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Red Alert! Alex Jones Just Issued One of the Biggest Alerts to Date! Martial Law Takeover Commencing?

Saturday, February 18, 2017 10:25
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(Before It's News)

By Lisa Haven 


In the video below, Infowars Alex Jones drops one of the biggest bombshells to date. He reveals how documents, videos and reports reveal that America is soon to be taken over by Martial law: 

“Martial law is the imposition of the highest-ranking military officer as the military governor or as the head of the government, thus removing all power from the previous executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. It is usually imposed temporarily when the government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services).”

This is one video you can’t afford to miss! Here’s the breaking report…. 

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  • Ah yes the CIA fear monger is at it again. Someone needs to tell him Obama is no longer President. Not one document was current they were all from 2015 and prior.

    What a waste of 30 plus minutes.

    • He really wanted Ted Cruz!

      Did you know Alex Jones was slow to support Donald Trump? Yes he was against him before he was for him…

      Business Calls.

    • Thanks for saving my time. Always read the comments before long videos

  • this clearly is a clickbait title…..nothing urgent here. I feel like a fool when I fall for one of her deceptions once again. :evil:

    • I check the comments before I open any videos since there is so much ‘click bait’ out there and BIN is a biggie on using that ploy. So many untrue headlines too. Soon they will become known as the CNN of alt. news.!!

    • Click on that video, Her kids probably need Braces. :grin:


      • meow meow. why criticise someone for their looks princess? very small-minded and cruel.
        oh,hang on,you’re religious arn’t you? mystery solved.

    • Lisa Haven has repeatedly destroyed her credibility by never coming clean about spreading past stories that were proven to be hysterical fear porn.

  • And I just finished posting this

    Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

    -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and seventy-four 02/18/2017 of the “week,” prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel’s week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

    -Righteously Dividing The Enemy

    Prophecy Link

    Just This Outbreak Of Mortuary

    -Made to see stampeding people my street, as they’re to react to either an EMP or CME, attack, explosion, 12/19/2016, local electrical company incapable, made completely helpless.., people of all ethnicity made immobile, just start walking further south eastward, Apb
    -Hark a voice, “Kill all parents by, I pause here as I don’t remember clearly the date, 2015 is past, we’re in 09/21 of 2016, with something in the form of an E.L.E. US soil, by Oct. 2017, this way coming, (we can only assume the target here is corrupt parents, (Popes, Presidents, Politicians, pastors, preachers, projects and again parents, influencing their evil ways upon their offspring threatening for generations to come, alike abominations, children obey your parents, (overseers), “IN THE LORD).”

    For The Great Day Of His Wrath Is Come, And Who Shall Be Able To Stand?

    This Mean Armageddon, Prepare For War, War Is Come!

    -I believe the forewarning 2015, just as Obama’s two weeks and seven years time table 2008, expired right into further the warning it’s all about Cameron, indeed see P. M. Cameron, 2015 into world events recently. All the more that we were being forewarn about the beginning of the end of the surreal image, only that really startling King Nebuchadnezzar’s all the more, see Dan. 2, was the stone cut out without hands I witness 2015, come out of prediction even as the Bride, by this time, reigned in heaven.
    -Just as so like this now bedazzled by this reveal King of Babylon, seeing, that said Specialty Stone crushed everything rebellious men, including Himself right into seven years of madness, now mystery Babylon/America. I again, 2015, witness, that as it, this Specialty Stone was being released, I heard it said, well described, how it was the Antichrist murderer. Equally meaning the end of all rebellion, and the beginning of the sounding of the seventh angel, and the greatest of celebrations in heaven, reassured of the Angel Gabriel 2004.
    -The end, an end. like that of which Ezekiel was forewarning of the people of his day, right into today’s final Armageddon. Just as so that the prophet Jeremiah witness happen, lamenting, sitting afar off safe, into which John witness, these things which shall be hereafter, all the more these cataclysms one after another, again being made active right this moment.
    -It’s the making of a wasteland, US soil, that’s to affect hundreds of millions here, and the world afar, whereas man being further forewarn is pictured as a Michael Clark Duncan, now deceased (see the Movie Armageddon); singing Armageddon in the midst of great assembly, made a wilderness of unbelief, unrelenting, now to the wind at tossed, whose fan is in Jesus’ hand, all the more, see Christ’s Cross. Apb, The RAM, see entire blog here,

