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Physicists Agree “Parallel Worlds Exist and Are Interacting With Us Daily!” (CERN?)

Thursday, March 24, 2016 16:24
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Cern 4

Before examining the latest information “science” has to say about possible “other dimensions,” and the beings that may even be crossing over from those dimensions, I thought it might be wise to ground the reader with talk about CERN through a biblical world view with the help of two of the most amazing researchers on the planet, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle.

For those who don’t know, Tom Horn is a long time TV and radio personality who has made his mark covering cutting-edge stories dealing with religion, prophecy, discovery, and the supernatural; and Steve Quayle is a treasure trove of information on ancient history, particularly biblical history dealing covering subjects including but not limited to Angels, Demons, Nephilim, Fallen Angels, and the master builders of prehistoric ancient civilizations. 

In the absolutely riveting conversation below between the two men on the dangers of CERN, they discuss how the machine itself is an affront to God. When listening to conversations like the one below, it’s important to always remember that The Illuminati are Satanists (Video). Despite having to shut the machine down because scientists claimed that “entities” were coming through, the work to open more portals or doorways to other dimensions goes on, putting all of humanity at risk.

Steve is quick to point out how wasted the efforts of the elite are, reminding the viewer that not even the fallen angels, with all their technology and with their supernatural powers could defeat God, yet someone that’s exactly what the Illuminati have panned with a device of man??? 

The video is the PERFECT transition from background information about the paranormal nature of CERN, relayed from a biblical view to get your mind right before reading on. 



A new theory has recently confirmed why we are seeing some rather strange things around the world AND in quantum mechanics.

One of the strangest areas of Science these days has to be Quantum Mechanics, an area which many leading Scientists have been aware of but have never truly understood it.  It is an area which is so weird and anti-intuitive, that once famed physicist Richard Feynman said the below:

“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

There have been MANY attempts to truly understand and explain some of the rather strange consequences of quantum theory which have led to some rather mind-bending ideas, such as the Copenhagen interpretation and the many-worlds interpretation, things which we have covered before on this website. (Please click HERE for more).  These are intriguing times and as we always say here at U.I.P, Science Fiction is becoming Science FACT!


Senn Life 2


There is now a theory going around called the “many interacting worlds” hypothesis (MIW) – and this theory is as interesting as it sounds.  This theory is said to confirm that parallel worlds don’t just exist, but they also interact with our very own world pretty much DAILY. It has been said that the parallel worlds interact with our world but on a quantum level, so are unfortunately NOT detectable.  Even though this interesting theory cannot be confirmed, this may actually help to finally explain some of the strange consequences which are inherent in quantum mechanics.

As we have mentioned before in a previous post (please click HERE) it has been suggested that these dark figures that are being seen across the world (also known as the ‘Shadow People’)  could be in fact Beings that are from other worlds/dimensions and the glimpse that we see of them all depends on how sensitive we are to their existence.  This theory could also confirm the reason behind these so-called Shadow people and perhaps even be some kind of proof that the MIW theory is indeed very REAL.

SEE: The Shadow People – ‘Interdimensional Beings’ Being Seen By Many 

Parallel 2




The Shadow People – More fact than fiction?

This theory is kind of a spinoff of the many-worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics, which is an idea that all possible alternative histories and futures are very real, each representing an actual, though parallel, world. There is One major issue with this ‘many-worlds interpretation’ however, as this has been fundamentally untestable, since observations can only be made in our world. Happenings in these proposed “parallel” worlds can only yet be imagined. BUT this is an area which is gaining more and more interest every day and the Scientists at CERN are keen to prove this theory is very real – but at what consequence!?  It has even been rumored that the guys at CERN have already discovered other dimensions!?


The top SCIENTISTS at CERN believe that they may have discovered a new “game changing”(potentially life-changing?) particle through the bizarre experiments of the Large Hadron Collider – many people have also suggested that these ‘dangerous’ experiments may have been the cause for some of the strange events happening around the world and the increase in UFO sightings!?

The UFO International Project have been digging into this important announcement from the guys working at CERN and one theory is that this particle could possibly be a bigger, much heavier version of the Higgs boson particle (also known as the God-Particle), and if this is proven so, this could quite possibly change our understanding about physics and the Universe FOREVER and open up portals to NEW worlds – but is this a good thing?


