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Dear Mr. Obama: You Will Be Held Accountable for Your Treachery

Saturday, October 31, 2015 3:20
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The good folks over at Freedom Outpost put up a nice letter today addressed to “Mr. Government,” aka Mr. Obama, about how we the people will NOT forget what has been done to us under his reign of terror, and we WILL come seeking justice.  it’s WELL worth sharing with liberal friends, along with some oomph to go with it (meaning the facts and video before it). God wiling, if the GOP somehow takes  the White House by some miracle, we can only hope and pray the next president goes after him. I say “somehow take the White House,” because I have been saying for for over two years, that by election time, Obama hopes to have seen to it that a GOP win will be mathematically impossible. You see, despite MANY attempts to warn people, and get it out in the public dialog, no one ever paid attention, and it’s probably too late now anyway if Obama and Gutierrez have been steadfast in their efforts. You see, for the last few years, almost entirely under the radar, the two of them have been illegally gerrymandering the voting districts, and putting all our new amnesty granted friends in need of welfare smack in the middle of what have always been “red” districts. The idea being, with his Illegal Amnesty stunt, he’d eliminate the GOP from any chance of winning before there is even a candidate. Pray I’m wrong. 

If the GOP does win the White House, and we DO have a President with some stones, Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution awaits. It reads:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

Since liberals have an uncanny knack for what they call “reading between the lines,” I’ll further elaborate on Treason a bit. At any other time in history, these fools would be locked up in mental wards for hallucinating and seeing things that are not there, but in the @ss backwards country we are living in today, someone being able to see what is not there is not frowned upon. So, let’s move on…

Article 3, section 3, clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution specifies that the giving of aid and comfort to the enemy is an element in the crime of Treason. Aid and comfort may consist of substantial assistance or the mere attempt to provide some support; actual help or the success of the enterprise is not relevant.

Just so there is no confusion, “the mere attempt to provide support” is TREASON. Whether the “equipment fell into the wrong hands on accident,” or he didn’t mean to, or any other lies would not make a bit of difference. Obama has given our enemies MUCH aid, and that can be WELL documented. Perhaps the best post for understanding Obama’s crimes is, Top General Admits That Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS Committing Treason. All the television news pieces are there, and all I did was compile them. You’ll see that an illegal arms deal Obama conducted axtually contained the Stinger missile than eventually shot down and killed 23 members of Seal Team 6 in operation Extortion 17.

If that doesn’t convince you, then listen to the Argentine President below, who also accuses the government and secret services of interfering with the investigation of the 1994 terrorist bombing in Argentina, which the Argentine Gov was complicit in a coverup. She also talks about the murder of the lead prosecutor of the case, and then she Calls out Obama and the west for funding ISIS. 

Obama Called a Traitor on UN Floor



Finally, for the third strike and he’s out, don’t forget about Retired Admiral James Lyons, former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, who has been accusing Barack Hussein Obama of treason in public, and on the record more times than I have finger and toes. He also alleges that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the highest levels of the American government and are behind many U.S. policies that have been Implemented by the Obama Administration.

4 Star Admiral Accuses Obama of Treason




Freedom Outpost writes:

Dear Mr. Government/Obama,

Americans understand that you think you’re clever as you systematically usurp our constitutional form of government. The truth is, most Americans despise you and resent the way you feverishly work to keep us divided as you line your pockets, and attempt to blind us from your crimes against humanity. You try to dumb us down with psychological propaganda because you believe the vast majority of us are too stupid to understand what’s at stake as you go about the work of selling out our country to the highest bidder. It makes perfect sense that you would think we’re stupid; after all, you have been in control of public education for several decades. Rest assured, we are not as stupid as you think we are. For instance, we know that the average Republican was paid a sum of over $17,000 to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty while the average Democrat received over $9,000. Did you take bribes to pass the Iran nuclear deal as well? Will you completely sell out the U.S. Constitution for a few thousand dollars? Most of us wonder how you live with yourselves despite the fact that you think you’re fooling us.

The debt you have incurred against our children’s future is reckless, and certainly guarantees a future of serfdom, yet, the work you do, paid by the fruits of our labor mind you, ensures that you will not suffer the consequences of your own treachery. You mock us and make us despise one another as you suck this system dry like a fat tick refusing to let go of a dogs hide. You create wealth envy, dropping human kind to the lowest common denominator while you redistribute our hard earned wealth to fund your own political aspirations. In the meantime, your careless policies create real suffering as our standard of living drops. Families weekly pay checks are stretched to the max as you tell us inflation is at three percent but our weekly grocery bill is rapidly increasing. Yet somehow, you have the audacity to tell us increasing the debt ceiling will fix it. Have you no shame?