    P. S. Every time the clock strike 7:17, see more here,, I pray that all flesh, blood on this planet wake up from all this madness, remember from whence they’re fallen, ‘God’s Grace,’ return, ‘Christ’s Cross,” and Repent, ‘repentant alters, knees. closets,’ please pray with me, Apb, see here,

    • you religious nuts are a curse on our society.

      if it was not for you people,we would be so much further ahead in terms of technology and spirituality.


      • That’s pretty funny… knee slapping funny actually… “we would be so much further ahead in terms of technology and spirituality” so I guess you are here on BIN to advance your understanding right? And exactly how would we be so much further ahead spirituality if it were not for religious people? Come on dummy, apply that vast intellect you have acquired before posting your hate.

        • where to start brains!

          as your founding father thomas paine wrote,

          ‘Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst; every other species of tyranny is limited to the world we live in, but this attempts to stride beyond the grave, and seeks to pursue us into eternity.’

          and as steven weinberg said,

          “Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things.
          But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

          you are clearly not a student of history brains. if you cannot see the death,torture and destruction religion has caused,and is still causing,you are like the three monkey’s rolled into one.

          even putting that aside,though i can’t see how you could, take a look at all the time,money and effort that goes in to worshipping one of the many invisible me in the sky. you actually pay money to men who pretend they have some sort of special relationship with these mythical figures.

          imagine instead if we had ploughed all those resources into medicine,research,spiritual discovery and science. how much further on would we be.

          40 per cent of modern americans actually believe the noah’s ark story is a reality.

          pause whilst that sinks in. you really truly believe that noah,who lived until he was 900 according to the bible, cooped up polar bears next to panda’s,and penguins next to gorillas,then proceeded to distribute them around the world when the water drained away(to where by the way?).
          why do you think marsupials only exist in australasia?
          surely that can’t be evolutionary development can it?

          your gullibility and stupidity is breathtaking. i can excuse the lunatic uneducated muslims for their moronity, but what is your excuse?
          with all the education and technology at our fingertips,you still file in to church of a sunday, and sing to an invisible man in the ‘heavens’.

          if religion was not so dangerous,it would be amusing.

          • What about 100 million dead in 20th century, by Communism a godless government system? Is that really better? I am a in home God visited Christian.

          • sciongirl, what an incredibly stupid comment!

            religion is not in competition with communism to see who can kill more people.
            atheists do not ride into battle yelling ‘come on lad’s lets do it for atheism’.

            religion is just another excuse for mass slaughter,and it is one we can do without, quite apart from all the cruel indoctrination of children who are told it’s all true.

          • Lucas

            I loved all your comments to the religious nuts. You sure know how to cut through their bs. Only one thing we might disagree on is that I believe the world was created by ETs, they are the gods and we are living in their computer program. Anyway, Religion is the biggest scam the world has ever known and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. Why so many intelligent people still follow it is beyond comprehension. Religion is just a big con game, wake up!

          • lucas, thanks.

            on a religious-type site like this,i certainly don’t do this to be popular.

            threats and shouting and downarrowing are my reward(eg just see ‘brandon’s’ comment below.

            you try to explain how religion makes people so angry, and why people have been killing each other for it for millenia.
            however that tends to induce even more rage.

            they have never stepped back and thought of how they have been indoctrinated from very young by their equally gullible parents.

            it does take a certain courage to try and figure it all out.

            i don’t know if your theory is right, however it’s a damn sight more plausible than a mythical invisible man in the sky.

