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The FBI Assembling Death Squads As They Bring In 200 Vehicles to Oregon

Saturday, January 23, 2016 7:02
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death squads- god bless


In a shocking development, the FBI has brought in over 200 vehicles to Burns, Oregon. To those that know their history, it appears that Burns, Oregon will soon become the next Waco.  If I had family (i.e. women, children and the elderly), I would have them leave the Burns, Oregon area as there is ready to be a good old fashion military battleground.


Ammon Bundy was to meet with the FBI to discuss the present situation. The FBI was a no-show. Would the FBI rather have the Oregon situation turn out like Waco with a Godless result in which hundreds of Constitutional supporting Americans are murdered at the hands of their own government?



The Bundy forces are being incorrectly characterized as being anti-government. They are not! They are pro-constitution. The Bundy forces are in the community visiting ranches and correcting the abuses of the BLM and the EPA. It is the Obama administration that is anti-government. The Obama administration is anti-Constitution. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Anyone who opposes the use of unconstitutional tactics against the American people is anti-government. The Obama administration is anti-constitution and as such are anti-government, legitimate government.

Fox and CNN are part of the movement to supplant the Constitution of the United States. Their daily reports which characterize Ammon Bundy, Pete Santilli and the rest of the Bundy camp as being gun-toting revolutionaries looking to shoot government agents is not only a blatant lie, representative of the worst of yellow journalism, but Fox and CNN are the propaganda arm of this administration’s desire to overturn the Bill of Rights while they impose their “Bill of Wrongs”.  In the lawless future that Fox and CNN promote, private property will go the way of the dinosaur.

We are watching history in the making. What happens in this Oregon stand-off is pivotal for property rights and the freedom to peaceable assemble in the future. By the way, both of these activities are protected under the Constitution. Please note that the FBI agents refused to accept a pocket version of Constitution from the Bundy group. The FBI knows what they are doing is wrong and they don’t want any reminders of their unconstitutional behavior. Hence, the FBI agents and their refusal to accept a pocket version of the Constitution. The refusal of these FBI “guards” to accept a pocket size version of the Constitution is the symbolic event of this whole ordeal.



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  • What a scum bag, the FBI agent is, By refusing to acknowledge His oath he has Openly committed TREASON.

  • Ask ALL Law enforcement, FBI and Elected Officials for a copy of their FARA, Foreign Agent Registration Act, Failure to Produce upon request is a Felony Crime, Punishable by 5 years in prison and a $ 250,000.00 dollars Fine, + 5 years in prison and a 250,000.00 for every year they have Failed to Register,
    Once a Oath of Office is taken Citizenship is Relinquished, and must register as a foreign Agent of the United Nations.
    USC Title 8 sec 1481,
    USC Title 5 sec 331, 332, 333
    CFR, Coded Federal Regulation, Foreign Relations, 92-12, 93-12
    You may Arrest them for Failing to Register.

  • All what we have been brainwashed into thinking are our govs are for the people, they are not. They are Corporations and unconstitutional. Look them up in Dun and Bradstreet.

    When they take their oath of office they all become foreign agents.

    All BAR attorney are loyal to the Crown. BAR aka British Accredited Regency.

    All of these agencies are foreign owned and controlled including your beloved ir s which is a Puerto Rico Trust and is like the fed is privately owned just like the fed to steal your money.

    Who is stealing everything? The Crown, the Vatican, IMF, UN, the FED, the Corporations masquerading as govs. and who knows who else.

    • Web reports coming in that this will also be used as a Training exercise, thus Bringing in Radical Proxy Groups to do the Nasty, The Dirty work.

    • Youtube Video Reports Indicate:
      They may be flying in the Radical Proxy Groups from their UK, and Turkey training Centers. They also claim, Turkey has Many Radical Training areas, even in The USA, under the Guise of “Charter Schools” Paid for By American Tax Money, they have infiltrated High Positions within the USA, Yes from Police Officers to Judges, and Politicians.
      Also Web Reports Investigations into these matters, but is it to late?

