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12 Crazy Things Found on Earth That Modern Man Cannot Explain

Saturday, November 21, 2015 7:52
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OMG Facts writes:

There are some truly amazing things that have been found throughout the years on earth, from ancient cities that redefine what we know about history, to objects that remain a huge mystery. Here are 12 of the most incredible things archeologists have found. The following video also displays the crazy things found on earth that modern man cannot explain! 






1. The Mount Owen Moa 


The Upland Moa was a flightless bird that became extinct about 500 years ago, so it came as quit of a shock to researchers when they found such a well preserved claw belonging to one in the caves of Mount Owen in New Zealand dating back 3,000 years. 

The video below has some of the most intense ancient archaeological discoveries ever in human history. Of particular interest is number 4. Is this a new backscratcher from Bed Bath & Beyond finally living up to the last part of their name? In 1986 a team exploring caves at Mount Owen, New Zealand found a mysterious claw while excavating. The claw belonged to a 3000 year old Upland Moa which was a flightless bird.

There were 9 known species of Moa birds and unfortunately all Moa’s are now extinct. The upland moa was the last of the Moa to become extinct in the 1500’s from hunting by humans. When humans first came in contact with the moa’s around 1250 the moa population was 58,000, it only took humans 250 years to wipe out a species. Humans can be such dicks sometimes


2. The Longyou Grottoes 


These manmade caves, carved from siltstone and found in China, remain a bit of a mystery. They are thought to date back before the Qin Dynasty (in 212 BCE) but, there is no record of them. 




3. The Gate Of The Sun 


Like Stonehenge, The Gate of the Sun is a stone structure that remains a bit of a mystery to this day. Coming in at 13,000 feet, the area in Bolivia may be where the first humans on Earth originated from. The engravings on the gate are thought to hold some kind of astrological and astronomical importance. 


4. L’Anse aux Meadows 


This 1,000-year-old site in Newfoundland, Canada proves that Viking settlers made their way to North America long before Christopher Columbus even thought about sailing to India. 


5. Gobekli Tepe 


This site, which was found atop a mountain ridge in Turkey, did a lot to further our understanding of development of ancient customs. The temple was built before the city around it, show just how highly valued religion was to those who settled. 

The followin video is a real treat with Andrew Collins. He was recently a guest on Where Did the Road Go, and in this full-length interview, he talks about his latest trip through ancient sites of North American with Greg Little. He discusses Giants, and Hybrids, and The Nephilim and Watchers. Then he gets into the latest on Gobekli Tepe, he discuss the alignments, the newly discovered Bone Plaque discovered on one of Andrews tours, and the difference in opinions between him Graham Hancock and Robert Schoch. Finally he gets into the possible Alien Mega-structure found in deep space, and it’s relation to Cygnus and Andrew’s work.


6. The Voynich Manuscript 


The Voynich Manuscript is a mystery that remains to this day, with plenty of theories as to what language it is written in. In 2014, two different groups came forward claiming to have solved the puzzle. The only problem was they both had completely different views. One believed it was an extinct Mexican dialect, while another thought it was a coded Asian language. 



7. Yonaguni Monument 


There is still debate on whether or not this huge underwater structure was man-made or somehow natural forming. It sits off the coast of Yonaguni, Japan and contains flat edges as well as 90 degree angles.

In the following video get an up close look just past the entrance to the Yonaguni Monument and you can see some of the unique cuts and how pronounced some of the ruins are. Average depth of the monument was about 40 some feet. 


8. Stone Age Tunnels 


This huge network of underground tunnels is completely man-made, and dates back to the Stone Age. Questions remain how they were able to build such an extensive system at that time. 


9. Costa Rica’s Stone Spheres 


There are hundreds of granodiorite spheres across Costa Rica that go from very tiny (three or four centimeters) to fairly large (three meters). Archaeologists truly have no idea what they are for.


10. An Unfinished Obelisk 


This obelisk was carved directly from bedrock, but after cracks appeared in granite, building of the obelisk was abandoned. 


11. Mohenjo-daro 


This site in Sindh, Pakistan is one of the earliest major urban settlements, with signs of both city planning, social organization and a draining system. An estimated 40,000 people lived in the area. 


12. Saksaywaman 


These stacked stones and boulders sit outside Peru, and fit together so well without mortar that it’s impossible to get anything between two of the stones. 

h/t Diply 



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  • L’Anse aux Meadows is perfectly explainable. It is an early Viking settlement in Newfoundland.

    • As the text states.

