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The Mark of the Beast Is Now Required to Fly and Drive

Thursday, January 14, 2016 5:01
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Revelation 13:18

16 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead

17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

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Inch by Inch, It Is a Cinch

From a Christian perspective, the Anti-Christ is rearing his ugly head. Through the practice of incrementalism, tremendous strides are being made with regard to end times prophecy. The Obama administration is marching this country at a rapid pace towards the inevitable forced acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. ‘

People like this are undoubtedly being admitted to the United States, through the Refugee/Resettlement Program.

People like this are undoubtedly being admitted to the United States, through the Refugee/Resettlement Program.

How long before this scene is repeated on American soil?

How long before this scene is repeated on American soil?

Through numerous articles written and published on The Common Sense Show, it is so clear the federal government, in particular, the Obama administration have made tremendous strides towards the persecution of Christians. As our country freely admits hundreds of thousands Muslim males, yes almost exclusively males, from the Middle East, none of the the admitted immigrants are persecuted Christians. The beheadings of Christians in the Middle East is tolerated by this administration. Persecuted Christians, in the Middle East are left to face their fate without any intervention on the part of the Obama administration. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees, from parts of the world who hate America, are admitted without checking backgrounds for terrorist ties. And the FBI has publicly admitted that 10% of all Muslims are radicalized and should be considered to be dangerous.

Who is Next?

Who is Next?

Why aren’t these Christians being admitted to the United States under the Refugee/Resettlement Program?


The American People Are the Enemy of the Obama Administration

As the American people are forced to pay for their own demise through anti-American programs such as the Refugee/Resettlement Program, where Muslim immigrants are not screened and free to move anywhere in the country. Meanwhile, American citizens must, as of January 22, 2016, carry the REAL ID, or they cannot travel on airplanes, or drive their cars.

The REAL ID requirements extend to driving privileges in addition to airline travel. That’s right. If your state driver’s license does not meet REAL ID standards, you will need to carry another acceptable form of identification, and likely will not be able to legally drive. This represents the incremental practice of getting the American public conditioned to the Mark of the Beast.

The REAL ID card does nothing to protect America as we blindly admit thousands of would-be terrorists without screening them. As the citizens of Sweden and Germany how well this process is working for them

Christians and Americans, as a whole, on the endangered species list.

Christians and Americans, as a whole, on the endangered species list.


More importantly, we are seeing the unfolding of Biblical prophecy before our very eyes. With the soon-t0-be enforcement of the REAL ID card, where one cannot legally travel without it, ask yourself how long will it be until you will not be able to buy and sell without being marked by the federal government? How long will it be until this administration makes Christians display something like the infamous J Stamp? Yes, I know, you say that it cannot happen here and that is precisely what the Jews said in the 1930’s.

id card nazi j stamp

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Does anyone have any idea why these facilities were constructed?

Why aren't the Syrians being relocated to one of these camps? Is it because the American people would be out of striking distance? Maybe it's because the honored guests in these facilities are going to be Christians.

Why aren’t the Syrians immigrants being relocated to one of these camps? Is it because the American people would be out of striking distance? Maybe it’s because the honored guests in these facilities are going to be Christians.

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


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  • It’s right under your nose. Why don’t you see it?
    The Mark of the Beast is Obama’s money. The Bible says without it you can’t buy or sell. Obviously that means money.

    We have to edit my Wikipedia page to update that.
    Obama’s the Antichrist. I’m the Messiah.

    • PeoplePower

      Satans Global Lie Exposed – The Truth of Gods Enclosed Flat Earth:

      David Bowie’s Death Is A Hoax – His Fake Death Is His Exit From The World Stage:

      • PP is getting as bad as KoS with his childish tantrums….whaaaaaa, whhhhaaaaaa. Obama antichrist earth is flat…whaaaaa

    • King of blablabla :shock:

      • Ano-nymous;
        That’s a good one. Best one so far.

    • King of Sham-blah-blah

      “Obama’s money” ???

      America’s fiat currency is issued by Zionist, Jew-ish gangsters at the federal reserve. This has been the case for the last 103 years.

      Obama is a marionette puppet, attached to strings which are controlled by Zionist hands.

      You are no messiah, you are just one of the many delusional BIN users suffering from messiah complex.

      Show me a miracle.

  • Not sure what the mark of the beast has to do with muzzies but if all these people in GITMO are guilty then why have they not been taken to court or is it OK for the USA to jail people without trial for 15 years and then talk about democracy ?

