operational reasons you therefore want the boats to do the photo shoot to distract attention form the real source of the missile strike.

  • What you are looking at is 60 years of Democrap betrayal. They armed our enemies. Yeah, check out history. One of the lasest is the rapist Bill Clinton selling China technology that much more accurately aims their missiles.

    Proof is their weapons look a lot like ours plus communist nations are incapable of putting out anything but rust buckets and crap. it’s just the nature of their system. It holds people back and down.

    In short, we became our own worst nightmare, thanks to Democraps (who are communist and traitors) and the American public that trusted them too much, believed them too much, and put the liars and traitors in office all because they promised you a few bucks in return. And I do mean a few bucks.

    Good-bye America! You didn’t wise up fast enough. :twisted:

    • DK

      I’d argue the US has never really been democratic or ‘free’ having instituted the Roman Republic model rather than Greek Democracy, you therefore still repeat Romes history to the letter like a long term soap opera. Different actors, same script.

    • The Chinese stealth bombers proove that exactly. There’s no difference in them.

  • Why nuke battle ships when Russia could nuke the USA because they have the best ICBM in the world.

    Russia is working with the west to feed us a 1984 play script and both benifit from the money that the poor old tax payer gets to pick up.

    Putin turned the S400′s off, does it all the time when Israel bombs Syria and Russia Today does its best to keep this out of the news and the west MSM does the same too so like i said it’s BS 1984 cold war scripts we are seeing

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