    • Sure, we Europeans were all over the place. Like that Welsh explorer Madoc who never returned back in the 11th century. They say that’s all just legends, but how do you explain the fact that a man named Madoc made his appearance among the Sioux Indians right around that time, and the Sioux have words in their language that come from Welsh? Or the fact that the Nez-Perce Indians have partially French DNA. Or the presence of wheat in an Egyptian tomb that’s nearly 6 thousand years old and could only have come from Moravia?
      I would say that’s evidence for an ancient seafaring civilisation based in Europe because although places like Moravia aren’t exactly on a coastline, the whole of Europe is pretty well interconnected by some really big rivers, in this case the Danube.

  • How did you narrow it down to 12?

    The still image I’ve chosen for this video is from Chaco canyon where you can find some of the best examples of stepped supports being used to construct multiple levels. As you can see the remains of what was once on one level is now hanging there like a wall decoration above the remains of another. To understand what happened here watch the video.

  • One thing they left out were the pyramids, and the fact that they’re all over the world. The most recent one they discovered, down in Bosnia, has been dated using organic materials left at the site to be over 10 thousand years old. I’ve personally visited A LOT of these ancient sites, and no place on earth ever creeped me out like the Great Pyramid at Giza. Right when I entered I felt like that thing is WAY older than some 5,500 years old. It’s so bizarre. You enter through a regular-sized hole that Al-Mamun carved out in the 8th century, make a left and enter a shaft that’s 1 x 1 meter going up. At the end it opens up in the grand Gallery 8 meters high, and another shaft leading to the Queen’s Chamber. You go up the Grand Gallery and again you have to get into a shaft that’s 1 x 1 meter, which opens up for one section about 2 meters long, then AGAIN you get down into a 1 x 1 meter shaft and enter the King’s Chamber. It’s really weird because what you see in there is exactly what Al-Mamun saw when he busted in there looking for treasure, namely a broken stone box. When I felt the inside of it up to the corners I was like this thing is perfectly machined. The only other people besides me and my girlfriend in there were some weird young woman doing some sort of ritual, and a worker for the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. He must’ve been telepathic because (a) he instantly started talking to us in English and (b) he grubbed a cigarette off me, despite the fact that my cigarettes were hidden from view, and so were Leona’s.
    Considering the fact that this is such a huge building, why does it contain only 3 very small rooms? And why are they connected in such a strange way with passages of such divergent heights? I mean what, were the Ancient Egyptians less than 1 meter tall that they could run around inside with ease? Why are there no paintings or inscriptions inside it? When you go to the Valley of the Kings, those are actual tombs, and they have tons of inscriptions and paintings. Same with the Valley of the Queens.
    Hint: the Valley of the Queens is a lot more interesting because there’s a lot fewer tourists.
    Another thing is, that when the Great Pyramid was completed, with the casing stones intact there was no entrance whatsoever. That’s exactly like building a fancy house but not putting in any doors or windows.
    Also incomprehensible is why they moved stones as much as 70 TONS in weight for 600 kilometers. I mean, these stones are big. They reach up to my upper chest and they’re the size of a big car.
    I know one shouldn’t go by just feelings, but that place definitely made an impression on me and I don’t believe that the Ancient Egyptians built this thing. If anything, it was built by even more ancient Egyptians than the ones we know about, where the Ancient Egyptians discovered it and claimed it as their own, and that ONE painting showing men hauling a stone on a sledge across the sand is their THEORY as to how they were built. It’s like Teotihuacan. The Aztecs didn’t build it, they only discovered it. That’s why they called it “the place where people became Gods,” and subsequently imitated that style in their later works.
    While it’s true that the Great Pyramid has been measured, studied, and analysed like nobody’s business, the fact remains that we DO NOT KNOW what it was supposed to do.
    I said this as a joke a few times that what if the Great Pyramid was constructed back whenever for the same purpose it serves today, namely generating foreign currency income by being a tourist magnet? Going into the Great Pyramid doesn’t cost much. I still have the tickets and it was just 70 Pounds to go in + 30 Pounds to enter the Giza complex back in 2013.
    The ancients clearly had technologies that we have not rediscovered. If you were to travel back in time with your laptop or whatever, they’d be gawking at you as much as you’d be gawking at them because they developed different advanced technologies than the ones we have today. Like the Schist Disk in the Cairo Museum. Look it up. That thing looks exactly like a turbine, yet it’s carved from a single piece of schist, a very hard black mineral. How did they carve this, or the thousands of similarly cut vases. You can’t even do that today on a modern lathe because schist is a very fragile mineral.
    I’m just glad I got to see all these things before ISIS destroys them all.