        • religion and spirituality are UNIVERSES apart

          religion is a man-made method of control – spirituality is natural & personal & serves to uplift each individual

          • yes, it is an astonishing thing to realise that (in particular) monothiest

            religious people actually seriously believe that they are being spiritual :) ))

            i refer to the comment by ‘waldo’ above for example.

            as the old saying goes, you couldn’t make it up.


        • very nicely put brandon.

          you are clearly a bright guy…)))

      • you satanic nuts are a curse on our society.

        if it was not for you people,we would be so much further ahead in terms of technology and spirituality.


        • dakota, please try not to worry.

          there is no more evidence of a nasty satan,than there is of any deity.

          just be good to your fellow human, and treat them as you would want to be treated yourself.

          honestly,you will not go far wrong with that.

    • Did You know that they made Churches for Preaching? Did you know there are other religions than yours? Did you know You annoy the hell out of people with your spewing? :wink:

      • if i was not annoying the hell out of you religious fruitcakes i would be very disappointed.

        as for ‘spewing’..take a look in the mirror princess. you religious people have been spewing nonsense for millenia. you just can’t help yourselves.

    • yes, i know where my bible is – in the fantasy fiction section

  • He’s never been wrong before. :lol:

  • Reminds me of a recent quote by trump FAKE FAKE NEWS.

  • Martial Law you say? I feel really bad for all the y-Baby Snowflakes. They’ll get clubbed like Baby Seals. The little bitchez’ can’t even tie their own shoe laces… :lol:

  • That is why obama is bragging about having 30,000 solders ready to take things into their own hands and disassemble everything they feel is being changed right now. Not to mention obama is finally being investigated as a threat to the USA and his falsified birth certificate which if convicted carries a 10 year sentence in the federal prison unless he is shipped off to gitmo. However there has been some exciting talk that he can face “if convicted” the death penalty for conspiracy to over through the government. But what can you expect out losers such as the socialist liberal communist democrap party.