    • This is very true, though ‘The Crown’ is not HRM the Queen, but the name given to the ‘City of London’ in the square mile. – the Fed Res is actually owned by BoE.

  • Before the FBI turns Oregon into another “Waco”, I urge all patriots with “big game” skills to be prepared to turn it into another “Lexington and Concord”or “Stalingrad”.

  • I hope the Militia is on there way back.

    These fbi foreign agents masquerading as public employees are not public employees and are committing acts of treason Under United States Code 2381 and 2382 and Color of Law violations found in Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 for which they can held personally accountable.

    • We know what to do and they really dont deserve a trial now do they? Treasonist used to hang.

      • The right of due process is in the Constitution for a reason.

  • People are so confused about what is going on.

    #1 The organic “republican” form of the Constitution of the United States of America as amended A.D. 1791 is the actual law of the “land”
    #2. The FBI, SHERIFF, and all other AGENCIES are sub-corporate AGENCIES under a foreign bankrupted UNITED STATES corporation. They are all operating as entities over a jurisdictional plane that does not include State boundaries. More or less, you can overlay a map of UNITED STATES and remove all boundaries and thus, they are operating in a presumed, color of law, extra-territorial jurisdiction. This means that every AGENT from FBI, SHERIFF, POLICE DEPARTMENTS, GOVERNORS, MAYORS, etc. are all corporate officers of that federal corporation called UNITED STATES.
    #3. Their authority is only over their property; including people who consider themselves as federal, 14th Amendment US citizens. These citizens are corporations or subcorporations via a birth registry (Birth Certificate) which created such corporation as the mother abandoned her child at a port (hospital) and “consigned” that entity over the STATE OF OREGON (as an example) which is a political subdivision or a federal (STATE) or territory that is bound to the 10-square mile area known as the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.
    #4 All these federal agencies, agents, STATES, OFFICES, etc. are all part of a legislative democracy – not a the republic.
    #5 All offices upon the republic are vacant
    When the southern States walked out of Congress during the term of Abraham Lincoln, they did so “sine die” which means “without day” which means that no longer could Congress reach a quorum to do business. They then created a new system from that of the republic (de jure) to that of a democracy (de facto) in which the changed the words and the meanings of the words by creating a secondary system or corporate entities under a different corporate charter known as US Constitution–again, a different constitution than the organic one as shown thereabove–and then they created sub-corporate entities that appear as the same as The State of Oregon by calling them STATE OF OREGON. If you look at the words and definitions in black’s law dictionary 7th edition or greater and compare them to the 4th edition, you will see that the words and their definitions have changed. You will also see that even the case law has changed for they started adding the (date) at the end of every case adjudicated in that new system which represents a change in law form form “in common law” to “at common law” and if you look at what the corrupt BAR or ABA attorneys call themselves, they will call themselves “attorney at law” for they are not in law, but at the shore of law, thus meaning they are all operating in what is known as Admiralty-Maritime Law or what is called Laws of the Sea…and not laws of the land.

    The issue here is that people are registering property such as guns (licenses/permits), homes, licenses (drivers license, professional licenses), children (birth certificates), animals, and all types of property within the foreign federal bankrupted UNITED STATES jurisdiction and by doing so, they are creating a nexus which attaches themselves and their property into that foreign system and in their democracy.

    Now, while this property is registered, all known facts are hearsay until you grant them evidence of such attachments to their system. This is done by a number of ways such as “use” like when you get pulled over by the police and show them a drivers license or use commercial terms by saying you were driving or operating a vehicle or subject to the federal statutory laws and jurisdiction associated with commerce based upon “traffic.”

