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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 11:47
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Shayne Traviss

Are you ready to shut out the noise, take a road trip through your mind, focus on what you want to do the way you want to do it and deliver that in a way that is easeful and fulfilling?

I can help you.

Since I was a little boy I always knew that I was different. That the dream I had for my life didn’t look like the options being presented.

So I choose the road less travelled. A life of openness and adventure. A VividLife.

It took me many interesting places, brought forth many enlightening challenges and an abundance of joy.

From retail and health food stores, to the music industry, television and radio, fitness and wellness there was a common thread.

From the lemonade stand desire as a child, to writing, producing and organizing journeys for personal development, it was my personal legend to create, connect and inspire.

But where the struggle presented itself, was in the how.

And as soon as I was faced with a decision every school teacher, bully, librarian, friend and parents voice rose as a collective resistance.

“You can’t”

“You won’t make any money”

“That’ll be hard”

“Are you sure”

“What will people think”

“You’ll be letting us down”

“But, what if you fail”

You know the voices right?

Everyone else’s but your own creating a sort of anxiety and confusion that keeps you stuck and afraid, a deer in headlights.

And “until the pain of remaining the same is worse than the fear of change”.

You will remain the same.

A victim of fear and resistance.

A prisoner of the collective idea as opposed to your own.

And until you care enough about yourself and living the life you desire.

Until you give yourself the space to eliminate distractions, conditioning and get silent enough to listen to your own desires.

To listen to the whispers within that are effortlessly guiding you in the direction of a life that is easeful and fulfilling for you.

You will be but a puppet that is picked up and put down as others desire.

Am I resonating with you?

Do you have a desire to change?

To become more of who you are?

To live a VividLife?

Open, Connected and Soulful.

Whether personal, business or social.

I’ve done it and I’d love to show you how you can too. 

Join me on a road trip through your mind where I will assist you in eliminating conditioning and distractions and help you gain the clarity you need to live the life you desire in an easeful and fulfilling way.

Choose the journey that works for you:

21 Day VividLife Quest

Step into a braver more adventurous life of certainty, clarity and connection.

Join me on a 21 Day Virtual VividLife Quest

In ancient North American Native traditions, “a Vision Quest is the ritual seeking of personal communication with the spirit world through visions that are induced by fasting, prayer, and other measures during a time of isolation.”

In this experiential program I partner ancient and modern wisdom to help you discover your deepest desires and assists you in incorporating them into your everyday life with ease.

Rather than complete isolation, or fasting – we will work together one on one focusing on undoing conditioning, finding your authentic voice, and breaking through resistance so you can propel yourself into a higher state of being every day.

Bravery. Find out who you really are

Adventure. Discover what brings you to life

Certainty. Find your purpose and unlock what’s blocking you.

Clarity. Radically focus on what you truly desire to manifest in your life.

Connection. Reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.

It’s time to find your purpose, and radically focus on giving that to the world with all you’ve got. 

Join me on this virtual 21 Day experiential VividLife Quest.

21 Days, 4 1:1 Virtual Mentoring Sessions, No Social Media, No Distractions, Undo Conditioning

Connection with the Self, Break Through Resistance, Radical focus, Balance Mind, Body & Spirit.

Upon completion of this program you will:

Have clarity on what brings you joy and how to incorporate that into your everyday life.

Know your purpose and have a radically focused map to achieving it in 2017 with an accountability partner to hold you to it.

Program Includes

21 Day program mentorship

4 personal one on one 60 minute virtual sessions

A VividLife intent ongoing guide

A 21 Day accountability partner 


$595 USD

Your VividLife Map

We all have something we want to give to the world. As the “The Alchemist” states, a “Personal Legend”, which is a part of, but not the whole of who we are.

You have a message you want to share with the world, but you aren’t getting the response you hoped for. It feels as though every lesson you’ve been taught about building a personal platform fails to deliver the results you desired when you signed up.

That’s because platforms are unique to each individual. There is no cookie cutter success map when it comes to sharing your message, and that’s where The VividLife Map program comes in.

In a world of generic business programs and people looking to gurus for answers, this program helps you look within for the answers you seek. Not only will you receive one on one mentoring with me to unlock your true message, you’ll be following a series of steps to get back to the person you were before social media and the pressures of performing in the arena of your expertise.

Discover your hidden desires, streamline your focus so that you can deliver a message that is authentic and true to who you are, and not who someone says you should be.

Often times we feel as though we are sharing some of our most brilliant work with the world only to receive crickets in response. Every day we wake up and check our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only to feel bogged down by the sheer mass of information available to us.

How can you stand out in a world full of self-professed gurus?

Stop spinning the proverbial wheels in your mind and gain the focus and clarity you need to find your unique message and how to deliver it in a way that feels authentic.

Maybe you’ve spent years trying to fine tune your message, you go from sharing inspirational quotes to making your own – still you aren’t quite where you pictured you’d be at this point in your career or life.

Why isn’t it working?

