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Huge! List of Who’s Who in Obama’s Deep State Shadow Government (Must See Video)

Friday, March 31, 2017 15:46
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Here is an INCREDIBLE list!

From MLordandGod

List of Who’s Who in Obama’s Deep State Shadow Government

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An operative inside the Obama Deep State, presumably working in the best interests of President Trump, has released a list of people participating in the attempted overthrow of our government from within. That list, which includes almost every Democrat currently serving at the state and federal level, also includes 11 serving Republicans.

Along with those who currently hold seats, a few names that we’re not at all surprised about who formerly held a title, such as Barack Obama and his wife, have also been named. They include Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and, very surprisingly, Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani, who is still a vocal supporter of Trump, was also a staunch advocate for sanctuary cities during his time in New York.

The 11 Republicans serving as operatives for the Deep State, whose mission is “the overthrow of the Trump regime by political means and the removal of Donald Trump by any means necessary” are:

  • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  • Senator John McCain
  • Senator Lindsay Graham
  • Representative Darrell Issa
  • Representative Lawrence “Larry” LaRue
  • House Majority Whip Skip McGivens
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson
  • General George Fitzwallis
  • Rear Admiral Elsie Vanderbleu
  • Secretary of Energy Rick Perry

The two who stand out most are Ben Carson and Rick Perry, both of whom campaigned against President Trump. Carson, who portrays himself to be a bit clueless, was thought to be given his position in exchange for his endorsement. Rick Perry was also considered one of the less cerebral of Trump’s cabinet picks. It’s no secret that both of those departments are on the chopping block to be eliminated.


The Deep State may seem like a meaningless gesture to keep old ideals that should be tossed aside from dying, but they have already proven effective in killing the health care bill as well as forcing judges to stall Trump’s plans to make America safe again with travel bans.

They are also most likely behind the “leaks” of information to Devin Nunes and the deal to give Michael Flynn immunity for his cooperation with the fake investigation into the Russia “scandal” that never happened.

The Deep State is for real, folks. Keep your eyes and ears open. they’re trying to steal our country out from underneath us.

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  • jdp…not so quick just lies, what happened to the FBI, CIA, NSA, none of these agencies have Obamaites? yes there are a few republicians McCain. Graham

  • Trump completely miscalculated the extent of the depravity and treason on both sides of the aisle in government.
    He did not come to office with the tools (roto-rooters) needed to remove the shit clog that is America’s fake
    government. He was not supposed to win remember. The entire country has been lied to by the corporate -owned
    media since the assassination of JFK and most fools were expected to believe the crap about Trump spewed out by
    the lying media. However despite 100% of the criminal media against him which means he was actually “right” he
    somehow won. However he did not understand how evil the most criminal government the world has ever witnessed
    really is and how deep it goes. CIA-owned media that works for the Rothschilds, congress that is bribed , blackmailed,and compromised on every level, and a military industrial complex that will stop at nothing to “war” against the world 24/7. A deep state hell bent on a “Hunger Games” future for all of the little people.
    He needed to hire the entire group of generals and admirals Obama fired, current and former seal team members, loyal ant-globalist FBI, CIA, and a new Blackwater type security detail as well as the most loyal to the Constitution marines. They would have been tasked with the incarceration of the entire media, 98% of congress, Obama, Hillary, all his appointees, obviously the Bushes and hundreds of other traitors. Without the media Jesus Christ could sit in the White House and fail. The media if you have not noticed is the polar opposite of Jesus Christ. He also needed the funding for his own TV station to broadcast truth as opposed to daily propaganda for the globalists. Once again I believe he did not expect to win.
    So what now? 1. False Flag terror attacks at home by the Deep State, civil war, WW3, his assassination. Odds: 70%.
    2. He flips and gives the globalists every war they want and more: Odds: 10%. 3.He resigns. Odds: 5%.4. He is impeached. Odds: 5%. He is politically neutered. Odds: 5%. He turns the tide against the media and NWO and wins.
    Odds: 1% Other: 4%
    Conclusion: We are in the deepest shit this country has ever experienced in it’s entire history. Until those who are and were responsible for 911 and JFK are brought to justice the Deep State will prevail and America will certainly die…….
    Odds: 5%.

    • Takealook an outstanding comment. I think you nailed it.

  • whoever pulled strings they didnt want another bush or clinton administration

  • Any Bilderberg research shows you Rick Perry is a member. Agree with Takelook….those Trump chose for his cabinet were selected by “ALLEDGED” merit instead of integrity and honor. I am still impressed by Tillerson and Bannon and that is about all. What has Betsy Devos done??? Have heard no impact about stopping common core and Islamic teachings, or the bathrooms, or going back to basics, or a war against liberal teaching and sex ed to kindergarteners. Personally feel Ted Cruz and Rand Paul should be right there at Trump’s side along with Bannon. If those two communicate via Pence no safe bet Trump gets their messages. I don’t trust Pence. Trump needs to find the skeletons on all the traitors and expose it to the world. Embarrass the hell out of them and if crimes committed punish them including Pence’s pedo friend.

  • The Negro had 8 years to lay his TURDS all over the place. And as anyone knows about TURDS is how hard they are to clean off completely.

    Trump, so far called in for only the plumbers. He needs to call in the clean-up crew and do a mop-up operation. Give him some time.

    TURDS take a long time completely clean up. C’mon you know how hard it is when it is embedded. :wink:

  • raburgeson

    In the militia’s traitor deck Kissinger is card number one.

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