Today, roughly a million young men and women suffer needlessly from physical and mental injuries incurred from a war that you sent them to fight. These young Americans put their faith in your words, as your lies convinced them they were being sent to fight for freedom and the American way. You sent them to commit murder in your name and now you sell out the country you told them they should be proud to fight for? You told them they needed to go over there and fight so we wouldn’t have to fight them here; yet, they are now demanding we change our culture to suit them because of your lack of a spine. Where is your willingness to stand and fight for something you sent others to die for? You are cowards. You allow a radical president and his administration to label the troops you sent to fight as “right wing extremists.” You allow them to call patriots and Christian’s threats to national security as you fail to call out the actions of real radicals who murder police and incite racial tension. May I remind you that silence is consent? May I remind you that all evil needs to gain a foothold is for good men to do nothing? The biggest problem we face is a lack of good men.

President Obama recently vetoed a defense spending bill and then had the audacity to put troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria. You have remained silent while President Obama has been deliberately arming terrorists in order to topple Bashar al-Asaad in Syria. You sit back while he floods our nation with people who are hostile to our way of life while committing crimes against our citizens. You sit silently as Obama promises to release tens of thousands of criminals into the streets while at the same time seeking to disarm law abiding, taxpaying American citizens. This makes you complicit in the act of treason.

You may think that we are not paying attention. You may believe that we are too stupid to understand the complexities of what happens in Washington D.C. I am here however; to tell you this, there are none so stupid as those who believe they can commit these crimes and get away with it. God will not be mocked, and whether you believe or not, you will be held accountable for your treachery. Your actions are in direct conflict with the promises you made earning you contempt from voters, not loyalty or respect. The consequences of your failure to stand will be yours and yours alone.



Obama Ushers In Armageddon to America

Obama’s Unconstitutional Schemes to Nationalize Police Start Again

How “Fundamentally Transforming” America Relates to the Communist Manifesto

Obama’s Third Term: What You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton’s Emails

Pentagon’s New “Law of War” Manual “Reduces Us to the Level of Nazis”

Military Brass Goes To Battle With Obama Over Treasonous Iran Agreement

Whistleblower Reveals Hillary Being Fed to the Wolves to Cover-Up Larger Scandal

Top General Admitting That Obama Knowingly Armed ISIS Committing Treason

Obama Caught Stonewalling Investigation For the Seal Team Six Murders

Several Generals and Admirals Turning On Obama In a Major Way… Again!

Breaking: Several Admirals and Generals Accusing Obama of Treason!









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  • Treason !

    You need to go back to GW-Bush and his 9/11 if you are going to play that game.

    All the presidents are banker puppets, voting won’t change a thing because the same zionist bankers will continue to rule over the USA or did you not know that half your politicians have duel passports so they can get out if things turn bad and go to the “promised land”

    Your watching a punch and jewish show

    • Great comment. But you even have to go back further. Way back.

      • That is right.

        Treason? LOL that is just a made-up charge for the little people, not the players, there is no such thing, in a world run by Lucifer/Satan, there is no real ‘treason’ per countrymen/leaders.

        It is just get the agenda done, the Golden Age of Saturn, New Atlantis, must come fully in, and that requires lots of sacrifice

        now tonight, in Sinai with ISIS claiming the first official strike against Russia for payback,

        is the October 31 sacrifice of 200+ which is being celebrated. But I think this is just the start because of the dates of Nov 1, and first week of November now, the Isia, (related to Isis)

        = much human sacrifice, Goddess of War and bloodshed, she always requires a LOT of human blood in times of historical emergency, dire national distress/emergency amps up the required sacrifices. I fear this is only the first real obvious sacrifice. It is all out there in front of our faces now, the reason it is done, the name the group was named, by our LEADERS, who wish for all this to traumatise and initiate the world
        so that their God/dess IS KNOWN BY ALL : ISIS = God/Satan/Christ. This is Satanism, learn it or remain clueless as most people like to be.

        Well, Alright, Goodnight may IAUE be with those who need and want Him, His help, His deliverance. We will get none from anyone else. Now is the time to destroy, these be the days of vengeance, saith IAUE.

    • So why didn’t barry do anything about it????

      • What could he do? He has the same handlers that Bush and Cheyney did.

    • Clinton owns the WMDs he was talking about them long before Bush ran for office.