It’s time to stop listening to the roar of voices telling you what you should be doing and start tapping into the voice within you that knows who you really are.

Join me as I help you to find your way, create radical focus, shepherding you to a more authentic way of being.

Over the 8 weeks of working together you’ll learn how to shut out the noise and get clear on what you want, how to do it and then begin implementing those changes to start living a more Vividlife both in your personal and professional life.

Stop filling the cups of the other guests at your table and start drinking from your own. The true path to empowerment and strong focus is that we learn the self-care and love required to take care of ourselves. Once we are in alignment with our truest desires, our deepest tendencies to put everyone else first falls away.

Through this one on one mentoring program you will receive the dedicated attention you deserve in order to succeed, no crowded classrooms or group coaching calls.

The Vividlife Map program will determine your message, how you need to deliver it, and balance your work and home life so that you can feel fulfilled, inspired and successful without compromising who you really are. One radically focused step at a time.

Program Includes

Eight one on one 60 Minute Virtual Mentorship sessions

Bonus one on one Q&A

One year VividLife Map to achieve your desired intent.


$995 USD

VividLife Radio/Podcast Academy

Are you clear about who you are and what your message is and looking for a platform to deliver it?

Even amongst new and stiff competition Radio/Podcasts still remain one of the top venues for delivery.

If having your own Radio/Podcast interests you. Let me show the ropes of how you can get it produced, recorded, book stellar guests, build a community of listeners and most importantly keep them engaged.

Seven years ago I started VividLife Radio with one show and a few dozen listeners and ended it producing twelve shows, entertaining A-list celebrities and the who’s who of health, wellness and personal development, reaching millions of listeners around the world.

Let me show you how…

I will teach you everything you need to know about starting and running a radio/podcast from what you need to be a successful radio/podcast host, to choosing a broadcaster, building a platform, attracting and engaging listeners; highly effective marketing, promotional and communication techniques and more!
Over 8 hours of 1 on 1 instruction and coaching, How to host, record and broadcast your very own radio/podcast, Instruction on equipment and platforms need to host a successful radio/podcast, How to build a community and keep them active and engaged, How to market and promote your radio/podcast from scratch, A broadcast ready radio/podcast platform with fully licensed audio.

Program Includes

Eight one on one 60 Minute Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Bonus 1:1 Q&A

Professional radio/podcast set up.

Licensed audio intro, commercial and exit.


$995 USD

About Me

After over 20 years of marketing, promoting and producing others I decided to open a new chapter in my life.

“My VividLife”.

I’m a VividLife mentor, producer, the founder of and am producing and starring in my own inspirational docu-series titled “My VividLife”.

I founded VividLife Radio in 2009 which I recently retired in June of 2016. VividLife Radio reached millions around the globe and entertained “A” list celebrities, and the very best experts in personal development over the course of over 5,000 episodes.

What Others Have to Say 

“To put yourself as the priority in your own life is the greatest gift you can give the world.

After a series of events in my life culminating with the loss of 2 friends far too soon, I questioned whether I was living the life I had always envisioned. Living my life on my terms could wait no longer. Along came VividLife Quest to assist me through that journey.

Each day I delved further into the aspects of my life that get me off track of what fills my cup. I was challenged by my own perceptions about how I was living my life. Being off social media for 21 days allowed me to focus on me.

I now have a map and direction of where I am going towards living my life to the fullest.

Do yourself a favour and put yourself as a priority in your own life.  VividLife Quest will help you make it happen!”

Brenda Bryson

“It’s incredibly that my life could change over 21 days and yet it has. I started this journey to focus on my happiness and future success. After experiencing the 21 Day VividLife Quest and working with Shayne, I’m creating a plan to accomplish my dreams.  I now understand the meaning of the statement “Everything you are searching for is already within you.”  Once you block out the many distractions of life and really focus on you, your perception of life and your place in it will never be the same.

Here is what I have experienced during and after program:


Less Worry

Less Anxiety

Less Tension

Less Fear

Less Resistance to doing what I know I should or should not do

Answers coming easily to me

Eating better food for my body & well being

Take a close look at this program, make the decision to jump on board

and never look back!”

Linda Wheeler Williams

“As a wife, a mother of four boys, a business owner, a caregiver, and not to mention the endless other roles that I take on, I was at a point of losing myself.  My decisions were no longer mine, my time was no longer mine, and my feelings and thoughts were being compromised by everything else that began controlling my life.

After a life changing journey to South Africa with the Vivid Life travel group, I began a journey of transformation.  I realized that my inner light was still shinning bright but was being dulled by everything else that I allowed control my thoughts, emotions and ultimately my life.

When I returned from South Africa I was gifted with more self-realizations and I recognized that when standing in my truth, the universe collaborates with you in so many ways.  I then made the conscious decision to take my journey a few steps deeper by joining Shayne Travis’s Vivid Life Quest.

