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Guaranteed False Flag in the Works with New Active Shooter Scenario

Thursday, October 1, 2015 12:08
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(Before It's News)

Whether this is a real event with real fatalities or another staged Sandy Hook-type story, it WILL be used to rehash the gun-grabber agenda.  Watch for it!  Keep your eyes open this time.  No doubt before the supposed bodies are cold, a NEW ROUND OF GUN CONTROL will be heralded by the MSM braindead circus clowns.  


NBC is telling us this: 

Multiple people were killed in a shooting at an Oregon community college on Thursday, fire officials said.

The shooter at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg was “down,” a Douglas County fire official confirmed to NBC News.

Oregon College Shooting


Oregon College Shooting MSNBC

At least one female was shot in the chest at the college, the official said.

Umpqua is a two-year school with roughly 3,300 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students. It was established in 1964.

KTLA weighs in with this:

A suspected gunman was detained Thursday after reportedly killing at least 10 people at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, according to CNN.

The Del Blanchard Welcome Center is shown in this photo posted to Umpqua Community College's Facebook page.

The Del Blanchard Welcome Center is shown in this photo posted to Umpqua Community College’s Facebook page.

Preliminary information indicated 10 people were killed and more than 20 were injured at the college, Oregon State Police spokesman Bill Fugate told CNN. The college is in the small city of Roseburg in Southern Oregon.

The shooter was believed to have been detained, Fugate said.

Portland television station KATU initially reported state police said 15 people were killed, but later tweeted there were seven to 10 fatalities.

The Douglas County Fire District No. 2 first tweeted about the shooting around 10:45 a.m.

The fire department later stated there were multiple casualties. The district tweeted just before 11:30 a.m. that the active shooter scene was “code 4,” meaning no further emergency response was needed, and all patients had been transported.

Officials with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were at the scene, according to a bureau tweet.

Roseburg, with about 22,000 residents, is about 175 miles south of Portland off the 5 Freeway.





USA Today says:

As many as 10 people were killed and 20 injured when a shooter opened fire at Umpqua Community College Thursday in southern Oregon, Oregon State Police told KGW-TV.

The shooter was killed, according to police.

Police received a call of an active shooter in a classroom at the college at 10:30 a.m., local time,  according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“Active shooter at UCC. Please stay away from the area,”  Fire District No. 2 that serves Douglas County said on Twitter.

Sara Mattison, a reporter for KVAL television, said she could see a female student covered in blood get into a car and leave the campus.  Mattison also saw parents crying and looking for their children at the campus.


The college, located six miles north of Roseburg, Ore., normally has 3,000 full-time students and 16,000 part-timers.  Authorities quickly spread the word and called on residents and students not to go to the campus.


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  • They had a shooter at one othe college like 5 or 6 weeks ago, out west, i canot remember which state, but seems to me it was in Oregon or Washington, right?

    it seems that would have been like their practice drill… just practising for this one and new ones. Poor students to hve to try to study in such environments

    Do not go to movies. Pan is out, when? That is really bad others too then you raise your chances at not being shot by these trained assasins

    • yes it was outside Portland last school year at one of the highschools, was talk about native indian tribe teenagers and “intolerance/name calling etc” and one of the students shot his cousin dead, sounds familiar?

      • that were ‘name calling’ on social media and took their hostilities to school and got their revenge

  • Does this shooting fit in the ‘pentagram of blood’ ?

  • COMONN! How many times do they think we’re gonna buy this “hollywood made for TV” BULLS#IT !!!!

    • The violence draws people to their television sets and makes them eager to listen, to whatever is shoveled into their heads today.

      The violence makes TV personalities and government officials look rightous and good, by comparison.
      And the audience wants to be rightous, too.

      Not only do people BUY it, they are smug about buying it. And they are annoyed if you tell them they are being manipulated.

      They are smug about supporting the police state and the gun grabbers. It makes the audience feel SUPERIOR, the oldest propaganda trick in the book. Because it works so well.

      • Yep ! The truth hurts ! That’s why people avoid it ! “DICK ACT of 1902 – CAN’T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) – Protection Against Tyrannical Government This criminal Cabal is counting on the fact that the American Citizens don’t know this, their rights and the constitution. Don’t prove them right.

  • Can’t wait to see how long this story starts falling apart. We all know the pattern now. What are they distracting us for is what concerns me. What are they really up to besides more gun control when we should be arming everyone who can handle a gun.

    Getting tired of these back to back False Flags until proven otherwise.

