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The Very Odd Story of Joseph Jakubowski – “Ya’ll have no idea what’s about to happen,” (uh… unfortunately, I think we do)

Sunday, April 9, 2017 5:49
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(Before It's News)

by Scott Creighton

So the story goes like this:

On the evening of Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, Joseph Jakubowski broke into the Armageddon Supplies gun shop and made off with at least 16 firearms including “high-end handguns and rifles” in Janesville, Wisconsin. That was the same day as the “Syrian chemical weapons attack”

We know this because local police released security camera footage of Joseph in the store and outside it.

Image result for Joseph Jakubowski

There are supposedly 16 “high end” guns in that bag and possibly even silencers, say the authorities.

Joseph, as you can see, was kind enough to make sure to stand right in front of a security camera an look up without his face covered. I guess he was really interested in those socks on the rack.

Notice something else?

The police responded to an alarm when Joseph busted through the glass front door but apparently he had time to walk around, collect 16 “high end” weapons and the stroll out the front door with his big bag o guns looking about as obvious as anyone could.

“Deputies responded to an audible alarm at Armageddon Gun Shop and found evidence of a break in and burglary. Video surveillance showed a white male suspect smashed the front door glass,” Rock County Sheriff, Robert D. Spoden said in a statement.RT

Half an hour later, so the story goes, authorities find Joseph’s car burning in a lot not far from there. Why would he burn his own car? I mean, it’s not like he was worried about forensic evidence or anything… right? He just strong-armed a plate glass door and shopped in a gun store without even covering up his face practically smiling for the camera… and it’s HIS car, so it’s not like they aren’t going to know “who done it”. So why burn the car?

Image result for Joseph Jakubowski

Now let’s go back for one second. Take a look at that surveillance photo of Joey in the gun store. Notice anything odd?

There is an assault style rifle hanging on the wall. Really? I thought by law gun shop’s had to lock up their stock over night and on the weekends when they are closed. They are forced to do that by law to prevent Joey here from simply breaking a window and strolling in to help himself to “16 high end” weapons, right?

So why is that one hanging on the wall behind him?

Some gunshops use weapons for display that have been modified so they wont fire rounds. When they do that they go beyond simply removing the firing pins. I don’t know how they do it, but essentially the weapons are rendered inert so that someone cant come in, as to see a weapon, slap a magazine in it and shoot the place up.

That might explain why that weapon is hanging there behind Joey-boy. It’s useless.

But if that is the case, unless Joseph is now some kind of master safe-cracker… how the hell did he get “16 high end” weapons “and possibly silencers”?

And how did he do it before the police responded to an alarm at a gun store, which one might assume would be considered a pretty high priority for the cops over there in Janesville.

Police also added that they “think” he got his hands on tactical gear as well, though they don’t say it came from this store.

Lets see… “at least” two “assault rifles”, “high end” handguns, silencers and tactical gear… hmmm… starting to sound like an American Gladio operation to me. All we need now is…

Image result for Joseph Jakubowski

of course.. the obligatory manifesto

… the obligatory manifesto.

And a video leaving no doubt as to his future guilt.

According to that report, someone graciously sent the video of Joey mailing his manifesto to President Trump into their news offices after he stole all those “high end” weapons and burned his vehicle for no apparent reason.

As is often the case, the “confession” video is poorly scripted and acted. Here’s a clip of the actual video in which he and his accomplice try their best to sound menacing. “It’s revolution.. time for change” Joey says in his monotone, full retard voice. “It’s game time”

He gives us the time and the date as he drops his confession in the mailbox. Copies of the video went to the police and the press the next day.

Just so you guys know, when you shoot a video with your cell phone, inside the code of that video are markers put there so authorities can identify who made it. Also, the video was probably uploaded to someone’s cloud with or without their knowledge. So, I don’t know why they haven’t identified his handler who made the thing as of yet.

Oh.. did I say “handler”? oops?

So there you have it. A manifesto and a video of him with said manifesto. No questions. All wrapped up. Neat little bundle. Whatever happens in the near future… Joey done it. Case closed.

And there’s no need to worry about a pesky trial or anything because Joey has that covered as well.