    • A great comment ! …. thanks for the input and your experience at the great pyramid. :smile:

      • Glad you appreciate it! We also got to see Tutankhamen’s mask. When you look at it, it looks like the Gold is painted. However, that’s NOT paint! Those are actual precious stones that were cut exactly to fit the exact shape of the mask. How they did this is beyond me because it’s impossible.
        Same with Tutankhamen’s tomb itself, where he was buried in a tomb that was an actual house built inside another house built inside another house, and nobody can figure out how they built it because the dimensions of the timbers used don’t allow for it.
        I did manage to get an actual original photo of the schist disk from a German lady who visited the Cairo museum about a week after I did, whom I met on a German site. You’re not allowed to take any sort of cameras or mobile phones into there, and if they catch you, you’re banned for life. She sent me the photo because she smuggled her camera in there and just started photographing everything and didn’t get caught.
        And another thing about the Cairo museum is that the first thing you see inside is Hatshepsut and her unbelievably beautiful smile. She was beautiful, and she was WHITE! Those are plainly obvious caucasian features she had, including her skin colour. We also saw Akhenaten and yes, he does look like Obama, and his wife and daughters look exactly like Michelle, Sasha, and Malia. Freeman Fly noted this and did a whole expose on why he thinks Obama is a clone of Akhenaten.
        I forgot to mention in my previous post that those are Egyptian Pounds, where that 70 pounds is something like 6 Dollars. Egypt is not an expensive place to visit, and as soon as the situation gets better I would urge anyone to visit.
        Yes, it’s dusty, dirty, and disgusting, and one of my friends who’s actually from Cairo says that “whoever is in charge of Egypt today is 100% idiot.” Because 95% of the people who live there are NOT Egyptians, they’re Arabs, descendants of invaders who colonised that country in the name of I*lam. Egypt is actually the oldest Christian country on earth. And the 5% who are actual Egyptians, like my friend, are all Coptic Christians. And they look exactly like the people you see in the ancient Egyptian paintings.

    • The pyramids are only a mystery in that Mystery Babylon initiation rituals were the purpose for them. The Giza plain is crisscrossed with tunnels that are off-limits. The pyramids were for high level initiate ceremonies where sacred Knowledge was passed. Plato talks about laying in the pyramid during his time in Egypt. The truth is hidden in plain sight…

      • Fact of the matter is that nobody knows what they were for. The more I know about them, the more I realise that I know nothing. No, it wasn’t Plato who slept in the Great Pyramid but Napoleon. He was a Freemanson and the reason he always had one of his hands hidden in his coat was to symbolise the “hidden hand” of Freemansonry.
        Plato did visit Egypt, but all he did there was hang with the intellectuals there who told him that they kept records of the history of all the known world’s cultures. Back then the Egyptians had a policy where if you came there they would as you if you had any books on you. They would then borrow these books and make copies of them. That’s how the great library at Alexandria got to be as great as it was, until it was burned down by M*slims.

        • You are correct; I posted in error. The claim about Plato was made by Manly P. Hall in “The Secret of All Ages.” I should’ve checked before I posted. Now the Library was burned in phases by the Romans over five centuries.

          BTW, the “intellectuals” of ancient Egypt were mostly the priest class as all Mystery initiates were considered priests. What we call the sciences today was the sacred knowledge hoarded by the priests. The Greeks were really the first society that fostered a philosopher class or at least the ability to preserve their knowledge on a wide scale. Many of Greece’s greatest minds in the ancient world studied in Egypt and Mr. Hall claims them also as initiates. One had to merely “seek” to learn from the priests and begin the process.

  • Some people in New Zealand have claimed to have spotted the New Zealand Moa in more recent times. 1980`s. Though not the largest ones as they were from the dinosaur days.

    • That’s definitely not inconceivable. Same with all the bigfoot sightings worldwide, where you can’t have a conspiracy of people just making this up for a thousand years or more. Same with the Loch Ness Monster. There’s obviously something there. I’m sure that if NZ would give 1/10 th the money it wastes every year you’d have some kind of definitive evidence either way.

  • # 8, Stone Age Tunnels

    I believe it was the Council of Nicaea in the 5th century who voiced concerns about the inhabitants of those tunnels.

    • What on earth are you talking about. The Council of Nicea was in 325 AD, and they did not address anything regarding tunnels. They did address basic issues like whether people who wanted to become Christians had to become Jews first, and stuff like Mithraism, which had confused the whole Christianity thing.
      There’s this thing on the “web” called “Google” and maybe you should try using it sometime.

  • a training world for souls. each time the world reaches the point where we sit today it is another time it is the last days.

    • Kind of in keeping with my theory that we’re all actually living in Hell, and that this is the Hell that the Bible mentions. How else do you explain everything that’s going on?
      Just like in a dream, where if you die you wake up, then how do you know that death in this life doesn’t mean you can’t wake up in a different awakened reality?

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