  • pgb

    Seriously, nothing is going to be done to Obama. He probably won’t be leaving office. Can you really tell a difference regardless of who is in the White House or who controls the House and Senate. I agree Obama is the worst of them all but he is doing exactly what the PTB want him to do or they would have taken care of him. Our govt was hijacked a long time ago and the process has escalated now. Our country is being intentionally destroyed. The globalist agenda is in place and moving forward.

  • Leo

    Go and shout this in front of the white house then… :mad:

  • Treason ~ Senator
    Senator ~ Et Sonar
    Senator ~ ET Ra Son

  • And for the rest of the administration and other elected criminals there is this:

    18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprision of treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

    • Perfect.

    • Their allegiance is NOT to the USA but to Israel. EVERY congressman signs a contract from AIPAC owing allegiance to Israel. That’s why nothing is done for the good of American citizens. Our country went bankrupt in 1933 along with the constitution which only covered DC.

      Reason why I can’t figure out Ted Cruz…. who is a constitutionalist….. he knows the constitution has been usurped…. would make a fantastic president… but did he sign allegiance to Israel…. is Israel the broker. The rest are RINOs starting with Rubio, Jebbie, Fiorina, Paul, etc.

      Never forget the Crown (City of London) created the laws.

  • There is ONLY ONE WAY, and that is through Jesus Christ. Please accept Christ into your heart and repent of your sins. Admit that you are a sinner and do everything you have within yourself to turn away from those sins. Jesus will not let you go once you give yourself to him. He sacrificed himself for ALL of us. Of course its not always easy.  Ephesians 6:12 ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.  Accecpt the way of the light, grow your faith in Christ, stand in your faith. These are the last days and WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR SOULS! Love you ALL! GOD bless and may he have favor with us all!

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      That is a hebrew writer trying to create a monopoly on a fictious place. “The only way” – what that is saying is that everyone before the jew from nazareth lived did not have a chance- because that bastard was born after they lived. How the hell is that fair to all of the millions of people that lived before jesus???????????? IT IS NOT, and the Hebrew Write that wrote that nonsense does not even believe it. The Hebrew “god of israel” of the hebrew written book of stories ‘ the HEBREW BIBLE’ made a special deal with his ‘chosen’ people the jews. But these same Jews do not believe in the hebrew bible and they damn sure do not believe that jesus their fellow jew from nazareth was their “savior”. So, if you follow this MAKE BELIEVE story- ALL OF THE HEBREW GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE- THE JEWS ARE GOING TO HELL BECAUSE THEY DO NIOT BELIEVE IN THE JEW FROM NAZARETH. This is the open ignorant nonsense of the hebrew bible. Yeah- the Hebrew God of the Hebrew Bible’s OWN CHOSEN PEOPLE CANNOT GET INTO THIS FICTIONAL “HEAVEN’S” BECAUSE THEY DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR FELLOW JEW NAMED JESUS.

      • Hebrews were the ancestors of the Jews. Hebrew is a language.


        The only way” – what that is saying is that everyone before the jew from nazareth lived did not have a chance- because that bastard was born after they lived.


        No the fall of man in the garden of Eden is saying that.

        For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.


        The Hebrew “god of israel” of the hebrew written book of stories ‘ the HEBREW BIBLE’ made a special deal with his ‘chosen’ people the jews.


        With Adam, Noah, the Christian Church aka Israel .


        You keep repeating this. You are arguing that the Jews themselves do not believe that you need to believe in the Messiah to be saved but are saved regardless of what they believe just because they are an – incorrectly labelled by you – ethnic group. The Christians who wrote of Jews who didnt believe in the messiah were Jews remember. Jews who were condemning faithlessnes just as the entire bible from the beginning to end does.


    • If Bush and Cheyney didn’t get tried, neither will Obama.

  • Why is he still in charge and not executed…………

  • I think Donald Trump is not own by any interest groups, and he will do the best for this country, the other ones are being paid for right now, with donations for their campaigns.
    If he does not win, it would be due to fraud.

  • Obombhead Mobamma is a Jihadi. There is no such thing to him as ‘Treason’. He is doing his religious duty, and doing it so very well.

    His handlers are proud of themselves. Your leaders behind your leaders are laughing at Americans for their beloved entrenched willing blindness and pride.

    One who will not read has no advantage over those who can’t.

    But I think even illiterate people who learn nothing at all are better off than most americans who are so brainwashed in their narrow comfort-zone condition that they cannot see the facts before them.

  • Held accountable? By who? They can do anything they want and get away with it! What do you think is going on, good government!