“In communications prior to his disappearance, Jakubowski also allegedly made reference to his dying by the hand of Trump and expressed a desire to save everyone by taking out one politician at a time. ” ABC News

Wants to go out in a blaze of glory, does he?

Is this story starting to sound familiar?

The local police say they intercepted the alleged manifesto and have brought in the FBI for some help. It’s something like 161 pages, according to them, but, like the bag he’s carrying out of the store as he strolls along, what I saw him put in that mail box sure didn’t look like 160 pages to me.

In the manifesto, which I don’t believe they have listed yet, Joey regurgitates some typical “conspiracy theory” dogma and a belief that the government doesn’t work for the people but rather for the mega-wealthy and their corporate sponsors.

“It’s really a long laundry list of injustices that he believes the government and society and the upper class have put forward on to the rest of the citizens,” Spoden said. “It’s just an overview that he feels that the government — and law enforcement in particular — are acting as terrorists and are enslaving the people and creating this environment that he finds unacceptable.” ABC News

In his video Joey says “Ya’ll have no idea what’s about to happen,” … uh, yeah. Unfortunately, I think we do. We’ve seen all the variations of this show before.

Assault rifles, extended clips, silencers, covered tracks, incriminating videos, convenient manifestos and ultimately, a dead suspect.

Well at least this time they took care of the little “no motive” issue.

There is a $10,000 reward for the guy’s capture but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. Old Joey is probably in a safe house eating Dominoes right now. Notice his douche-bag glasses on his head? He should be arrested for that.

I predict one of two things happening:

  1. another gun-grabbing Gladio mass casualty event or maybe a politician who wont shut up about Trump getting congressional approval for a Syrian war gets popped or…
  2. he gets nabbed thanks to our new glorious super surveillance provided by Big Business. Then everyone says “yea. We should let THEM run the surveillance state since they can stop these guys and da ebil Gubmint cant!”

There you have it. A rare prediction from American Everyman. Hopefully the idiot will get drunk and shoot himself in the leg or something playing with his “high end” guns. We’ll see.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can. I could REALLY use the help right now

Thank you all so much

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Total 5 comments
  • Is this story starting to sound familiar?

    YUP it certainly is, thank you for the expose.

    It is being said that the EL-iteS….SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM …are DESPERATE to ENGINEER RIOTS.
    THEY need an EX-CUSE to LOCK DOWN ManKIND before ManKIND does the same to THEM !

  • Ted

    Gun shops here in Wisconsin leave their inventory right in their display cases and racks over night and on weekends.

    The displayed weapons on the walls are fully functional, you could put a full magazine (the term “clip” is incorrect) in one of them and start shooting, I wouldn’t recommend it, the staff are usually armed & well trained.

    The guy could just be some sort of douche-bag with serious mental issues. I suppose it could be some sort of government plot, false flag or something even more diabolical; but to what end? Just sayin’! :roll:

  • If Trump could do an about face on his campaign promise to not get involved in wars in the Middle East and normalize relations with Russia over an obvious false-flag chemical attack, do you suppose it is possible that he would do an about face on his support of the 2nd Amendment over a false-flag domestic mass shooting?

  • GOOD points but what really got me was the LOUSY $10,000 dollar reward and that’s when I KNEW this was just a nincompoop non-story.

    Yeah, just $10,000 dollars. Nobody is going turn in this Polish retard anytime soon. Maybe that was the object? :cool:

  • Scott Creighton said, “In the manifesto, which I don’t believe they have listed yet, Joey regurgitates some typical ‘conspiracy theory’ dogma and a belief that the government doesn’t work for the people but rather for the mega-wealthy and their corporate sponsors.”

    If you just so happened to notice that…
    a famous builder never drove a single rivet, personally
    a still, rich, famous investor went bankrupt 6 or 7 times
    …you might be a redneck terrorist.

    If any one is really arrogant enough, or greedy enough, to play the role of an important crisis actor, just listen to the dying words of people like Tzarnev. It’s happened more than once. They speak to the effect, that something must have gone wrong, because they were not supposed to regarded as real-life criminals.

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