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Terrorists Attack USA, Called “NO”

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 16:49
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(Before It's News)

Terrorist George Soros funded a new Terrorist Group called “NO”, Threatens Violence to America!
Terrorist George Soros.
Terrorist George Soros is paying unstable people to violently destroy and take down America!

Operational Details of this Terrorist Group and when they ATTACK:


We Begin: 4 PM Saturday January 14th Mc Pherson Square, I Street and 14th St. NW, WASHINGTON, D.C. Take to the Streets March to the Halls of Power every day and every night Jan. 14-20 Don’t Stop If you can’t come to DC, do it where you are – same time, same idea, going night after night and refusing to get out of the streets. Stop this fascist regime – BEFORE it starts We Begin Jan 14 at 4PM… March into the night…every night Grow in Numbers… We will be: First: Hundreds & thousands taking to the streets Then: Becoming ten and a hundred thousand Grow each day to become millions across the country as the week of Jan. 16-20 unfolds…Join us and make history. Bring your signs, your friends, your love and your righteous anger. With courage, conviction, and deep determination we won’t stop. In the name of humanity, our aim is nothing less than preventing a Trump-Pence Fascist Regime to contact organizers in DC call 213-804-1811 If you can’t come to DC, do it where you are – same time, same idea, going night after night and refusing to get out of the streets. Stop this fascist regime – BEFORE it starts.


George Soros, Terrorist, Nazi-Collaborator, Hater of Humanity, and his puppet Obama, are out to Destroy America!  The heartless filthy rich Billionaire Globalists, hillary, pedo-Bill, DNC, others, are out to cause Civil War in an attempted COUP on the United States of America.  This is it People!! 
This is it!!!
This is nothing short of a Terrorist plot against the legitimate Government of the United States!
The “NO” Terrorists LIE.
The “NO” Terrorists spout false Propaganda.
The “NO” Terrorists repeat Fiction, NOT Fact!  Get the Facts People!

Breitbart, Drudge Report, BIN,, RightSideBroadcasting,  are just some of the True, Factual, Correct websites you can Trust!
Is Barack Obama really a BF and Puppet of George Soros??!


Barack Obama, Puppet and Lackey to Terrorist George Soros, -PROVEN FACT – Nazi Collaborator!!
Terrorists who planned and executed the illegal US COUP of Ukraine, killing thousands of innocent
men, woman, and children!  They plan a “New World Order”, and a “One World Government”,
with themselves RICH and at the HEAD, while YOU and I become SLAVES and SERVANTS, or DIE!

Cornel West & Carl Dix Shred Trump’s Fascist Agenda on Bill O’Reilly #NoFascistUSA.  Fox Video:  and a small group spouts lies for 3 minutes at:

This is similar to hillary on the campaign trail.  No one showed up for her, unless they were paid!  lol.
However, the words spoken here are words of Terrorism, and must be treated as such.
No peaceful demonstrations are called for.  Instead, Violence, Hatred, Destruction are called for.
Let the LAW do its Job, but defend yourself if necessary.  Only if you are 100% sure!  Understand?!
Don’t give these Terrorists any excuse!  Don’t instigate, Don’t retaliate.  Let Trump take his Victory.
Terrorist Leaders who will be arrested:

Something to do with kkk outfits.


Emotionally unsure and on a Watchlist.


Self Proclaimed COMMUNIST.

slow rapper

A small number of mostly entertainers put their names out, but are not worth mentioning.
This is a small group, not even a hundred, who seek to incite Violence and Crime. 
Only a fool would listen.
They LIE saying Trump lost the popular vote by 2.5 Million.  The truth is, Obama bussed in
illegal immigrants and had millions of illegal immigrants vote.  That is a CRIME!
Take that crime away, and Trump won the popular vote by 3 Million!
Also, the race for the White House has never been about the most votes.  Never.  Duh.
If you can’t understand that, you should go back to grade school.
Not only that, but hillary and Pedophile Bill are going to JAIL.  Who would want that for President?

Hillary looks good in Prison Orange, don’t you think?  Prison Orange for Hillary!  Prison Orange for Hillary!
Hillary is inciting this Violence too.  The “Pay to Play” Clinton Foundation that scammed Millions
to line their own pockets, and paid out almost nothing to the children of Haiti, instead pays protesters
to go commit crimes and violence.  The “Project Veritas” videos are PROOF Positive of their crimes!