    TODAY, 100% ALL THE US military Generals, Admirals, Col. (ALL OFFICERS) ARE 100% HIGH TREASONOUS DISHONORABLE COWARDLY LOWLIFE SCUMBAGS! THEY ALL NEED TO BE HANGED UNTIL DEAD TODAY-RIGHT NOW! I, as millions of Real US Citizens WHO LOVE AND LIVE ALL ABOUT THE US CONSTITUTION, will gladly pull the lever! Each US Military Officers has commited HIGH TREASON IN UNIFORM, and “COMPLIES” WITH ALL ILLEGAL ORDERS; Making them Enemies of the US Constitution! Read this and I Guarantee, YOU CAN NOT ARGUE THIS FACT!

    Did you ever ask yourself WHY hasn’t B0 been arrested? Because the USA has a 100% TOTAL PUPPET MILITARY LEADEr! Remember, B0 personnally HAND SELECTED GENERAL Martin E Dempsey to CONTROL AND DESTROY THE US MILITARY! You can NOT COUNT ON THE US MILITARY TO DO ANYTHING TO HARM B0, but 100% PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS, and follow ALL ORDERS OR NON ORDERS to do the RIGHT CONSITUTIONAL Thing, or FOLLOW THEIR SWORN OATH!

    One of the benefits from being President, they get to “Hand Select” who runs the Military. The US Military DOES NOT self appointed their best from within, but the President does. Do you really think B0 would appoint an enemy AGAINST HIS AGENDA of his to be SOLE DICTATOR of the entire US Military? Just as B0 is the Sole Dictatorship powers over the US, HIGH TREASONOUS DISHONORABLE AFTER-BIRTH SCUMB General Martin E Dempsey is the SOLE DICTATOR over the entire US Military complex. Their is NO HIGHER uniform member in the world, and HE “ONLY Give Orders down the chain, and reports to the President himself”. He DOES NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN ONE ORDER TO ANY DEPARTMENT GENERAL who was also “hand selected” to run each and every Branch of the Military Complex! The TOP CRIMINAL DEMPSEY “Hand Selected” and appointed OTHER HIGH TREASONOUS SCUMBAGS over the Army, AF, Navy, Marines, etc! Do you really think he would appoint a “honest” Officer below him to run each branch of the military, and one who WILL REFUSE TO FOLLOW ALL ILLEGAL ORDERS BLINDLY? Would you appoint someone who you don’t like or trust under you to run their criminal enterprise? And then it works itself criminal military officer below each other criminal military officer below them! SO YOU SEE, 100% ARE CRIMINAL AND NEED TO BE HANGED UNTIL DEAD FROM COMPLYING WITH CRIMES AS THEY PASS THEIR DESKS!

    UNDERSTAND NOW WHY B0 HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED, NOR WILL EVER BE ARREST, or THE MILITARY TAKEN AN ACTION? Who is going to do it? It isn’t the PUPPET APPOINTED MILITARY HIGHEST Treasonous Lowlife Scumbag General Martin E Dempsey, and the entire criminal Officers below them… So the Military is 100% off the table to make any arrest, or kick out this FUDGE PACKR! The US military will never ever do anything to protect YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES, NOR OUR NATION, but only B0 and his muslium faith, and to DO ALL IT CAN TO DESTROY OUR NATION. CAN ANYONE ELSE SEE IT IN ACTION?

    Remember, the military Army flies B0 via their helicopters from the WH lawn to Andrews AFB, and then the AF flies AF1 all over the world! They can take him out anytime they want… If only we had ONE HONEST MILITARY MEMBER to do the right thing…

    First I am a War Vet and took and oath to “protect” our nation from foreign and DOMESTIC ENEMIES! I say a big THANK YOU to the lower 95% of the Enlisted NCOs, but for the vast majority of the officers, F=OFF! The majority of you all are criminals, who openly support the criminal actions of all the illegal orders being handed down to you, and you 100% comply. What have you done? Not a F’ing thing right to “protect” your Oath? Cowards!

    While the US military has 10s of millions who GAVE THEIR VERY LIVES for our nation, the criminal Officers in the military today are 100% afraid to even say “NO” and lose a rank, or get called on the carpet! You call that honor to the american way of life, our Constitution, and all that the US Flags offers? FU all you officers! You are nothing but criminal, who I pray you never get to see your families again for your cowardly dishonor you have performed for wearing the uniform Dishonorably. Officers today value your life, your bribed money, your power, and your self interests azz more then the fighting for your nation and your OATH. You each openly know you are performing illegal criminal orders, yet you comply; so that makes you each HIGH TREASONOUS SCUM, who all need to be tried, and if found guilty for harbouring the criminal orders, you need to be hung, until dead, since the US military is in a “War” status, like in WW1 and WW2 today.

