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Where Have We Seen This Before?

Saturday, April 8, 2017 8:27
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trump-hitler-meme.jpgHitler was elected to make Germany great again. Look what happened. 




(from Oct 27,2016) 
Hitler was false opposition and 

I am afraid Trump is too.
But false opposition is better 
than none at all.


Trump will Win — But is he the “Real Deal?”  
by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

I believe Donald Trump will win the Presidential election November 8. However, as I will explain later, I am hesitant to think that his victory will be a setback for the New World Order. I have a nagging suspicion that he is false opposition, and that the Illuminati have found a way to advance their agenda by electing him and not the dying Hillary. I am just not sure yet what that is. 
Here is why I am wary of Trump but think he will win.
Cvt-A3DUAAAhIP9.jpg1. As Moore says, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The hysteria exhibited by the elite media and Wall Street gives Trump credibility. The Illuminati bankers have a record of pretending to be against their own agents. In 1932, they organized a coup just to give FDR credibility. In 1912, they pretended to be against the legislation that established the Federal Reserve.
2.  Look at what happens to Presidents who represent an actual threat to the Illuminati bankers. They are assassinated (i.e. JFK, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley.) So are Presidential candidates like Huey Long, George Wallace and RFK.  Or they are poisoned. (Harding, Harrison, Taylor.) Or they are framed (Nixon.)  
3.  Donald Trump has been part of the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) Cabal all his life. He is a crypto Jew and he is surrounded by Jews. His children married Jews. He is constantly making Masonic hand signs. He pretends he doesn’t know who is behind ISIS, terror and 9-11. He prostrates before the rogue state Israel. (Is that only a strategic necessity?) Let’s just say, I’d feel a lot better if Trump came from a different, uncompromised background.  
4. Look who’s supporting Trump to the hilt? Alex Jones whose credibility has been questioned. Breitbart, a Jewish neo con group. Newt Gingrich?
5. Hillary will lose because she is a weak candidate. She is unlikely to get the votes of Bernie Saunders Democrats. Everyone knows she is corrupt and a liar. The Clinton Foundation is a giant kickback machine. The private server disguised her influence-peddling. Blaming the Russians for Wikileaks is pathetic. Hiring people to disrupt Trump rallies is pathetic. The heterophobic smears vs. Trump are pathetic. Her health issues are a big question mark. She is not trusted by the minorities she appeals to for support. 
At the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit, Clinton responded to a question from chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, who quipped that you “go to Washington” to “make a small fortune.” Clinton agreed with the comment and complained about ethics rules that require officials to divest from certain assets before entering government. “There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives,” Clinton said. (source)
How could anyone vote for her? Obama only beat Romney by 3% in 2012. Hillary is a much weaker candidate than Obama, and Trump much stronger than Romney. 
hand-sign-hitler.jpeg6. Hitler was put into power by the Illuminati to destroy Germany, establish the state of Israel by martyring anti-Zionist Jews, and to kill six million German anti Semites as well as 55 million other assorted goyim. Hitler was a traitor assigned to lead Germany to destruction. Hitler also is believed to have Jewish (possibly Rothschild) blood. We know how all this turned out for Germany. The question is: How would a Trump victory advance the Illuminati Jewish (Satanist) program for one world government tyranny? 
I appeal to my readers for help imagining this scenario.  The obvious answer is that Trump could go back on his word. Both Woodrow Wilson and FDR campaigned on a promise to stay out of world wars.  The Masonic Jewish bankers could use his election as an excuse to precipitate an economic crisis and depression to punish recalcitrant Americans and blame Trump and everything he represents. Jeb Bush calls him “the chaos candidate” as in order out of chaos? There could be a drift toward fascism or a run on the dollar and the US role in the world could be diminished in favour of world government.  I’m just guessing here; I need your input.
In the Protocols of Zion 1, the author says they conquer by “force and make-believe.” Make-believe = their magick = deception/ lying. Can we
deny this election campaign has an air of make-believe? Who better to headline it than the former star of a Reality Show? 
Nevertheless, voting for Hillary is like inmates voting for the Warden. If I were an American, I would vote Trump and pray he does “drain the swamp.”
————–    The Mussolini Scenario 
First Comment by Glen:
Where have I seen this before? I’ll tell you where you’ve seen this before. You’ve seen it with every other so-called “conservative” candidate who has run before him and been elected. You’ve even seen it with the new hero of the Alt-right Vladimir Putin. They all make great speeches and promises to return America (Russia in Putin’s case) from the brink of destruction from the ever creeping forces of communism and the evil of the new world order. All the while they are secretly enacting those very principles.
  You have seen it with great conservative hero’s such as Ronald Reagan, another “Democrat turned Republican”. As Maureen Heaton tells us in her book “Impossible Dream”, It was Ronald Reagan who in his years in California State Government used his time to bring in “regional governance”, which is noting more than “rule by committee”. These committees are formed and staffed at the federal level to rule over us at the local level. This is the absolute basis for communism where communities are ruled by committees of appointed members, not by boards of local people who were elected by local citizens. Central Governance at it’s finest.
  You have seen it again in Reagan as he spent his time as President bringing in Soviet education system. A system where American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists. Charlotte Iserbyt tells us how Reagan lead the way on this in her 728 page expose’ entitled “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America”. Iserbyt served as the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement under Reagan.
  You have seen it yet again under the same man in his support of the Nicaraguan Contras and all the death and destruction that that entailed. Gary Webb was the author of the 867 page epic work “Dark Alliance” which tells the whole sordid story in great detail. As David Corn
of the Washington Post pointed out on August 9, 1998 “Webb reminds us that the Reagan approved contra program attracted lowlifes and thugs the way manure draws flies. He guides the reader through a nether world of dope dealers, gunrunners, and freelance security consultants,
which on occasion overlapped with the U.S. government. He entertainingly details the honor, dishonor, and deals among thieves. . .All in all, it’s a disgraceful picture–one among thieves. . .All in all, it’s a disgraceful picture–one that should permanently taint the happy-face hues of the
Reagan years.”
  Forgive me if I am less than enthused over Trump, for as we all surly know by now Presidents are selected, not elected. So fire up the band and let’s get ready for one more dance, and hope it will not be our last. Until both the DNC and the RNC are shattered and sown to a thousand winds, and until the most powerful lobby in the United States(AIPAC) is banished and all who swear loyalty to that Lobby are charged with treason, nothing will change. God help us all.


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