    • Well if it’s anything like the other School Shootings, it will never fall apart, because it’s not a False Flag. I don’t understand how people like you can fall for this Conspiracy Industry rhetoric. You honestly think an entire college is in on some False Flag event? Why? To take your precious guns away? We don’t even have common sense gun laws in this control, which is exactly why things like this continue to happen.

      Gun laws need to change. I’m not advocating taking away everyone’s guns, but that would be an ideal situation. What I’m saying is that maybe we should sell a tool whose sole purpose is death to people that aren’t mentally capable of dealing with one.

      Good Luck.

  • Copy Cat ~ Coy Pact

  • Show me the CCTV footage. That’s all I ask.

    • When have cctv cameras ever been in classrooms? I’ve never seen a camera pointing at me in my classroom.

    • The CCTV footage hasn’t been edited or photoshopped yet and made to ‘look’ real. :roll: :wink:

  • Another load of BS from the gun control crowd. IF this was a real shooting, there would be every major media outlet there and there wasn’t. In fact, it didn’t even get a major breaking headline on Drudge.

  • USA Today reported that the shooter was “downed.” Always thought that meant downed as in shot down. Is he downed or in custody. Either way you idiot libs should just move to Australia!

  • This is real. I live just south of Roseburg and my cousin was in Snyder Hall when the shots began ringing out. The gunman asked the people in the hall to stand up, state their religion, and then he opened fire. He had 3 handguns and a rifle. Also, my friend’s mother works at UCC and she saw the actual gunman. Again, all too real.

    • Jax

      Someone IP trace this satanist.
      I’ll bet you’ll find he’s hiding behind 5 proxies and a vpn.

  • Show me the blood pictures [real blood not fake] and then I might believe this. So far this all sounds very HOAXY.
    The DHS has billions to spend on this BS.
    They want your guns real bad. Adolf, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot wanted the people’s guns also.

    • You really expect there to be photos at the school or hospital of the bodies? When has that ever happened?

      • AllRoadsLead2NWO

        They always take photos of every crime scene. This is supposed to be done before anything is touched by anyone. I had a friend that used to show me pictures from crime scenes in my city back in the 80′s as he worked for the county prosecutors office. One of the stranger ones was a woman killed in her bath tube with a large butcher knife stuck straight through her eye socket.

  • our own government ‘knows’ the plan by our new world govt is to ban guns in this country, its insane what is happening today, we know the govt wants to ban firearms owned by public and all ammunition, the bill of rights and our country’s Constitution are being undone behind the scenes today and nothing we can do about them
    guess the great experiment wont last much longer
    see agenda 2030

  • An easy fix, shut down all schools, after all it must be the schools that are creating the problem..

  • Amen. I live right outside Roseburg, and I know 9 people that were on campus today, 3 of which are in my own family. My sister-in-law’s ex-roomate is in surgery for a gunshot wound to the back. Again, this is all too real.

  • That pathetic little psychopathic rat turd couldn’t get on the TV fast enough to tout his speak about how bad guns are and how “WE NEED MORE REGULATIONS.” What a farce. More propaganda killings anyone.

  • Just watched another video that just came on and callers said they did not hear any shots. The producer is referencing some 30 shots fired and no sound from shooter or police.

    How did anyone kill and wound so many so fast with only 30 rounds?

    I agree just another false flag in the works and I am confident the facts will start coming out soon so show they are again trying to con us and or distract us from something bigger.

  • man cannot believe how busy all these people raising all these flag, something like 20 sschool shooting “flags” across the country so far this year. All these people acting apparently independent of each other, raising a smokescreen to fool all the rest of us. talk about a conspiracy that no one has the slightest clue as to who is at the head of it. unless, of course, it is REAL, and BIN jerks are doing what they do best…create an atmosphere of fearporn, creating fear across the country so those jerks, who are the REAL issue, will be able to TAKE OVER everyone, creating their own version of their own Fourth Reich. What BIN BS. :arrow:

  • I typed “Roseburg Oregon police drill” & found ZERO signs of a drill happening there.

    • I’m not finding it again but I read the reason US Marshals were in the area and responded to the shooting was they were in town for a drill

  • On Shepard Smith’s live show today, he spoke to a woman on the phone who’s son was there. She said that her son was where the supposed shooting occurred. According to her, the son didn’t hear any shots. Not one, where supposedly 30 rounds were fired. The woman sounded pretty skeptical.

  • Let’s stick to the facts Mitch. We have had lots of changes to gun laws, big changes, since 1981. What has been the result?

    More danger. And places with stricter gun laws (Chicago for example) have the most danger.

    Show me one murderer, ONE example, one murderer, who was willing to kill, but was not willing to break a gun law.

    If unarmed people are getting massacred by armed people, the problem is that the victims were unarmed. Yes? That’s how the world works. It’s how crime works, it’s how nations work.