Senn Life 2


If all of this news is actually a 100% true, then this particle would be four times bigger than the largest quarks, which are the heaviest known particles known to mankind and up to six times larger than the Higgs boson God Particle – which was first mooted as a theoretical possibility in the 1960s.  This is HUGE news and something which has been hushed up a little since we first heard about this story a few weeks ago!

The second most intriguing theory is that the spikes could be the detection of a theoretical particle called the Gravition which helps mediate ALL gravitational force, of which some leading scientists believe would allow for separate dimensions within the universe – meaning that THIS could be our gateway to new dimensions, but at what risk!?

Cern 2



It was earlier in the year when we first announced that the guys at CERN were hunting for new dimensions and now it appears that they have finally found the secret to it all.  Please check out our previous story to this – SCIENTISTS AT LARGE HADRON COLLIDER HOPE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH PARALLEL UNIVERSE IN DAYS!

Some have even suggested that this is a lie and that they have discovered new worlds already, but this is their way of drip feeding the TRUTH to us all!?

Cern 3

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is a huge network of extremely complex deep underground tunnels on the French/Swiss border, where the European Organization for Nuclear Research (the CERN guys), which runs it, gets physicists to literally collide atoms together at high speed to try to discover the smallest possible version and hopefully answer how everything in the universe began.  It is also looking at creating tiny black holes in a bid to discover the truth about alternative dimensions.

The latest discovery came after CERN scientists found unexpected spikes in photon particles among the data of two of the LHC detectors.  Two separate experiments, the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) and ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS), detected the stark rise in energy.


Senn Life 2


Spikes, believed to have been caused by mega high-energy proton collisions, reportedly hit peaks of 750 giga-electronvolts (GeV)

This immense discovery could lead to changes in the “Standard Model” of how everything in the universe interacts – Adam Falkowski, a French physicist, began the speculation after tweeting about the significance of the spikes.  This literally could change our complete knowledge and understanding of how everything fits together in the Universe and what lies beyond!


Adam Falkowski recently wrote:

“Most likely, this particle would just be a small part of the larger structure, possibly having something to do with electroweak symmetry breaking and the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model.

“If the signal is a real thing, then it may be the beginning of a new golden era in particle physics.”

Kyle Cranmer from New York University said:

“I don’t think there is anyone around who thinks this is conclusive.”

Gian Francesco Giudice, a Cern theorist said:

“If it turns out that the data does indeed represent a new particle it would be a total game changer. “The Higgs boson pales in comparison, in terms of novelty.”

As you can see from the above comments, this finding has pricked up many people’s ears – But what are the risks behind all this?  Do the Scientists really know what they are playing with here, as we are talking about not just the particles that help bring the universe together, but also ‘other dimensions’.  This project at CERN has always reminded me of that Stephen King classic book/film called ‘The Mist’  When Scientists open up a portal to another dimension and end up letting through other worldly creatures which create havoc to the locals in the area.


But the cover-up has already begun with some researchers at CERN semi-dismissing this find and playing things down.  Dave Charlton, a spokesperson for Cern’s Atlas experiment, said:

“It’s a little intriguing. “But it can happen by coincidence. 

“It could just be a statistical bump, which occurs all the time. 

“We expect about ten times as much data next year, which should help resolve this question – but quite likely throw up new ones.” He said.

But iziano Camporesi, a Cern physicist on the CMS team, appears very positive that they will confirming the situation VERY soon.  He said:


Senn Life 2


“If there is an actual natural phenomenon behind these fluctuations, we will know.”


SUMMARY – So many strange stories have been coming through recently reference the whole project at CERN and the LHC, which makes us guys at the UFO International Project wonder if there is actually some very disturbing truth in some of them.

This potential discovery is larger than life itself, it would be THE greatest ever discovery by mankind that other Dimensions/Universes exist – but isn’t it strange that these important findings are NOT highlighted in the mainstream media!?  This is the reason why we believe that they are covering up this important discovery for a reason.