    There are many other ways one can attach themselves to that system via their conduct such as a general capacity endorsement (signature without any reservations of rights), silence (agreement to their commercial enforcement scheme) and also by arguing, complaining, or by threats. Any such act as I have described herein is an entry into their foreign “legislative democracy” and “admiralty-maritime” jurisdiction under a UNITED STATES corporation.

    Keep in mind that in either system, they cannot force you or I into contract, thus, this is the reason why we must grant them evidence of being attached/bound to their system by our “voluntary consent.”

    Government derives it’s authority via the consent of the people.

    Prior to taking this path in understanding these jurisdictional planes between that of the republic and of their foreign legislative democracy, you must understand how contracts work and believe me when I say this, most attorneys do not have a clue how these contracts work; I have proven this in multiple discussions. In fact, I would say that well over 90% of all attorneys have no clue of these jurisdictions and how people contract (agree) to enter this mess. They just assume that if you are here, you are automatically bound or subject-to that foreign, false, color of law, legal presumptive authority.

    I ask all living men and women in any AGENCY to consider what is given for you are not the enemy of the people for we are aware that you do not have a clue to what is going on. The people were purposely compartmentalized to be kept from this knowledge. All I ask from you is to start your quest in researching what is going on for you are working for a bankrupted corporation that is not a part of the “de jure” organic republican form of Government. We all must band together and find peace in our hearts to solve these problems for war is not a solution as much as fighting brother against brother.

    Lastly, God Almighty is the one who encouraged the construct of the trust known as the Constitution of the United States of America; the republic and I ask all people to return to God as the ultimate judge and government for his law is the only true law. The republic was established as a trust with a trust indenture (duty) for all public servants (trustees) to “protect the private, god-given, and unalienable rights of the people.” This means that the people are not “in” the republic, we are “upon” it and only those who serve as trustees have the duty to protect our very rights. This also includes all sub-contractors such as every AGENT in that system for that duty has never ceased and you are bound by your very oath to stand for the people.

    Thy will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven. God has heard the pleas of the people and is going to wake up the entire world to what is happening. I know this is true.

    • People are confused because most just want to stay doped with sex, religion and television. And they want the rest do think and do it all for them…so they can go back to sleep. They believe that we all end up in the same place and in the same condition, anyway, so they are really ahead of the game.

      However, we do not require 100% buy-in…12% will get us there. Let’s aim for more than that!

    • Very good comment.

      What you are explaining is what 99% of the population just don’t seem to grasp…..the USA INC. and it’s Officers and Agents swore their oath to a corporate constitution not the Original organic Constitution of the original Republic. They believe that they have the right and authority to lord over everyone because they don’t understand the truth. They are completely sold out to the deception that most of us were sold out to before our eyes where opened and were then able to see the deception that rules over mankind.

      All the noise about the Constitution is meaningless at this point until it becomes clear to all parties that there are two constitutions, one that is the genuine organic original Constitution of the Republic and then there is the faux corporate constitution of USA INC. which was illegally created through deceit and fraud then over laid the original Constitution usurping it’s authority as long as it is not rebutted and declared the fraudulent document that it is. As long as the fraud is not properly challenged it stands, and everyone that has, through there various actions as described in “without prejudice’s” comment above, are in acceptance of the fraudulent usurping USA INC., (impersonating our legitimate government and acting as the real government,) remaining where it is……on the throne of power and control.

      Until enough people awaken to the true state of our nation and rise up above the illegitimate corporate overlay, we remain under the corrupt rule of a corrupt corporation (USA INC.), that has usurped the authority and power of the legitimate government of the Republic. We need a “100th Monkey Moment” awakening of the American people so that the fraud can be properly and popularly challenged and rebutted. TPTB know that moment is coming. That is why they have prepared so heavily for domestic disturbances and civil unrest. We are in the season of the unveiling.

      The TRUTH is coming forth and TPTB are resisting it with greater and greater desperation via their endless insane actions and distractions coming at us with the rapidity of machine gun fire.