    Dave you need to clean out under your bed, no room is left because under your bed you now have

    1. The Devil
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. Muzzies

    I know you don’t have any money under your bed because you never mention the jews or the bankers they control but you now want us to think that 0.5% of the USA population that are muzzies are all super-men and could rise up and kill you all.

    You will get this “Race War” but it will be blacks on whites and the bankers will start it just like they have with the muzzies where one tribe is fighting the other side all over the middle east.

    Deal wih who realy did 9/11 and the other troubles will melt away !

  • His Number ~ Hi! Sr. E Numb
    His Number ~ Hubris Men!
    Hubris ~ Hub Sr. I

    • His Number ~ Hi! Sr. E ‘n’ Bum

  • A id or driver’s license is NOT the mark nor is a tattoo, rfid chip nor any other physical mark.

    • mitch51

      Thanks for this. I had a little piece of Dorito chip stuck between my teeth and I was beginning to worry. I have thrown out my poker chips now, so I don’t have to worry about them. I’m going chip free!!!!

      God Bless All Chip Haters!!!

  • MOB, mob mentatality, submission . Denying Jesus in fear of ones life. Bowing to the action of their right hand ( violence) and the direction of their forehead, Satan.

  • the real mark of the beast, the legal, registered name, has been with us all for some time.
    keep us waiting for it when it’s been here…

    the legal name is the leash we consent to, some of us, and how we are tracked, monitored, controlled and TERRORIZED.

    refuse to cop to a legal name. there is no law requiring you to ‘admit’ you are ‘the name’, because you are not!

    you are a LIVING SOUL. born free then enslaved immediately upon registration of ‘the name’.

    • That’s why one loses in court- which has already been decided before the case -as soon as they affirm their “name.”

    • truthlovingsoul;
      The mark of the beast is acceptance of Satan’s system of the world. the desires of the world, the politics and wars, the works of the flesh, and religion. They are all parts of the mark. It is NOT a physical mark or a registered name. Why not stick strictly to the scriptures instead of the lies of religions, all of which are FALSE.

  • I thought the slogan “Everyday Low Prices” was the Mark of the Beast being used at FEMA camp Walmart locations near you? Gosh. It’s getting hard to keep this all straight.

  • Why is it that you cannot understand that the “mark of the beast” is NOT A PHYSICAL MARK. It is acceptance of the world (as ruled by Satan as it currently is), desiring what the world (people not planet) desires, doing what the world does, performing works of the flesh rather than generating fruitage of the spirit. Jesus taught us to be “no part of the world”, just as he was no part of the world. He said to live as alien residents IN the world, but to remain separate. Being part of the world is the mark of the beast. IT IS IN NO WAY A PHYSICAL MARK. Voting, learning war, gambling, lying, cheating, showing off your wealth, seeking only money, and the like is being part of the world.

    • Materialistic thinking always moves to that which the (physical) senses can detect.

      • magusincognito;
        We posess NO non-physical senses.

  • I have attacked today at least 10 doomsayer articles here in BIN, once more with functioning Keshe Magrav Power Units and Pain Aid Pads; /beyond-science/2016/01/keshe-fans-healing-people-and-doomsayers-get-out-2450054.html

    If you just start building magrav things, then you certainly don’t have time to worry and you might get yourself prepped for the doomsdays, and surely will survive. :idea:

  • And in other news … no ID needed to vote.

    • Shorty;
      Yeah, weird, huh?

  • Dave, you quoted the Bible exactly, then ignored the context so you could write a false headline! It is NOT true that we need the mark of the beast to either fly or drive. I have no mark and do both. Please stop using the Bible as click bait for your false headlines.

  • The mark of the beast is working on the Sabbath. ie Saturday

    • lindsay;
      That’s one of the wierdest posts to date. If you study carefully, the scriptures mentioning the law covenant, and then study the New Covenant, with the 144,000, you will see that the law covenant was completed and ended when the Christ was murdered. The sabbath law was part of the law covenant. When it was ended, so was the sabbath law. So, what you posted is absolutely incorrect. We are NOT commanded any more by God to observe a sabbath day, or any other parts of the law covenant.

    • lindsay;
      So, further study of God’s word the Bible will show that the mark of the beast is acceptance of the world as ruled by Satan. It’s involvement in the world, such as politics, war, government, loving the things the world (people) love, doing the things the world does, desiring the things the world desires, showing off one’s means of living, etc. It is NOT doing the ENTIRE will of God. So very few ever do, much less KNOW what God’s will is, almost everybody on Earth today exhibits the mark of the beast. one of the biggest means of being part of the world is involvement in the religions of the world. God and His son Jesus both taught that religions are all false, and are works of the flesh, and are Babylon the great as mentioned in Revelation to John. The mark is essentially following Satan, knowingly or unknowingly, and NOT following and imitating Jehovah God or His son, Jesus, our messiah.

