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Just In! Putin Just Threatened to Do Something Horrible to Donald Trump! (Video)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 3:52
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Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, This is freaking NUTS! Right when you thought the world was FINALLY on the right track with President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin goes and does something insane.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia, on October 7, 1952. … After graduating from Leningrad State University with a law degree in 1975, Putin began his career in the KGB as an intelligence officer.

U.S. President, real estate mogul and former reality TV star Donald John Trump was born in 1946, in Queens, New York. In 1971, he became involved in large, profitable building projects in Manhattan. In 1980, he opened the Grand Hyatt, which made him the city’s best-known developer.

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  • America will do something stupid, and will be brought to its knees. The Bible clearly says that East will become stronger and will war with the West. It will be because of the West’s arrogance. It is impossible for the Americans to be humble, except for Trey Gowdy.

  • “Nobody threatens us”…
    What a bunch of arrogant, ignorant, witless dickheads who are IN THE WRONG!
    When Washington is a deep and very radioactive crater, then can all the people of the world (including Americans) breathe easier…

  • America has been ‘poking the bear for so long and President Putin has been very very very patient. President Trump should have waited to check the true situation out before getting all gung ho and shooting off missiles so hastily. Russia was invited by the sovereign country of Syria by Assad to help them rid the country of ISIS. Don’t believe America or the UK were invited!

    America likes to think they are the policemen of the world and how many times have they actually helped without laying waste to so many countries.

    Shame on you Donald Trump – what happened to your pledge to keep out of it? We are at the mercy of those we vote for and the Deep State and the global lunatics – we really believed you would rise above all that and not become one of their minions – war will not make America great again, just keep on making the same mistakes ad infinitum.

  • Wow where has this fool been hiding? A war is not a video game jerk, you don’t surround a nuclear power led by a Putin with troop, armour, missiles and then complain like a spoiled kid when he says ‘hey you are pissing me off with these threats’. oh, and you do not launch a sucker punch of 60 cruise missiles at a country who you set up with a false flag, who you did not even declare war against and who has asked Russia for help. You little men are very tiring with you stupid moaning’s. Please get it straight, Amerika is not the policeman of the world.

    • “Amerika is not the policeman of the world.”

      No. But we sure are the lunatic blood-thirsty THUG of the world.

      • Ah, heck, wish I had said that cuz it is sort of cute.

  • A lame title to get clicks. Shame on you! I thought (by the title) Putin said he would get a hammer and BUST that Superbowl ring he STOLE if Donald sends one more cruise missile.

  • “Right when you thought the world was FINALLY on the right track with President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin goes and does something insane.”

    If anything, Dump’s recent insane actions proved his critics were correct all along. Now, before anyone who is stuck in the red vs blue paradigm, let me say that I have never said a good thing about Killery in my life. As soon as I heard the degenerate media blaming the Syrian government for using chemical weapons, I knew it was a pretext. The fact that Dump decided to attack Syria before even the most basic investigation could be done, proves it was a pretext. They didn’t care what happened, evidence be damned, they were blaming Assad no matter what.

    It’s not even logical for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons on its own people, or the terrorists. Especially less than a week after the Trump admin announced the would no longer be pursuing Assad’s removal. Not to mention, the Syrian government never used chemical weapons when they were losing the war, so why would they use them now that they’re winning? Besides, there is no evidence to suggest that the Syrian government even has chemical weapons. With the cooperation of the US and Russia, the Syrian government willingly turned it’s chemical weapons over to a joint mission between the UN and the OPCW in 2013, after being falsely accused of using chemical weapons outside of al Ghouta. Roughly 30 countries oversaw this operation.

    On the other hand, it is known that terrorist groups in both Syria and Iraq possess chemical weapons and have used them in both countries.

    Dump’s decision to attack Syria based on a blatantly obvious pretext was a belligerent act of war and we can be thankful that Russia has been so patient about it. Not just with that incident, but for every aggressive thing the US has done to Russia since they began killing US sponsored terrorists in Syria. For instance, placing nuclear capable intermediate range ballistic missiles in Romania, blaming Russia for the problems in Ukraine caused by the US backed Gladio 2 Nazi’s. Sending US ships 30 miles off Russia’s coast and the buildup of NATO troops surrounding Russian borders. If Russia had done any of these things to the US, I would not be writing this right now, because the USG would have already blown up the world.