Senn Life 2


In the last couple of months we have heard rumors about a serious fire at CERN! According to a CERN whistle-blower, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had a major nuclear disaster on Friday 13th November, but scientists managed to contain it and stop reports leaking to the media amid the frenzy of the Paris attacks – But even stranger, according to the videos below a significant accident occurred throughout the Collider systems that resulted in a very large and brightly lit UFO hovering above the CERN facilities.

In reference to the nuclear accident, that week I posted the following: Irreversible Repercussions Coming Next Week If CERN Fires Up Using Lead Ions? The post had to be updated once the “Nuclear Fire” explosion occurred.  

When you check out the HUGE UFO captured in the video below, it really does appear to be like some kind of ‘light craft’ – who knows perhaps the ET’s are concerned about CERN and what the backlash could be from using such technology:






We have also heard strange stories about the LHC being used to open up portals to hellish worlds and being used as a destructive weapon.  And this story was partly raised by a former UK politician.  Please click here to see our post on this –

Conspiracy theories or not, it really does make you wonder what the true plan is large hadron collider? To me this story about finding other dimensions is like something from a film and incredibly exciting, but what concerns me is the lack of understanding about what they could up at CERN – and even more concerning could it be that they are being instructed to open up ‘something’ which they know very little about!?

2016 is going to be a very interesting year.

Cern 4


Senn Life 2


What have they discovered at CERN!?

BUT this is where the MIW theory is a game changer – MIW actually suggests that parallel worlds CAN actually interact on the quantum level, and guess what they actually  do.

Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, and one of the physicists to come up with MIW, explains the below:

“The idea of parallel universes in quantum mechanics has been around since 1957,”

In the well-known ‘Many-Worlds Interpretation’, each universe branches into a bunch of new universes every time a quantum measurement is made. All possibilities are therefore realized – in some universes the dinosaur-killing asteroid missed Earth. In others, Australia was colonised by the Portuguese.”

“But critics question the reality of these other universes, since they do not influence our universe at all,” he added. “On this score, our “Many Interacting Worlds” approach is completely different, as its name implies.”


Howard Wiseman

SUMMARY – This is a fascinating piece of news and one that could end up changing our way of thinking forever!

Wiseman and his colleagues have proposed that there exists “a universal force of repulsion between ‘nearby’ (as in similar) worlds, which actually tends to make them more dissimilar.” Quantum effects can be explained by factoring in this force, they propose. Its a mind pickling thought, but the more you think about it the more it makes sense!

Lets not forget that the FBI have already accidentally leaked out the news that interdimensional beings are entering our world daily and that there is nothing that we can do about this! And this is a very true story people, the FBI admitted that we have been visited by “beings from other dimensions” and the official link from the FBI vault can be found here:

FOR MORE ON THE FBI CONFIRMATION: FBI Stunningly Confirms “Beings Are Visiting Us From Other Dimensions” 

So if the FBI have confirmed the MIW theory then perhaps its now time for the Scientists of this world to discover exactly what is going on!  According to some of these exciting yet slightly bizarre unexpected reports and “Declassified” documents by the FBI, we have been visited by numerous extra-terrestrial beings, some of whom, are not only from other planets beyond our own, but also from other dimensions. Apparently some of these Alien beings originate from an ‘ethereal plane coexistent’ within our physical universe. These incredible “entities”, that apparently can “materialize” on our very own planet appeared as huge ‘translucent figures’.

Please see the FBI disclosure document below:


It is clearly very hard to say whether the maths will weigh up, but nonetheless this makes an incredibly interesting theory, one that doesn’t just make sense it also appears to be endorsed by our good jolly friends at the FBI too!

This is where it gets extra interesting, when asked about whether their theory might include the possibility that humans could quite possible someday interact with other dimensions, Wiseman simply said:

“It’s not part of our theory. But the idea of [human] interactions with other universes is no longer pure fantasy.” 

It kinda makes you wonder what the governments and paid scientists of this world really know about what is going on.  Who knows perhaps one day we will be able to interact with these interdimensional beings and say hi to these so-called ‘Shadow people’ that supposedly jump between dimensions.

Another aspect of this is that you might be able to one day a look at your life if you had made different choices? Perhaps one day you will be able to look into one of these alternative worlds and find out what you could have become….

Source: UFO International Project


Senn Life 2




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Senn Life 2




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