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Bernie Caught on Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a ‘Real’ Candidate (Video)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 22:11
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Earlier today, in a YouTube video titled, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies and More Lies. The Lies NEVER End, I teed off about how the political class and the globalist controlled corrupt mainstream media are using pathological lies and a never ending series of cover-ups to lead the masses directly into the voting booth in November to vote for Hillary. Furthermore, what the political class and the globalists clearly already know, but that Hillary voters don’t seem to have a clue about, is that once Hillary is elected, she will take delight in personally leading the same sheep that voted for her directly to slaughter. 

In news that came out today, news that the mainstream media won’t even mention, much less harp on, we learned that Bernie was caught on a hot mic confirming what everyone with an IQ over 6 has known all along: That the elections are 95% rigged in advance, and in the case of Democrats, that number is closer to 150% because the corruption is so rampant, and so systemic within the Democrat party, that it flows through the party the same way red blood flows through humans. That is only the tip of the iceberg. With Hillary, the percentage is somewhere north of 375% rigged. 

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most corrupt politician in U.S. history to run for the White House, and with each passing day we learn that her bid for the Oval Office could be compared to a giant case of corruption, wrapped in a protective layer of corruption, protected by an army of corrupt mercenaries, and a corrupt law enforcement agency willing to look the other way, provided the price is right and they all get new military hardware. Think I’m kidding? Wow.

In the first video, watch what happens when the DNC attempted to force Hillary down the throats of everyone in Philadelphia, even Bernie supporters. Each time speakers mention Hillary’s name, all you can hear is “Boooooooooooooooooo!” It should be noted that even though most of the general public doesn’t know, Team Corruption knows, that Hillary is being sued for stealing the Primary in 11 states from Bernie. More on that in the second video. One would think that knowing they stole the election, the Clinton camp might tread a bit lightly. No such luck. 

Personally I had NO idea the atmosphere got that bad. I couldn’t even watch the RNC without wanting to vomit half the time, so there was no way I was going to watch the DNC.  With that said, I did have the news on all day today in the background, but had NO idea it got THAT bad last night until I saw the video below.





Now, as for the rest of this post, if you were a Bernie supporter, you might want to close out of this post right now. What you’re going to learn is going to rip your beating heart right out of your chest, throw it on the ground, stomp on it until it stops beating, and then feed it to hungry mountain lions that haven’t eaten in two weeks. It’s bad. Because of who controls academia and the media, most Americans who heard Dr. Carson say that Hillary worships Lucifer probably thought either 1) Dr. Carson was nuts; or 2) He was using a metaphor or something. The truth is, Dr. Carson was 100% on point when he said Hillary worships Lucifer, but I’ll come back to that. 

First, in the video below, you’ll learn that the yardstick used by the US government to identify fraud in foreign elections is when there is a discrepancy of greater than 2% between election polls and exit polls. In the case of the Democrat primary, there is strong indication there was massive fraud in 11 states. All the discrepancies favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and the range went as high as a 14% discrepancy. Said another way: It’s not possible there wasn’t fraud on Hillary’s part. 

The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity is about to file a lawsuit against Hillary alleging racketeering. Mark your calendar. You’ll never see the words Election, Integrity, and Clinton in a sentence together ever again as long as you live, nor should you. 






Then there’s the issue of Bernie, his wife, and the hot mic they didn’t know was hot. Wow. Throughout the campaign, his supporters actually believed that Bernie was a “different” kind of politician. They felt that no matter what Bernie said, at least he was honest, and he was sincere in the things he said, right? WRONG! 

Thanks to Wikileaks, now the whole world knows what Bernie has known all along, which is that the DNC had already rigged the process in Hillary’s favor. What’s disgusting, is that despite knowing that, it sure didn’t stop Captain Honesty from continuing to collect campaign donations from poor, but hopeful voters, now did it? 

In the video below, you’ll see that Bernie was booed off stage by his loyal supporters for towing the company line and saying, “I’m proud to stand with her,” referring to crooked Hillary. Imagine if they knew what was said on the hot mic. You’ll find out in the video below. Wow. 

How pathetic is it that THIS is what Hillary Clinton has to resort to, just so she can have a CHANCE at winning the presidential election? She has to lie, cheat, engage is rampant corruption, and make voters feel so desperate that they think they have no other choice but to vote for her. Pathetic.