      These psychopaths in power will start WW III in order to prevent a full awakening of the the public.

      The hubris of TPTB is quite evident as they mock the public blindness with endless zombie crap (the walking dead being the public), their faux government raping and pillaging of the public, then they put the icing on the cake with the illegitimate President and his (alleged), transgender wife as the ultimate insult to injury.

      It’s all quite amazing how dumb as sheep the public can be.

  • The Carey Act of 1894 was a federal program that allowed the states to pledge worthless land that the Federal government donated to a state when a territory became a state in exchange for federal assistance in land improvement programs.

    Participation was approved by the state legislatures and any land that showed a profit from the improvements were retained by the States. That was then. This is now. Back then, the federal government got the unimproved land back, but it doesn’t have to be that way today! The Fed can spin off private industries, which can have access to the land, and at the same time, tax and/or write off the taxes on the profits (or non-profits) of those businesses.

    In that part of the country, grass doesn’t grow too well in a few inches of topsoil over lava and basalt. This is the main reason why the Hammond herd of less than 500 head needed such a large area to graze on. What the Fed is pointing to now is the Homestead Act that they signed in 1894, and trying to apply this Act to better land use. Why not give the land back, allow the grazing around solar panels, and grant the rancher(s) some of the spoils by % interest so they can also buy cattle feed to offset the trouble with grazing?

    This is the common sense approach. There have been ranchers who have allowed drilling on their property, for fair exchange of mineral rights, so why not grazing rights too?

  • Wow, 200 vehicles!!!!
    I bet just one wheel for just one of those vehicles with the special all terrain wheels, and tires is $500.00 dollars each x 4 = $2,000. x 200 = 400,000. almost a 1/4 million just for the tires.
    Now you see why they need that land, they got to pay for the tires, Ehhhhhhhh, Right?

  • The FBI is a private corporation, like BLM. Most people do not understand this. Of course, all of this incorporation stuff went down circa 1845; the British Monarch & Pope secretly agreed to undermine America; used members of Bar Association as Foreign Agents to plunder America. FYI: all BAR members swear an oath to this foreign power..some aren’t even aware of what this entails. Abraham Lincoln aka “Honest Abe”- whose real name was Springs, which is short for Springstein -was the first of these BAR attourneys. What? You thought he was all about freeing the salves? LoL! Yeah, that’s what they teach in the schools of indoctrination. And because everyone naturally agrees and the teleprompter (i.e. mainstream media) confirms it, one believes that it is true…how can it not be? And if you’re waiting for the teleprompter to confirm all this, have a good, long wait…best with that.

    And by the way, this incorporation of “the united States of America” (take note of the capitalisation) is what warranted your being turned into corporate fiction. For example, when you appear in court, your name is in all capital letters.

    Barry “Barack Obama” Soetoro is ineligible as President of the United States of America. However, fe is able to serve as President of the United States INCORPORATED.

    Ergo, either understand this incorporation bit and how it plays out, or the insanity will go on and on and on and on.

  • “They” “the ever present, all seeing, all knowing, omnipresent, nearly omnipotent and cloaked in darkness shadowy” “they” are now scared that the truth is starting to filter out into the MSM and they can’t hold the line on it anymore so “they” are now debating among themselves on how to shut this down before “the people” really start to know and understand the true facts and start supporting the ranchers against the government in this huge government scandal.

    They have to decide is there a way to negotiate out of this or is there a way to blow them away and cover up the government corruption.

    Boy, oh Boy that video of the BLM people laughing about how they steal land from people sure isn’t helping the government’s side on this.
    God Bless the person that smuggled that video.

    Praise God!
    Long Live the Republic!

  • Satan is the ruler of the world. God is not doing the bad things. Satan is..

  • Time to make corrupt government mercenaries go away.

    I hope years of watching TV and destroying your environment and not caring for future generations helps you deal with the blow back.