    You’re like, oh, my gosh, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, we need to disarm immediately. Would that have worked, do you think?

  • Whilst I do my thorough research and usually am on the bandwagon for FF’s, this appears to not be one. I have dug deep, and this appears to be a true tragedy.

    • mitch51

      Sorry. BIN is a NO TRUTH zone. GET OUT.

  • Colleges are gun free zones, so this couldn’t possibly have happened.

    • In oregon, concealed weapons on campus are permitted. I suggest you do your homework before opening mouth and typing fingers. :mrgreen:

    • and making such a blatantly blanket statement that is just waiting to be disproved!

  • Time to start looking for inconsistencies.

    1. Why would the fire department tweet a warning of an active shooter, wouldn’t that be the LEOs duty, and why would you do that knowing there are 3300 students there with family who as soon as they saw the tweet would panic and likely go to the area.

    2. How can 30 rounds of ammo be shot and so far witnesses say they didn’t hear any shots?

    3. If any of the victims family members are quick to call for stronger gun laws like the O guy just did, not missing a beat, then damn well question them, because here in OR. the majority are for no gun laws and don’t want their guns taken away and will fight to death to keep them.

    So far from what I have seen the staged false flags like the one CO. are being aimed at states who don’t have tough gun laws, like OR. how come we have yet to see shootings like these in states with tough gun laws like California, MA. or the other states with tough gun laws?

    • I guess that not only is the campus a gun-free zone but it must also be a smartphone-free zone. Anyone see any video posted from any student that was nearby at the time of the shooting – I don’t know, showing the blood, the wounds, the scattering of students, the screaming, the whatever that would be expected during a true tragedy…
      Or are we just supposed to swallow whatever is presented on mainstream tv again?
      These are college-age kids, right? And all these kids carry smartphones…
      If you have seen such videos, I would appreciate links so all of us can check them out.

  • There wouldn’t happen to be any shills that troll the forums and places like BIN trying to convince us all that they know someone or were there,would there?

  • It’s so obvious that these shootings are planned and executed by those who want to confiscate our guns. I’m so sorry for the people involved who get hurt.

  • I don’t know if anyone has noticed that kids have smart phones in their hands at all times. Right?, and they film and photograph everything. May I see just one please?? False Flag staged event it looks like to me.

    In a couple of days the trolls will go away and tuck their head in another hole.

    I am really impressed some alleged kid can use 30 rounds and kill and or wound 30 plus people. This guy is good and should be hired by the cia, but of-course like the rest he now dead. Dead men tell no tales.

  • I guess THEY are counting on us to buy this crap. Fortunately, I don’t have a tv so I cqn’t watch their (really poor and amateurish) theatrics …. this particular gig has all the liberal elements in it …. guns, religious animosity, whining girls, grandmas, what did I leave out?

  • Real here, false flag in other realms. There’s far more going on. As common as being on anti-depresants is the fact that these shooters always have some demonic religous component. Starting with columbine where the shooters walked around asking if their victims were religious, then said “go meet you God” as they shot and killed them. That was columbine, and most active shooters, and the Oregon shooter today lined people against a wall, asked them if they were Christians, and shot them in the head if they were. Active shooters have these traits in common:

    1. They are on anti-depressants (more susceptible to demonic influence)
    2. They are young men
    3. They listen to vial hard rock of the singing demon kind
    4. They display anti-Christian behavior
    5. They seem strangely calm and deliberate in their actions
    6. They always end up dead in the end

    These events always take place at the hight of the mental problems they suffer, and there is always an anti-religious component in their thinking and behavior.

    Why? … Why? Because satan, and his, have the same goal to disarm us. Crickets and laughter.

    Yes, for those of you who actually do know what’s going on. The new world order, that will be led by the anti-Christ needs us all disarmed, and they have help here and there.

    The choice for America is: disarm or be destroyed, and you can see the machine working on these two goals in parallel. The U.S. Can’t very well lead the world into a gun free new world order with 300,000,000 guns, while telling the rest of the world that they will be disarmed, by force if needed!

  • Man

    it is very disrespectful to state that every shooting is a flase flag to try and grab your guns…

    are there any shootings that aren’t a false flag?

    how effective is it in taking away 2nd amendment? nothing has changed in gun policy other than paranoia

    • Exactly.

      The False Flag shootings that were to lead to gun grabs have been around since Columbine, 16 years ago.

      No gun grabs. Just Paranoia.

      I guess whoever wants to grab the guns is kind of a procrastinator.