    I find it disturbing to see some of Trump’s harshest critics are now praising him after after he has put global security at risk. It’s absolutely disgusting. Trump’s decision to attack the Syrian government is directly beneficial to terrorists. There is no other way you can spin this. What’s next? US marines openly fighting shoulder to shoulder with ISIS militants?

    Dump bypassed all standard protocol with this attack. He did not consult congress, or the UNSC, nor did he brief the military high command/intelligence officials. Those supposed political opponents of Dump who were searching for grounds to impeach him, here it is. But, I imagine now that he’s shown his willingness to drag us into WW3, nobody wants him impeached anymore. This is madness. Anything bad that happens to Dump, he deserves it.

    I’ve been away from BIN for a while, so I haven’t seen what’s been reported here, but has anyone on here mentioned the fact that 90 rabbis petitioned Dump to attack Syrian airbases the day before he did so?

    • Correction:- “Trump admin announced ‘they’ would no longer..”

    • “…90 rabbis petitioned Dump to attack…”

      About two weeks ago, when the Israel air force encroached into Syrian airspace, their planes were shot at by Syrian SAMs. Israel then publicly told Assad the next time he dared to shoot at their planes (illegally in his airspace) they would destroy his entire air-defense system.

      Putin contacted Israel through official channels and said, in effect: It won’t by Syria shooting at you. It will be me.

      One blatantly cartoonish, ludicrous false flag, COMING UP!!!

      It is heartening to see that perhaps half of Trump’s base have dropped him like a fat, orange, traitorous potato.

      • Ya, it was becoming clear that the proxy terrorists would ultimately fail in their efforts to overthrow Assad, so Israel invades Syrian airspace four times in one week, to provide air support for their proxy terrorists.

        “One blatantly cartoonish, ludicrous false flag, COMING UP!!!”

        Indeed. I can’t help but think of the cartoonish, ludicrous warning I heard about two weeks ago on the local “news”. They were blabbing some $h!t about ISIS having the ability to infiltrate nuclear facilities, by using all kinds of different covert tactics. BS. My gut told me that the media might have been planting a seed in the collective consciousness. Mossad could infiltrate a nuclear facility, but not some college kid, who joined IS to pay off his student loan..

        “It is heartening to see that perhaps half of Trump’s base have dropped him like a fat, orange, traitorous potato.”

        Absolutely, it is. How the “experts” react to this situation can be seen as a litmus test, of sorts. Only a madman that benefits from chaos would support this display of belligerence.

        Did you see Niki Haley breathing fire at the UN? Her nasty lips tell only lies.

        • “Did you see Niki Haley…”

          Yup. How about Tulsi Gabbard? She actually had the AUDACITY to suggest that she wants to see evidence of guilt before Assad is buried next to Saddam Hussein. And for that, the indignant Howard Dean is calling for her ouster from congress.

          Nuclear-powered insanity.

          • Tulsi is a real patriot, as far as my Canadian arse is concerned. The world needs people with her kind of integrity. I first learned about her a few months ago and from what I can tell, she is the real deal.

          • How about Judas Trump threatening to defund the UN, if they refused to remove a legal report which charged Israel with being an aprthied state, was that reported here? An under Secretary General resigned over it..

          • I swore I wasn’t going to vote this past election.

            Guess I needed to re re re re re learn my lesson.

            Anyone notice Trump launched his missiles into Syria on the 77th day of his presidency?

            Only 23 of them hit their targets, by the way. The Russians turned the rest of them around and dumped em in the Mediterranean. They call it ‘spoofing.’ I really, really wish we would stop EFFING with Vlad.

            A Russian military analyst/intel operator I read online always likes to say:

            The Russians are afraid of war, but they are prepared for war.

            The Americans are not afraid of war, and they are not prepared for war.

            Ugly day coming.

          • The bureaucracy has gotten to Trump, he looks like a broken man on the TV lately.

  • Who do you think did the false flag attack? Some credible sites said Trump has been blackmailed into doing the strike by the globalist. Trump sure has let the American people down. Just when we thought we had someone in office that could maybe save what is left of our country after obama. This was just wrong period! They, the globalist, are talking about another strike in Syria, this is bad. I guess they think they can use Trump to thin out the American population for them, you know depopulation. I guess we need to keep our eyes open and watch for the rats running for their bunkers…Armageddon is getting closer, Lord have mercy…

  • Boo

    Its called posturing. This is just a move for both world leaders to meet face to face. Putin is not suicidal and neither is Trump. What will come out of this is an amazing agreement between Russia and the US.

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