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Jim Willie: The Fractured Bond Market and the Economic Collapse

Friday, September 18, 2015 1:15
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Jim Willie brings an interesting take to the discussion of the financial markets. Jim doesn’t mince words, so when he’s asked about his thoughts on the stock market, he responds very frankly and says, “I don’t know and I don’t give a damn.” I’m an instant fan. Much like my other favorite Peter Schiff, Jim has a very sarcastic tone to him, and he “gets” what is happening. Right out of the gate he goes on rant about how people need to wake the hell up. He goes on about how the economy is in absolute “tatters” which echoes my sentiments exactly. All of our financial markets are in bubbles right now due to the God awful fiscal policy of His Highness’s Ass, Emperor Obama, which means that when these bubbles finally find the pin they’ve been searching for, prepare for Armageddon, seriously. People will be hurting (I’m being nice) one another just for food… 

Jim begins by focusing on the Bond Market. He explains that it’s no accident that twenty two countries around the world are offering NEGATIVE rates of return on short term investments. Well how can that be? Why would there be a negative rate of return? Simply put, too many people are coming to the banks with money, and the economy is so lousy, that banks don’t have any means of charging interest on money if they lent it out, because there is not enough businesses capable of paying the loans back. In other words, contrary to what the Communist in Chief spews from his teleprompter at the podium, not only is the economy not recovering, it’s hemorrhaging massively. To make matters worse, the present environment is creating a financial black hole of sorts and just like it always does in times of global financial trouble, cash is pouring into U.S. Treasuries, and propping up the Dollar. 



In a world where ever country is racing to see who can devalue their currency the quickest, the Dollar has been holding strong. Last I checked, no economy ever died of a strong currency, but then again, few economies have had such nitwits running it as we do in Washington. The idea (not saying I agree or disagree) behind devaluing currency is it opens the door to trade dominance, by allowing manufacturers to undercut foreign rivals, and to economic growth, by fighting deflation. 

The Dollar isn’t exactly “normal” the way other currencies are though. Other currencies around the world trade on their own merit. Because we are the reserve currency, when other central banks intervene, they do so specifically against the dollar. In addition, many countries, (like China) maintain a pegged relationship to the Greenback. Therefore, in a world dominated by interventionist banks, the factors that push the dollar have been inverted. The dollar falls when fundamentals either improve abroad or deteriorate at home.

Case and point, our economy is in tatters and we have a rising Dollar. Just yesterday, “The Fed Admitted Rates Could Stay at Zero Forever.” Janet Yellen actually said that. What further proof do you need that QE4 is coming at some point, with the intent of keeping the market artificially inflated. There a strange irony about how everyone made such a big deal in August when China devalued the Yuan by 2% and then China Issued a Warning to Washington Confirming It’s Been Liquidating U.S. Treasuries. There was discussion about “What if there was a Dollar dump by all emerging markets at once?” Well, quite obviously, then the Dollar would collapse, but we have bigger problems. What the boneheads in Washington don’t get, is QE4, or QE5 or QE12, whichever one it is, is eventually going to debase the Dollar so badly, that the Chinese are going to have to revaluate the Yuan again, but this time to a much stronger position than the Dollar, all but eliminating us as the Reserve Currency once and for all. Jim discusses China’s advancements in its monetary system for when the  day eventually does come… and it will. 

Finally, Jim brings up a very frightening thought. He seems to think the Chinese are no longer holding 1.5 Trillion Dollars of our debt, but that they may have used it for leverage for something else… specifically, a giant pipeline to Russia for oil, considering China and Russia now own the world’s largest oil company. In other words, the builder would be the one now holding the bag with our worthless Dollars, not China. Therefore, when the U.S does finally implode, China won’t go down with the ship, but instead be strengthened by our collapse. It has long been thought our economies were coupled too closely for China to let us fall… but Jim’s theory makes you wonder…








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  • He is right on. There will be a crash next week when the pope is in America. Our mother Mary put him there for that reason. It will start the age of Our Lady of Fatima. For more on this go to God bless America.

  • Economic collapse will come before chaos, then fear and desperation will allow dictatorship. Bye bye, America! I mean, Mystery Babylon! Read:   Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

  • Federal Reserve will raise interest rate if they think that is a part of what is necessary to DESTROY CHINA’S MILITARY ABILITIES to prevent them from taking over Asia and other territory. See Alan Greenspan declares war on china. NO UPSTAGING OF THE POPE USA TOUR, the only reason Fed’s did not raise rate, which I think is probably part of Fed’s arsenal to destroy China’s military might by striking its ecomony as RATE HIKE WILL CAUSE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRASH. The snake Greenspan said oh what diference it make that one central bank raises overnight rate, YEAH WELL WHEN THAT ONE CENTRAL BANK IS THE one central bank that ISSUES THE WORLD’S RESERVE CURRENCY, it DOES MATTER, despite Greenspans intimation to the contrary, but of course he knows hiking world reserve currency interest rate will destroy what remains of the global economy; but knowing how China feels about a rate hike (over 100 billion in UST’s dumped by China in July and August), and to buy some time if the Chinese will be suckers, the Fed’s made it appear their decision not to raise rates took into consideration the impact of a rate hike on China’s weakened economy and other overseas markets, but in fact the only reason no rate hike is NO UPSTAGING OF POPE’S USA TOUR by wild global market crashes that would ensue a Fed rate hike. Fact is China recently stated that the emerging markets and China need time to adjust to a fed rate hike. Fed Reserve that corrupt thing of the Switzerland Knights Templar and Vatican do not operate that way, they give ON THE SPOT NOTICE, at 2:14 p.m. the concluding day of their every 45 day meeting is when it is announced, no prior notice. China wants prior notice, China ain’t getting prior notice from the Fed and CHINA IS AMONG THE NATIONS AGAINST THE USA that is spoken of in Daniel 11:14:

    DANIEL 11:14 At that time many shall come against the king of the south [USA]; also the robbers of God’s people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision but shall fall

    Do not heed the wicked Christians, they DO NOT UNDERSTAND the Son of God:

    Daniel 12:9 … go you way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end

    Daniel 12:10 … none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand

    Daniel could not understand what the heavenly beings meant when they said:

    Daniel 12:7-8 … it shall be for a time and times and a half and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be fulfilled

    WE HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING, THE WORDS WERE UNSEALED BY THE SON OF GOD and written in John’s Book of Revelation. Said book was altered somewhat by the 325 AD Council of Nicea, particularly in Chapters 1-3. The wicked Christians can not understand the Son of God saying: Rev. 22:14 Blessed are those who do God’s commandments

    therefore, how shall they understand the prophecies of the Son of God in the Book of Revelation? If they understood the Son of God saying DO GOD’s COMMANDMENTS, then the wicked Christians would turn from wicked false apostle Pharisee Paul:

    Romans 6:14 You are not under the law, you are under grace

    But the wicked Christians do not understand the Son of God in John’s Book of Revelation where the Son tells how we should live, how can they understand the prophecies of the Son of God? And they can not understand (Daniel 12:10). The world is very near the time when the Jews (under probably Chinese occupation) shall rebuild God’s Jerusalem Temple. Then the Temple is polluted by Vatican’s dogs, the vile king and his army, and once that vile king dies – then imminently begins the great tribulation (Daniel 11:45-12:1, Rev. 6:12-17, Matthew 24:15-16).

  • The crash will occur but will not be immediately obvious – not until the edifice of economic power is already in the dirt and winds slowly to a halt.

    “Do not fear…I have already overcome the world.” do you know who said that and why?

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