  • Alex I hear you ! But first lets think about this . Every president since Kennedy has been pushing NWO . Bush Sr. Who killed according to sources Kennedy was the mouth that announced new dawning of the New World Order . Records sho Bush Jr. Stole 1.2 trillion from the pentagon on 911 by clasping 5 building , 3 being record keeping building . Obama nut case muslin stole 6.1 trillion dollars from the pentagon to start Isis and fund them with new toys and trucks . I’m sure that the generals had finally gotten mad with the natzi regime for stealing their funds to protect America . Now we know the president runs the army . Up until Trump all the presidents was some how taking their money that they were using to keep their equipment running and buying what was needed . Trump has promised more money and more support . What must be done is to remove all Muslim ass kissing generals . This will end O nut cases connections to Army power . We must remove the Muslim nuke button pushers that jackass changed out when he thought that maybe someone could have possibly cheated on their tests . These nuts could have changed directions on the nukes , you know like the series Jericho were nukes from the east coast was firing at the west coast and nukes from the west coast was firing at the east coast . The the invading army that was already here began taking down cities . You know kind of like jerk off that brought in Russian troops with executive orders and continued bringing them in .( about 150,000 ) . Then nut ball signed the treaty with the UN to take over America , so they began sending in UN Muslim troops . now put yourself in the armies shoes . Scum bucket took their guns , but let the foreign armies have theirs . Civilians when to the recruiting centers and marched up and down the street in front of their offices protecting them . Sodomite nut butt within the first few days of office after his plane ( excuse me our plane ) had landed and army troops were standing outside To greet him , he told them to go behind the plane because he did not want to see them . These generals are like elephants they don’t forget . So after processing this info were would you stand . We have Russian and UN troops in America , not to mention now Isis radical Islamic nuts . Oh we forgot the drug cartels from the south . If we could trust the generals to be Americans and not dictators wanting natzi power then I would say let Trump use them to remove the scum from America . But give them a limited time to do so , along with limited power where they would have to check in at least once a week . Every day would not be bad idea . We have so much scum in America we need a little house cleaning . But , if they are taking orders from nut case muslim or the NWO or UN , then hell no they must be stopped before they get started . Here is where wisdom will have to reign . But first of all GOD must be in the mix . Human nature is evil . So every general must have someone over them to make sure they don’t start straying from the course . Obama intended using them for the NWO , Vatican , natzi , luciferian , Edomites from the line of Esau . And for the UN who would use America’s power to control the world . We were already the police force of the world trying to do good . But the evils of Esau , NWO , Vatican and UN Muslim Ishmael that were trying to take over America had bad intentions in using America . It was called depopulation . So my thing is first get and know your generals and that they are true Americans with America in their hearts . The evils in America need to go ! The army is of America and should be for America . If any are found not being true American patriots then remove them before starting . People are lready marked . With red ,blue or yellow stickers or markers . This list must be gone over to see why these people were marked this way and for what reasons . What was the intention of the list being made . Was it an evil person that made the list with certain criteria on these people . Was their intention to get rid of American loving people . Or was the list made for the bad people of this country . All I know is a senator ask about it and found his name among the red list people , ones who are to be shot on sight when the raid began . Blue would go through the FEMA camps and be process . Yellow was OK . But back to the army , those who are not American should be the ones who needs worry . Every non American should be checked and processed as to wheather they are criminals or good personal . Our Constitution tells us plainly that illegals are to be deported . How hard is that to understand . Right now we have problems steming from illegals committing crimes and creating riots that commit crimes . American people are tired of this manure . If these people have children then send them with them . Problem solved . Right now our system is twisted so tight like a guitar string we are about to pop from the money being given to these illegals . Some are receiving $4500.00 a month and have no jobs . Free housing , free medical , free fuel assistance , free food , free , free , free ! We have Americans starving to death and many living on the streets .Charity begins at home ! Send them back home to safe places with a large food drop . These illegals have totally different natures than Americans . And they have no plans on changing their natures , like raping women and children . So I say get them out of America before the good old boys cut off their nuts and penis ! But first make sure the army knows no American is to be touched unless they begin firing at the soldiers . Then do what is needed to these idiots . If they start rioting then send in the drones and spray them . If they become more stupid then arm some of them with bullets . If the begin burning and luting then bomb them with shock gurnards . If they become even more stupid then take them out as nessesary ! The foreign soldiers need to be removed first ! then once everything is back to law and order then the army can be removed . A very short time limit should be placed on them . 3 months maybe . Why because they may like killing and not want to stop , like we have done so many times over seas . Our soldiers are not home yet since the stupidness began with Vietnam war . The elite have used them to depopulate and make money from sales of weapons and other equipment . We need to clean up our homeland then get ready for the foreign armies ready to invade us or declare war on us now . So where do we stand as trusting our army right now ? Are they for us or against us ?

    • a pretty unpenatratable bloc of words.

      have you not heard of the word paragraphs?

      maybe you have some good stuff to say, but nobody can read it in this form.

      try reposting with a few gaps.

  • Boo

    Another war game huh? Well if the people decide not to be played they won’t play. Can’t have a war game if no one shows up to play. Just a thought from an Occam’s Razor kinda gal.

  • Yeah but the earth is FLAT

    • the earth is an oblate spheroid – your brain is flat

  • @2:45 –
    “Then, they spin it and try to say that we’re saying there’s an imminent invasion.”

    @11:36 –
    Then, they went on, in all the major papers, to say that we said, it’s an imminent takeover.

    AJ y/t channel –
    “Red Alert! Total Martial Law Takeover in America”

    OP said, ““Red Alert!…Martial Law Takeover Commencing?”