    Read FACTS ON WHAT THEY DID AND REMEMER, THE Military OFFICERS ARE ONLY TRYING TO MAKE IT SEEM THEY ARE “HONORABLE” LIKE THE GROUND LEVEL FOOT TROOPS AND THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES! Yet NOT A SINGLE ONE CAN SAY “NO Sir I WILL NOT FOLLOW THAT ORDER” AND LOSE A RANK, because they “LOVE” OUR NATION SO MUCH? Yeah, just continue to knowingly follow all your illegal orders, so you have each committed criminal actions that you are trying to COVER UP! You call that “honorable” to those in front lines?

    More FACTS; not fake BS Stories:

    Seems the highest levels military OFFICERS forgot this, and openly wipe their AZZES with the Stars and Stripes, for their own personal “AGENDA”; as it is blantently not in the best interest of “We The People” nor protecting their “Oath” to protect our “1776 Constitution” and our Rights. Why hasn’t one SINGLE General or Admiral ever lifted a F_ing finger to protect our nation? They are exactly like the US Criminal Corrupt Gov, who each openly accept BRIBES to ignore their dishonorable oaths to destroy our nation ONE PIECE AT A TIME! These military OFFICERS value running to get their $15k a month to the bank, and support keeping the US gov criminals in power FOR THE MONEY, THEIR MONTHLY BRIBE MONEY; and turn their backs to the Constitution, and Freedom! Anyone call them HONORABLE for doing this? Since when is it “honorable” to “Early Retire” to get out, rather then stand up to the criminal actions you see? You are THE FORCE THAT CAN STOP THEM, yet you comply; making you each criminals in your heart and soul!

    I pray that each of you Officers ROT IN HELL at Satans feet in the afterlife for your criminal actions you support and supported while wearing the uniform DISHONORABLY. Make no mistake, the 10s of millions of HONORABLE vets WHO DIED FOR OUR NATION, will be waiting for each of you, so you have eternity of facing these heros, since you are 100% OPPOSITE of what they were fighting for. I for one will seek each of you out in the afterlife, and send you directly TO HELL after I expose your HIGH TREASONOUS ACTIONS against GOD and your OATH! You will each see me AND MY ARMY FIGHTING FOR GOD at the Gates of Heaven and Block you AND YOUR FAMILY from entering! Your fake lies do not deserve your children to enter because you are doing it criminally to get them in! You then can have eternity of having to explain your Cowardly High Treasonous actions, when had the chance.

    Read more on all these High Treasonous Generals, including the #1 General Martin E Dempsey, who “just happened” to be “Hand Selected” by B0 back in 2011, to give all orders to the military! This is America’s #1 HIGH TREASONOUS DISHONORABLE SCUM who only talks with B0, and DOES NOT HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANY OTHER Military Person on the planet! People need to ask him on his Facebook page why he openly ignores all printed law, and each and every order B0 tells him to do. He (as ALL MILITARY OFFICERS) is a spinless lowlife piece of SH_T who has committed millions more MILITARY CRIMINAL CRIMES THEN BENEDICT ARNOLD! He has turn “HIS” military against the US People, and openly is purging the troops to weaken our nation, as B0 needs to to destroy US!

    So the US military is cutting 120,000 more troops, yet now are putting boots on the ground in the Middle East. How stupid are you citizens!? Read more on this lowlife dishonorable scum and you tell me IF HE IS HONEST:


    But God Bless the “Honorable” low level ground foot troops. You need to remove your officers above you, and all public officials for all the crimes they are doing now… NEVER FORGET WHO THEY ARE… And ALL YOU OFFICERS, FU all and I look forward to peeing on each of your faces and graves… You will not be missed by anyone you have turned you back on to free our Nation; but remembered as HIGH TREASONOUS TRAITORS TO OUR ONCE PROUD NATION! Screw you for dishonoring wearing your uniform by not protecting your country, our values, morals, and all the Stars and Stripes Represent. Officers – WE Know you did all you could to destroy our nation for my and your children.

  • Don’t forget all of Congress who voted in the negro sodomite and committed treason as well as past presidents like Bill Clinton who has also committed treason.

  • Yeah, I’m not a fan of Obama either, but as virusguard stated below, you, Voice Of Reason, need to talk about Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney’s involvement in the 9/11 fiasco.

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