  • So… Trump is the antichrist because he wants to ramp this ID system up?

  • Two ways you could look at the Mark of the Beast:
    It could be a psychological scar that’s left in your soul caused by trusting something that’s inherently evil, such as government.
    Or, it could be physical. What do people have as they get older more of, on both their hands and their foreheads? Wrinkles. So it could mean that nobody will be able to buy or sell unless they’re a certain age. We’re already seeing this because as more and more purchases and sales take place online, these as such are age-restricted because one generally needs either a bank account, a debil card, or a cretin card.

  • I can’t help but notice the author only mentioned “the Jews” once in this article. Not only that, you mentioned them as victims. One cannot seriously partake in a conversation about the destruction of western culture, without discussing the detrimental role of jew-ish influence in western politics, economics and media, Plain and simple.

    Here is a primary example. Throughout your article, you mention how the Obama administration did this and did that. Obama does not make decisions, he is simply a PR guy and scapegoat, if need be. Such is the case with all US presidents. They are merely puppets of the Israeli first lobby groups who finance their rise to power. This does not make any of them less guilty of treason. Obama’s handlers are Penny Pritzker, Betty Lu Saltzman, Valerie Jarret, Lester Crown, and Abner Mikva. (All Jews) Upon winning the election in 2008, Obama appointed the son of a gun runner for the Irgun Israeli terrorist organization, Rahm Emanuel. Rahm was/is backed by the head of Lazard bank, Barry Wasserstein. Rahm is now mayor of Obama’s so called home city, Chicago.

    “As our country freely admits hundreds of thousands Muslim males…”

    Who was it that pushed for the open border law of 1965 in the US, and why did they push for it?

    First of all, it was Leo Pfeffer (Former President of American Jewish Congress (AJC), Senator Jacob Javits (NY), Congressman Emanuel Celler (NY) and Norman Podhoretz (Writer and Member of The Council of Foreign Relations). What do all of these men have in common? (All Jews)

    Why did they push for the open border law of 1965? There is more than one answer to this question. These men knew that one way to destroy the culture of the US was to encourage immigration from third world nations whose cultures share no common ground with Christianity. Upon arriving in America, these immigrants are always encouraged to maintain their cultural practices, native languages etc, for the purpose of creating language and cultural barriers within America causing gradual civil unrest which would eventually lead to the country tearing itself apart.

    Not only was the open border law pushed to destroy the cultural fabric of the US from the inside out, the Israeli firsters who pushed for the bill knew this would allow Israel to ship what they consider to be “undesirables” (left without a home due to Israeli aggression), off to America, instead of having them seek refuge in Israel. They see this as a means of protecting the Jew-ish-ness of Israel. Just look at this excerpt from an article written by Josh Bronstein, of The Times Of Israel.

    “We allow Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Europeans to exist because they serve Jews and they serve Israel – and, when they get out of line, we attack them, like we did to the Americans when we sunk their USS Liberty. In the words of former Israeli Knesset member Yossi Sarid, “We control US politicians like marionettes.” Countries like the US, Sweden, and Australia play valuable roles not only in protecting Israel, but also in serving as dumping grounds (or garbage cans) where Israel can send Sudanese, Syrians, and other subhuman waste who seek asylum in Israel. Multiculturalism in the West has ultimately been of great benefit to the people of Israel, as it allows Israel to ship off invaders to the West rather than having them infiltrate and invade the Jewish state of Israel, thus threatening Israel’s Jewish character. Multiculturalism is something that exists strictly for gentiles.”

    “And the FBI has publicly admitted that 10% of all Muslims are radicalized and should be considered to be dangerous.”

    You mean, the same FBI that brought us the “Newburgh sting” and roughly 27 other false flag fabrications just like it? The FBI is certainly more dangerous than Muslims. That being said, I bet American police murder more Americans in one week, than Muslims do all year. You are certainly more likely to be killed by moving furniture around in your home, than you are to be killed by a Muslim.

    To keep the fear alive and to present the illusion that the world shares a common enemy with Israel, the Zionist controlled MSM works in collaboration with groups like the FBI and CIA to feed the public with non-stop islamaphobia propaganda, while not mentioning a peep about the world’s worst human rights violators (Israel), unless of course, the story is designed to manufacture sympathy for the apartheid state and portray them as victims.