    They’re just vapid attention-seekers and will pander to whichever subject matter interests you most. Red Alert. It’s advertising, to target the moral masochist.(How can I make these letters more big and red? We need morbid, emergency emojis, which flash and move, and disturbing pop-ups…)

  • Holy Crap the only thing more boring then Lisa’s video is some of the way too long winded post. Does the phrase “short and sweet ” mean anything to you people?

  • First he said he had doubts about Trump. Then, after Trump was inaugurated, he says he was for Trump all along. I stopped listening to him after he made an idiot of himself in that interview with the other idiot, Piers Morgan.

    • piers morgan is the biggest ‘osser on the media.

  • Bite me bill hicks aka alex zionist jew schill

  • Hey Lisa, how’d Jade Helm work out for ya. Having fun in the FEMA Walmart death camp? Oh wait, that never happened either…

  • After listening to Robert Steele an ex CIA officer I don’t think this is far fetched at all.

    And to the ASSWIPE that said Religion is a curse to our society and the other ASSWIPE that said his bible is in the fantasy fiction section …STFU!

    You clowns have NO IDEA whats in store. Mock GOD all you want as there will come a time when you will be dealt with . These are very DANGEROUS times we are living in.

    If you don’t like Lisa’s reporting WHY the hell do you click on her story…you do it to just bash her and it gets OLD!

    You people are PHUCKING CLUELESS!

    • wow ”brandon”

      you are as stupid,illiterate,threatening and as violent as they come.

      ”Mock god all you want as there will come a time when you will be dealt with…”

      the usual threats and moronic nonsense of the religiously deluded.

      i’m just suprised you did not insert ‘and you will rot in the fires of hell for all eternity’ in there somewhere. you people usually do.

      i realise you find it hard to express yourself without shouting and swearing, but give it a try sometime.

      yes we are living in dangerous times,and we have been for millenia (that has nothing to do with trump’s wife,it just means a very long time brandon).

      the reason we all too frequently live in dangerous times is exactly because of people like you.

      you are so dumb and gullible,you will follow absolutely anything!!

      if your parents had indoctrinated you with the ”teachings” of a small blue elf, i am certain you would be threatening me for suggesting it might not be really real.

      you are the perfect example of what i’ve been talking about, and i thank you for that.

      you’ve validated it for other readers
      (brandon,validated means it re-affirms what i was saying, or even easier for you,it means what i was saying was true). i hope you can understand what i’m trying to tell you…

  • The Next Big Thing

    Say goodbye to being abused online. Come see likeminded folks and kickback. We talk about what matters and we also take care of what matters with each other. A community is only as strong as it users are.

    Go check them out.

    Real news / No Clickbait

  • Bumma never ever was a president of USA. Ever.

    They put a piece of white paper on the cover of the bible (if that’s what it was) and that is what Bumma’s hand was on. No oath was legal.

    Freemasons do not allow blacks to be presidents of the USA. It was a game. Merely for our gullible consumption. Everyone believed it, didn’t they? Even you believed it.


    • i think you might be ”brandon”,

      same illiteracy and shouting.

      on this topic,however,i agree with you 100pc.

      obama, that excuse for a human being destroyed your health service, your economy, your military, north african stability, middle eastern stability, domestic stability(believe me,your muslims he imported will eventually kill you), and he did it with a smile on his face playing golf at your massive expense in hawaii,and eating burgers and fries on air force 1.

      i am also ashamed to be european. islam has already got us! they know it,and they are collapsing with laughter in their mosques. they cannot believe their luck. european doctors are getting increasingly angry at having to sew up the butts of young girls and boys,even they are starting to complain.

      yet do you hear any of this on MSM?? not a chance.

      cities in sweden,once the beacon of socialistic ‘paradise’ have become the rape and murder capitals of europe.

      ok, i rail about christianity, and i do believe it is as stupid as any other religion, but,boy, you’ve got to go some to beat the muslims.

      the crazy thing is, we have liberal girls in america and europe wanting to welcome more of these medieval,mysogenistic lunatics into our once democratic and cultured homelands.

      talk about turkey’s voting for christmas.

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