The Vivid Life Quest encouraged me to take 21 days and focus on beginning to create a balance in my life so that I can fit the roles I choose to participate in, into my life, and rid myself of the anxiety, stress, guilt, and preconceived ideas and thoughts that were controlling my life and ultimately make time for ME.

I am beginning to find myself again and allowing my light to shine! I have realized that it is all about having balance and when you are in alignment with all the things that fill you up as a person, you are then able to walk through life with joy, clarity and purpose.  I know I am not alone in feeling like you are losing yourself, The Vivid Life Quest is a gift that you can give yourself that will ultimately create a ripple effect in all areas of your life!

I promise you!

Thank you, Shayne, for guiding me towards creating a life of balance and realizing the importance in restoring my inner self.  This shift has helped me include and prioritize self-care so that I can continue to be my best self in all the roles that I chose to participate in on my life journey!”

Eloise Morrison

“I knew the second I thought about a podcast that I needed Shayne. He is beyond a pro he’s a master at this. He taught me really easily what I needed, how to prepare, how to host and helped me fine tune my message. So excited to launch into the podcast world thanks to Shayne.”

Nancy Penttila Lemire, Founder and CEO at Inner Miracles

“So if you really looking to start your own podcast station then working with Shayne will get you started, on track and clear. Clear about what you want and how you want to deliver it. If your not clear he will push you to look inside. So if you are ready to move forward he is a great resource to step out into the world through your podcast and be you.”

Andrea Sahadath, President of Clearly Conscious

“Shayne Traviss’ Program “Speak Up” made me ‘step up to the plate’. With his process I went from no Radio experience to feeling comfortable and assured.”

Julia Bowlin M.D., Founder of Personal Awareness Medicine

“From day one of my radio show on Vivid Life Radio, called It’s All About Relationships, he has been a guide who helped me polish my presentation, hone my skills and carry on meaningful and empowering conversations with my guests. Now in its fourth year, the show has reached millions. I can credit Shayne with much of that.”

Edie Weinstein, Author & Host of It’s All About Relationships
“Shayne Traviss is not only an incredibly kind and supportive friend, he is a talented producer who helped me tremendously to grow into a successful radio host. I am so grateful for his mentorship and continued support. I highly recommend working with Shayne!”

Michelle Phillips, Hay House Author, Beauty and Life Coach, TV and Radio Host, Motivational Speaker
“Shayne spent the time with me one on one to fine hone my skills as a radio host. I came to him with no prior experience and within five months I had over ten thousand downloads per broadcast! Through practice sessions and one on one coaching I learned how to get fabulous guests like New York Times best selling authors, literary agents and successful publishers. When I’ve been a guest on other podcasts I’ve noticed a huge difference in the set up and promotion. With the tools Shayne has provided I have been able to make valuable connections for networking and advancing my career as an author. My guests also rave about how easy and seamless the entire process is and ask to come back again and again.”

Crystal-lee Quibell, Host of Literary Speaking
“As one of the first radio hosts for Vivid Life Radio from 2008 to 2012, with my shows Reporting Live from the Universe and The Ripple Effect, I have watched Shayne grow an incredible network of content. Vivid Life Radio has featured many well-known experts in personal development on it’s many programs including mine and other hosts. Shayne’s biggest strength is his ability to attract people to work together. He built the program out of nothing up to millions of listeners and followers to the Vivid Life blog and radio programs. The benefits of working with Shayne include his ability to: 1) develop show ideas, 2) build and promote programs, 3) attracts premium guests and 4) create the best possible foundation for a popular program designed to attract listeners. I think Shayne knows more about podcasting/radio in the spirituality marketplace than anyone else out there. If this is your genre, this is the mentor you need to work with.”

Kristen White, Host of Mandala, Ask My Doctor TV and CEO of White Media Agency
“From the moment we went live Shayne supported my show and me personally, ensuring the success and ease of the show. I loved every show and when anything went sideways Shayne was there to put everything back on track.”

Sharon Quirt, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Spiritual Coach
“Shayne Traviss has been our most inspiring and astute radio producer. Under his brilliant guidance he has enabled us to grow and blossom as hosts.”

Ed & Deb Shapiro, Award Winning Authors & Hosts of Going Out of Your Mind
“Shayne is fabulous to have on your team! His passion, experience and personal flare for production is priceless! He guided me through the process of beginning my own show with the compassion and respect this industry is in need of.”

Raquel Benavidez, President of Angels at Work & Host of It’s A Family Affair
‘I was blessed beyond measure to have Shayne Travis as my radio show mentor and producer. Being a first time radio show host, can be intimidating. To say I was nervous when I first started would be an understatement but Shayne believed in me and took me under his wing teaching me everything I needed to know. I’ve since hosted and co-hosted numerous shows and thanks to Shayne I continue to get positive feedback from my listeners.’

Tina Klonaris-Robinson, Founder of The Meah Foundation

For more information or to set up a 1:1 Q & A session please email me at [email protected]

Looking forward to our journey together!

How Can I Help You?

Daily Inspiration for living your Ultimate Life!


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