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Scientists Reveal Extinction Level Event Conclusion and Repeating Cycle

Monday, March 13, 2017 20:02
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~This is an interview with a scientist and archeologist. He and his colleagues concluded that civilizations started much earlier than main stream scientist first thought. The accepted view for a hundred years or so, was that civilization started around 5,000 BC in the northern Africa, Egypt region, along with Mesopotamia. What the scientists have found is that the sphinx in Egypt is actually much older than that – and there were civilizations that went back 14,000 years ago or more. In addition to that, they discovered that the ancient stone monuments in Egypt, various locations in the Middle East and in South America – have what is called a “vitrification surface” on them. This is a what happens when stone is subject to high levels of heat. It makes a smooth, slightly glass type surface on the stone. They concluded that it was caused by a massive solar flare, that hit the earth and caused the ice age to end in a matter of days or weeks, at the most. The geological record, and ancient archeology confirms this theory.

  It has been a great mystery how those ancient civilizations came to an end so abruptly. The scientist also concluded that the sun has a “pattern” of massive ejections of solar mass that can cause damage on the earth, and that cycle occurs around every 12,500 years. This also corresponds exactly when the Atlantis civilization was destroyed. This was a theory I was working on in 2012 to discover what the possible cause of that global catastrophe. I concluded that since the sun was the largest and most powerful object in our solar system that changes on the sun was the most likely possibility to cause earth changes. Since that time I have studied many reports of archeologist going to ancient sites and studying the stones, and they described the “vitrification” of the stones as being highly unusual and that the later generations never duplicated that affect on the surface of the stones. This new information gives an explanation for that phenomenon.

  A solar flare of that magnitude would come towards the earth like lightening blots and great waves of heat. It would instantly disintegrate biological life, burn forests and melt the surface of stones that were directly in the path of the solar waves. It may not however, hit the entire earth equally, since the earth is revolving and it would be a random occurrence on where it would hit. The largest areas affected would be the oceans and the ice caps. This would account for the oceans rising and flooding out ancient coastal cities.

  When the Siberian Indians made their way across the land bridge to north America they finally migrated to South America and discovered the great stones in Peru. They had no tools or ability to cut those stones. They tried to duplicate them but it is obvious they never achieved the same building techniques. Recently I watched videos of the scientists inspecting the stones and saw where it required high powered cutting tools to cut the stones. Some of the cuts were as small as 1/8th of an inch thick. It would require extremely powerful lasers or power tools with exotic metals to make such cuts. The same cutting techniques were used in the Middle East. The age of the stones was well past 11,000 years ago, before the Indians even arrived in that area. It is the scientist’s theory that there was a great catastrophe that hit the earth and destroyed all the existing civilizations at once. And these scientist believe it was from a solar flare, not a passing asteriod. The last large solar event we had on earth was in 1859, called the Carrington event. Since there was little telegraph wires around it didn’t do much damage. It did burn down some telegraph poles and offices in the eastern US. It was actually a small event compared to the solar event apx. 12,617 years ago.

  Through core samples of ice at the poles they discovered that the ice age came to an end apx. 10,700 BC. According to the Greek historian Plato, Atlantis was destroyed 10,600 BC. The scientist believe that is too much of a coincidence to ignore, and the exact dates are hard to know when you are talking about thousands of years.

  I am not one to recommend boring interviews from geologists. They are not skilled with oratory to bring across their points quickly or in an interesting manner. In fact, watching paint dry on the wall might be more interesting in some cases. However, I have attached the interview here and have it start when he reveals his basic findings. You can listen to it from there as much as you like. I have summarized his conclusions to give you the general idea on his theories. These findings help us understand our past and what is possible as far as earth changes, and helps us plan for the future more efficiently. George Eaton


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