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Dylann Storm Roof Hoax Shooting Police Dashcam False Flag 100% Fake – Dutchsinse

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 21:19
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▶ Dylann Storm Roof Hoax Shooting police dashcam = False Flag - 100% Fake – YouTube


Holster your weapon BEFORE you go up to a car with a suspect who killed 9 people and could be armed?

Everyone knows.. if someone is pulled over , suspected of murder, possibly armed, and on the run… the police make the suspect exit the vehicle, hands up.. and then they search the person after they walk back towards the police .. who should be taking cover.

In this case, with Dylann Roof.. calm pull over.. guns drawn… THEN quickly holster your weapons before approaching the car.. then a standard traffic stop arrest… they almost put him in the FRONT SEAT of the police cruiser .. wth?!

Then.. they do the single handed WORST search of the suspects car before closing it up and walking away… there could have been a bomb, or weapons, or drugs… but instead of looking.. the police just picked through a few things for about THIRTY SECONDS (count for yourself).. then they high five and walk away,close the trunk.. and the rest of the arrest happens.

Guess they knew everything was all good before ever searching the car.

Finally, Dylann went from being a short small skinny kid to being TALLER than the other cops .. he must have got a HAIR CUT somewhere between the arrest at his car, and back at the police station.

Clearly something is not right about this “arrest”.

Putting your guns away BEFORE you approach the car is a sign that there was no threat, and this was all a show of some kind.


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  • Why is every shooting to you nut all a conspiracy hoax staged event? Let’s all pretend that there is absolutely no crazy serial killers in this world, and if they are they are mkultra zombies or actors? You need therapy and belong in a padded cell.

    • That’s what this crackpot world has come to, if you haven’t noticed. Ten times worse then any horror movie. It’s not that there are crazy serial killers in the world, it’s that there seems to be some factory churning them out on a regular basis.

      And what’s with all the murder-suicides? There comes a point where you feel the need to question things that are happening frequently. If you don’t want to do that, worldordernews, then go back to sleep.

      Love the name, by the way. It suits you, puppethead.

    • Why is every shooting or bombing that is magically produced and released to the public thin 24-48 hours of the event when the news media and government agencies have already shown themselves incapable of moving that fast when called by persons? However, magically these same agencies and media has this stuff ready – many times before the event even occurs and magically they always coincide with an actual training event taking place …ie DHS/FEMA active shooter drill was happening at the same time this supposedly take place…. just like sandy hook, boston bombing, Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, and even Colorado theater shooting.(ALL I repeat ALL of these events magically had events mirroring them taking place at the same time and in accordance with the scripts of the events by DHS/FEMA. So now again I should ask why should we believe this bs fed to us by the main stream media, MSM, that is ran and owned by 6 families who just happen to be part of the one percenters? Thus, one can say it is no longer a conspiracy as the only ones who believe this crap anymore are you the puppets of these said terrorists!

      Current statistics show that at a rate of 2 to 1 no longer believe these staged events portrayed by the media. So what is true, that believed by 33% of brain dead or bought off persons to the system or the 67% of America who have awaken from the BS and the mind control propaganda of the elites?

  • That looks like, TAKE 1, ACTION to me.

  • False flag or not the USA is making sure the fire wil burn when the bankers decide to start a race war in the USA

    Was the killer to had been black then it would have been shot first, ask questions later.

    Blacks don’t make good little debt slaves like whites so maybe this was a way for the elite to send a message to blacks that we can take you out anytime we like.

  • If I had apprehended him, without resistance, I’d be Smiling and High Fiving too. You can bet these guys were pretty stoked.

  • These mass killing are being implement by the Soros US ‘Socialist’ run government. It was government’ mind control’ at it’s best.. in the name of “Gun-Control!”
    Think about it…
    Look in the eyes of the killer’s that were set up to do their ‘dirty work’… they are in a hypnotic trance.

    And yes… foreign national, war criminal, George Soros, Hollywood, and his MSM did finance the overthrow of Our US Government in 2008. (With the help of Hawaii- ) This is why you will never be able to get rid of this other lying, foreign national, Islamic ‘Brotherhood’ Muslim, Marxist that he (bought and paid for) placed as a POTUS ‘ front man.’
    Why are these Marxist criminal’s working so hard for ‘Gun-Control?’
    Like Soros friend, Adolf Hitler, … he knows that you can not take total control of peoples lives and their nation when a majority these masses have defensive weapons.
    This will not be the last of the ‘government mind control’ killing’s.. and with the help of his MSM -including ATT-yahoo, AOL, MSN and Huffington Post … they are pumping in racial hate to divide and instigate war between races.


  • And just what do you think the $29 million is for?….. the payoff to the police…. the supposed victims….. the politicians, etc. to make sure the Confederate flags and memorials are ERRIDACATED from the USA. This is definitely a govt psyops operation.

  • stop it
    Charleston was real.

  • The evidence is coming out so fast now and there so many holes the the corporate version, you would have to be really gullible to buy anything put out by these proven liars working for the corporation or the MSM.

  • All guns blazing for a teenage girl at the pool, no gun for a ‘mass shooter’. Put two and two together. This is obviously part of the drill, and those fat overweight donut eating cops pretending to be heroes. If anyone believes this was a real incident, (as in not a CIA psyop) you need your head examined.

  • Of course they are clapping and glad, they “got the killer”. What else would you think they would do, cry? I swear, sometimes truthers make us all look like we are just trying too hard to find a false flag. Sure, SC could be a FF, but maybe it’s just a damn nut on drugs who’s angry and chose to shoot up a church, ever think of that?

  • Hi All, I found this on youtube by Mark Dice, check out the picture at 1.55 minute mark, it shows the police arresting the dude in a home and taking him away…..quite different from the scenario posted here showing him being taken away by the police from a car on a street, with NOT A DRP OF BLOOD ON THAT NICE WHITE SHIRT…….Now, does this mean that he was arrested, escaped and then re arrested or is this a slip up in the psyop media releases……It only serves as proof to me that this is another FALSE FLAG. Watch the video

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