    Your loyal public servants will show you how easy you are to control when you are soft and fat and poisoned with vaccines and gmos

    now take your beating slaves you’ve earned it.

    the fbi will now harvest all the deadwood.

    you ignorant sellouts are not real Americans.
    If you were the feds would not even think of messing around in your state.

  • Ohh g*wd! 200 vehicles NONSENSE!

    Reminds me of a road crew to remove a manhole. 20 guys around chatting trying to look busy but only 2 guys working the manhole.

    FBI has nothing to do (typical bureaucracy) so they all head out there to watch the action. Only one guy back at the office.

  • I don’t see the gubmint winning this war. Hell, they can’t even kill off the muslims. I am sure the war veterans have a few surprises in store for the enemy.

  • FBI is too stupid to want a copy of the constitution especially since they do all they can to circumvent the constitution.
    Nice b on 911 by the FBI by the way. Hiding the real perpetrators is what they do best besides out and out treason..

  • FBI, never caught a crook unless they made them, Doubt it not.

  • FBI. Never caught a crook unless they made them. Doubt it not.

  • Only 200 that is discus sting, This may last as long as Syria, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ukraine, The Yemen, Turkey, and Iraq, I assume some leaders will be killed in the name of Democracy, I think all Hell will break loose when they all find out it has been a Republic all along. I tell you they lie to you all the time.


    Is this an ad or spam?

  • Game is over, FBI has arrested 11 individuals from Oregon while they were trying to leave the Bird sanctuary. Drones were used to identify cars, owners and their traffic licenses. They are all held by the FBI at undisclosed location under the charges of domestic terrorism. At least they are not dead and We did not have Waco II… :lol:

  • It’ over, 11 individuals are arrested by the FBI while they were trying to leave that bird sanctuary under the charges of domestic right wind terrorism and are held on undisclosed location. At least all thing did not become another WACO.

  • Dan Simmons is the top federal agent in charge there, I am not sure but it looks like at this site with so much of those talking to aliens and all that insight intro-dimensional stuff, at least someone at BIN do need to identify, name top fed honcho there, just in case… :idea:

  • Any form of law enforcement should HAVE to know and carry the very laws they are to uphold on the behalf of the American Citizens. Any actions taken by the agents; which are unconstitutional; should be tried before a jury for treason. Same goes for anyone who holds political office.

  • mitch51

    They haven’t stolen my home yet. But, so far, the only people I know who have had their home “stolen” are the people who didn’t fulfill their contract on their mortgage, ie, they missed a bunch of mortgage payments.

  • I bet State Citizens would like and need this same kind of Dividend out of their state Uranium and Natural Gas Sales to the Chinese and Russians like Alaska’s Citizens get ??? And how about the State and Federal Parks system shouldn’t there be a dividend out of that too so that those dollars are not all confiscated by the FEDS and never sent back to a state unless the Leadership adheres to the FEDS Agenda ????? Its time to change how the peoples money is created and circulated so that it can stay local and keep the Loyalty Local !!!!! What about the Waters of the USA , lets talk about the Water being a Product that Belongs to We the People so we the People should be getting a Dividend out of the sale of water sold so it keeps We the People making sure that Water doesn’t NOT BECOME a Weapon used by the Government against We the People , Like the State lands have become ????? If People demand a Dividend out of their states rights then they will stay Loyal to keeping State Rights Sustainable and Government Out of the Middle of their rights !!!!!!! Alaska residents to get $1,884 payout from oil royalty fund

  • mitch51,
    Friend they can foreclose any time, They have a scam hotline setup, lots of people been paid up, not missed a payment, and got foreclosed on.
    Thing about it, there are no laws to protect anyone. Consider they make the Laws, right!!!

  • But they will, smart guy.

  • mitch51

    This may be true, but I have never heard this ever happening to anyone. Not once have I heard of anyone getting their house stolen when they were current on their contract. I am not trolling here, can you offer a specific case where this has happened?

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