Finally, on the issue of Hillary worshipping Lucifer. I said I’d come back to that. In truth, if you do your homework about the Illuminati, you’ll learn that the Illuminati believe they are the ACTUAL LINEAL DESCENDANTS of the great Gods of Egypt known as ISIS, OSIRIS and HORUS. Said another way, it’s who they worship, and Nimrod/Shiva are synonymous with Horus/Osiris, who are synonymous with Bael/Baal, who are synonymous with Lucifer/Satan! You can learn more about all that in posts titled 1) What Lost Pieces of Human History are the Illuminati Hiding and Why, or 2) People Don’t Comprehend How Twisted the Illuminati “Religion” Is (Videos).

All of that is more or less just window dressing for the last video though. Once again, not a word from the mainstream media. It’s hard to say if this was a seizure of some kind, or what it really was, but a seizure seems highly unlikely considering the smile on Hillary’s face the whole time. One thing is certain: Whatever it was, it was NOT normal.

When the video is played in slow motion, look at the faces of the people around her. They are as freaked out as can be. Then, read the comments on YouTube for the video. Some have gone as far as to suggest a demon wanted out of her, and she was fighting to keep it in. Crazy? I don’t know…. no more crazy than whatever the heck she’s doing… without any explanation, or anyone in the media saying one word. THAT is crazy.








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  • If this lady gets in I’ll be a monkey’s Uncle. There is just no way this lady can win and if she does it will by her and her party’s signature of FRAUD.

    I don’t know if this country can take anymore after the unqualified and illegal negro and now we got “bobble” head.

    • I’ve been saying for almost 3 years that hillary will win because it was obvious. only naive people think they decide by voting. once you observe american politics for few “elections” you see how everything is done

      • NM156

        I disagree because the democrat party is divided just like the republicans were when Romney was the nominee. They (tptb) can steal a close election but not a landslide. Not only that but people know bernie was the unanimous choice and the convention proves this with all the booing of the die hard ( no pun intended) politicians on both sides. People are fed up with the appearance of a choice. Sorry to rain on the fear/doom and gloom but we are going to get our country back and the NWO will be arrested in due time. God is in ultimate control , not man.

        • there are no choices. and there are no elections. only selections. PEOPLE DON’T CHOOSE. that choice is reserved for some other people. everything else is just a public entertainment.

        • NM156…. Most of what you said was good, then you say ”God is in control, not man’….. Way to go stupid, that’s the problem right there, Religion, people wish to do nothing and leave it up to God, who does not Exist, the elites knows this, and with that happening a lot, they can do anything they want, they don’t stand around doing nothing, they don’t rely on a Santa clause figure to do their work for them…

  • The Democrats don’t want for Democratic Presidential Nominee the Hillary Witch Bitch.

    Republicans don’t blame the Democrats.

    Republicans don’t like Hillary either.

    Hillary a practicing 5th Degree Witch belongs in Hell or Jail with her master Lucifer. Not the Oval office.

    Maybe it’s time to roll out Joe Biden.

    Wasn’t that the Democrat’s alternate plan if people rejected Hillary as Presidential nominee.

    Hillary obviously has health problems.

    She could turn down the nomination.

  • Every single person that contributed money and time to the DNC should sue. You were scammed and the fraud of fake opposition has been going on a long time. It is the same thing was we saw with the Ron Paul campaigns on the Republican side. It is all a ruse to get money out of the public and it is clear that you don’t really have any representation.

  • Hot Fluid Viral Internet Reports coming in from most forums, chatter sites, along with Video Sites,

    Indicating that all Bernie Supporters have regrouped, and now gathering steam in their Operation “GO Trump”
    Yes, Past Bernie supporters now see the truth, and found out they was all being used like 2nd hand sock puppets on the political scene.
    Now Viral on the net much chatter, about Bernie supporters statements that “enough is enough”
    They now have offices, and admin offices in place.
    Clearly they now have broke away from being sock puppets, and now have a well organized machine Grass Roots type movement to Gather all Votes for Trump, in Operation “Go Trump”

    On a main Chatter box like button type web site Past Bernie Supporters said they are not going to get mad, instead they are voting Now for Trump. They are having T-shirts made up with Bernie crossed out, and “Go Trump” is in Bold Letters.

    One Vid shows a group of Women whom was Bernie supporters until they got used. Yes they broke down in tears when they found out the truth, it was very painful for them to find out they was used, Kicked to the curb, thrown under the bus like a worn out sock puppet.

