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The Best 3 Minutes in TV History Describes What’s Wrong With America

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 14:01
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These 3 minutes capture what’s wrong with America. Forget about everything you have read, these 3 minutes tell it all.


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  • And…#1 in the porn industry.

    • So do you believe there is a correlation between porn and Government screwing of the people?

  • Aside from the foul language very good, pretty much hits it on the mark. I will add this: The pr0testant reformati0n is dead in America and with it many of the freedoms and liberties once enjoyed like a solid middle class, gold backed industrial economy, unchallenged gun ownership, morality, freedom to travel unhindered, logical foreign policy, fair taxation, sane immigration policy etc. Americans now live in a*/atican-Je$uit controlled communist, fascist politically correct, cartel capitalist, Orwellian police state.

  • The BEST three minutes eh?

    A rant about the downside of America is characterized as the best three minutes in television HISTORY.

    Screw you.

    You could have instead claimed this to merely be an accurate portrayal of a side of American reality in television, which normally presents a fabricated version of everything.

    The BEST three minutes in your view is that which completely trashes the American ideal.

    SCREW YOU. and there will be those who defend this in saying that truth is the standard for what is best. But that is false. The word “best” carries a connotation of what is most desired. For YOU that would be what is most NEGATIVE. Is presenting only what are the most negative aspects of this country TRUTH? No, because it dismisses all that is good. It is not a fully accurate portrayal and therefore not the truth.

    True and Best are not interchangeable in this regard.. and you know that. This is a calculated misrepresentation designed to mire minds in the negative and keep them there.. and it is INTENTIONAL.

    I’m calling you out, and this is only a first time, as this will not be your last article.


    • What, RAIN?

      I took the gist of the message to be that the USA could (potentially) pull its head out of its ass and right itself in the waters if it wanted to. But the problem is… (insert one of five billion problems here)…

      I’ve been down on the USA with enthusiasm about equaling the idiot actor in the film, but the past few months have given me the faintest notion that this republic might have a pulse just yet.

      What I find to be more likely though (unfortunately), is that the push for global domination is going to come THROUGH THE RIGHT, and not through the increasingly discredited Left — whipsaw fashion. I think the Right is going to be used to bulldoze the Left into the dirt because our hatred has been meticulously crafted, honed and brought to a raging boil by the Brew Master himself. Can you feel the wrath the Right is ready to unleash on the Left? That way lies utter disaster for everyone involved.

      I’m old enough to have seen the US as a great nation. But we’ve allowed ourselves to be overwhelmed by evil of the absolutely worst kind. This kingdom began as gold and degenerated into clay over the span of less than 250 years. That has to be some kind of record.

      There is, however, the slimmest of slim chances that Trump is who he says he is and he’s about to kick this sucker in the guts and get it running again. Enough of a chance to actually hope for it to be true.

      But even if it is true, the USA has a great deal to repent of and to atone for — and an impending civil war makes that eventuality all but a forlorn hope. And that is why I read the Word. And the Word has said: Come out of her, My people.

      • I hear you, but you seem to have missed my point.

        “America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.”

        That is the point of the clip..

        But THAT is not the point of this headline. The thrust of this is equating best with what is worst.

        LOOK at the comments. All negative.. about this country. THAT is my point.

        The best three minutes in television history. Believe that if you like, I do not.

        • You give Hoggie Hoggz more credit than I do. You actually read his headlines. The only way I ever get to a Hoggie comment section is by clicking through from the Classic Home Page.

          I read about the clip in the comment section and then I watched it.

          Best three minutes in television history? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit. I’ve seen three better minutes on the Home Shopping Chanel.

          My comment was geared toward the content of the video only. Hoggie isn’t hardly worth getting pissed off at for anything. He’s just here for the clicks. He knows he’s discredited beyond all possibility of redemption. He’s a fake news monger to a cartoonish degree and utterly unworthy of your consideration.

          • Yes, I agree with what is presented in the clip.. but it hardly leaves room for optimism.

            As stated, my observation is one of Orwellian word crafting in the headline. Surely you recognize that also. i don’t doubt that for a moment. But there are those who are so accustomed to this kind of word smithing, it’s prevalence is so astounding, that i it goes unnoticed, and is accepted.

            I’m calling it out. And my hope is that others, as you do, recognize the manipulation for what it is.

          • One more thing.. Pissed? Not really.. more like irritated maybe, like with a skin rash.. an annoyance.

            and I like to vent.

            But I’ll tell you what, there are those who don’t know what i’m thinking, and I run through the world, thinkin’ bout tomorrow…

            I think you’ve run that path, eh?

          • The band we’re in is playin the same tune, brudda.

            (And if you ever see Roger Waters before I do…

            …punch him in the mouth.)