    Then we have the federal reserve and its detrimental effects on the American way of life. The usurious financial institution that robs US taxpayers of roughly 500 billion dollars every year to cover the unjustifiable compounded interest payments on the federal debt which exceeds 17 trillion dollars. (Some say the actual number is in the hundreds of trillions.) This slave driving, private central banking institution has been nothing but an infectious parasite since the day of its creation. Who organized, created and maintains this usurious parasitical institution to this very day? Muslims? Anyone who’s looked into this topic for themselves already know the answer to that. The federal reserve board of governors has always consisted entirely of Zionist/Israeli first dual citizen traitors.

    So, if you actually care about the future of America, it is impossible to neglect the few issues I have mentioned here. Sure, it’s easier to blame these problems on Muslims and other outside forces, but by doing that we are treating a symptom and ignoring the cause of the symptom, which in turn will lead to our ruin. America cannot possibly be cleaned up without first sending all Zionist parasites in high places to trial for treason, cleaning house of all foreign interest lobby groups, dismantling the MSM propaganda outlets and abolishing the federal reserve.

    • Oiveh! :roll:

      • Any objections, Medea?

        • Hell do I care about your Semitic and anti-Semitic world Moishe?

          When are you going to toss that crap and stick to the segregationof blacks and other anti-racists needs of ordinary people?

          • I know who brought Black people over here to be slaves. It was the same people who later encouraged them to hate the white men for enslaving their ancestors.

            To answer your question, “when are you going to toss that crap and stick to the segregation of blacks and other anti-racists needs of ordinary people?”

            The answer is never. Not until everyone understands the role that Talmudic/Zionist tapeworms have played in the degradation of our way of life. Catering to so called minorities is not my thing, as it undermines the concept of majority rule and has worked as a catalyst for destroying democracy.

            I see you’re still a subjective, POS Zionist troll with nothing of substance to contribute.

          • All name calling aside, If you could provide me with a logical reason as to why I should, as you call it, “cut the crap”, I would be glad to consider it. If you could provide some credible, objective information in refutation of something I have said, I’d be glad to consider that too. My beliefs are not set in stone. My opinion is based on years of independently studying the history of cultures and religions, wars, politics etc. I only care about the truth and would never claim to have all the answers, so give me something serious to consider.

          • I know who brought Black people over here to be slaves


            Yes Moishe …. you. Slave = anti-racist (anti-semite). Just as you daily scream for people to behave as anti-semites rather than segregationists when you are on BIN. Segregation =/= anti-racism it equals racism. So when are you going to STOP destroying these slaves family, community, historical, ethnic religious etc etc ties? NEVER MOISHE.

          • “Just as you daily scream for people to behave as anti-Semites..”

            I have NEVER, not even once, encouraged “anti-semitism”. Not once.
            All I have ever done is present information. I have no control over how that information is perceived and digested by different readers.

            The fact that you intend to build this straw-man argument is a testament to the reality of you having nothing objective to attack me with.

            Palestinian and Syrian Arabs make up the largest Semitic population on earth, so explain to me how justifiably criticizing those Zionists who victimize these Semitic populations, is “anti-semitism”??

            To accuse me me of “antisemitism”, for standing up for the largest Semitic population on earth, is entirely non-sensical.

            I cannot help if you choose to use the term “antisemite” out of context. Even if we were to accept that the 3% of the Jewish population who have Semitic ancestry classifies all Jews as a Semitic race, (which it doesn’t) I have said numerous times in these pages that my problem is not with Jews who respect and do their best to follow the Torah. My problem is with Talmudic Zionist Jews.

            If telling the truth about the atrocities committed by Zionist Jews encourages hatred towards them, how is that my problem? Am I the bad guy for relaying the information, or are they the bad guys for committing the atrocities? Make no mistake, Medea, Zionist Jews have made so many incriminating statements themselves, that there is no need to make anything up.

            Where do you get the idea that I am destroying anyone’s life? Let alone, the lives of Black families who were brought here by human traffickers to be slaves? I had no part in bringing them here to be slaves and I denounce those who did bring them here to be slaves. I have never believed slavery is justifiable, nor do I believe it is ok to sacrifice another individual’s well being in pursuit of personal progress.

            Clearly, you know absolutely nothing about me. For whatever reason, you have a problem with me because I criticize criminals. Am I not allowed to criticize these criminals, simply because they happen to refer to themselves as Jews?

        • THOTH
          You are a smart person, don’t be bothered by those who accuse. you are also correct about the real semites, but that does not jive with evangelical christians views as they have been taught. They have been taught to support zionism and this has infiltrated their churches, but they are fearful to ask questions because they may get labeled as ‘anti-semite’.

          Strange world we live where truth is a lie and the lie is truth. Keep up the good work THOTH. I appreciate it :)

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