  • NM156

    UNRELATED BUDA TX GETS 4-6 inches of rain in 2 1/2 hrs. NOT NORMAL. THAT IS ALL

    • On my way home from work yesterday it was pouring down in sheets with sunshine at the same time, also NOT NORMAL. Texas weather is getting stranger every year.

  • sanders socialist agenda didnt appeal to everyone, who other than american taxpayers would pay for affordable childcare, free public education through college and free medical care for everyone, we cant even afford to fix roads and bridges voters just weren’t buying it :arrow:

    • There is enough money to fix roads and bridges…if the monies weren’t being spent on overthrowing elections, governments, creating coups, funding ISIS, weaponizing ISIS, buying off countries, bases in every country, chem trails, buying off people, military industrial complex, outrageous amount of waste, etc….!!!!

      • If America’s government wasn’t corupt and wouldn’t be doing everything you wrote, there wouldn’t be poor people in America, lowest class would be middle class, minimum wage would be somewhere between $22 to $32+, and free healthcare for everyone, people just don’t know or just don’t care how much money goes into the military industrial complex, it’s outrageous and at the same time disgusting of how many hundreds of millions ( even billions) of people that suffer because of this government….

  • Maybe NOW all of the sorely disillusioned Bernie Sanders supporters can wake up from their pipe dream , smell the coffee and join the rest of us in the REAL World by backing and actually voting for a political candidate that can and WILL really change things in this country and the World for the betterment of ALL of us and that candidate sure as hell AIN’T HITLERY CLINTON !!!!

  • the fix is in on both sides, not just the left, but right too.
    All elections have been fixed for decades!

  • Donald Trump will bring security and prosperity back to this country.

  • YEP!

    the REAL hoax. Watch how bernie the rubber dummy gets tossed on stage by crisis actors.

  • I would be willing to bet if you put a wooden stake through the heart of this scumbag slut she would not die. As far as Bernie goes he is just another Jew without a soul who going into this knew his part and played it as he played the people. Wake up you sleeping sheep its all rigged has been for a very long time, trust not one politician today, As far as the donald goes he is from the same mold just saying and doing the right things to make you think there is still hope. There is no hope, if you want change unite, do not be divided any longer and remove all in office try them and execute them. But you will not rise up like you should, as you will cling to this thing called hope and they know it, so you deserve what you get.

  • Football managers don’t care what side you support so long as you pay to watch the match and the same is also true when it comes to picking new puppets to lead the country.

    You see if you vote and win you are happy for the elite to piss on you and if you loose then act like a good sport and keep your gob shut even if nothing would change anyway because puppets don’t make any decisions and football matches are fixed before the ball is even kicked.

    if you want change then be ready for a revolution because that’s the only way anything is going be changed for the better.

  • Its going a bit far and unfair to keep calling msm “media”, its more like a bias documentary of the news.

  • artichoke

    I’m a Trump supporter, Hillary ought to be doing years at hard labor for her crimes.

    But I don’t get it about the “hot mic” video. What Sanders’ wife is probably telling Bernie is that the crowd is so upset because they (the crowd, largely voting delegates) don’t know that they will be allowed to cast their vote for Bernie on the first (and only) ballot. They’ll lose, but at least they will get to cast the vote, and that is meaningful to them.

    I don’t know if they would really feel better even if that were made clear, because what’s most important is that Bernie will lose and the DNC was orchestrating it, but this is what the wife is telling Bernie. It’s a non-awful explanation of what happened, that I think is much more likely than the article’s explanation.

  • Bill Cooper and Ted Gunderson tried to wake up America and get us off our asses and all it got them was murdered. The Illuminati (NWO) has all the power like MSM, Hollywood, Military, Police, Government that Obama has armed to the teeth while their congress puppets slowly steal all the checks and balances as well as our bill of rights. Yes unfortunately Hillary can get elected as evil as she is. All we can do is hope God intercedes and uses Trump to right the ship.

  • I’m so sick of these misleading and often wrong titles.

    “Bernie CAUGHT on hot mic”

    …it wasn’t bernie it was his wife, and yes she was pointing out that he didnt say to them that he would still be a nominee which pointed out that he was deliberately deflecting. so, no, he wasn’t caught. his wife merely pointed out something accidentally that we all should have realized right away if we actually understood out the system is set up.

  • what bernie did say and is accurate is that clintons email scandal is meaningless and a fraud/distraction from real issues

  • He was never a REAL candidate…..and NEITHER was OMAMBA , the traitor ass SNAKE in the grass !!!!

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