  • Something the guy said that stood out in my mind was in order to solve a problem we must realize we have one ! His answer seemed 2 fold . First pointing out what problems America now has . Then saying after he had everyone’s attention America used to be the greatest . This is tge truth wheather we except it or not . He could have said we are now in $ 20,000,000,000,000.00 debt because of tge Muslim nut in the White House . We now have Russian and UN troops spreading out across America to remove every citizens Guns . The like Hitler they will round up those they detest . He also could have said the nut is dividing America and pushing for protesters to destroy property so he can use the over 110 Treasonist executive orders to become dicatotor of America . He could have said we now have nuts that don’t know what sex they are . Heck in our county there is a girl thinking she is a boy going into the boys restrooms but still has a pussy . But then she is also going into the girls restrooms . But then she is in and out of detention . She has even spent time on the girls farm . All this stupidness because of phsychiatric nuts saying do what you want to do , how ever you want to do it and when you want to do it because you want to do it . And let me know how it makes you feel . If it bothers you I have pills for that problem . America has lost our Morals , Strength , Sanity , Money ( we no longer stand as AAA credit to the world , we are now AA and about to loose that , our dollar is now in question ) , Integerity , Charater and the ability to know who we are . So like the man said we got problems ! But this last election America had a stomach full of the crap that the NWO , UN clonies have been dishing out to us . The Nut in the White House signed a treaty with the UN , NWO to take over America and run it as they see fit . Let me tell you who the idiots are . The NWO is the pedophile sex trafficking Vatican who are also of the natzi regime from the Edomites descendants of Esau . Read what GOD thinks of Esau in Malachi 1:1-4 . The UN is comprised mainly of a Muslim army . There are a few other nations within it . Muslims are from Ishmael , Isaac’s half brother . Esau , Isaac’s son married Ishmael’s daughter . These 2 since GODs rejection of them because of their evil hearts of ruling HIS people , have had envy and have tried down through the ages to destroy Jacobs children . Today they have ban together to make a greater attempt of destroying Israel ( lost 10 tribes , America , Europe and Australia ) and Judea living in Israel . Right now while you feel so warm and cozy troops are preparing and awaiting the words go here in America . When they get it , it ill be like the malls with the nuts now fighting shoppers all over America . But you will be fighting drones , paratroopers , door to door troops , special high tech equipment , tanks , armored equipment , ELF towers , lasers , frequency equipment , sonic equipment , jet fighters , helicopters , snippers , etc . You can put your heads in the sand if you want , but the Mack truck is still coming your way ! I live near an army base . I have seen what has been coming in and out and up and down the tracks . Our boys don’t carry blue flags or ware blue banners or bans or blue helmets . The flat nose ugly trucks are UN trucks . Vacation spots now have Russians crawling all over them . I have seen this myself . Even ask where they were from —— Russia ! Your Muslim nut show China how to shut off our power grid . 7 control stations will shut down America . 7 not 77 or 777 but 7 . This happen in November 2013 while you was eating turkey dinner . 2012 he ordered his first set if Russians (15,000 special force troops ) so they could protect him from you in region 3 which surrounds Washington DC. Russian nuke bombers have been landing in South Carolina . I saw this for myself also . That night on the news it was confirmed . We are being friendly and letting Russian nuke bomber land in South Carolina as a friendly gesture . The following year Russian were all over Myrtle Beach . I went to Gattlinburg Tenn. , they are their also . The man in the video telling the truth is only trying to help America be great again . Right now you are about yo be attacked by Russian , NWO , UN troops , Iran with their free money that help them buy a nuke , Korea , China . The war ships are already in the middle east circling in the waters . Planes have lready loaded nukes making ready in case they need to drop them . Troops have already been sent . But the bad thing is we are wide open . Muslim Isis refugees have been brought I by the nut . Who do you think is running the mall knock downs . Russia has been given land close to Alaska so they can paddle across . The nut in our White House was trained by a Russian spy ! I could go on and on . But the truth is you better be making yourselves ready because it is coming to America ! War that is ! The elite are also planning on dumping the banking system on Trump so he gets the credit for it . When that happens you better have food ready . Your tax dollars bought them over a billion rounds for these nuts to shoot at you very soon . Not to mention stock piles of food stored in our tax paid for under ground tunnels . Put all the pieces together , it’s not looking good for Americans . Do I trust the government , Hell NO ! But wait the Government is supposed to be us , for the people by the people . Who the hell changed it ? Find them and Hang them for Treason !

  • LOL!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    All I know is when these other countries get attacked – who do they call??? The one that is NOT the greatest country in the world??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    MORON!!! :lol: :lol:

  • How can a country be great when it has slavery ?

  • Great speech. Loved it.

  • The truth hurts , don’t it ?!!!

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