  • Well here is a little something to consider. This 26 year old didn’t pick out a hunting club, in which to go on a shooting spree, now did he? No….he picked a college where it is regularly pushed that guns are tools of violence and he knew most would be unarmed.

    Archie Bunker, fictional hard right, offensive and never politically correct, once said on the subject of those murdered by guns…..”Would you rather they be pushed out of windows, little girl?”

    “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.”

    This quote from Admiral Yamamoto may, in fact, not be any thing more than a wonderful fiction. But it is based in
    a very real fact. There very nearly is a gun for every blade of grass. And it is this very reason that we retain our rights by the tenuous thread that we do.

    Even now our very own elected officials are chipping away at our freedoms….some already gone in the guise of safety or fairness.

    Give up our arms….and be nothing more than citizens of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      It is more like that now than people know. I remember Bush Sr, stating that ” If the american people knew what we have done they would hang each and everyone of us.” I understand that statement now- by the Congressional Record- this is Conspiracy Fact. The constitutional republic was dissolved by FDR in 1933- again as a condition of the USA Bankruptcy in 1933. If they would have told everyone what they had done FDR and all of them would have been killed that instant. I believe even at this money if everyone here in this country found out the truth washington,dc would be surrounded by millions of angry people with guns. When people realize they do not own there homes and they are and they ‘homes’ and all of the land here are collateral on the interest on the debt the game will be over.

      When the US INC defaults on the interest payments- the money changers will becoming for their collateral- Human and Property- that is all FDR had to put as collateral to the bankers in 1933- this is all part of the Congressional Record. This is when -birth certificates and socialist security suddenly started by then progressive radical left wing NAZI Socialist FDR. All any one has to do is google ‘The Bankruptcy of the United States of America.’ This the part of FDR’s “new deal’ that they were ordered -not to teach you about in school. Everyone here is an owned economic slave from the moment you are born until the moment you die- and then the bankers probably collect off of your birth bond- birth certificate stock number.

  • How is this a “guarenteed” false flag?

    • Scanner – It’s guaranteed because the author said so, didn’t you read it? That’s all it takes. No proof or evidence of any kind is necessary to make as many ridiculous claims as you want. Somehow the ‘burden of proof’ always seems to fall on the ones not making outrageous claims.

      Every single thing that goes wrong in America and/or the World is part of some carefully choreographed master plan of the ‘powers that be’. “Oh you don’t believe that? Then prove it’s not happening Mr. Shiily McObot Sheeple”

      Good Luck.

      • How can you have the nerve to point a finger at Scanner and call names when the U.N. and all our world leaders just collectively celebrated a 70 year anniversary?

        They also signed Agenda 2030 which effectively sealed our fate if we give up our Arms.

        Have you gone to the U.N. site and read the Agenda for yourself? As long as we blame individual presidents, republicans and dems for the problem nothing will change….and that is what they are counting on.

        It is time WE CHANGE in order to effect a real difference. We must stop our petty bickering and demand in unison that our leaders, once again serve THE PEOPLE of this country and that means REAL accountability. If the only way this can be accomplished is by going back to hard copy voting…….that is easy enough to accomplish and also easy enough to keep secure.

        • Sorry Def….I see you were just being sarc/ not being ugly to Scanner. I know he can take up for himself, too.

          I just wanted to make that side note. I agree with what you said too, BTW. I just really would like everyone to stop bickering and pay attention to what is happening at the U.N.

          Our battles won’t matter if the war is lost.

          • Haha no worries, I was indeed being sarcastic. I don’t know much about the U.N. admittedly though and will look into your claims. Do you happen to have a link to the specific ‘agenda’ you’re referencing? If not I can probably find it, but being lazy is much easier.


  • This propaganda gun control BS has really gotten out of control. Obozo didn’t even look honest on the TV yesterday. He had that silly ass smirk on his face, like I got away with something..

  • I do believe someone was killed here but it’s the shooter we need a closer look at. Who were his friends, did he have contact with any clubs/groups, was he chosen from his social page to be indoctrinated into a mind control mission? This is becoming a pattern of the Illuminati to scare the people into surrendering more of their Constitutional freedoms.
    Believe nothing in today’s news. The media has always cropped and edited the news to express a certain idea to the viewer. Today’s news is solely committed to ushering in the new world order.

    Question EVERYTHING!

  • “Interim” president Cavin?? and prior president was retiring and supposed to stay through the end of this year. When did she take over and why? Someone should look into this…something feels off …

  • I suggest if you want the full story you read this…

  • the initial news reports were that the shooter was killed by police on campus but today the latest update is the shooter killed himself. another ‘mass shooting/suicide’ to add to the most current national gun violence ‘statistics’

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