These four (4) undercover videos revealed the terrifying Truth behind hillary clinton.and cost the Election.

Kudos to O’Keefe and Company.

Meanwhile, this small group funded by Terrorist George Soros, relies on LIES to deceive people to join.
“…huge numbers of people there is a deep anxiety, alienation…”  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  REALLY?
You expect people to fall for your brainwashing? 
Putting negative emotional words on people to deceive them?
How base. How simpleton. How stupid does Soros, Obama, hillary, DNC, and others, think YOU are?
Do not FALL for their tricks and schemes. 
Here is their contact info for the FBI and CIA and DHS and LEO’s:
Email: [email protected] National Office phone: 917-407-1286 Washington,
DC phone: 213-804-1811 Twitter: @refusefascism Facebook:
ism Instagram:

I have only seen such Facist Lies as those from “NO”, once. 
It was Hitler and his propaganda machine.
Do you see now how George Soros, Nazi Collaborator, is influencing
and terrorizing America to his own will?!
Wake up People. Soros, Obama, hillary and Pedophile Bill, DNC, and others,
are resorting to TERRORISM
to overthrow the Lawful Government of the United States of America. 
That makes them Terrorists, and Traitors!
Stand against their LIES, and let Law Enforcement do the rest.

“and together, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”!!!

Peace you’all…..

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Total 23 comments
  • This is real. Beware.

    • Our Militia is ready for anything. We practice like sht.

    • They’re all cowards

    • bad people

  • jojo

    This group *no* group sound totally like a terrorist group.

    I agree. Beware!

    I hope Trump is putting his own bodyguards around himself and
    family and friends!!!

    • There is a new flap jacket on InfoWars. Carbon nanotube. Stops bullets , dead. really

    • Sic some Bikers4Trump on them!

    • Shoot first, ask, never mind.

  • I tried to say something nice. lol. Didn’t work. Obama you “Dick”. You, hillary, soros,
    and peadophile Bill. Go jump into a volcano.

    Even that would spit you out. Scum of the earth. How can CA and NY not see this?
    Oh, too busy banging everything in sight. You deserve the peado’s.

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t realize it was that bad or that close.
    Washington. Road Trip. Maybe play some baseball.

    ahahahhaa! See if i let them take my country or my New President away!

    • Those latte lovers have never done a hard days work in their lives.
      I bet if they got a hangnail, they’d cry.

      I’m up for baseball!

    • Can I bring my iron bat?

    • Can I watch?

  • Hmmmmm. I need to find out more about this “no” organization.

    • What’s to “no”? Typical punk shanara. One go and they pee and run.

      “Oh, let’s dress up as scary kkk with white pointy hats.”
      “Oh, we did that last week, I want to be a cowboy this week”
      “no, it’s my turn to be the boy….”

      And on and on. Come on down to Texas, girls, and we will show you
      what rope is for.

    • StrongBeliver has some great reports. Ask for more.

      • yes, strongBeliver usually does ok. I like them. :razz:

  • Peace my arse. There will be no peace with their ilk around. Good thing I’m all practiced up from the range.
    Need more ammo though. Sick and tired of these snowflakes blowing around thinking they own the world.

    Trump is President. If you don’t like it, then leave.

    Go blow with Soros over there. If I see Soros over here, I’m collecting that reward money!
    How much does Soros weight?
    Ya know, so I can freight him. Ahahahaha.

  • This group, “NO”..

    YES beware. aware. flatware.

    Fierce ones I tell ya. Fierce. That’s all you need now know.

    hc svnt dracones………………………………… count the dots. it’s the no.


    • sounds like you got some rain.

      what color was it?

      the no freaks are cowards. Their website is a joke. Psycho babble. scare themselves.

      I bet they don’t even own a gun, never mind 14 guns.

      • you can bet your arse it wasn’t purple.

        Their website is a joke. This website is a joke. Thus, website is a joke.

        Ah for the love of website.. I weep.

        The whole wide world does weep.. but I never mind 14 guns. my cat has a gun.


    • Your cat does have a gun! Well shoot my snowball and put a vest on my snowman.

    • I have a dog. He has an AR-15.

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