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Coping Methods for Alien Abductions: Breaking Out of Imposed Immobilization

Friday, April 7, 2017 18:45
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Yet another challenge to abduction experiences involves having one's capacity to move severely restricted. The aliens have the ability to temporarily paralyze their captives, or otherwise make fleeing from or following them (to see what they're up to in another room or where they're going when they leave your presence) nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, because being paralyzed in bed resembles either hypnopompic (before waking) or hypnogogic (before sleeping) states, many 'experts' have dismissed these terrifying, but fully awake, experiences as nothing but a natural but mixed dreaming state.

While we are asleep and dreaming, our bodies have a natural paralysis to prevent us from moving around and acting out our dreams and thus hurting ourselves. Most humans have at least a handful of instances where we start to wake up from a dream, but this biological mechanism is lagging and we find we can't move. It can be quite disconcerting, if not frightening. But eventually, the paralysis fades away and all is normal again. It is also possible to have dreams overlay reality slightly, thus creating hypnopompic or hypnogogic hallucinations. Again, not common, but most people have at least one or two such events in their life.

Most abductees have them as well, very rarely, and most of us learn to tell the difference. Our reports are not taken seriously, however, since there is some overlap of possible causes for some very similar experiences (at least similar on the surface.)

However, as noted before, most of us have some ability to move during some abductions, and we can do things like manipulate or change the location of objects or leave messages to ourselves that later — upon normal consciousness returning– we'll find actually happened during the experience. Physical evidence that matches up with what we remember, whether that's a round scorch mark in the back yard or objects being moved or brand new scars that show up on our bodies, will also be found quite routinely. No hallucination can do THAT!

In fact, the reason most of us come to realize that we're abductees is due to finding evidence in our own lives that what we're experiencing is real, over and over again, because the methods the aliens use to confuse us, paralyze us, and mentally control us keep us wondering about oddities and our own mental states (including sanity or the lack thereof!) Most of us don't believe ourselves until the evidence forces us to! Keep in mind that, for most, it would be easier to accept being crazy!

I also have to make note that many abduction or alien-related experiences happen during the day or while in the midst of physical activity like taking a walk or driving a car. They can happen in our homes or while visiting other people's homes or while hiking or camping. Its not always the same thing, so dismissing all such experiences as sleep-related hallucinations does not cut the mustard.

Now that I've covered that, I'll move on to what to do about finding oneself dealing with mobility issues during an alien-related experience…

There are a couple different mobility limitations that can be imposed:

1. Paralysis– by far the most common experience is to find one simply can't move at all, except maybe the eyes and the chest/belly enough to breathe. This is normally for when they are preparing to acquire us up close and personal, and/or to ready us for transportation. Paralysis is also often used during medical examinations and procedures.

This one is a tough one to beat, but I came up with a way to temporarily bust through it. Early on, I found that if I counted to three and just… pushed my will and jerked at the same time, I could buy myself a second or two of movement before being paralyzed once more. (Contrast this to a dream state, where, once paralysis is broken, it doesn't come back…)

Again, it takes practice, but I've used this one to touch aliens who were working on me, to knock instruments aside, and push alien hybrid infants away. They really don't like it when you do this!! Also, it can be dangerous during transport or some procedures, so use discretion. I've found it's the most helpful when you wish to open your eyelids to LOOK at what's going on around you (as the paralysis can sometimes extend to your eyelids.)

Another method I've used is taking advantage of the fact you can generally breathe normally, and so can expand and contract your chest and belly to some extent. I've breathed extra fast, taken super deep breaths, and sucked in and held my breath. Sometimes that helps to break out of the immobility. Unfortunately, they were on to me after a while, and I've had them over-use the paralysis to include my diaphragm muscles during an experience, and I 'woke up' during this because I was actually starting to suffocate!

That experience here:

2. Vertigo or dizziness– sometimes They will use extreme dizziness to prevent us from moving far when paralysis is overkill. Usually this is when there is something going on elsewhere, and the aliens are not dealing with us directly, such as when they are abducting someone else.

I must confess I haven't figured out a way to beat this one! I know it's artificially imposed and so will resort to crawling on my hand and knees, or even combat crawling (fully against the ground on your elbows) because the vertigo is so severe I feel like I'm twisting and turning in space and will fall if I begin to attempt to sit up even slightly! It can create pretty bad nausea too, which is no fun.

I'm pretty stubborn, though! And patient. I've learned that I can often wait out a vertigo 'attack' and then get up and move around just fine. Often, that means I've missed my window of opportunity, but not always..!

Next week, I'll be talking about one such instance where my holding onto my consciousness and continuing to experiment paid off with an AMAZING alien visitation experience. At Spiral’s End: What’s Left After the Paradigm Shatters is the personal paranormal blog of a woman that follows not only current odd events in her life, but recounts incidents from her past, including lifelong alien abductions, encounters with ghosts and other spiritual beings, and premonitions from either waking visions or dreams. She reacts and speculates about the deeper meaning behind these incidents and wonders– what is the ultimate reality or intelligence behind it all?


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